Thursday, November 8, 2018

Save Justice Ginsburg

For those who don't know, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell yesterday and broke some ribs. She's apparently been hospitalized and is being well-cared for, but there are concerns about her failing health overall leading to her retirement. What's more a great many liberals have apparently offered to give her their own ribs and organs to keep her alive. A couple thoughts.

First, I'm happy to see liberals finally getting into charity. It must feel so strange to finally offer something of your own rather than just demanding that the Government take it from some rich guy. Congrats on becoming somewhat human!

Secondly, as you note, it is vital that Ginsburg received those organs and ribs. So don't wait to send them. Go to your kitchens, take the safety coating off your little round knives, and rip open your chests. You'll have to fish around, but go ahead and rip those organs out. You'll be fine. Trust me. Make sure you put your organs on ice in the freezer. Then call 555-0911 and someone will come pick them up. Bless you, you brave liberals.

Third, obviously, I'm kidding... no liberal is ever going to donate anything of their own. That's not how they work.

Fourth, still, this has me thinking. What if Ginsburg did die or needed to retire and Trump got to pick her replacement? Do you know what for a spectacle that would be. Leftists would hold mass rallies led by Hollywood types demanding that the decision be taken away from Trump... and made by Oprah. The Dems in the House would try to rush an impeachment. And ordinary liberals would lose their minds.

That could be a lot of fun.

Fifth, I actually kind of like Justice Ginsburg. Although I disagree with her politics (and she reminds me of Count Dracula), she's not some modern leftist fool. So I wish her well. (Don't stop cutting out those organs though, liberals!)

Sixth, I think Trump may get 1-2 more justices in this term, with one being a liberal. I'm hoping he picks women both times. An Asian woman would be fantastic, as would an Hispanic woman. But I'll take honkey chicks too. In fact, I'd love to see him start appointing lots of women. That would blow the minds of feminists. They would be SOOOOO angry. Talk about flipping the script!



ambisinistral said...

"First, I'm happy to see liberals finally getting into charity. It must feel so strange to finally offer something of your own rather than just demanding that the Government take it from some rich guy."

Yeesh, don't give them any ideas. I'm a white guy so I clearly don't deserve all the ribs I have. Better they be redistributed.

AndrewPrice said...

Yeah, I was admittedly worried about writing that idea down where they could read it.

Rustbelt said...

First, from yesterday...

Stacy, if I could go ultra, super-dooper local, Fetterman is like a political version of Mark Madden. Both are shameless, arrogant SOB's/self-promoters who prey on the gullible, insult everyone who dares think differently, and believe they are infinitely smarter and better at their jobs than they really are. Both have followed others' coattails for a ride, definitely. The former, Tom Wolf; the latter, Eric Bischoff. I feel sorry for your family for having to have resided there, even if they are nuts. And yes, our state is rank with insanity. I'm just glad Ben and Will aren't here in person to show how disappointed they are in us.

tryanmax, Dumbasscrats is definitely better. Befitting of actual clowns as opposed to a bullied elephant forced to be a clown.

Also, as for unions, you know how 'Night of the Living Dead' and 'Dawn of the Dead' were filmed in the PGH neck of the woods? (I'm very, very familiar with the mall in question.) Well, it turns out old George Romero was not critiquing society; he was prophesizing the future. Unions do prove the old adage right: eating a brain will not help you grow one.

Oh, BTW...what are your thoughts on the President appointing a former Iowa TE as acting AG?

And Andrew...I know we've criticized the NFL a lot lately, but I will say this: the Steelers do, in fact, make these Thursday night uniforms look good. Block numbers! Oh, yeah!

As for RBG, well, I heard about it this morning. Then I felt a disturbance, as though millions of liberal voices cried in terror and were suddenly silenced with fear. I surmise that any remaining joy from Tuesday must have evaporated like a planet being blown up by a superweapon.

tryanmax said...

Rustbelt, let's be honest. The Cornhuskers aren't exactly known for their tight ends so, as a Husker, I'm coming in to the conversation with a bit of a deficit. Plus, it's hard for a Nebraskan to say nice things about Iowa. I mean, are't we all just a little spooked by Iowa's county grid system. Still, the plains states have to stick together, even if Iowegians are a little too in love with their wind turbines. And we get a little wiggle room since Nebraska didn't play Iowa during Whitaker's tenure.

All that said, I think a former tight end is a great pick for the Trump legal team. TE is effectively two positions in one so he has to be responsive to the coach's call on what type of play he's going to run. Trump is known to switch tactics on a dime when he senses the current pattern isn't working. So Whitaker is primed for that and he's going to be ready to take the coach's call on each play. Now, a word of caution, at this early stage, we can't be sure he's in for the whole season, but we should expect to see some exciting play in the early downs. I'm looking forward to it.

Back to you, Rusty.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, I find the left's love of Ginsberg is amusing and bemusing. She's supposed to be some groundbreaking feminist icon, but she's not even the first female Supreme. I think it's because somebody made a T shirt where she parodies Notorious B.I.G.

Oh! I didn't know this until I saw an article on it, but apparently RBG's collars are an iconic, fierce display of strong and unapologetic feminism. (I'm stealing a lot of adjectives).

Backthrow said...

First thought in my mind when I saw the photo accompanying the Ginsberg article:

I didn't realize Larry King was a crossdresser.

AndrewPrice said...

Backthrow, That is hilarious! LOL!

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Really? Wow. I thought she was just copying Judge Judy. Who knew a "powerful" neck doily was feminist?

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, I think the problem in PA is that the Democrats still know to run conservative-looking boring white guys. So the local Democrat party remains insulated from the nationals. Hopefully, PA will catch up to reality just like the South has.

Anonymous said...

I want Raylan Givens to be the Attourney General of the United States.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm up for that.

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