Sunday, August 18, 2019


Some things that have come up of late...

● Kathleen Blanco has died. She was the Governor during Katrina. Do you remember Katrina? That was when Dick Cheney conjured a hurricane that targeted only black people, George Bush refused to send troops to New Orleans to save the people who had refused to leave the city as ordered, and Donald Trump raped a bunch of black people in the Super Dome. Blanco, who must have been a Republican, allowed all of this because she was racist... oh wait, she was a Democrat. That's right. She's the one who delayed authorizing the Feds to send in the troops to rescue people. Weird. So she was really at fault? Well, and the dipshits who didn't leave and the thugs who decided to spend their time looting and raping, and the corrupt police overseen by Democratic Mayor Ray Nagin. Wow, now that I think about it, Bush and Cheney really did nothing wrong. So why do they get the blame? Hmm.

● New poll on the Redskin's name. After all the woke sportswriters gnashed their teeth and drew forth tears of great outrage to tell us how racist the name is and how we will all go to racist Hell for even using the word... most of 500 people of American Indian decent in a word association poll responded that the word they think of most when they hear "Redskins" is "proud." Grr. Don't these dumbsh*ts know they're supposed to be offended? A poll in 2016 even found that only 9% of Native Americans were offended by the word with 90% not being bothered. What is wrong with these people? Dammit. Well, never fear. Our team of liberal white sportswriter elitists will keep at it until these stupid people understand they should be offended!

● So Epstein was killed by alien contract killers who work for the Department of Fixing Things after Trump and Putin and AOC and Clinton all signed the contract to have him killed. I hear he was then strangled with his own testicles. Although, I also hear he's not dead and is living in Vegas with Elvis. Either way, he's gone. And now we hear he had a painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress. Poor Bill. Blue is not his color. Seriously though, barf.

● Beto O'Rourke had his third relaunch... and still nobody cared. You can smell the desperate on that guy.

● Tim Cook of Apple has dinner with Donald Trump. He's also pushing for clean, family friendly films through Apple's production company. And he's talked about the dangers of technology. I'm finding this interesting. Despite being gay, is it possible Cook leans conservative?

● The Log Cabin (Gay) Republicans have endorsed Trump. They didn't before. I think that continues to verify that "gays" are leaving the political process, leaving the door open for both sides to win them individually. Even more, I think it suggests that the poison of the gay issue is disappearing.



tryanmax said...

● Although the left was well on the stupid track before Katrina, I see that as an inflection point toward rabid stupidity for the Democrats. I can't help but see Kanye's work with Trump as being, in part, an attempt to fix the damage he caused when he claimed "George Bush doesn't care about black people." That was a cultural moment that locked in a lot of sentiments most Democrats already had about Republicans.

● Man, if you think it's bad that Native Americans feel pride at the name "Redskins," just wait 'til you find you that they're not at all offended when Trump calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas." Who would've thought that the "noble savages" could understand nuance and humor?

● Regarding Epstein, I find the simplest explanation is usually the best. People commit suicide in prison. Happens all the time. And guards sometimes fall asleep. It happens. And cameras malfunction. Very common. And prisoners mistakenly get taken off of suicide watch. It's not unheard of. I, for one, am tired of the conspiracy theories.

● Beto O'Rourke is the Carlos O'Kelly's of politicians. Cheap, uninspired, decidedly not Mexican.

● Most gays are white men who prefer to live unassuming lives. Not good for the Democrat image.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I'm super sick of the conspiracy theories. They're nonsense and they're getting crazier all the time. Sh*t happens. People kill themselves. People kill other people. Very little in our world is planned and nothing goes according to plan.

But when you get stupid people on a roll thinking they are brilliant, they just won't stop.

- Beto is dead man walking at this point. He's tried just about everything and all it does is lose him support. Time to quit.

I think we're really down to Sanders, Biden, Harris, Warner and Buttguy at the moment.

- I think the Redskin thing is hilarious. The sportswriters kept assuring us this wasn't just white elite liberals trolling for outrage, but then these polls keep coming out blowing holes in that.

- Katrina leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. That was Democratic incompetence and cultural failure and they tried to smear the GOP with their own sins. That still annoys me. The only conservatives in that whole disaster were the ones who came to help and they are the ones blamed for all of it. That's BS.

tryanmax said...

You saw the Democrats and the media attempt a Katrina 2 with Puerto Rico, but it’s got no legs. For one, the press tried to gaslight the public that the only difference between Puerto Rico and Texas or Florida is the ethnic makeup. It probably doesn’t help that New Orleans vanished from the press for eight years while Obama was president, then suddenly popped back when Hurricane Harvey made a second stop in Louisiana (but not New Orleans). That sort of blatant agenda pushing rends to uncover the seams.

Critch said...

Strange thing about Guard unit was helping in the rescue. I was driving supply trucks from Memphis to Jackson, MS where they were handed off to MS and LA guard folk...anyway...the Mississippi Guard guys told us that things in Biloxi and Gulfport were bad but the people were helping each other with food, water, and protection,,,New Orleans on the other hand was a mess..much like it normally is.

Why would Native Americans be any different from us people of Irish descent?..I'm proud to be a Mick...Don 't bother me none.

Beto is such a joke. Third relaunch huh? Wow. Apparently Obama told people to watch Biden and not let him run at the mouth. That's funny...not as funny as Bill Clinton in a blue dress and red high heels.

Anthony said...

1. The media was unfair to Bush/Cheney about Katrina but Katrina did end Blanco's career. Nalgin ran an election which the city was still underwater and narrowly won but he was kind of a local rogue. Reading about him I am reminded of DC's local rogue Marion Barry.

2. In Washington the big concerns among fans and the front office about the Redskins are driven by their performance, not their name. Unless management changes hands I don't think a name change is going to happen.

3. Like I've said before, Beto lost his last election. That dooms him.

4. Kissing Trump's ass is key to getting him to listen to you and Apple really, really doesn't want to get hit with billions in taxes on its Chinese made products.

Now Trump is "thinking about" whether he'll exempt Apple from tariffs, he said over the weekend. On Friday, he seemed optimistic about the proposed meeting, tweeting, "Having dinner tonight with Tim Cook of Apple. They will be spending vast sums of money in the U.S. Great!"

5. On a related note, Trump throwing a fit because Denmark refuses to sell him a piece of itself that he really, really wants is a new high for our resident man-baby.

President Trump on Tuesday abruptly canceled a planned meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, saying there was no point to the trip after Frederiksen called the idea that the U.S. might buy Greenland from Denmark "absurd" -- and insisted there would be no Copen-haggling about it.
Even the U.S. ambassador to Denmark was caught flat-footed. Just hours before Trump's pullout, Ambassador Carla Sands tweeted, "Denmark is ready for the POTUS @realDonaldTrump visit! Partner, ally, friend."

6. According to a poll I just saw Kamala Harris is falling off and Biden is holding steady. I don't think much of Biden but him picking the relatively moderate ground and letting his twenty five opponents fights out it out over whom will raise green taxes the highest and pay out the most in slavery reparations (which as I've pointed out again and again, has little support in the black community) shows he is the canniest guy in the race at the moment.

7. While Trump has made a lot of smart moves on Israel (recent events show Netanyahu gets how important it is to play to Trump's ego) I was skeptical about how much political gain he would see in the overwhelmingly liberal Jewish community (I think the big Israel gains will be among evangelical Christians) even before he started denouncing Jews who don't support him as 'very disloyal'.

The economy is doing fine under Trump but he is flightiness and drama queen tendencies keep making his tenure harder and more controversial than it has to be.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, It's become a reflex with the Democrats to exploit natural disasters and "bad news." I've honestly never seen anything this cynical in my whole life, and I've seen a lot of cynical cr*p in my life. I'm also pretty fed up with it.

As for Puerto Rico, you know 4.5 million people died of somethingsomething because Donald Trump hates brown people and didn't part the Heavens and deliver paradise within 30 minutes or less, right?

AndrewPrice said...


As a general rule, Americans go out of their way to help each other in disasters. Katrina was an exception in many ways.

Interestingly, I don't think the Democrats have managed to make Native Americans into victim-clients for some reason. I think this is probably because they not especially racially unified, as they have been very much mixed in with other races. It's definitely white liberals driving the "Redskin" issue.

I don't want to think of Bill Clinton (or Hillary for that matter) in a dress.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I think Katrina ended Blanco's career more because so many of her voters left the state, which finally pushed Louisiana over into the Red State column.

I've always found Beto interesting for that reason. Even before he ran, there were articles all over the left complaining that he was running a horrible campaign in Texas.

I can't for the life of me understand how anyone would want to run Joe Biden, but I guess they don't have anyone better. How sad is that?

tryanmax said...

David Koch died. And the leftist grave-dancing begins.

I've already seen him compared to Bin Laden, Hussein, and McVeigh. And Hitler, of course.

Rustbelt said...

tryanmax said...
"I've already seen him compared to Bin Laden, Hussein, and McVeigh. And Hitler, of course. "

And somewhere, from deep in the bowels of Hell, Pol Pot whines, "what about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??????????!!!!!!!!!!! I violently overthrew a government! Killed half my county's population! Intentionally set Cambodia back by centuries! And inspired a movie that starred Craig T. Nelson as a soldier! How much more evil does a genocidal maniac have to do to get compared to on Twitter these days?"

(Well, the last reporter to interview Mr. Pot did say he behaved like a teenage girl when told to turn down her stereo, so...)

Anthony said...

Shame about the Koch brother. He did a lot to promote small government and the free market.

Speaking of small government and the free market, Trump ordering American companies to cease doing business with China and then tweeting out new tax/tariff levels he had decided upon over the course of an afternoon was really something. Like Obama before him Trump discovers new powers every day.

Despite what the fringes maintain America is what it has long been, not a perfect country, but the greatest country.

The political and social churn sometimes worries me a bit, but it isn't a new thing, and its presence is part of what helps America continue to improve. While frequent whining on both sides lead many to believe otherwise, individual freedom and economic opportunity are higher across the board than they have ever been.

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