Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Quick Thought Tonight

Hey there. Sadly, I am swamped with work and don't have time to share my deeper thoughts. So I will share a thought that has been bothering the last few weeks. It's about race and a show on USA Network.

The show in question is "Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G." The story is about the murders of two rappers way back when and it's being promoted as similar to the rehashing of the OJ case last year. I doubt many of you care. I certainly don't. What does interest/annoy me though is a line in the trailer that is blatant race baiting. About halfway through the ad, one of the characters suddenly asks... "What if this had been a white celebrity!"


Well, let's think about that.

First, we would be wondering how the white celebrity community had split itself into two tribal factions -- East Coast Celebrities and West Coast Celebrities. Yo. Then we would be wondering how this split would have gotten so ugly that these celebrities would start encouraging their minions to drive-by shoot the others. Yo. "Yo beatch, don't you dis the complex and enlightening lyrics of 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' or I'll bust a cap in your buttocks!"

Secondly, while the producers are no doubt claiming that since these murders remain unsolved, the police must not have cared, the truth is that many celebrity murders go unsolved. Bob Crane is a good example. Barbara Colby, James Kiernan, Jack Nance, George Reeves, Christa Helm are others. Bruce Lee and Marylin Monroe's death are suspected murders. Or think about the Natalie Wood case, which is only now being reopened. The truth is that when someone walks up to a celebrity and shoots them, they aren't going to be found unless they are whack jobs like the guy who shot John Lennon or the Mason Family members who killed Sharon Tate. The fact that Tupac and Biggie's murders aren't solved is because the killers drove away and never bragged about it... not indifference or racism by the cops.

Third, when white celebrities die, people tend to move on pretty quickly. People don't invent conspiracy theories, blame cops or scream that their race had anything to do with it. Heck, we might even do the unthinkable: we might decided that their lifestyles pretty much meant they were asking for it. Yep. Many honkeys believe that when you engage in risky behaviors, it's hard to feel sorry for you when those risks come true.

So yeah, that's what would have happened if this had been a white celebrity... little would have changed except that we would have shaken our heads and said, "They were playing with fire." But I guess that doesn't sell television shows... or stoke race hate.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

More Observations

Everything you need to know!

● One of the interesting talking points to come out of the shooting is the attack on people offering: "our thoughts and prayers are with you." Not sure who thought this was a good idea, but some leftist whined that "our thoughts and prayers are with you," as said by GOP types, was offensive since they wanted action rather than prayers. One of the mothers took this up immediately, and soon whole chunks of the leftist herd were attacking the Twitter accounts of any conservative who said this. Even leftist anti-Plutoist Neil Assy Tyson repeated this saying that "thoughts and prayers are useless."

So here's what interests me. First, this is deeply discourteous. This very week, the left what aghast when some celebrity told another "I don't need your love and support at this tragic time," in response to an offer of condolences. Indeed, it was generally agreed that this response (no matter how fake the condolences) was bad form. Yet, here are leftists rejecting the condolences of millions of Americans. Very bad form. It also shows the utter lack of good faith on their part if they angrily reject the good wishes from the right. This is an ideology founded on hate.

Moreover, this reeks of being anti-Religious. Religious people genuinely believe that prayer can change the world... always have, always will. To openly disavow the goodwill prayers of a group of people is almost movie-villain-level shittyness. It is petty. It is hateful. It is specifically aimed at the other person's religion. It is essentially saying, "f*ck your God and f*ck you for stupidly believing in him." Is it any wonder that religious people have fled the left and won't return?

Third, think about what Tyson (and the rest) said... well wishes, prayers, hopes, just talking don't work. Yet, at the same time, the left is all about "raising awareness" and other pointless gestures that do nothing more than support their own sense of smugness. The whole recent women's movement is nothing but talk. Funny how they "get it" sometimes.

● Speaking of anger on the left, has anyone noticed how much swearing there is suddenly from the left? Headlines, articles, the error-u-dite crowd on Twitter... everything is swearing now. I think that shows an intense level of hate for the world right now.

● Trump's infrastructure plan apparently will include a $0.25 tax hike on gas to pay for the work being done. I'm not a huge fan of the tax, but if they finally fix the roads, then I'll take it. Some people are already complaining, however. Interestingly, the loudest complaints are coming from liberal states with high gas taxes. Imagine that. Here are the four worst. Just try and guess who will be in this list... I dare you!
Pennsylvania.. $0.18 cent federal tax + $0.667 state tax = $0.847
California.... $0.18 cent federal tax + $0.6549 state tax = $0.8349
Washington.... $0.18 cent federal tax + $0.494 state tax = $0.674
Hawaii........ $0.18 cent federal tax + $0.4643 state tax = $0.6443
New York...... $0.18 cent federal tax + $0.443 state tax = $0.623
Welcome to the same old places. By comparison, Colorado's gas tax is $0.22 plus federal equals $0.40. I love how the tax burden in these liberal states is too high now that it's no longer deductible. Think about it... liberals whining about their taxes being too high! Ha!

● Some Democrat said that the indictment of a handful of Russians means that our election was invalid. That's both legal and intellectual garbage. Legally, there's nothing in our laws to invalidate an election. Intellectually, even if Trump openly plotted with the Ruskies like a supervillain, where is that actually wrong as an election tactic? Each side lies, cheats, and hires people to lie and cheat. Hillary paid for a fake dossier to spread disgusting rumors about Trump, yet no one on the left thinks that's wrong. Our elections let people say whatever they want, and it trusts the public and the Electoral College to sort it out. In fact, if they didn't, CBS News wouldn't exist anymore after the lies they've been caught spreading year after year. Besides... isn't what the Russians supposedly did exactly what Media Matter does all the time?

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What Do We Do?

For those who haven't seen the news, a student who had been expelled from a high school in Florida returned to the school, tossed smoke grenades into the hallway to trigger the fire alarms, and then started shooting when everyone filled the hallways. He killed 17 and wounded 50. This is despicable and it's unacceptable that this keeps happening. So how do we stop this? Here are my thoughts:

● Target Hardening: It's time something was done to protect schools specifically. As sad as it sounds, there needs to be a single point of entrance with metal detectors, bulletproof glass, and an armed officer right there. No one should be able to get a gun into a school.

● Threat Reduction: These people often have histories of mental problems or prior violence. It's time that...
● The state should be allowed to hold people for an extended period of time when they show mental problems combined with suggestions of violence. Family, teachers, employers need to be allowed to initiate such proceedings with immunity for all but bad faith initiations. If the person refuses treatment and displays violent tendencies, they need to be locked up and kept.

● When someone is under observation for mental issues, is under a restraining order, or is convicted of any crime of violence, they should be banned from gun possession and the police should be allowed to search their property and remove their guns/weapons. Their drivers licenses should be tagged with this restriction as well, and there needs to be a database gun sellers/cops can access to get the list of these people.
● Making Satisfaction Impossible: Some shooters are looking for fame. There should be a media boycott on the use of their names or any discussion of their ideas/manifestos and pasts/stories. Any book or movie rights should be forfeit to the state. Bury them anonymously without ceremony or religious rights.

● Trouble Spotting: There should be parental criminal liability to get the parents involved. Not for the actions of the child but for supplying the child with guns or bombs or other similar hardware. There should be civil liability for psychologists/counselors who fail to report people considering such violence. The Safe-to-tell hotlines are a good idea. Anyone should be able to report someone they suspect to the authorities.

● Cultural Issues: Hollywood and the videogame industry need to take responsibility for their actions and stop selling gun violence as the cool way to solve problems. Others, especially on the left and the fringe on the right, need to stop being so incendiary in their words... spewing the kinds of hate you see on Twitter makes you complicit. Also, we need to start marking people when they are online. Anyone who posts a comment anywhere should be required to leave their own name and location automatically. This will help shutdown places where the crazies meet to fester -- lots of these kids, like the Florida kid, visit these places and are encouraged by anonymous assholes to commit their crimes. It's time we took seriously the criminalization of incitement to violence.

Please share any thoughts you have on this?
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Is This The End?

Google is inventing an ap that will chat with your friends so you don't need to use the brain power to spew inane comments anymore. It will do it for you. I see it now: a group of useless losers all turning their phones to autoidiocy because they are all too lazy to talk to each other. I can't even get my head around this. They have made a machine to take over your time wasting. What are these fools going to do now? Sit in the closet and masturbate as their phones handle their friendships? There are no words...
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Monday, February 12, 2018

In The News

Some thoughts based on what's in the news.

● More Olympic Thoughts: Kudos to the Koreans for running an excellent Olympics. Unlike "sh*thole" Brazil, the Olympic village and venues are finished, the water isn't poisoning anyone, there are no reports of Olympians or tourists being murdered, carjacked or robbed. Only three scandals so far: (1) local ski businesses are doing poorly because the hills are closed, (2) the local government won't open a special tent for Muslims to pray, and (3) some Canadian Olympian has rescued two dogs from the BBQ (//whispers Koreans eat dogs). That's about as scandal-minimum as you can get in the Olympics. Again, congrats.

Love this comment from the cross-country announcer slamming the X-Games half-pipe event. He said that it's amazing to have a 21 year old who can compete in cross-country. The other announcer said, "The winner of the half-pipe is only 17." Response: "Yes, but this event requires years of training." Zaaaap! Speaking of that 17 year old, the MSM thinks it's cute that Dipsh*t didn't know what the Olympics were before he signed up and then thought the image of his white trash family surrounded by beer cans was even better. 'Merika!

Damn the Russians can figure skate! Damn the Dutch can speed skate! Damn the Norwegians can cross-country ski! Damn our media can idiot with best of them! Katie Couric is an idiot for suggesting the reason the Dutch are good skaters is that the Dutch skate as a means of transportation. They all seem to love North Korea now. NBC's "Asia expert" had to be fired after talking about how Japan contributed to South Korea's culture.

The Husky Girls At Yahoo are celebrating a French figure skater who wore pants. She wasn't good, but they are inspired by her wearing pants. It's sad when you feel oppressed by female figure skaters wearing dress-like unitards. Perhaps, girlfriends, you should look closer to home to find out why you need to find inspiration in such pathetic things?

● Tough Sh*t: So a woman got fired after a Church group order $735 worth of takeout, but didn't tip and she went on a rant about it. Good. Tipping on a takeout order is not expected. Bitching about your clients is absolutely a reason to be fired. Imagine that... being an ass has consequences?! Well, today, the Church tipped her. That's fine, but the left is still whining that she doesn't have a job anymore. Uh, f*you. She worked at Outback. It's not like she lost her job as chief scientist for NASA. She can find a dozen replacement jobs of similar caliber within an hour if she wants. So no sympathy there.

● Get Him! There has been a concerted effort by the left to bring down Trump's Chief of Staff. Why? Because he's been the guy holding Trump in the realm of normal. So they've trumped up this idea that Kelly should be fired because some guy on his staff beat his wives when he was married. You really want to open that door? Then you first. And when you've fired everyone with a sh*tty staff person, then we'll agree to consider firing Kelly.

As an aside, these are the same people who think the left needs to protect their harassers.

● It's Racist! So it turns out that technology is racist. Facial recognition works best for white males. It works most poorly for blacks. Search engines return results that leftist groups consider racist because search terms mimic what the public is thinking. AI is proving to be super racist. Crime predictive software is much more likely to identify blacks as criminals from their history. This is going to get ugly.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018


The Winter Olympics are upon us tonight. The Olympics are a time for the world to come together, for the world's best athletes to show us what they can do and for national pride to swell. Isn't it grand? Sadly...

The Olympics are also a time to show us how f**ed up these people can be. Indeed, the Olympics are a time when dictators clean out a small corner of their country, build a Potemkin Olympic village, and try to sell the world (the left mainly) on how wonderful their be-gulag'ed countries are.

It is a time when corrupt and failing countries spend vast amounts to distract from their dire circumstances and then spend vast amounts more to hide their incompetence for holding the Olympics. Yep. Remember Brazil? Remember Brazil going after Ryan Lochte for pissing on a wall and almost bringing down the Republic of Brazil... must have been a load baring wall. Or Putin going after journalists who were mocking the nonsense of Sochi.

It is a time that cities invest billions to built stadiums that will fall apart from neglect by the time the next Olympic roll around.

It is a time for some shady and petty crap. The Russians have been banned for massive cheating... except the Olympic committee is letting them in anyways as Olympic Athletes from Russia. The guy who lost the coin toss to carry the American flag at the opening is screaming racism because he's black and she's white and, well, that's about it. Some gay Olympian is whining about VP Mike Pence leading the American delegation because anyone who doesn't agree with where he likes to put his d*ck should be banned off the planet. Prepare for failed dope tests, legalistic challenges to results, narcissistic athletes hooking up like rabbits, and politicized attempts to sell things like women's hockey to an audience that has proved uncaring since forever. And look for awful "human interest" stories about the immense fakesuffering of these people.

You know, the Olympics seemed better as a kid. At least we'll always have curling, which feels honest to me. Our team works at Home Depo. I can respect that.
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News Bites...

Some items from the news...

● Parody Alert. A group of models will be posing nude in Sports Illustrated to... uh... somethingsomething the #metoo list.

//scratches head

So to fight harassment, these chickies will be posing nude.


I don't even know what to say about this. Is this a joke?

● FakeRacism. Also in the news, do you recall Leslie Jones of Ghostbuster's fame? She's the one who made this big deal of quitting Twitter when she was racially attacked online. The thing is, it all struck me as fake. In fact, it struck me as something created to make Jones a victim so they could sell the film as being victimized by racists.

Well, it worked. Jones gained victim status and went from basically a super-ugly, super-mannish, unfunny nobody to hosting award shows.

And then she promptly accused fashion designers of racism for not offering her free designer dresses.

And then she bombed as a host for the BET awards and, surprise surprise, she alleged some unexplained racism by the Ritz Carlton. The Ritz even publicly asked her to explain what the problem was so they could fix it and she refused to say.

Now she's in the news again accusing an Atlanta seafood restaurant of racism.

● FakeSupport. So Twitter has started deleting fake accounts... more than a million in the first round. See, it turns out that there are companies who create fake accounts and then sell their accounts to celebrities who want to seem more important. As I went down the list of people identified in the first round, it was interesting to see how many of the vilest little leftists made the list. John Leguizamo who has been a vile Trump attacker is on the list. Clay Aiken who ran for office as a gay anti-Republican candidate was on the list. Lebron James, Barrack Obama (42% fake), Sarah Silverman, Mark Cuban, and environmental hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio are on the list. Each is a nasty anti-Trump. The right lost followers too -- Sean Hannity, for example, lost 300,000 followers -- but it's funny that these people who claim to be leading people to resist Trump need to fill their accounts with fake followers.

● FakeProtest. Jim Carrey wants you to delete your Facebook account over Russian interference with the election. Personally, I think Carrey should delete all of his social media accounts. Or he should do as the feminists and pose nude in Good Housekeeping. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. LOL

●BTW, Bev posted this link in the comments yesterday: LINK and it's a fantastic takedown of modern feminism. Well worth watching!
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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A World of Idiots

Pure stupidity today...

● I can't find the article, but apparently Hillary Clinton is now convinced that the delusional Right's "Deep State" exists, was run by Comey, and actually sought to destroy her (not Trump). This is beyond the point of parody.

● A High School in New York has cancelled their senior play because a white girl was chosen to play Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. That's probably a good thing as we don't want to offend hunchbacks. Still, the reasoning is utter racist crap. If minorities can play "white roles," why can't whites play minority roles? Not to mention, Esmeralda is either Spanish, i.e. white, or a Gypsy, i.e. whites. So this is crap either way. Stupid.

● Then there's the high school that cancelled the daddy daughter dance because they despise alliteration because they thought it was sexist to honor only daddies and daughters. Way to go feminists! Let's interfere with the relationships of girls with their fathers.

● Oh oh. I saw an article this weekend that discussed one of my predictions coming true. Professional woman are suddenly finding that their male bosses won't deal with them alone without a witness. They are now worried that they are being hurt by the #metoo list. Yep. Leftist actions always hurt the people they claim to want to help. Feminism: one pretend step forward, five back. Maybe they should stick to theater-blocking white girls and keeping girls from connecting with their fathers.

● Speaking of idiot feminists, the Prime Minister of Canada (a pretend country that lives under our protection) stopped a gurl at a college speech from asking her question when she said the word "mankind." PM Wuss noted that "peoplekind" is more inclusive. My response? First, where is your pussy hat, Mr/s PM? Secondly, are you saying my dog is not a person, PM Asshole? How dare you exclude non-hupeople with your hate-speech, bitch? Go f** a moose.

● Hillary Clinton whined today that global warming will force women into domestic roles. Apparently, when the earth turns to a crisp, men will send their wives to hunt for food. Damn. She's onto us menfolk peoplefolk. That was indeed our plan, to destroy the earth so we could be lazy and let our wives do all the work.

● The MercuryNews ran the following headline: "Single-payer provides best cure for California health care". Close. A more accurate headline would be: "Single-payer provides best cure for California". Do it my friends... do it.

What a world.
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Monday, February 5, 2018

All Is Right With The World

The Super Bowl was tonight. The Eagles beat the hated New England Patriots 41-33. All is right with the world. Some thoughts...

● Hurray for the good guys. The evil Patriots lost.

● I can't wait to see the denial and anger from the NFL media tomorrow.

● For the first time in a long time in a Patriots game, the Refs called a fair game. Interestingly, both my wife and I agreed that if the Patriots had won, we wouldn't have felt bad about this one because they really did play a fair game. It's amazing how much better the Super Bowl feels when the refs aren't deciding it!

● My favorite ads:
(1) The Vikings and their Dodge Ram. Awesome. So well done. And hilarious when they turn around at the end. Loved seeing them all headbanging in unison!

(2) Dilly dilly. We ended up saying that all night. We even changed it to Philly Philly after one of our guests discovered an internet meme saying that.

(3) The Eli Manning Dirty Dancing ad was hilarious.

(4) The Doritos ad with Peter Dinklage was inspired. The addition with Morgan Freemen then cheapened the ad.
● Worst ads:
(1) Coke thinks Mexican lesbians matter to us.

(2) There was an ad that used babies and spewed liberal bumper stickers about how these kids were going to grow up as doctrinaire leftists. I can't even think what the ad was for. All it did was piss us off and bring hoots. The Matt Damon ad brought a "How's that Weinstein rape thing working for ya, Matt?"

(3) I really didn't like the Amazon Alexa ads where Alexa lost her voice and various celebrities took over. It was far too obvious and predictable. A creative company needs to show more.

(4) Chris Pratt. Not only do I have no idea why he was in the ads he was in, but I don't know what the product was either.

(5) The Tide ads. I get what they were trying to do. I even get where there is a hint of genius in the ads as they come close to making you think that any ad could be a Tide ad and therefore Tide stays on your brain. But somehow, I didn't care. And every time a Tide ad came up, it only reminded me of how little I cared.
● It was interesting not to see so many of the usual Super Bowl suspects: no pizza ads, no McDonalds ads, no internet start up ads. NFL demographics must be changing.

● Speaking of changing demographics... there was a time the NFL was almost entirely white (due to racism). Then it became almost entirely black (which created this idea that blacks were the best athletes). At that point, whites were relegated to quarterback and offense line and linebacker. That was literally about it. These days, whites can be found at wide receiver, running back, defensive end and defensive back as well. I will be curious if this keeps up. Right now, basketball and football are mainly black with baseball, hockey and soccer being mainly white (baseball and soccer also have a lot of Hispanics). It will be interesting to see how these games shift over time and what that means for their popularity or perception... if anything.

● We had wings today and had to order them three hours before the game or they wouldn't take our order. They were overwhelmed. In the middle of it all, a single girl scout set up shop right outside one of the wing places. She made a fortune!

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Amy Schumer's Prejudice

Let's take apart a quote by Amy Schumer because it's rather instructive of what is wrong with liberal "thinking." Read this from the New York Post:

Amy Schumer says she “really feel[s] for the woman” who recently accused her friend and fellow comic, Aziz Ansari, of sexual misconduct. “I identify with all the women in these situations,” the Trainwreck writer and star told Katie Couric on the February 1 episode of the latter’s podcast. “Even if it’s my friend, I don’t go, ‘Oh, but he’s a good guy.’ I think, ‘What would it feel like to have been her?’”
Do you notice anything wrong with this? How about this: it's pure sexism. Schumer says straight up that she will always identify with the women in a sexual harassment situation. Stick in the word "man" and she would be screaming that this is unholy sexism of the worst order. Stick in "white person" and it becomes pure, evil racism Yet, she doesn't even blink to admit that she will take the side of the woman.

This reminds me of several female attorneys I've met who claimed with no sense of irony at all, "I want to handle divorces, but I only want to work with women clients because men are sexist." So not self-aware! That's unethical, by the way, but they don't care. Indeed, this is one problem with the victim mentality, it lets liberals pretend that they aren't acting in ways they demonize others for doing. In fact, they become quite proud of doing things they otherwise call evil.

Back to Schumer, notice that her method of judging an allegation of wrongdoing runs contrary to classic Western thought. Western thought says to examine the evidence as dispassionately as possible. Counsel may be biased in presenting the case, but the judge may not biased in deciding it. Bias is wrong, prejudice evil. In fact, the people who tried to change the system away from the two thousand year march toward rational consideration to appeals based on identity fill history's books as villains... Nazis, Jim Crow juries, rigged local courthouses, Soviet show trials, etc.

Yet, Schumer proudly tells us that her method for evaluating such claims involves identifying with the women and trying to "feel" it from the woman's perspective. Again, how would she react if a juror said, "I always look at it from the white guy's perspective." She would be howling. Yet, here she's not even aware of how f*cked up she's acting. Rather than judging this situation on the facts and some rational basis, she is admitting that she has prejudged the situation by deciding which party she will believe and then she examines any evidence presented through the eyes of whatever woman was involved. That's called prejudice. What's more, she tries to feel the situation rather than examine it rationally. Hence, things like logic and standards of evidence vanish into the ephemeral "this is how I want this to end."

And let me suggest that this is the common way liberals approach pretty much anything. They pick a side and then try to decide how they would feel if they had been in that person's place. There do not weigh facts. They do not consider multiple perspectives. They use emotion rather than logic. The result is the crazy, biased, hysterical judgments that liberals issue on all matters. They pick a favorite and then feel their way through a decision... and, like Schumer, they are completely oblivious to how biased they are.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trump's Speech

My wife got me to watch the speech. I was going to skip it.

1. Amazing speech. Perfect speech actually. Inspiring. Pro-American. Perfect understanding of America. Hopeful. Great list of achievements -- focused on average people.

2. The Democrats look like asses sitting through most of it, including most of the personal stories. So you don't want to honor firemen and parents and Marines, huh?

3. The left is going to go ape shit and rant about this speech until they pass out. And they will further alienate the public as they do and further convince themselves that disloyalty, anti-Americanism and hate are a winning strategy.

4. Trump appealed so well to middle America that I think this speech will shift the needle for his support.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018


Howdy. Some interesting things in the news this week.

● NPR, never a friend of the right, referred to the Handful of Chick's March as "tens of thousands of women marching on the anniversary of Trump's election." Tens of thousands. Not even hundreds of thousands. Tens of thousands. Last time it was supposedly five million. >100,000/5,000,000 = >0.02... that's a 98% drop in attendance. In the midst of the supposed harassment scandal of the eon, the moment women rise up and somethingsomething pose naked without needing to think men are looking at them, the Chick March lost 98% of its supporters. That's an NFL game with 1,200 spectators... a basketball game with 300... only 20 million served at McDonalds... a large Starbucks cup with only 0.4 ounces... two pennies on a dollar. TOTAL FAILURE!

● The left is LOSING THEIR MINDS over the economic news. Pimp-dresser and former drug dealer Jay-Z seems to think the lowest unemployment rate among blacks in history is a random thing and should be dismissed. He also cried when he heard Trump call all those shitholes shitholes. Pelosi and Wassername-Schulz ("I know nusssing!") both are crapping upon the $1,000 bonuses millions of people are getting because these millionaires think a $1,000 doesn't mean anything to most people. Talk about out of touch! Half on the left are denying reality, claiming there is no great economy in progress. The other half are trying to credit Obama.

Think about that. Obama had eight years to start the economic car and couldn't get the engine to turn over. He tried bailouts, tax hikes and all kinds of stupidity. None of it worked over eight years. His economic record was historically bad! Now, a year after he's long gone and after Trump's plan took over, Trump hits the gas and the economy takes off... and they think Obama deserve credit? Sorry, no sale.

● Apparently, proposing a path to citizenship for more people than Obama proposed is "a racist ransom note." I don't think the left will ever let Trump cut a deal to stop the deportations of the Dreamers because that will cut out yet another one of their appeals to fear. I can imagine Pelosi: "We lost the f*ggots out of our cult, I'm not losing the 'sp*cs too! Every percentage point is sacred!" And yeah, I think she's racist... most of the Democrats seem to be.

● There's a lot of talk about a 16% gender gap with women opposing Trump at 16% more than men support him. The left thinks this means they will win the midterms. BUT... (1) House races are local affairs for the most part, (2) in the Senate, the Democrats are defending 10 seats in states Trump carried, (3) the gender gap is less for the GOP (12%) than Trump, and (4) that gender gap is actually similar to gender gaps of the past.

I also doubt that woman and the left are as enthused as the MSM wants to claim. Police shootings no longer turn out crowds of blacks. The Handful of Chicks March was a dismal failure. The gays are off clubbing. Hispanics may turn out but they are generally unreliable as voters. There is no Muslim issue in the news... the Trump death camps never opened. White men and working class women must be feeling pretty Republican at the moment, now that they have jobs and are getting bonuses and everything seems to be getting better, and I'm sensing more and more Republicans/Independents becoming comfortable with Trump because of (1) his economic performance, (2) his foreign policy, which has calmed the world, (3) his adopting a calmer tone of late, and (4) the overreach and insanity of his opponents causing people to tune them out.

● Polls are showing that having two secret-lovers/rabid-anti-Trumps on the FBI team investigating Trump and exonerating Hillary was a bad idea. The FBI's credibility is crashing right now and people are dismissing the investigation. Win for Trump.

● So the flu is going to kill 50,000 people. 40 down, 49,960 to go. Call me unimpressed.

● The State of the Union looks like a disaster in the making for the left. Trump will apparently make an appeal for unity and then half a dozen leftists are going to outbid each other to spew hate. Not only is it a bad idea to appear insane, but it's even stupider to have six or seven people competing for a response. Even stupider, several of these will be celebrities... who refuse to recognize the fact that the public hates them when they go political. (See, e.g. Georgia special election). This should further help Trump to cement his new-found "calm and rational" image. Sounds like a win for Trump coming up.

● Finally, the founder of IKEA has died. Good luck putting together his coffin.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It's a Wonder

You know, I check in at progressive (formerly known as: progressive communist socialist liberal) places like Yahoo and Huffpo and I find myself amazed. How in the world can progressives not be winning if what these places say is true?

On a typical day, you will see:

Trump has the lowest ratings of any President ever... more hated than Hitler.
Trump is having an affair.
Trump's administration is beset by scandal.
The economy stinks! It's never been worse!
Trump lies about weight!
Trump tweeted about X and got taken down by everyone.
Trump has broken every promise... except the evil ones.
Trump is racist.
Trump is stupid.
Scientists say Trump's plan will destroy world.
Shrinks say Trump is crazy!
Trump's kids are criminals... one is retarded.
Trump's renegged on promises to keep campaign issues!
Here's a photo of Trump doing XXX, but no one believes it!
Trump's wife won't even sleep with him, she hates him that much.
Diplomat says foreigners never hated us as much as now. Whole diplomatic cores wants to quit!
Trump's staffers hate him!
General says Trump knows nothing about military, that draft dodger!
Trump inflamed North Korea, angered China, pissed off Russia, squandered Europe!
Celebrities bitchslap Trump in one perfect tweet!
Woman gives powerful speech against Trump.
Polls say Republicans doomed!

They even use their click-baitiest headlines. And you can swap out any prominent conservative/Republican for Trump in the above and you'll see the same stories. There is no rumor too obviously false, no meme too stupid, no lie to crazy for the left not to run with these things. It's fascinatingly deceptive. So when will their zombie followers start to wonder why the world isn't conforming to what they read. They must know they are being lied to, right? How can they not?

I don't get it. I guess they would rather live in a fantasy world than face the reality that they are wrong. Interesting.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Andrew's Running Open Thread...

Since I'm trying to evade working today, I keep running across things to post. So I'll make this a running open thread. :)

WARNING: The Pussy Head marchers are back to remind us of that they still exist... since there are no other signs of it. While they claim they had five million participants worldwide last time, a total fabrication on the order of at least 5-1 that just kept growing as media chickies kept bidding up the number, this time they seem to scoring in the 40k range in New York and Philly and far less in other cities... so maybe 200,000 worldwide.

So the fake movement that died the moment these women littered their signs and stomped off to Starbucks last time has now proven that it's lost 90% of its strength in a year. This is more prove this was never "a thing." We should call this the "Handful of Chicks March."

Expect delays at area Starbucks in major cities.

● Twitter is going to tell everyone what fake Russian troll sites they were following during the election. Oh oh. That means a bunch of liberals are now going to find out that their favorite sites were all Russian fake news pushers... #Trumpisamonster... #conservativesareevil... #therealNancyPelosi. Of course, liberals never readjust their thinking for new facts, so I doubt this will mean much, but wouldn't it be funny if they could grasp that all the crap they believe came from Russian propaganda? Ha!

● I love the delusion at places like Yahoo. Here's a headline and blurb:

"Major Strategy Shift for Democrats... Rather than play it safe in this election year, the Democrats have decided to challenge an unpopular president."

What rational person can claim that the Democrats haven't been "challenging" Trump. There isn't a moment they haven't smeared him, goosestep opposed him, or tried to impeach him.

● California is in an absolute panic over the Trump tax cuts. I LOVE that! They are now trying to find a way to tax all of the tax savings businesses got while whining that businesses may start fleeing the state. I love the statement made by more than one of them that "the tax cuts are an assault on California." That is all you need to know about how much those tax deductions subsidized the state.

● Trump just did the most condescending thing. LOL! He tweeted that with the nice weather, it's a good day for women to get out there and march to celebrate his economic achievements. That really is like patting them on the head and then intentionally ignoring the point they are making. I guarantee you that will get some blood boiling.

● The leftist blame strategy for the shutdown (as pushed by the media as well) says, "How can the Democrats be to blame for the shutdown when the Republicans control everything?" This is interesting since these same people blamed the Republicans for the Democrats' failure to do anything when they not only held everything but also held a super-majority in Congress. They also blamed Republicans in every prior shutdown, no matter who was in charge. So yeah, not buying it.

● Ok. I don't know how I didn't think of this before, but according to Huffpo, "Make no mistake! Trump's shutdown is about..." wait for it... RACISM! LOLOLOLOLOL! Boo!

● You may not know these people, but perhaps you know the sentiment. Lavar Ball (father of LA Laker Lonzo Ball) is an ass. I have little good to say about him and a lot of bad. But what I don't understand is why "everyone" (read: the sports media) pour out so much hate on his kids. By all accounts, they are good kids whose teammates enjoy playing with them and speak highly of them. So why is everyone so venomous about them just because they hate his father? What's more, how is what Ball does any different than the media types who criticize him? Heck, he's even more accurate than they are about the rumors he tells. What's more, they cover him like mad because it makes them money. They are at least complicit. So why crap on his kids?

Not getting a lot of work done... :(

● I just saw an article listing the magazine's: "Our fearless Oscar picks." //rolls eyes Since when has making guesses about the Oscars equated to fear? You live in America where no one would even think to hurt you. Your picks are herd-approved "controversial" picks, ie. nice and safe. So how is this fearless? It's not. The word "fearless" is a marketing technique to make you think this idiot has taken some risk, but there is no risk to be had.

● Had to comment on this. I have seen several articles now written by black women who refuse to attend the Handful of Chicks March because those white women... honkettes... do not like or respect black women. One noted that while her sign said both "nasty women unite" and "African Americans," the honkettes only gave her a cheer for the nasty part. None of those honkettes apparently stood in solidarity with being black. (Uh... maybe they didn't want to culturally appropriate? Just sayin') Other then refused to do a Black Lives Matters cheer. Those racist honkettes!

I love it when the left goes full bitch on these things and whines and whines and whines that other leftists don't support their grievances fully enough. They truly are children in a room full of children in full-tantrum mode whining that they aren't getting all the attention.

● By the way, is there anyone who doesn't see "stone cold killer" in this guy's face: LINK. Seriously, how could you miss it?

More to come...
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

It's The Economy, Stupid

The left (and Jeff Flake) must be furious. Have you seen the economic data?

● The stock market is at an all-time high.

● Jobless claims fell to a 45 year low this month... since February 1973.

● Home building is at the highest level since 2007.

● Since the GOP/Trump tax cuts have passed, company after company is announcing massive bonuses to employees, reinvestment in the US and repatriation. Apple is the latest, announcing $2,500 bonuses to all employees, the creation of 20,000 US jobs this year, the opening of new US campuses, the repatriation of $252 billion in overseas cash triggering $38 billion in tax payments, and investment of $350 billion in the US over the next five years.

That's impressive and it's only the latest company to make such promises. At least 80 other big companies have announced bonuses on the order of $1,000 per employee, pay raises, new investment, etc. Walmart is giving bonuses, hiking wages, offering new paid maternity leave, and is offering a form of payday loan without interest.

These are good times to work in corporate America.

Of course, the left is now desperately trying to give the credit to Obama, but I doubt anyone is buying that. Things really feel like the economic wheel had stopped under Obama and now the economy has started fresh. Don't forget either that at no point under Obama did the economy ever hit 4% GNP -- a first for Presidents -- and the leftist media machine was telling us that 4% wasn't possible anymore in the modern world. Current GNP is 5.3%.

● Lastly, do you remember how China had overtaken us to have the world's biggest economy? Do you remember how I told you this was BS and relied on faked data? Well, now we are being warned by the same people that China will overtake us in a decade. It wasn't true then and it's not true now. China's economy is about 75% of ours and is actually getting smaller by comparison. What's more, higher wages, corruption and awful demographics will keep China from getting much bigger before it begins to fall. Nothing to fear here, folks.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hey Baby, More Harassment Thoughts

I have to say that it's been fascinating watching this #HarassMeToo "movement". They started out by seizing the moral high ground and destroying a handful of genuine predators. But then they blew it... badly. They decided to copy the Cultural Revolution. Now it's all falling apart as leftists are shocked to find themselves needing to defend their friends from the Trumped up charges (see what I did there?) of other leftists.

Some thoughts...

It's starting to look like a civil war to me. A group of French actresses have condemned the Metooers for overshooting and trying to create a sexless world. The chick who invented the Shitty Media Men list is under fire for irresponsibly ruining the careers of innocent men. Andrew Sullivan called the Metooers McCarthyites for their damnation by rumor and secret evidence... and he's right. Ashley Banfield blasted a woman for whining about a bad date on the #Harassmetoo list. She's worried that women like this are ruining whatever the Metooers have won (spoiler alert: they've won nothing). Others have noticed this too that women are complaining about things as minor as guys seeming "creepy." This is now a culture crime. Lots of people are complaining about the lack of due process. Alec Baldwin is blasting the attacks on Woody Allen for allegations that were investigated but never became criminal charges.

Basically, these Metooers have adopted the rules of the Cultural Revolution. Anyone can accuse anyone and they are instantly judged guilty by the mob. And those who speak against this star chamber justice are instantly labeled as standing in the way of the "culture" change. They become enemies of the new order. They must be made to grovel. Women who didn't wear black to the awards show found themselves attacked by Metooers. Seal attacked Oprah for being complicit in Weinstein's sexual assault and promptly found himself accused of sexual assault.

America Ferrara was upset that Oprah was concerned with the accused. She said that the ultimate punishment for these men should not be disclosed yet:
“Can’t we live in that space where it’s OK for perpetrators to be a little bit uncomfortable with what the consequences will be?”
How very Nazi-like. We'll tell you your fate after we have our fun making you sweat. Shameful.

Even more shameful is how these little fascists pretend that they bear no responsibility for their actions. Oprah asked an interesting question. She assembled a panel of idiots celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and America Ferrera. She pointed out that the Metooers had managed to bag a couple penisers, but then she asked,
“When somebody’s been accused of sexual harassment and loses their job, should they ever work again?”
Witherspoon rather pathetically responded, “I’m not here to make that decision.” Really? You appoint yourself judge and jury. You convict on secret evidence with no allowance for the accused to offer a defense. And then you pretend that you have no say in the lives being destroyed? Welcome to the Great Leap Forward.

You see the same thing from the Shitty Media Men list creator. We'll call her "Shitty Girl." Shitty Girl asks women to accuse men but then disclaims that she has any responsibility for what happens after the allegations are taken seriously. Basically, she's the secret policeman who pretends it's not her responsibility that the people she accuses are killed on the evidence she presents. Interestingly, her list also ranges from rapes to consensual affairs to "acting creepy."

I'm really struck how fascist this "movement" is behaving. These are not good or noble women. They are little Hitlers. They are the accusers of Salem, the secret police of every fascist regime, McCarthyites, Chinese mobs killing their betters, and... apparently... good liberals.

Anyways, consider this timeline:
1. Rose McGowan outs Weinstien... everyone tries to ignore it.
2. With it not going away, the enablers "bravely" attack the mortally wounded Weinstein and smear anyone who points out that they enabled him.
3. Groupthink sets in and anyone who doesn't blindly accept the group is smeared or accused of #youtoo.
4. The group declares victory and pats themselves on the back for changing the world... without having done anything.
5. All the parasites jump on board. They politicize this. They try to expand it to subjective annoyances. They are opportunists tying to find fame, angry ex-girlfriends trying to settle scores, and women who just like abusing authority.
6. The infighting starts between the McCarthyite/fascists who believe in guilty when accused and abuse of power as justice versus those who believe in due process, proof and redemption.
This is not a noble enterprise or moral cause.
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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Irony Edition

Lots of great irony coming from the left this week.

● The Democrats in California and New York are tying to find ways to reduce the effect of the tax hike Trump has imposed with the new tax law. They're trying to make paying your state taxes a charitable deduction so it can be deducted there. Ironically, the only people who would benefit from this are rich people. Said differently, Democrats seek to cut taxes on the rich and ultra-rich.

● Jim Carrey, who was once funny before he gave his girlfriend VD and drove her to suicide, was whiiiiining about the false alarm in Hawaii. He whined that he woke up (from a bender no doubt) to discover that he had only 10 minutes to live (after scratching his VD-encrusted penis, no doubt). First, I wish that were true. Good riddance. Secondly, somehow I doubt that Hawaii is in any real danger even if Korea fires. Third, mistakes happen... whining about other people's mistake is white-trashy. Fourth, it's funny how VD-carrier Carrey is blaming Trump when the real cause is a bureaucrat... government is at fault you dumbass socialist. No irony there.

● A lot of immigrants from shithole countries are upset at Trump calling the places they fled shitholes. None of these shitholers apparently see the irony in that.

● California, a liberal paradise that (1) benefits from a century of pre-liberal economic power they live off of like worthless rich heirs, (2) benefits from overwhelming geographic advantages that feed heir economy, (3) benefits from the high tax subsidy that Trump just eliminated, and (4) has spent almost a trillion dollars to fight poverty over the past 15 years... has the highest poverty rate in the US. Let me repeat: smug, rich, liberal California has the highest poverty rate in the US. Not West Cousin-Luvin Virginia, not Kensucky, not Washington Third-World D.C. Nope. California.

● Pope Francis, whom I believe is named after a talking mule, says that letting our fear that immigrants will turn our country into a shitholy is a sin if we let those fears turn into hostility. Got it. So what about fear of Trump turning into Hostility? Are all those liberals sinners? Yes, they are. So where is the condemnation of them Father Selective?

● Still laughing that now that police body cams are showing that cops aren't gunning down innocent black kids that the black community is upset. Think about that.

Liberals. snicker snicker
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Friday, January 12, 2018


The left is horrified that Trump allegedly called various shithole countries "shithole countries." Truth hurts.

See when your country is rife with crime, rebels and functions on the basis of corruption... when part of your population kills little girls because they go to school or mutilates their genitals because "God" told you so... when your leaders have brought the country to near-absolute bankruptcy, your population has no work ethic, the biggest employer is narco gangs, and average people need to use fake cell phones, walls covered in broken glass and hired guns to avoid becoming victims of criminals... your country might be a shithole.

But that's not the point. The point is the cry racism motif.

See, all these idiots from Anderson "Weepy Boy" Cooper to the UN are whining that Trump saying this is racism... and I don't care. In fact, I doubt anyone really cares. Why? Because this is what happens when you cry wolf. Not a day doesn't pass that some idiot doesn't scream racism. Everything is racist... everything. Heck, we even hear that the very fact of being white makes you racist, as do words that have nothing to do with race like picnic and blackhole, being conservative is racist, history is racist, arresting black criminals is racist, standardized testing is racist, the quality of education by black teachers is racist, black cops are racist, white cops are racist, not being paid $15 an hour at the job you don't have is racist, connecting Islamic terrorism to Islam is racist, pollution is racist, highways are racist, enforcing laws is racist, not believing in a phantom troop of cops killing young black men is racist, the language itself is racist, not enough black women being raped in Hollywood was racist, and so on. Everything is racist. So who cares?

Racism is a dead charge. Oh, it may excite the losers who use it to explain away their failures and it may excite the leftists who use it to keep those losers in line, but no one else cares. And I can't see the public caring about Trump calling these shithole countries shitholes... especially now that the UN has condemned this as "racist." Let's not forget that the UN is a collection of shithole countries who have waged a decades long war against Jews, who protect mass murderers and look the other way as they use illegal weapons like nerve gas against their minorities. Talk about racist. So yeah, no. Shove your racism allegations.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

True "Fake News"

Do you remember when the term "fake news" came about? The idea came from the left and it was meant as a way to dismiss places like Brietbart from public consideration. Basically, this was an attempted power grab in which they hoped to grant themselves the power to regulate the news media. Then they could dismiss every conservative leaning site as "fake news" and then the machinery of oppression would kick in. The rest of the media could ignore them. Social media could block them. And good liberals would know that nothing those fakers said was accurate... or loyal. It was the creation of an enemies list.

The funny thing was that it struck me right away that this was a mistake because anyone could use this weapon against anyone. That meant the left's weapon could be turned on them. Sure enough, that happened. Within days, anyone accused of anything was calling the charge "fake news" and attacking the MSM sites that reported the charge. The sports world used it. Hollywood used it. Conservative commentators used it. And Trump used it. In fact, he lobbed it at every media site every chance he got. CNN proved particularly vulnerable. The left was horrified... this wasn't supposed to happen.

Well, since then, the left has tried repeatedly to shrink the term back to their original intent with various stories asking what fake news really means, and then attack conservatives in their analysis. None of these have been successful, however.

So anyways, this got me thinking. Is there real fake news? Obviously, there is some. The propaganda put out by Russian hackers or Huffpo or Brietbart is fake news. It is an attempt to create a scandal using opinion (genuine or otherwise) as fact and connecting dots using conspiratorial type mis-logic and wrongful suggestion. But is there something deeper that we are all missing? The more I thought about it, the more I realized there was: most of the news we see today is "fake news."

When you take a tour of most news sites, you are assaulted with a variety of articles that truly deserve the title of "fake news." Let me give you an example. Most news sites are now awash in "Twitter responded" or "the internet responded" articles. Trump said this and Twitter reacted. Ivanka was photographed here and now faces an internet backlash. Etc. These things are not genuine news in any way. What they are is the reporter having gone out to find random people to back up the opinion the reporter wants you to believe. These could be the only three tweets in the world to make this point. And even if they aren't, they are nothing but hot air... opinion is not news until someone chooses to turn their opinion into action which affects the world in some manner. "Bill thought about robbing a bank is not news."

Yet, this is becoming the preferred form of "news" because it's easy. It requires no sources, not research, no vetting, and no knowledge to create an article. It offers nothing concrete in any way. It changes nothing. But it sure sounds good, doesn't it? It sounds as if the reporter has somehow tapped deeply into a majority strain of public opinion and public interest. You now know what the public is thinking and what matters to them, right? Wrong. You know what this report wants you to think... that's all. This is as flimsy as if I wrote, "My neighbor backs me up on this!" Who cares?

"Comedian/Politician/Media Member/Internet freak makes fun of Trump for saying ___" is the exact same thing. So what? The guy at K-Mart said the opposite. Now what? In fact, this is even worse because this is just reporting the insults being flung by the opposition. They aren't even out of character. "Extra! Extra! Dog barks at cat!" Fake news.

I think the key lesson here is that we are already awash in a sea of fake news as untrained hacks half-ass their way through articles by taking quotes from Twitter or identifying the opinions of blogs and presenting them as facts of some sort that result in news, when all they really are is the opinion of the writer spoken through cherry picked quotes.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

by tryanmax

Over the Christmas/New Year holiday stretch, an amazing thing happened. A flurry of articles appeared across the conservasphere assessing President Trump’s first year in office and, to the apparent astonishment of many of the authors, it was actually pretty good! From Gorsuch to Tax Reform and a host of things in between, columnist after stubborn columnist had to agree, Trump moved the conservative agenda forward in a way that no one expected. Yes, there are a few campaign promises yet to be fulfilled, the border wall and an actual Obamacare repeal among them, but overall, the marks were high.

Still, there are a few holdouts that refuse to step down from the Never Trump bandwagon. And they were every bit as vocal as ever over the holiday season. The funny thing is, though, they’re running out of things to criticize aside from Trump’s personal bombast. At this point, most of the "conservative" complaints against Trump are just attacking the curtains. As I see them, they fall into three main (and very much overlapping) categories:

1) Trump did something I like, but I don't like the way he did it. This position holds that it isn’t enough for conservatism to win the day, but that the opponents of conservatism must like it, too. At best, these conservatives put winning hearts and minds above the actual work it takes to win hearts and minds. They want people to choose Coke as their favorite without ever tasting Coke first. At worst, they are being mirror-progressives. It’s this group that obsesses over Trump’s twitter account to the point of inflating his presence on the social media site. According to, Trump tweets an average of 6 - 8 times per day. His critics are running digital rings around him.

2) Don't thank Trump, thank Congress. This position is disingenuous in a number of ways. The sudden return to a proper understanding of civics has nothing to do with giving credit where credit is due. We routinely credit the President for Congressional actions. The only reason to withhold credit this time is for the sake of it. Worse, it’s inconsistent. The same Never-Trumpers who want to credit Congress with conservative wins want to still saddle Trump with losses on things like Obamacare repeal and building the border wall, which require Congress to act. On these, they blame Trump for failing to rally Congress. And on some things, such as judicial appointments, the President and Congress work together. Congress can’t appoint anyone the President doesn’t nominate, but Never-Trump only credits the placement while ignoring the pick. Finally, this argument completely dismisses foreign policy and military achievements of which Congress isn’t even a part.

3) But Trump could still screw things up! This is a lame argument, but surprisingly popular. Of course Trump could still screw things up. An unseen asteroid could strike tomorrow, too! What’s your point? The question isn’t whether it could happen, but whether it’s likely and what makes you think so. Given that, after a year, all the things the critics assured us were indicative of Trump’s unfitness for office have shown, thus far, not to be so, what have you got? If anything, still holding onto the notion that a major screw up is just around the corner smacks of wishful thinking and perhaps an intention to blame anything on Trump regardless whether it’s his doing. If nothing else, it’s an amnesiac in its inattentiveness.

None of this is very surprising. A lot of people have staked their reputations on being Never Trump with more than a few rising out of obscurity on the movement. (I’m looking sideways at Tom Nichols, right now.) As long as there are people emotionally tied to the idea that Trump is the worst possible thing, they will find ways to discount, dismiss, and deny that he is anything other than the worst caricature imaginable.

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