Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Who's The Racist?

So it seems that the Democratic Party in Virginia is imploding. The governor wore blackface... well, he didn't, not in that picture (to which he initially admitted), but at another time, and it wasn't black, it was brown. He also went to a party calling himself a highly offensive name to women... the "c-word." Now the Democratic Attorney General admits that he too wore blackface, because you know. But he's very, very, very, very sorry. And the Lt. Governor's got sexual misconduct issues.

What a party!

On the one hand, it's ridiculous to destroy people because of something insignificant like this which happened 40 years before when they were still kids. ON THE OTHER HAND, this is the world the left wants to create. So I'm all in favor of destroying these good loyal Democrats because that's what they would have wanted if it was anyone but them.


tryanmax said...

Part of me wonders if the VA AG coming out with this is a feeble attempt to say "everybody back then was doing it."

AndrewPrice said...

That could be. But interestingly, he was actually calling for the governor to resign the other day. My guess is that he found out someone has a photo or something and he wanted to get ahead of the curve.

Either way, isn't it funny how this always seems to be Democrats?

tryanmax said...

It'd be a whole lot funnier if their racially sensitive base ever took notice.

Critch said...

I've had a hard time getting my mind around the doings of the Democrat Party lately. About the time I think they can't get any stupider, they take off like a bottle-rocket to prove me wrong. Something somebody wore to a Halloween party 40 or 50 years ago is probably irrelevant to today, but the Dims never forget. They are seething over the right's portrayal of them as the party of the KKK etc..however, they were. The only reason LBJ got on the civil right wagon was to get votes, that was it. The Civil Rights act only passed because of the GOP...btw, AlGore's dad voted against it and ended up losing his election. LBJ did a masterful job of making the Dims back him, but they didn't want to. Democrats in the Midwest weren't exactly on board with Ol' LBJ either. My dad was precinct commander for northern Memphis for the Democrat Party in 1963, he hated AlGore Sr....

ArgentGale said...

LOL! I had no idea that the attorney general had his own blackface scandal! If the SJW wing of the Democrats decides taking all three's heads is more important than keeping VA in Democrat in the governor's chair then the Republican speaker will end up taking over. I don't see it as too likely at this point but then again I didn't think the AG would have his own blackface past either. Regardless it's a fitting scandal for Northam since he smeared his GOP opponent as racist in the election and still won by a strong margin. It's definitely both funny and sad that the Democrat base never sees this kind of crap, too.

On the subject of using things like yearbooks against someone now I've seen a lot of conservatives and small l libertarians that agree with your premise, Andrew, and I'm one of them too. It is ridiculous and unfair to go back that far in theory but with the way Democrats used this tactic to smear Kavanaugh in particular (and without the evidence they have on Northam to boot) I'd say it's fair game to use the same tactics against the left. I don't see how they're going to learn otherwise.

LL said...

The left called the tune with Kavanaugh. Everything is now free game.

Stacy said...

I hate to see a life destroyed over something done as a teenager or barely into the 20s. People are immature, making mistakes, just trying to find out who they are at the point...and many of the trials are (seemingly) done without engaging the brain. We've ALL done things best left in the past, preferably under a rug in the dark. And we've all grown up and learned to behave responsibly. Unless, of course, we're Democrats. Then we are still behaving stupidly, but we've become gods in our own minds.

AndrewPrice said...

As an update, my doctor has confirmed to me that I have the genuine flu. I always thought that was kind of rare and people mistake bad colds for the flu, but this is it. It sucks.

Dizzy for three days. Literally couldn't put complete sentences together. Haven't slept in five days. Skin burning hot, but core shivering. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Joint pain. Longing for death. Man. I can see how so many people die from this.

Actually, I can and that's why I'm posting this. Around day two, I stopped eating and drinking. I literally couldn't get myself to do either. I drank nothing for two days. That's when I remembered an article that said people die from the flu because of dehydration with things like kidney failure. Realizing that, I forced myself to start drinking water and that's when things got better.

Sooooo, if you get this crap, make sure you drink lots of water. It's easy not to, but it can kill you.

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, I hate it too, but this is the game the left plays and the only way to end that game is to use it against them. Only then do they snap back to reality.

AndrewPrice said...

Oh oh. The Daily Mail has an article showing dozens of card-carrying liberal actors (e.g. Joyce Beyhar) doing blackface as recently as two years ago. We may have reached a critical time... we face three choices:

1. Admit that blackface is not racist.

2. Treat this as racist and sanction all these good liberals.

3. Pretend that they meant no wrong as they are liberals and declare that this is only a crime when done by people we don't like. Black face isn't the problem, it's blackface with intent to be hurtful.

I'm thinking 3.

AndrewPrice said...

//scratches head

This racist thing is getting confusing.

So... blackface is bad. Apparently, it is if you're the only Democrat who did it and you're white and male and sexist and you can be replaced by another Democrat.

It's not bad if it's a bunch of Democrats who will leave a Republican in charge by resigning en mass. Then it's cool.

That said it is definitely bad if you're a Republican (see evil Senate Leader in Virginia).

It's not bad if you're a liberal celebrity who does blackface for money. So racism for money isn't racist. Unless you're Rob Schneider, then he's racist for some reason (i.e. he's conservative).

And now there's a new twist. Liam Neeson said that he went out looking to kill "some (random) black bastard" after his friend was raped by a black man. That seemed to make him racist (but is it as bad as blackface?) and led to calls for his elimination from society. But now Michelle Rodriquez says he's not racist as evidenced by how passionately he kissed some black actress in one of his roles.

So what if you're a conservative who dons black face and passionately kisses a black woman? I'm confused.

EPorvaznik said...

I didn't leave the Democrat party, Andrew. Its pretzel logic gymnastics left me exhausted. Burn, babies, burn.

Also glad you're hydrating and turning a positive corner.

Anthony said...

Get well Andrew! Anyway, a few thoughts. I am 44 and blackface has been inadvisable my adult life (not to say no one's done it, some well) but generally speaking its an area angels fear to tread. My sympathy for adults who jam themselves up in modern times is very, very, very limited.

1. Northam's big problem is he is a bumbling idiot. He went from the abortion comments to apologizing for the KKK/blackface photo on his yearbook page (declining to say which one he was) and then denying it and saying he never submitted the photo, never saw the yearbook and knows nothing about nothing.

2. The lieutenant governor is a guy I haven't gotten a strong sense of yet (I suspect he is a vanilla lib) but he is facing a weak allegation of a serious crime.

As I said in the context of Kavanaugh recovered memory type stuff years and years after the fact is essentially he said/she said and can't be ever proven or disproved so I'm not a fan of using that alone to bring people down. However, the Dems tried it with Kavanaugh so its only fair to measure them with their own yardstick. Fairfax and the woman are lawyering up and the battle might damage him more than the allegation.

3. The Attorney General is kind of in a weird, self dug hole. If I were him I would have bet that the odds of a photo surfacing were very low (it still hasn't IIRC) and just never mentioned it. Its going to be tough for him to stick around if Northam resigns.

4. As for the Republican who edited a VMI yearbook filled with blackface and racist insults in the 1960s, expectations were lower then and most people are only as good as they have to be. In the context of race, by all accounts VMI in the 60's didn't demand much.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks, Anthony. I didn't even get it the worst. Our city has been hit apparently by two strains of flu. Everyone at our Superbowl Party got Type A. One woman got Type A and Type B and an ear infection. Her son got the same. Another woman got Type A and pneumonia. Bad week in Colorado.

On blackface, "blackface" has been inappropriate my whole life. BUT until the past couple years, "blackface" has meant painting your face black AND then doing a racist routine (like the "ma'mee" song by Al Jolsen). It never included things like an actor dressing up as a black character for humor sake. It required some intent to insult/demean blacks.

Today, that's been converted into there being an insult in the face paint itself. In fact, when people pushed back by saying that now we can't do black people costumes (like Black Panther for example), liberals said, "You can do it without the face paint." That's a total flipping of the problem. The racism is now is appearing black rather than acting racistly while appearing black.

It also makes me wonder if things like Indian warpaint (worn by the Village People or every football player in the 80's at some point) will be next, or the Mohawk. Who knows what else we can retroactively call racist from there -- glam rock?

Good breakdown on the Virginia situation.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks, EP. They never had me. As I was growing up, I watched them viciously smear Reagan and do their best to betray the country and its military. I learned to distrust them then. And despite a brief moment of sanity in the 1990s, they've just gotten worse all the time.

EPorvaznik said...

Fortunately this Reagan disciple only fell for their BS from 1988-1998, the first four of which were my college years. Always voted Republican for fiduciary-related offices, though. Never had my head far enough up my kiester to do otherwise.

ArgentGale said...

That's a brutal thing to be going through, Andrew. The flu knocked out one of the managers at work for about a week so I'm not surprised it threw you off so badly. Keep up the hydration and take all the time you need to recover!

I can't add much to the ongoing discussion on Virginia and liberals doing blackface, though to add one more piece of information on Lt. Gov. Fairfax he used to be a Planned Parenthood official though I haven't looked into him enough to know how much that affects his overall liberalism. It does look like he's facing pressure to resign, though, which will make things even more interesting when AG Herring gets his time under the microscope. In the end I think the Democrats will prioritize keeping the governorship over ideological consistency so I imagine they'll back and defend Herring if both Northam and Fairfax resign. The alternative is letting Republican Speaker Cox get the governor's mansion, after all, and I'm sure the Democrats will be able to get their base back in line to prevent that possibility.

Since it's a conversation topic now I suppose I can share my own reasons for not backing the Democrats and the left, too, Andrew and Eric. My mom and grandparents were always conservative and showed me the things that the liberal perspective I was getting in school left out. I eventually decided to start reading the National Review magazines they had lying around and found out that the conservative perspective made sense based on my observation of how things were in the real world compared to the liberal perspective. That said, I kept it to myself for the most part since I was surrounded by liberals in college and online and never have been good at explaining my viewpoints (especially since a lot of their perspectives and sources for information seemed to come from an entirely different planet). This was probably a good thing considering I still had a lot to learn and didn't realize at the time just how much Bush was dragging conservatism down. I did realize that the Religious Right was undermining the conservative message of freedom and limited government but wasn't really sure what to do about it, which is another reason I'm grateful for the fact that the crowd here isn't a fan of their issues and obsessiveness either. Ultimately I'm still learning but I definitely can't back the modern Democrats or left in their nonsense, especially not the push for socialism and the rabid SJW contingent.

Anthony said...


My only personal brush with blackface was college in the mid-90's. I went to a mostly white small (when I started there were ten black students and I was once of three guys and everyone knew us by virtue of our rarity) private school in MD which had an old South Ball (for a long time informally known as n****r night) part of which included dressing up in blackface or fancy clothes.

By the mid 90s costumes were the exception rather than the rule. Only a couple yahoos trying to start something (unsuccessfully to the best of my knowledge) wore blackface when I attended the party in my sophomore year. I made the point to a couple angry black guys (big infusion of black students that year) who wanted to confront them that getting into it with the provocateurs could easily escalate and would only be playing into their hands. There was no blackface the following two years and the sponsoring frat even inducted a black member.

I'm not opposed to blackface across the board (as with all things context is important and I love Tropic Thunder as much as the next person) but I'm skeptical of it.

Anthony said...

Sounds like Justin Fairfax is done. A second woman has come forward with an even older accusation, saying that he raped her in college (she didn't tell the police or the school but her friends claim she told them).

Its not enough for a court of law but unless he has emails or something (ideally from the accuser) talking about consensual sex between the two of them, Mr. Fairfax is going to get killed in the court of public opinion.

Critch said...

Elizabeth Warren is in...this is gonna be more fun than watching a drunk try to cross a glass bridge...

Critch said...

Warren is promising two buffalos in every pot and controls on assault tomahawks...stay tuned....

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