Thursday, October 20, 2016

Liberal Hypocricy Example 4,927,465

Short one tonight. Yet another great example of liberal hypocrisy. Trump made the claim that the election is being rigged against him and might be stolen. True/false? Don't know. Probably false, though there is always some minor fraud. What interests me is the liberal response. Everyone from the media to Hollywood to every Democrat to Clinton herself is in tears that Trump is somehow endangering democracy by suggesting there might be voter fraud. Dumbass Biden actually said Trump was "too stupid to realize the harm he's doing." Biden calling someone stupid? Really?

Anyways, let me point out the following:
● Clinton has been claiming that Putin is trying to rig the election to favor Trump.

● In 2000, Al Gore sued claiming voter fraud and every single liberal in the country lost their mind and screamed that the 2000 election was stolen. Do you remember how the Supreme Court and the Florida government were both smeared by liberals during and well after that election? How they called Bush illegitimate?

● Black unity is maintained by selling blacks in the idea that whites are "disenfranchising" their votes.

● From 2000 through 2008, liberals whined and spread conspiracy theories about voting machines rigging elections.

● It is routine for losing liberal Senators/Congress Critters to sue claiming voter fraud.

● Sanders people have been screaming about Sanders being defrauded and cheated throughout the primary.

● Liberals enjoy the theory that JFK stole the election from Nixon through voter fraud.
So honestly, go F* yourselves Democrats and media... but I repeat myself. If it's damaging to claim someone is trying to steal the election then it's time you apologized, atoned and STFU for your prior repeated cynical statements in that regard. Traitors.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How The GOP Failed With Trump

I could write a book on how the GOP has failed. Peevish irrelevant policies, intolerance, outsiders to American culture and American ideas, too cowardly, embracing extremism, reliance on talk radio and think tanks, etc. But today, I'm going to talk about one thing specifically. The massive attack on Trump by Clinton highlights just how poorly the regular GOP handles politics. What do I mean? This...

I have no idea if Trump will pull this election out or not. There are a lot of indications that he might. But there are just as many which suggest that he won't. That's not my point though. For my point, let us assume that the Democratic attacks are working. I think it's hard to claim they aren't. If Clinton wasn't a cross between Al Capone and a Sloth, the Democrats would be solidly ahead and not even looking back. How have they done this? Basically, they've:
1. Angered women at Trump;
2. Angered blacks at Trump;
3. Triggered the cowardice/surrender circuit in conservatives; and
4. Used their power to warp the culture to create a groupthink/herd mentality that demonizes Trump... someone the herd liked before.
So here's my question: if all this information was out there about Trump before, why couldn't someone like Rubio or Kasich or Cruz do this to Trump before? Indeed, their inability to crush him with this stuff before support solidified speaks volumes.

So why couldn't they? There are a couple reasons that come to mind and I suspect it was a combination of each:
1. They never thought to do it;
2. They didn't have very good opposition research;
3. They didn't know what to do with what they had; and
4. They lacked an echo chamber outside of a tiny circle of conservative bloggers to help them.
Number one is the very problem which created Trump. The GOP does not know how to fight. They don't have the instinct. They are still fighting by Marquess of Queensbury Rules in a Yo Mama Age. That's known as bringing a sternly worded letter to a gun fight. It is this inability/distaste for actually taking the gloves off and really fighting the enemy which has frustrated so many people that they turned to Trump because he seems to fight. This problem more than any other let Trump win the nomination.

Number two is the consultant problem. Over and over, the GOP hires the same "experts." These people apparently can't even be bothered to run an internet search. They have no idea how to put out feelers, how to float trial balloons or how to gauge the public. This is nothing new either. Did you know that the strongest attacks on Obama all came from the Clintons? They were just adopted by the right. The GOP needs to replace, en mass its advertising and media people. There are many professional organizations who do this sort of thing consistently for companies and organizations. Use them. Using them might have helped cut Trump off at the knees and could do a better job defending him now.

Number three is a problem of personnel. The Democrats love lawyers. Lawyers excel at politics. Trial lawyers in particular learn to argue anything on the fly. They can spin anything in any direction without needing to stop and think about it. They know when to change topics. And they never make idiotic statements that are easy to lampoon. The GOP likes doctors, who are trained to give advice sternly, businessmen, who learn to do corporate jumble speak to put you to sleep, and preacher types who speak only in hyperbole to true believers. None of these people understands spin, nor do they even seem to realize that the Democrats will spin the things they see. This is why so many GOP type suffer from foot in mouth disease and why they never sound particularly convincing. People who get that politics isn't about frank discussions but is about selling ideas and images could have captured the public's imagination long before they turned to Trump.

Finally, number four is the result of the conservative disdain for anything media -- the press, Hollywood, publishing, etc. That disdain allows the Democrats to amplify their attacks and forces the GOP to argue uphill. It also takes away a huge consequence-free test chamber to try out attacks. The idea that Trump is on cocaine, for example, was spearheaded by Hollywood.

Like I said, whether or not Trump wins isn't the issue to me. The issue to me is that the GOP couldn't have done to Trump what the Democrats are doing and that is the real problem here.


Thoughts on the debate?
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just Breathe...

I don't know about you, but I am not sure I am going to make it through the next 20 days with my full sanity intact.

[Okay, full disclosure, I may not have actually started out with "my full sanity"]

But seriously, this election cycle is driving me insane.

And I know that I am not alone in this. Everyone is really anxious and nervous and stressed and showing signs of the strain.

So, let's take a few minutes to relax, take a few deep breaths, and then take a few more. [Being careful not to hyperventilate] If that isn't working, find the nearest safe room filled with kittens, puppies, balloons, and coloring books, or anything that can take your mind off current events.

Once you are all relaxed and calm, feel free to post your feelings about this election cycle below in a calm and relaxed manner. Just get it out of your system.

Now that you are all relaxed and calm, perhaps this is a good time to tell you that the final debate is tomorrow.


And because you probably want to know exactly how much time we have left right down to the second until the 2016 Presidential Election is over, or as it is beginning to feel like...Countdown to Looking Glass***:

***Contest: Anyone who can properly identify that reference wins...
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Optimism Delayed

I promised to provide some optimism about the US today, but I have to put that off. Apparently, I was a tad optimistic about the amount of time I would have this weekend. So instead, I have put together a quick update on Obamacare. The wheels are starting to come off the thing.

Here are some numbers that might interest you:
● Bloomberg News estimates that at least 1.4 million people will lose their health insurance next year, as private insurers drop their Obamacare plans. That's 1.4 million out of the 10 million plan participants. This is the result of massive loses resulting from the failure of a subsidy plan which sought to rescue the foolish plans by taxing the companies who competently priced their plans and giving that money to the fools. Welcome to the lessons of East Germany.

● 20% of Americans will have only one insurer to choose from. Nothing like a monopoly to solve problems.

● Because of the last one, premiums are skyrocketing. In Minnesota, premiums will rise between 50% and 67%. In California, they are rising 13.7%. Other increases include: Alaska 40%, Oklahoma 41%, Montana 35%, Oregon 17%, West Virginia 21.6%, Pennsylvania 10.5% and so on.

● Because of this, an S&P forecast anticipates an 8% reduction in total people covered this year even though the fine is increasing.

● 27 million people remain without insurance under this "universal coverage" plan.
I think what we're looking at is Peak Obamacare. At this point, it's covered all it will cover and I expect it to slowly slide into irrelevance. The question(s) that's left is (1) will some of the most noxious regulations be undone or is this sucker permanent? And (2) what will eventually replace it?

Whatever replaces it will be an even bigger mess is my guess. See, here's the thing. Our medical regulations are like a poorly done painting. And when people try to "fix" it with things like Obamacare, they don't clean off the canvas and start over, they try to fix the ugly painting by adding to it. The result is an even worse mess as the system gets muddier and loses its structure. It's never enough to wipe out the system because people learn to adjust, but it just keeps making things harder.

At this point, I think the savior of our healthcare will be physicians who go private and refuse to touch insurance. Essentially, a private system will need to develop apart from the bastardized mess we have. Will it happen? I think so. Americans are inventive and healthcare is important to them.

In completely unrelated news, Venezuela is apparently lifting its price controls on food. It seems that government control of prices was strangely causing people to starve to death and to turn to violence to feed themselves. Who knew? Perhaps the East Germans? the Poles? the Russians? the Chinese? the Vietnamese? the Cubans? Oh well, clearly, no application to the above.
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Friday, October 14, 2016


I'm really starting to think the Overkill Theory is correct and yet the Democrats can't stop themselves.

Now we have a "super model" (who sold her body to sell products) who claims Trump talked about breasts... da horror! Hillary is freaked out that she was being stalked by Trump at the debate... and she wants to lead a nation? Michelle Obama was shaken to her very core that Trump sexually assaulted women... but she's cool with Bill Clinton who actually rapes them. Old lady octopus is being too clever by taking about his hands finding "landing spots"... who knew sexual assault was witty? The "ugly" press chick claims Trump kissed her when his wife left the room... of course, she doesn't have the recording which all reporters make to prove it (because who would keep that?) and she lied about being Melina's friend. A beauty queen whined that he walked into the dressing room... along with the press and family and handlers and everyone else. Another beauty queen heard Trump doesn't like black people. A black winner of the Apprentice is horrified that he was asked if he wanted to share the prize when no white person was ever asked that... nor was the prior black winner of course. Trump beauty shamed some ugly chick, fat shamed some hot chick who was dating a drug dealer, and made off-color jokes unlike any man (or woman) ever. Some woman who worked with him decades ago says he seems like the kind who would sexually assault women... coincidentally, she seems like that to me too! And so on. Yawn. Very tiring. Very whiny.

Some thoughts:

1. These allegations are all whiny and reek of political convenience. Using things like sexual assault as a matter of political convenience will only further reduce the credibility of the rape and race industries. Essentially, groups like feminists are disgracing themselves by playing this game. They are showing that truth is subservient to political desire to them.

2. That the media is pushing this as if they were the most blind activists, even smearing those who protest, has wiped out any credibility they have left.

3. This is overkill. This is the woman who whined wolf-whistle. Even if some of it is true, it no longer matters because it's lost in its own noise. And yet, the Democrats show no sign of stopping because they don't understand this. (Not to mention, there is a lot of nasty stuff in the Wikileaks emails which they need to keep out of the news.)

4. Clinton is desperate if she's digging this deep, and it's hurting her. That's why she still can't get above 46% and why Trump is coming back in the polls. This is going to be an interesting election.


UPDATE: The Overkill and the hypocrisy continues:

1. Obama is attacking Republicans for only caring now about Trump's nastiness, but not before. Well, before, he was a Democrat and you were cool with him when he was doing this stuff, President Assh*le.

2. Democrats booed two more women who accused Clinton of rape. Apparently, it's cool to boo rape victims now. Funny, wasn't it a sin even to question their stories only a few days ago?

3. Clinton responded with the delusional: "We've had enough of this divisive poisonous stuff." Wow, you should tell that to your loser wife and her vile friends Bill, because that's all she's spewing.

4. Joe Biden actually said that Bill Clinton's past shouldn't matter because "he paid a price," whereas Trump's past should because "he's a sexual predator." That's the kind of vile hypocrisy statement that honestly makes me wish ill Biden. Maybe Bill can give him VD.

5. A woman sent Trump pubic hair in response to the "p*ssy" video. So classy. Shows that "those who are offended" are just as bad if not worse than anything Trump did.

6. New allegations: Trump called a deaf actress "retarded." He made women walk on tables so he could look up their skirts. Yawn. Trump laughed about being called a sexual predator. Etc. etc. etc. Overkill.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pot Update

Some people thought legalizing pot would be the end of the world in Colorado. Others thought it would usher in a new munchie utopia. Well, Dave's not here, man... but the facts are and I thought you might be interested in how the pot experiment has been going in Colorado.

If you believed the anti-pot people, Colorado would turn into a nightmare world of jobless drug addicts all gateway-ing their way to heroin... like Baltimore. If you believed the pro-pot people, then somethingsomething panacea, man! The truth is that pot's been kind of a wash really... unlike pot heads who don't wash. Here are some facts:
● Crime is down in Denver in 2015, but it's not clear if that is because the improved economy, less active (re: stoned) criminals, or the simple fact they aren't arresting people for possession of pot anymore. So forget the idea that pot caused this. One thing we can say though is that crime is not up as many expected.

● Marijuana related ER visits have skyrocketed 30% from 739 out of 100,000 visits to 956 per 100,000 visits. There are 164 million of those each year in the US according to the CDC. This increase would translate into 5,367 more ER visits in Colorado each year. The average cost of an ER visit in 2015 was $2,168. The works out to $11.6 million in increased costs due to the pot change.

● Marijuana related hospitalizations have soared from 803 per 100,000 patients to 2,413 per 100,000 patients. There are about 405,000 overnight stays in hospitals in Colorado each year (313 million nationally). That means an increase of 6,520 hospital stays. At an average cost of about $2,896 per day, that works out to an additional cost to our health care system of about $18.9 million (over $10 billion nationally).

● On the plus side, marijuana brought in $699 million to the state's economy, along with $63 million in taxes.

● On the downside, those in treatment were slightly more likely to be heavy users -- 35.6% compared to 33.5%.

● Pot related DUIs are flat at 665 compared to 674. But driving deaths in which the person had pot in their system rose from 55 in 2013 to 79. I suppose that's a negative, but honestly, don't care about them.

● Juvenile pot arrests are up from 3,234 to 3,400. But surveys show that 80% of high school students don't use pot.

● Use among 18-25 year olds is up from 21% in 2006 to 31% in 2014.
So what does this mean? Crime didn't rise. Drug use rates didn't go up with kids, though it did go up with the retard set at 18-25. That said, it's still only 3 in 10. Users seem to be dying at a slightly faster rate. That's good.

Someone sent me this little bit of propaganda:
The truth though, as you see above is a tad different. Even if you take that whole $63 million and pretend it comes at no cost, that is nothing compared to our education budget of $3.7 billion. That's a 1.7% increase. Said differently, it equates to about $0.38 per school-day per student, assuming no overhead. But again, you need to offset the hospital costs, the costs of wiping those dead potheads off the asphalt, and the cost of doing whatever we're going to do with the users after they prematurely grow old and useless(er) -- it has been proven that long term pot use makes you stupid (as if we needed science to tell us that). Of course, it also causes breast growth in males, so maybe there's some reality TV show potential there to offset the costs of babysitting the morons. In any event, this assumes there are no negative medical or mental conditions connected to pot, and we know that's not true. I would bet you're looking at increased lung cancer as well, plus increased unemployment and underemployment.

Also, you can't really count on the tax revenue because we're getting tons of out-of-state potheads here to buy this stuff and try to go home and sell it. If a third of our sales are to tourists, then you're looking at only $40 million in tax revenue less $30 million in medical less whatever else isn't being counted. So much for all the billions of schools and homeless shelters we supposedly built. Morons.

All told, it's been a draw. Legalizing pot increased some problems, but didn't turn Colorado to shit. It's no magic bullet either. Dependency got worse, the cost of medical care rose, and there were more deaths. Basically, it's doing what you expect: it's hurting the weakest users while relieving white trash of their spending money, kind of like the Lottery, McDonald's, smokes, and fat burning products. So all in all... meh.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

To Infinity And Beyond!

There was some fascinating news today. The news in question was Obama announcing that the US Government would "partner" with private sector companies to put people on Mars. In particular, there is a plan to send a person halfway there in 2020 and then they plan to land a person in 2025. How cool is that! That will be within our lifetimes! I can't wait to see this. That's actually kind of earth-shattering.

What makes this so earth-shattering is the total change in mindset here. Of all the things the federal government does, sending people into space has always been seen as something that was done exclusively by the government. Sure, there are some commercial companies trying it now, but they always seemed more of a gimmick. When it came to actual space travel, NASA was the only player.

But this announcement suggests that the feds now see NASA as an observer rather than a driver of the mission to Mars. In other words, it won't be NASA planning and executing the mission with private contractors supplying them with the stuff they need. Instead, it sounds like it's going to be the private companies doing the work along with NASA in a consultant role.

This means two things to me. First, it suggests that a seismic shift has been made in the role of government. In the past, the government would never have taken a backseat to a private company. The fact they are doing so suggests a realization that NASA is no longer the leader in the world of technology. It is a passing of the baton and a willingness to let the market take over the advancement of science and the national interest. That's a significant change in the role of government.

Secondly, I see this as the true opening of space to commercial travel. Had NASA kept a tight grip on this, then private space travel would likely never be more than just a few seconds flight to the upper atmosphere. This suggests that space will become an activity anyone can pursue. That suggests to me that we will get there faster and with more variety and with more purpose. It also means that people like us might one day get into space.

I really think this is important.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Why GOPcons Make Awful Allies

I am shocked, shocked that Trump said something crude about a woman ten years ago. Honestly, I'm thinking it's time to vote for the woman who endangered national security and smeared the women her husband raped. After all, purity demands that I not vote for anyone who doesn't follow the Victorian code because I am an idiot.

Actually, I'm not an idiot, but far too many conservatives/GOPers (GOPcons) are. In fact, if I had to go to war, I would rather fight with liberals, hands down and here's why:

Democrats want to win above all else.
GOPcons like losing. They wrongly see it as noble.

Democrats will use any dirty trick, any weapon, any tactic to destroy their enemies.
GOPcons won't touch anything that wasn't considered gentlemanly in the Victorian era.

Democrats are forward looking and always try to make use of new inventions.
GOPcons are blind to anything "new."

Democrats know their friends from their enemies.
GOPcons can't separate the two.

Democrats always try to destroy their enemies.
GOPcons desperately need the respect of theirs.

Democrats use their moron fringe as a weapon, but don't let them make strategy.
GOPcons let their moron fringe set the agenda.

Democrats support each other to the death no matter what they do.
GOPcons look for reasons to betray their friends. In fact, they prefer to destroy each other rather than fight the enemy.

Democrats use propaganda as a weapon.
GOPcons believe every bit of propaganda that comes their way and see each as a reason to surrender.

Honestly, I'm sick of this. This has been the story of the GOPcons for my whole life. My first real memory of politics was the GOPcons turning against Ford for pardoning Nixon for a stupid robbery. Then they smeared Reagan when he ran against Carter. Everything Reagan did, some weak-kneed GOPcon declared the end of his presidency and all but demanded his resignation. Every election since, the left or right flank swears they will sit out or openly endorses the Democrat. Guys like John Warner in Virginia have never endorsed a Republican. What's more, they like losing... it makes them feel noble. They disdain the very institutions they need: Hollywood, the media, academia and law. They have no grasp of human nature or the public. And so on. And that's been the pattern ever since I can remember. Conservatism is dead until modern conservatives lose their taste for false martyrdom, cowardice and betrayal.

What bothers me even more is this. If Trump gets blown up, nothing will change. The GOPcons will go back to their bunkers, their churches and their ivory towers and the will feel smug about their purity. Meanwhile, average middle class America will keep suffering under a government that has destroyed their jobs, destroyed their healthcare and buried them under a mountain of taxes and debts to pay for vanity projects. It is a government that gets American soldiers killed with no plan to win "the war," which attacks the police as a proxy for fixing the ghettos, sells itself like a whore to big business, and prefers the company of foreigners to its own people. It is a government that stifles innovation. It is blind to right and wrong yet seeks to impose its own amoral code of conformity under the threat of force. That is Democratic rule. And no one can stop it because the GOPcons are busy jerking themselves off about their purity.

This needs to end. We need a party that casts off the fringers, the cowards and the political lifers. It's time we had a party that cared about the American public and its needs. How do we do that? I wish I knew.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Clinton v. Trump Debate #2


And thanks once again to our very own Tryanmax, another stellar debate poster....

if you dare to watch tonight's format for the Clinton/Trump Face-Off (sadly not of the death duel it sounds like...), is a "TownHall". It will most definitely be advertised as an event "with spontaneous, unrehearsed questions from random questioners in the unvetted audience that no one chose beforehand", or something like that. But it will really be an unspontaneous even where the questioners/questions will have been vetted before hand and to maximize Trump's failings as a human being and no questions about "e-mails", "national security breaches", "Obamacare", or "economic" issues. Oh, or about an upcoming nuclear war with Russia after Obama called them out for "crimes against humanity".

However with the October Surprise that has consumed social media this weekend about Trump being a "surprisingly" loathsome sexist [unknown only to anyone living under an melting iceberg in the Anarctic with no Verizon cell service], there most probably will be lots and lots of questions directed to Trump, but none to Clinton in the "sexual predators as candidates and/or spouses" category.

There will be no penalty for not commenting, not watching, or crying tears of agony...
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Have You Considered...

Once again I've got nothing worth repeating except this...

In this election cycle, this is as good an option as any of the human choices right now.

The floor is now open for discussion.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Some Random Observations

Yo! Some thoughts...

● Apparently, there was a debate. Mike Pence v. Tim Kaine and Elaine Quijano. It sounds like Pence beat them, but the articles saying that Sanders Kaine won were already written a year ago.

● So apparently, Hillary has been calling Sanders's supporters worse things than deplorables. It's too bad the left has no principles and no pride or they might actually stand up to her. That would be fun. But you know, they are the left and they'll do what they are told to do by the herd.

● Is it just me or has social media become an entertaining battleground of retards? Professional slut Amber Rose is whining that she got fat shamed by another Twitter hog. I am woman, hear me whine. Demi Lovato (a real name) is bitch shaming Taylor Swift for having only hot friends because it makes her fans feel fat. She them promptly quit the world for a few days as she deTwitters. It's definitely not funny to make fun of Kim Kardashian and wish she had died in the robbery... or so half the internet says. They are fun shaming the other half who are thinking it would have been funny if Kim had met her end tied up in a bathtub. And how dare Bruce Jenner -- damn, gonna get trans-shame for that one -- uh, Caitlyn Jenner post something about having a good time as poor Kim fought for her life in Paris. Snort, I mean, sniff sniff. Perhaps now Caitlyn will learn that being fake-sympathy-deficient shamed isn't fun. Isn't it funny that a bunch of people with no shame whatsoever throw that word around like it means something?

● I find it funny that we're supposed to respect the rights of the handful of a-holes who have attacked the National Anthem because it's gloriously American to protest someone else yada yada yada. Yet the same people who assure us of this use words like "disgrace" to attack those who protest the protestors. The latest is a radio station that won't be broadcasting the next football game of some team where most of the band refused to play the national anthem. Whined the enlightened few that this form of protest was "a disgrace." So all protests were created equal... some are just more equal than others.

● Whoops. The Pope just bitchslapped the gay movement. He called out schools who accept the idea that children can pick their genders and he spoke of a war against marriage. Funny how that didn't draw the interest of the same MSM who couldn't stop speculating that he was down with being gay.

● Uber-leftist Stephen King says he's "scared to death" of Trump winning the presidency. What does King know about fright? Judging by everything he's written since the 1970s, not much. He probably stole that quote from someone else too. That is his M.O.

● Hillary Clinton warns us that fat shaming can lead to suicide. Care to demonstrate, Madame Pantsuit?

● "What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a year?" asked Hillary Clinton. Sounds like a typical Democratic budget. Nevertheless, let me counter with this question: "What kind of genius loses four American lives, a laptop, four cell phones, three tablets and 33,000 emails all while pretending to be Secretary of State?"

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Signs & Portents...

Just a couple of issues to discuss while we are waiting for another "October Surprise" to drop and/or the Vice Presidential debates tonight (whichever comes first...)

Campaign signs and portents:
It came up last week in the comments here about the lack of outward signs of a pending Presidential Election. I travelled to Texas this weekend, and while driving around my parents' neighborhood in suburban Dallas I observed something very strange. I did not see one presidential campaign sign, bumper sticker or button in sight. Not one. Weird.

Further to that, my cousin has been taking a driving holiday for the last six weeks from Dallas across the Southwest and up the west coast Highway 1 through California, Oregon and all the way to Seattle. Without being prompted, she told me that she has not seen one campaign sign or bumper sticker during her entire trip. In a quick discussion on this topic with a work friend today, he said that in his neighborhood in New Jersey, there are surprisingly lots of Trump signs, but only one Clinton sign.

So the first thing is that many people are noticing this. The only conclusion is that it appears that no one wants to admit openingly who they will vote for. And I have to say, this is the first time in my voting life that I have ever known this to happen. Is this happening or not happening in your neighborhoods too?

Baseball signs and portents:
Is anyone else concerned that if the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, it will be a sign of the impending Apocolypes? I mean, they haven't won the World Series since 1908. And they choose this year to have the best record they've ever had and they might actually win? That's got to be a sign of impending doom, right? Nostradamus must have written an obsure quatrain predicted this or at least Revelations must say something about "there will be two leaders unworthy to lead in the land of milk and honey, and the final sign will be when the child of the northern brown hairy beast wins the series of bat-tles, this will be the final sign and will unleash the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse." It has to be there somewhere. Well, I rooting for the Texas Rangers just to be safe.

A non-political event with other signs and portents:
It was just announce last week hailing the miracle of the birth in Mexico a genetically modified baby with 3 parents. You can read the article to understand the science of itLINK The primary mother carried a gene that was passed on to her two children who died in childhood. Through the miracle of science and genetic modification, a healthy baby was born. That's wonderful for the parents and has been hailed a a life-saving breakthrough. I am not sure what I think of this. I understand the intent, but like all amazing scientific leaps, it comes with a cautious downside. How far will go this go? We will end up have a super-race of genetically modified humans and an underclass of "naturally born" children like in the movie "Gattica"? Not to mention the legal ramifications of having three "natural" parents and the potential custody battles not unsimilar to using a surrogate.

And finally, just to get you in the mood for the Vice-President debate tonight, here is one of Tryanmax's wonderful posters just in time for....

I figure since neither of these two have yet been revealed to be too controversial yet, it wouldn't be too horrible to watch. So if you are interested, come by and post your play-by-play comments...
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Courts Update

There have been some interesting court losses on the left of late.

(1) The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down an EEOC decision which tried to call it racial discrimination for employers to ban employees from wearing dreadlocks. Naturally, the delicates on social media are horrified at this. The ruling makes total sense of course. Employers have long been allowed to dictate grooming requirements and dress codes. Letting people force employers to accept whatever hairstyle they choose would undermine that completely. Even the attempt to call this racism fell flat, as the court noted that this is a hairstyle and therefore a choice, it is not "an immutable aspect of race." That this is true is proven by the fact that few black people have dreadlocks. But of course, the delicates want everyone to have everything they want... until they don't.

(2) The GAO issued a ruling on Obama's attempt to use a DOJ slushfund to pay insurers to participate in Obamacare. It said this was illegal. Interestingly, the ruling said that the law, as written, essentially required the government to collect money from the insurers who made too much (liberal speak for "were profitable") and use that to support the ones who lost money. Very socialist. The problem is that nobody made money under Obamacare, so there's nothing to pay the subsidy with. Obama is trying to use a DOJ slushfund which pays the government's legitimate legal debts to make around $15 billion in payments for the subsidy (the most this fund ever paid out for HHS debts before was around $20 million). The GAO struck this down, saying that only money collected in the program could be used. No doubt this will be appealed, but it is likely to kill Obama's attempt to save Obamacare. What's more, it will result in the government demanding about $2.7 billion back from these insurers. That will be a nice kick in the teeth. Oh well, lie die with thieves...

(3) In August, the Seventh Circuit upheld Wisconsin's right to require voters to show ID. Leftists cried. And in Illinois, a judge blocked an attempt by Democrats to allow same day voter registration.

(4) This past week, California passed a law imposing a minimum sentence for rapists whose victims are unconscious. This was done in response to the Stanford swimmer who got a six month sentence for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. Liberal California giveth and liberal California taketh away. Anyways, the irony here is that liberals whine like babies whenever conservatives impose mandatory minimum sentence to keep liberal judges from excusing criminals. Now they have found a cause where they want mandatory minimums. Once again, this is proof that liberals have no principles. They have hyperbole positions of convenience to suit their emotional needs.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Government = Idiots

I will never understand how anyone can trust the government. They build infrastructure to nowhere. They struggle to deliver the mail. They've wasted the lives of soldiers, interned Japanese, sanctioned slavery, experimented on the unwitting, dumped poisons in neighborhoods, discriminated against whole segments of the population. They admit that have no idea who lives in the US and can't even track what they owe correctly. Their regulations are open to the highest bidder. They pass laws that get ignored right off the bat -- metrics anyone? Esperanto? They anger our friends, reward our enemies, lie as a first resort, and periodically go broke.

What moron thinks this is the gang to run our healthcare?

Anyways, I am starting a new war. Our local city of Colorado Springs is generally a decent place. But this time, some idiot got it in his head that his farts would smell just a little sweeter if he wiped out the third lane on each side of a busy street (Research) so they could turn it into a bike lane for some of the zero bikes you see in this part of town.

This is ridiculous. They've turned a busy but usable street into an angry, aggressive street where people jockey for position as they dodge the women in minivans who can't get their heads out of their asses or their phones long enough to approach the speed limits. Seriously. I have nothing against bike lanes, but what kind of asshole wipes out an entire lane on a busy street to create an unwanted bike lane?! The very kind of people who should never be allowed to make decisions. The kind of people who spend their days picking at their butts and counting to eleven on their toes. Government.

Well, hopefully, they will cancel this project after enough people die.
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UN Hijinks

Just a brief issue to discuss because I am pressed for time this week. The UN General Assembly has been going on in NYC the last two weeks. It's the usual postering, but this hit the news this morning. LINK

Yeah, a UN working group of "experts" on people of African descent with chairman Ricardo A. Sunga, of the Philippines, issued a statement that the US should pay reparations for slavery. Seriously, we have children literally dying in the streets of the Middle East and drowning trying to flee the horror right now in front of the UN General Assembly, and the UN chooses to demand the US pay for the ills of our sordid past. Please can we just expel the UN from the US and force them to relocate to Aleppo where they belong?

How about a "Caption This" just for fun -

Is this really the end of civilization as we know it?

Let's discuss this or any other topic of interest...
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Avoiding The Obvious

Irony day from an interesting note from the NFL. The NFL's ratings are down around 10% this year so far after the same period last year. It seems to be an across-the-board fall too. It's hard to take a three-week ratings drop as too much of a sign of anything, but people seem to be worrying. So what could be causing this? Well, so far, the leftist media has suggested the following possibilities:
(1) The evil NFL's ignoring concussions for so long has turned people off (read: the leftist media's attempt to tar the NFL over concussions has turned people off).

(2) Something something rich white owners!!

(3) Commissioner Roger Goddell's "abuses under the labor agreement" (agreed to by the players union) have finally turned people off. Outside arbitration! Outside arbitration!
Oddly, each of these things already existed for several years as the NFL's ratings kept soaring. Logic tells us that something that didn't turn people off in the past isn't the cause of turning them off today. So what has changed? Well, the black protests are new. Sure, they are only around 40 players out of 1,900, but the sports media pushes them as if there were thousands. And the networks have talked about it over and over throughout games.

But would the audience be the type to tune out because of this? Well, consider this. The NFL audience looks like this: middle class (60%) white (77%) male (55%) above the age of 35 (71%). That's the exact group for whom patriotism matters the most. Those are the people who served in the military, see war movies and vote hard right. Do you think they want to watch a tiny group of angry a-holes spew leftist, racist political statements accusing them of being evil while they're watching television? Doubt it.

Ironically, now that 10% of the audience has apparently found other pursuits, the players union which has been smearing the NFL with both barrels for a couple years now is worried. Why? Because the amount of money available for the players depends on the television revenues, which will fall if the ratings fall. Whoops. I guess they didn't think of that when they were whining about everything. The networks are worried too because their ad revenue will fall if the ratings fall -- or if their demographics switch to a less wealthy group. Probably should have thought about that before deciding to broadcast every single gesture made by a protesting player regardless of its insignificance.

Of course, irony is something the left often encounters. Take the University of Missouri. They pandered to a tiny group of nasty racist who wanted special privileges because they thought no one would do anything about it. Now their enrollment is down 8% or 2,100 students and they've lost around $30 million... money that will no longer feed the departments of the very people who pushed this crap. Hillary Clinton bragged about being the greatest debater ever and most experienced candidate ever, but couldn't even beat Trump. Shouldn't have raised expectations. As I mentioned the other day, liberals are now perplexed that after calling every Republican a racist no one listens to them when they call Trump a racist. After passing Obamacare over the extreme opposition of the American public, the Democrats are finding that the public keeps kicking them for doing it. The insurers who saw this as a great way to stick up the public now find themselves going broke and being demonized by their partners in crime, the Democrats. The leftist who gave us the safety-at-all-cost and we-are-all-victims generation are now finding themselves victimized by those they taught intolerance. The shamers are being turned on by other shamers.

And that's just the beginning. Karma's a bitch.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

No Matter Who Wins, We Lose...

I tried to watch the election debate, but I didn't last long. I kept turning the tv on and off. If anyone watched to the end, please let us know your thoughts and/or impressions. I know that Tryanmax watched it 'cause the best I could do was to follow the twitter-verse version. Tryanmax is a champ!

Tryanmax created a fitting poster for the occasion...

And it's not "lame"!

Here is an Op/Ed piece from The Federalist by Greg Sorreil and it's worth a read. It might be a little over-dramatic, but he makes some good points about how we have come to a place where we are losing the one thing that makes our country unique - our ability to agree to disagree. Tell me what you think - No Matter Who Wins The Election, We All Lose
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend Thoughts

How about some thoughts from the weekend?

● The dancing has begun in Charlotte. Now that the police have released images showing the dead guy keeping his hand hidden and looking like he planned to draw on the cops -- plus images of the gun and the pot he had on him -- the story that he was just a normal guy, reading a book, waiting for his kids has become untenable.

The family is trying to discredit this evidence with the conspiratorial call demanding the release of every second of every video, as if there were a segment where a cop runs up to him and plants the gun in his hand before he starts his final moments. That's the same game conspiracy theorists always use when their theories implode. "Look at frame 451! Look at frame 451! You can see it's all stages!"

At the same time, they are switching from yelling "racist cops" (not sure how that works as the cop was black) to "he had mental illness and the police should have asked his wife how to deal with him." Well, when your story doesn't work, change it.

Still, ask yourself this. How do the cops know he's mentally ill in the first place? Presumably the wife, right? Ok, but where was she? She's not helping him or trying to talk to the cops as I would think most concerned wives would do. No. She's running around in the background yelling, screaming and cursing while filming parts of the encounter with her phone. And, why should they trust a woman who has already lied to them, telling them he has no gun when they've seen it? Actions have consequences and, frankly, I suspect she racketed up the tension here and added strongly to their belief he was a danger.

● The debate is Monday night and I just can't watch.

● Arnold Palmer died. Sad.

● It's funny how many "independent experts" are suddenly putting out studies and reports that say things like "22 million people will lose their healthcare if Trump gets elected." There's zero legitimacy to that. I also find it funny how many leftists are repeating the "scared to death" talking point.

There was an interesting article a few weeks back which complained that liberals had made a mistake by claiming that every Republican under the sun is racist. By doing that, no one now believes it when they really really mean it. LOL! I guess liberals don't understand fairy tales after all. Anyways, they don't seem to get that the "scares me to death" garbage is the same thing. No one believes their scares because they're idiotic and repeated so automatically that you know they're propaganda.

● It's always hard to tell if commercials really reflect what people are like, but Peyton Manning seems like an amazing person. I saw something too about how he's written letters to hundreds of people telling them how much he appreciated things they had done or wishing them well. Again, an amazing person. The world needs more people like that.

● A lot of people think the election will come down to Colorado. I doubt that, but it's possible. How will Colorado go? Ya know, I have no idea. All I can say is that I see no support for Clinton and I see little for Trump. Little likely beats none, so I think Trump wins in a mudslide.
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Statistical Chicanery

Mark Twain famously said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” Isn’t that the truth. In fact, I ran into a great example of this the other day. It involves an article being tossed around on the left about the end of Christianity as the dominant religion in America. Wait till you see this.

The article is based on something called the American Religious Identification Survey, which gets done every so often by Pew. The key conclusion being passed around by the left is that “the percentage of self-identified Christians has fallen 10 percentage points since 1990” and “the number of Americans who claim no religious affiliation has nearly doubled since 1990.” These then feed the conclusion that America is ceasing to be a “Christian country” as we all turn atheist and it’s time to think of a post-Christian America.

Yeah, no.

Let’s start with the unaffiliated. That “doubling” is from 8% to 15%. That’s hardly earth shattering. In fact, if I told you that 85% of the public agrees on anything other than something the left wants to believe to be true, pretty much any reasonable person would conclude that this was an overwhelming majority to the point of being nearly unanimous. In fact, think of it: 85% is essentially nine out of ten people. That’s an insanely uniform majority.

Moreover, that 15% isn’t actually atheists. This includes people like some of the people I know who think of themselves as “Christians” but don’t belong to any specific Christian church. How many are atheists? Well, the number of actual atheists is only 3.6 million (about 1% of the population) after a “fourfold increase” from one million in 1990. Of course, in that time, the US population grew from 248 million to 320 million so we’re hardly looking at an epidemic of atheism. (And almost 20 million of those are immigrants, who are less likely to be Christian.)

What’s more, what have we learned about these polls during the past few election cycles? That’s right: the outcome is by and large determined by the person who chooses the poll’s sample. If that person thinks a certain number of people exist in each religious group and then adjusts the poll to fit those numbers, then their findings will surprisingly match the numbers they originally believed to be true. Funny how that happens.

One interesting tip off in this whole poll is that while the number of “unaffiliated” people supposedly grew to 15%, the number of unaffiliated voters tracks at only 12%. In other words, the more realistic measure shows 3% less of the group that is now being touted as the surprise. That suggests that the poll overestimated the percentage to begin with when it picked its sample. Oh, and if you factor out that three percent, about 9.6 million people, then suddenly that 2.6 million growth in the atheist figure looks a tad suspect.

So the growth in “unaffiliated” is poorly defined. The atheist portion of that is suspect. And the whole thing looks manipulated. Even then, almost nine in ten Americans is a registered Christian. So how does any of this result in the end of Christian America? Wishful thinking.

Watch for this kind of false reasoning and misuse of words like “doubling.” During the Colin Kaepernick crap, the media has often said things like “the number of players participating has doubled” or “tripled” or “exploded”, and yet the real number or protestors remains around 10 out of 1900. They talk about something being ranked “number one at Amazon,” without a clue that this could be less than a few hundred sales. Remember how “Mohammed” was the most popular name in Britain (until it fell off the list the next year)? That was because it was the only Arabic name in the top 20 because all Muslim kids were named that, unlike Christians who spread their names around. Think about the 47% of Americans without job... a figure which includes kids, retired people, people between jobs, and students.

Never accept a number without understanding how it was found, and never accept a characterization of a number without knowing the number itself.

Thoughts? Examples?
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Open Thread

It's just been one of those days. Anyone have anything topics to discuss today? I've got nothing...
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