Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Showing America the Love

The Democrats really have lost touch with reality.

Americans think America is special. You see this in everything we do, the things in which we take pride, and even our advertisements. We generally like each other, respect the achievements of the past, and love what this country stands for. There is a sense of pride and community in America. Not so much with the Democrats.

● Remember when Michelle Obama said she could "finally" be proud of America when Barrack was nominated? Nothing about us made you proud, huh? Nothing except somehow electing your lazy ass husband?

● This week, Andrew Cuomo twice said that America "was never that great." Speak for New York, jerk.

● Hillary just praised some kid for kneeling when the national anthem was playing and said, "Keep up the good work." Being disloyal and hating America is good work?


It seems that the Democrats just can't keep from telling us how much they despise America and how much they hate us. That's a really bad strategy for them and is something old-school Democrats knew not to do... whether they felt it or not. Unfortunately, it seems that this is what is becoming of the American left. They were never that loyal in the past and now their decades upon decades of failure seem to have made them bitter against the rest of us. Somehow, I don't think being the anti-American party is going to work.



Tennessee Jed said...

well the Dems have gone all in on identity politics. They see their best hope as getting particular groups of Americans blood up for the coming. I have tended to be unsure whether it is calculated or whether they actually believe some or all of it. Probably both do to some extent. Angry voters who are out if power tend to be motivated. The anti-Trump rhetoric (he is a racist, mysogenist, homophobe, sexist) is easier than trying to sell your own policies.

To some extent, that strategy has always been used by out if power party. Since things seem to be going well, it is easier to attack Trump’s character although Anti-tarriff is one they can argue. In any event, Trump sets himself up in a way that prods them. Maybe he does it on purpise as a rooe a dope

In my mind, today’s discourse is such that it is not really surprising. My real question is will the voters he gains from people that were angry be off-set by independants and miderates turned off by the rhetoric?

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I think there are two groups to look at.

Democratic politicians, those in power, use all of this as manipulative rhetoric. They know it works on certain weak-minded groups, so they use it. I don't think they really believe it, but they use it. That said, I think this group proved they had become anti-American in the 1980s when they did their best to undermine the US against the Soviets, but as a general rule, I think they are just being cynical.

The other group is the rank and file. They seem to be getting more and more hateful and lunatic year after year. I think things started to go wrong with them when they chased away all the white men in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and formed a bubble of victimization. But the real "crazy" and "hate" started to take hold when Al Gore lost to Bush, and has gotten worse all the time. At this point, I would say that a significant portion of them have truly become unhinged.

Stacy said...

I agree with your assessment of the rank and file. I, unfortunately, have first-hand experience dealing with them as my son and his wife fall into that category...the wife especially. She buys into every idiotic notion the left puts out and defends it vehemently. There are no rational discussions, no exchanging of thoughts and ideas. She is right. You are wrong. Period. In her eyes, our beliefs make us the worst of human kind and she can barely tolerate our existence. Unfortunately, this means we don't see much of our son or our grandchildren and when we do get together we are all holding our breath waiting to see what will set her off. It's beyond frustrating. You could slam her head-on into fact and she will deny it. Even if we agree with her on some point, she is somehow righter than we are.

Anyway, you'd think the left would have learned that their garbage isn't working with the majority of Americans after it resulted in putting their worst nightmare come to life in the White House, but nope....let's keep screaming the same crap more often and louder and throw massive tantrums until they give us our way. Like that's going to work since the people their hoping that works on are the same ones who still believe in disciplining wayward children and making them earn their accolades.

tryanmax said...

Over the last several presidential cycles, the Democrats have increasingly conflated the country with the Oval Office while simultaneously building themselves up as the good guys against the villainous Republicans. It seems to have started as rhetoric, but now you've got a couple generations brought up on this light vs. dark mythology. And I'm not saying the inverse doesn't exist, but when one side has the schools while the other only has a handful of church camps, guess who's narrative wins?

The result is that, when the White House is in Republican hands, young Democrats on varying levels truly believe that evil has taken over. I give a tiny benefit of the doubt to older Democrats that they maybe don't believe it as viscerally--they just think Republicans are hopelessly stupid, not evil--but are being swept along all the same. And some megaminds, like Nancy Pelosi, still think it's just rhetoric.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, it was bad enough for the Democrats that Bush won in 2000, but I think they might have calmed down had it not been for 9/11. After all, if Bush hadn't "stolen" the election, that tragedy would've been "theirs."

Tennessee Jed said...

Tryanmax, I firmly believe George W. has Hillary to thank for his win. After the Lewinsky scandal, a thoroughly whipped Bubba was going to re-sign. His co president Eva Braun so lusted for power, she told him to man up and not resign. In my view, had he resigned and Prince Albert been elevated to the presidency, it would have given him that extra presidential patina to have won. So called "minority" presidents enrage the libs and allow them to cry "stolen" election as well as demand abolition of the electoral college.

They are masters of spinning plausibility into their real agenda. Take immigration. The real objective is to tip the voter scales with victims who are only to glad to have a government hand out on most everything. Yet they can show pictures of starving kids against sad music, and make it appear they are just being "humane".

Trump, of course, makes himself an easy target. Media people, James Comey and Brennan are partisans who use Trump as such a danger it warrants unprecedented action against him. What is does though is get them so mad they end up exposing their real emotions, hence, the continual increase of leftist derangement from reality syndrome. I would have liked Trump to be more presidential, but it just may be the reason he won, and a Jeb Bush would have been eaten alive.

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, I'm sorry you need to deal with this within your own family. Unfortunately, that is how the left works. If you don't agree with their herd mentality, then you are EVIL! You are a bad person who must hate (favored) minorities, want poor people to die, want to see the earth become unlivable, and just all around hate -- which ironically tends to be a reflection of their own views.

My wife's family is like this and the last election was a real eye-opener for my wife when they all started to spew absolute smug hate at anyone who didn't vote the way they did. She's been most shocked that these people have literally turned against people they've known their whole lives over this issue and now view them as monsters.

The thing is, I've seen this slowly building for years, but it's truly reached a point now of being genuine mental illness. Why has it reached this point? I think a combination of things.

1. They are weak minded and they believe what their herd leaders tell them without any sort of critical eye -- bumpersticker thinking. And their herd leaders have been telling them that anyone who isn't with them is these things -- racist, sexist, evil rich, and environmental destroyer. (The same way Germans were taught that Jews were evil.) They internalize this without question. So when pressed, they spew it because they see it as true.

2. Conservatives have left these people unchallenged long enough that they've come to believe that "everyone" agrees with me.

3. Many of them have made themselves reliant on liberalism through victimization. Blacks and liberal women in particular suffer from this, where they have come to explain away all of their own failures as being the result of racist/sexist conspiracies. When your entire self-worth relies upon a belief that others have caused your failures, it's easy to hate those people.

4. The internet has allowed the expression of the most vile thoughts to be seen as normal. Leftist Hollywood has encouraged this as well. When spewing your basest, most stupid thoughts is seen as normal and acceptable, you become a pathetic creature.

Sadly, I don't think this will get better for some time.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, See my comment above on the genesis of this. On your mention of church, let me add that the left has abandoned religion in the classic sense, but has always had the strongest need for religious belief. The result is that they have substituted things like environmentalism and belief in racism as dogma and have adopted it very, very strongly. It's always ironic to me that the left attacks religious people using the worst stereotypes of fundamentalism, yet they are more dogmatic than the worst fundamentalists.

On the elections, consider this. The left was already unstable after the fall of communism. They had spent the 1980s telling the rest of us that communism was stronger and the Soviets would win, Reagan would start a war, broke the law, was stupid, etc. Then Russia collapsed and the left's worldview was proven to be entirely false.

Clinton gets elected and kind of makes them feel good again. Ok, maybe things are ok. And then the Religious Right tries to destroy him because he had an affair. This made them very bitter.

Along comes Al Gore. They viewed him as an environmental prophet who was going to save us all. And then Bush Jr. "stole" the election. "Democracy died." Evil companies looking to start war for oil took over. Satan (i.e. Dick Cheney) had taken over.

Suddenly, 9/11 happens. Day 1-3 is a shock. Day 4, the Democrats start casting blame on Bush, and acting like this whole terrorism thing was suddenly born because of Bush. Soon, people like Pelosi are condemning Bush and visiting places like Syria to stop Bush from "going to war for oil." Bush is the bad guy, Al Queda an understandable reaction to Bush. The media tells us that white racist Christians are wrongly blaming Muslims for this Muslim terrorism. Conspiracy theories point the finger at Bush and Jews.

Bush goes to war. Hollywood goes insane. Leftist protestors appear on the street with signs calling Bush Hitler and calling for his assassination. The media, rather than calling them out on this, joins them. Suddenly, intense hate is acceptable if aimed at the right people.

Finally, the world is set right. Despite America being deeply racist, Barack Obama gets elected. Yay! And within months, the dream collapses. He proves to be lazy and the Democrats unwilling to follow any of their promises... and they blame Republicans for stopping them. To save their butts, they race bait. Back to slavery! War on women! Rape culture! Deport all Mexicans!! The economy tanks and he blames white corporate America. The enemies of liberalism destroyed him because he's black!

Next election, Hillary runs an "I am woman, I am victim, hear me whine" campaign. Everyone KNOWS she will win. She doesn't. The election was stolen by white men!!! The left declares the election illegitimate. The War on Women gets uglier. Hillary lost because of sexism. Trump is a rapist. The MeToo movement bolsters this, telling women that almost all women will be raped and all are victims of sexual assault, harassment and discrimination. BLM tells blacks that white cops are hunting them in the streets. Watch out Mexicans, you will be deported! Environmental groups announce that it's almost too late the save the Earth!

This is what liberals are being told day in and day out. This is what they believe. It's no wonder they've become stupid, hateful creatures.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I would have liked Trump to be more presidential, but it just may be the reason he won, and a Jeb Bush would have been eaten alive.

I totally agree. And the never-Trumpers who think things would have been different with the left if some other conservative had won are wrong. The left's hate is because they didn't get their way, not because there is something special about Trump.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, RIP Aretha Franklin. What a great voice!

tryanmax said...

Jed, I think you are spot-on about how things would've proceeded had Slick Willie resigned.

On Trump, I'm not sure about most of what he does, but I am convinced that he intentionally makes himself a target. To say he wants attention is a lazy observation; that much is obvious. The real question is why? Ego doesn't explain it; he has too much experience drawing praise to think he'd settle for all this vitriol. Acting unpresidential is part of it.

Critch said...

Cuomo's ancestors sure thought America was great enough to leave and come here for a better life..The Dems are so out of touch....

AndrewPrice said...

To follow up on yesterday, Kroger has announced a self-driving delivery vehicle which will bring you your groceries. This could well end grocery stores one day soon.

The Future

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to be close to your own family because of their politics is a bad thing. Now on the other hand, if your family members are jerks, don't appreciate you as an individual, and use politics as an excuse to do that to you, you might want to avoid some of them.
As much as I don't like him anymore, I think Ted Cruz was right that we're now swiftly becoming a nation of "red jackets and blue jackets". Everyone checks everyone else for the "colors" to make sure before they agree or disagree with them in every aspect of life.
Colin Quinn has also mentioned this, audiences in new york comedy clubs now gasp if you make any un-pc joke, look around to make sure, or wait until you've revealed that you're one of them before laughing. If a comedian wants to do some long-form joke that challenges the audience's preconceptions they have to say "but i mean f trump" or something like that to make sure the audience knows "i'm on your side".
We're swiftly turning into a nation of children.

AndrewPrice said...

Anon, I think that's true. I see it more and more where a person's politics are used to decide if they are good or bad and then their actions are judged on the same basis... can do no right/wrong.

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