Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Leftists Murder Blacks In Paradise

Irony, thy name is leftist.

Get this. Leftist thugs set up a cop free zone in Seattle. The cops are racist killers of young black men, so we cannot trust them. Enter a group of enlightened leftists to build a brave new world, a paradise, in the heart of Seattle... and let the irony begin.

First, there is this hilarious fact: the leftists chose a gay neighborhood to conquer. As always, leftists (1) soil their own nests and (2) impose their crap on the people they claim to represent. So what was once a gay neighborhood full of a whole bunch of likely leftists doing leftist things and protesting leftist things and whining about leftist things suddenly had a leftist security zone imposed on them.

Imagine that.

Secondly, let’s be under no illusions. This is planet of the apes. These sh*ts didn’t set up some hippy commune of beads, love, pot and essential oils. Hardly. They moved in with “automatic” weapons and imposed warlord like control and a total breakdown of civilization. This is complete with roving gangs of armed thugs demanding tribute from locals and store owners, chasing off journalists and other observers, and imposing control rather violently apparently. Crime is out of control and these gangs will simply take what they want from the denizens. The people living there are living in fear and danger.

Sounds lovely.

The “racist” world these people were forced to give up was one with a multiracial police force who were trained to handle almost all situations nonviolently. They had rules designed to protect all citizens, including the accused. They protected people selflessly and without charge or discrimination. They had oversight. The non-racist world they have now is one of terror, survival of the fittest, imposition of will through violence, and danger. They’ve gone from a first world land with first world problems to the kind of sh*thole you see on the news when some warlord seizes some territory in Africa or a Brazilian slum.

There have been four killings in this tiny zone in the past two weeks, making it probably the per capita most dangerous area in the United States, excluding New York where murder is surging 70% in the name of nonracist liberty. I guess you gotta kill a few black people to save a few black people?

Last night, young black males approached a barricade meant to keep out the cops. How did the protectors of this leftist paradise respond? No doubt with love in their hearts and non-racist, non-violent accommodation, right? Yeah, right. No, they shot them.

Yup. They killed one and wounded the other. Ironically, both individuals were teens – 14 and 16 years old, and black. Huh. How do you think BLM or other leftists would have responded if these had been cops who shot two young black teens for no clear reason... or any reason? You know how. You've been seeing it in the news. Instead, there's silence.

Apparently, as we knew, black lives don’t really matter, unless they are killed by the wrong people. Once again, you can sum up leftist principle with a quote from The Wild Bunch: “It doesn’t matter what you did, it matters who you did it to.”

The final piece of irony, the police are investigating this as homicide, because it is. They have already commented that the leftist on scene have rearranged the scene to try to hide what really happened. Yup. Instead of investigating and punishing those responsible, these idiots tried to cover it up.

So let’s sum up:

1. Leftist want a cop-free paradise where racist cops can’t kill anyone.
2. They impose a warlord world on a gay neighborhood and rule with guns and violence.
3. They censor the media through violence.
4. They let four people get murdered.
5. Their security forces kill one young black male and shoot another in claims of false self-defense.
6. They cover up their actions.

And the left remains silent.

Imagine that.


AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, be very very careful folks. The coronavirus danger is higher than its every been because people stopped being safe... as expected. Please don't take risks until Darwinism cleans out some of the trash and the risk goes back down.

AndrewPrice said...

Oh my. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried. Check out this quote defending the killing. First, some context though: they fired a ridiculous 300 rounds. That's not self defense, that's a battle. They also claim the black kids shot at them first, a claim never believed when cops make it. Then comes this quote:

'The bloodshed you're talking about has nothing to do with the movement,' Antwan Bolar, 43, told The Seattle Times. 'That's people who would have been doing it in North Seattle or South Seattle anyways — it's just concentrated here.'

Uh, that's racist. That's basically, "what do you expect, the blacks around here shoot each other all the time. We were just defending ourselves." Think they would accept that from the cops?

Critch said...

You know. I think I'm getting old and the entirety of the silliness out there is just wearing me down. The stupidity, treason, violence, and rhetoric from the Left, from Antifa, from BLM, etc is tiresome. They are nothing but a modern day version of the Brownshirts...that's all they are. Morons every one of them. They don't know history, economics, math, or even how to speak distinctly and get ideas across...they're a mob.
That couple in St Louis that stood that mob down with their guns are a good example of why we have the 2nd Amendment. In our state a threatening mob is just that, a viable threat. I'm glad that couple stepped out, it was their property, that mob needed a good look at what was going to happen...you want the funny part? That couple were big Democrats, probably not now. I know lots of Lefties who are buying guns or more ammo. Even my super Lib, woke, more or less lesbian cousin in Memphis has a gun...
These mobs are doing exactly what was predicted, wanting to change city names really?

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Critch,

I couldn't agree more. I'm also not surprised that they're Democrats. Do as I say, not as I do.

Critch said...

On a good note, my self treatment with gin and tonic water is still working...

tryanmax said...

Sorry I've been scarce. By the time I read this article, the Cultural Revolutionary Occupied Territory of Capitol Hill has been dismantled and their warlord dragged out literally crying.

For my part, as we enter the fifth month of the two week lockdown, I've lost all sense of time. There were fireworks several days ago. I've taken enough mandatory vacation to have passed quarantine. I note Walmart is still besieged by the strain of COVID that attacks promptly at 8:30 pm local time.

Another national obsession has already come and gone. Protesters throwing themselves in front of automobiles resulted in a black man killing a white woman. Whoops, that doesn't make good headlines. Maybe if we emphasize that the car is white. I feel especially bad for The Babylon Bee (The Onion threw in the towel years ago).

It's obvious now that flattening the curve was a mistake. What people really like is a huge spike and recovery. The media heaps praise on New York and New Jersey as "most improved" while states that managed their cases well get hammered for modest rises as they haltingly reopen.

Anyway, hope everyone is well. I think the stupid is finally getting boring, and while the press is certainly capable of endless stupidity, I wonder how they'll outdo themselves this time.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi tryanmax, The irony is that the media is losing interest right when the real danger is finally arriving. When everyone was being careful, it was hard to pass this thing, but now that everyone thinks we got the all clear, the stupid and the I'm-too-tuff crowd are spreading it like... well, the plague. And they're starting to learn that it does kill 40 year old hillbilles and 20 year old party-goers.

We've been traveling quite a bit lately (birthday and the such). We've been going into the mountains. The local communities are very strict about masks and cleaning because the tourists are a-holes, and we've felt really safe because of that actually. Not surprisingly, they've shown no jump in cases. On the other hand, half the people we know in Arizona either have it or have been exposed to it in this past week. One woman, who was going to visit, got exposed by an idiot friend who has it and hasn't stopped hanging out at bars and with friends.

The BLM thing is over. It failed. They may still be cleaning up and the NFL will still pay the price for kowtowing, but it's over. It's been over since they lost the moral high ground the minute they started looting. Then it all went south when it became an excuse for hateful leftist white kids to play Nazi. Now it's becoming a stain on the left, just like Occupy Wall Street.

As an ironic aside, on the issue of brands, I'm looking forward to the angry realization sometime next year that not enough brands use black characters as their brands. LOL! Maybe we'll see Pissed Off Baller Brand Jock Itch Spray.

As another aside, the lingerie company I mentioned which posted support for BLM has sent out a survey asking why (reading between the lines) people have stopped buying -- is it the economy? Did you not see anything you like? (no mention of their support for BLM -- and they've gone from spamming me three or four times a month to twice daily. Sounds like they screwed up. Go woke... go broke.

Critch said...

There was an article in today's Daily Mail about how white, middle aged actors, director's and writer's can't get work due to Hollyweird's obsession with demonizing them...the thing is, most white, middle aged guys in Hollyweird are Lefties...the irony is killing me...

tryanmax said...

Critch, it reminds me of the little league coach's son who never gets to do anything because his dad doesn't want to be seen as playing favorites.

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