Thursday, June 13, 2019

More Hypocrisy From Liberals

I really couldn't care less about women's soccer, but what happened in the game between the US women's lesbian national team and the Thailand women's soccer team at the women's World Cup has proven interesting... for the hoops liberals keep jumping through.

All right, a couple points of background. (1) No one watches women's soccer. (2) Hardly anyone in the US watches men's soccer period, but women's soccer is really the bottom of the barrel. It draws less than 1/10 of the audience of men's soccer, which draws less than almost any other sport. (3) That said, soccer is politically correct. It is politically correct because its followers see it as a thumb in the eye to America... because it's a socialist game in that it's considered a team game rather than an individual game... because lots of girls play it... because it's elitist.

So here's what happened. There are virtually no good women's teams around the world. Hence, the US dominates almost by forfeit. To make the World Cup seem more important (and make more money), FIFA has been trying to get different countries to create new teams. Thailand is one of those teams. They stink badly. But FIFA put them into the tournament because they need bodies. Well, Thailand had the bad fortune to play the US womyn. Those wonderful examples of American lesbianism beat the crap out of Thailand 13-0. Even worse, they celebrated every goal as if it were something incredible.

Lo and behold people reacted negatively.

Imagine that! Why would they react negatively, though? Don't they know this is the US women's team? This is a team full of open lesbians who make leftist political statements? Don't they know these women sued FIFA for not paying them as much as the men get? Good God, how can you criticize them?

Well... because people understand sportsmanship and they knew that burying an inferior opponent is not sportsmanship. They know that celebrating goals in a blowout is even worse sportsmanship. They know a lack of class when they see it. They know bullying when they see it.

The American women's soccer team is shocked. Liberal sports writers are horrified. They must defend these paragons of liberal virtue! So enter every liberal sportswriter in the world. These are the same people who can find nothing good in men's sports. These are the people who are first to scream about men's teams running up the score or excessive celebration... and they are ridiculously defending the US team:
First, they claim we wouldn't hear people complaining if it was the men's team! Actually, we would. Every sport has their scandal along these lines and the public is always outraged by teams that run up the score or rub it in with uncalled for celebrations. One boys football team was even disbanded after blowing out a weaker opponent.

Second, "these are the elite teams in the world, they should have put up a better defense." Huh. That's never been considered a valid defense before... why now? Secondly, Thailand is a cream puff, they didn't deserve to be here, and everyone knows that. Claiming otherwise is lying intentionally. And isn't that blaming the victim?

Third, "men are making this criticism! How dare they!" Ha, nope. That's bullship. You did the deed, you are to blame.

Fourth, FIFA is at fault for not spending money on developing teams in other countries. How does that prevent the US women from toning it down? It doesn't. You made the decision to pour it on, girls.

Fifth, "it would be an insult to have stepped it back. They would have been insulted." Actually, they were crying. I suspect they wouldn't have minded a little face saving.
What this tells us is that (1) the US women's soccer team is a bunch of bullies. They feel proud of themselves for beating weaker teams. That's pathetic. (2) Liberals will again lie and flip their deepest held convictions on their head to defend liberal things. That's even worse. (3) The charge of sexism is again a tool used disingenuously to deflect criticism. (4) Liberals have no sportsmanship. (5) These people have no idea how to win over the public. They live in a progressive little bubble of victimology and nobody likes that.



Anthony said...

1. The soccer game sounds like boring abomination. What is the fun in watching a game if the outcome is not in doubt? I'm not shocked by the running up of the score since scoring and not merely winning benefits World Cup contenders, but why celebrate after each stomp on a downed opponent?

2. All that being said, I can't be the only one that remembers the Dream Team. That widely celebrated but ridiculous. Not sure about the ratings, but they were omnipresent in tv ads.

3. While its a cruel phenomena, pro players dance on the graves of their opponents all the time. It costs them a bit of popularity (though in terms of popularity gracious winners>ungracious winners>gracious losers>ungracious losers) and often they are fined for it but the fine is regarded as the cost of the dance.

4. While I think the US team was wrong for the celebratory antics and condemnation is reasonable, this just strikes me as just a meaningless battle in an endless ongoing cultural war. Factions of people who don't give a crap about X and couldn't name three facts about it if their lives depended on it work themselves into a lather attacking or defending it because they see it as tied to some cause they do care about.

Anthony said...

OT But the riots in Memphis over the killing of an armed black suspect are bizarre. I don't think all cops walk on water but I generally respect them and think they have one of the toughest jobs in the world.

While victim is a coveted crown everyone in the US is fighting for nowadays but for 99% of people their biggest enemy is in the mirror.

Attacks cops over putting down a mad dog of a criminal who no doubt did tremendous damage to the black community is high idiocy.

TBI spokesperson Keli McAlister said early Thursday that multiple officers with the United States Marshals Service Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force went to a Frayser home to look for a suspect with numerous felony warrants. They spotted him getting into a vehicle and tried to stop him, but he rammed police vehicles several times before exiting with a weapon, McAlister said. Police then opened fire, hitting the man, who died at the scene. McAlister didn't say how many marshals fired or how many times the man was shot.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Anthony. The Memphis thing is stupid, as usual. From what I'm seeing the guy was a real thug. He's wanted for a shooting in Mississippi apparently.

On the soccer thing, I can't imagine it was a good game.

Critch said...

Memphis is no better than Mogadishu. It's run by warlords. Some of the citizens of that town will jump on any excuse to riot...BTW, they looted a fire station. I grew up not a 1/2 mile from there. Frayser used to be a blue-collar, industrial part of the city. It's been steadily going downhill for 30 years. I guess the carpetbag mayor thought that removing General Forrest's statue would fix everything...that city is just running on fumes.

tryanmax said...

Hey all! I've been vacationing and unplugged from the world. But it's nice to be back. The backseat bickering was minimal, but the getting home at 11pm on Saturday was exhausting. We visited Rushmore and hit a few tourist traps for the sake of the kids.

A couple soccer thoughts:

The idea that soccer is a team game is risible. My son plays, and everybody wants to be either center forward or goalie. Also, I don't follow soccer and a handful of players' names still reach me. That tells me that, like any other sport, individual talent is what gets noticed.

No one would complain if the men's team showed bad sportsmanship!?!? There exist actual rules against excessive celebration and the sports press still calls for tighter celebration rules.

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