Thursday, August 13, 2020

Significant Booing

As much as the media wants to portray the world as changed after all those angry white kids exploited the death of a black man to burn down liberal cities... uh, the black lives matter protests... I keep telling you that nothing has changed. Here's some fascinating proof.

Last night, major league soccer held its first game back with fans in the stadium. About 3,000 people showed up. Soccer fans. Keep that in mind... soccer fans. Not real Americans. Squishy, smug soccer fans. And guess what? When the douchebags soccer players took a knee during the national anthem, they got booed.


If anyone outside of a black audience should have supported the disloyalty of kneeling, it was soccer fans. Yet, they booed.

The players were angry and "baffled" (direct quote). They couldn't understand how someone could boo them "for kneeling to protest racial injustice." They were even more "baffled" because girls soccer did it and the NBA has been awash in this crap and all they've received is praise. How could anyone boo them? Boo hoo hoo.

Well, let's start with that. The girls and the rich thugs received praise because they controlled who could comment. There were no fans in attendance. The only people capable of commenting were sportswriters, who are all hard-core leftist assh*les and celebrity followers and the athletes themselves. Those are all fellow travelers... preaching to the choir. Like all liberals though, they don't understand they live in a bubble. They actually believe the echo chamber in which they live is reality and reflects the world.

It doesn't. As they were shocked to discover.

If there was even the slightest hint of change, politicians would have jumped on the bandwagon. You would see racial bills all over the place at the state and federal level with everyone lining up to sign them. Hasn't happened, even in liberal states. Even the Democrats aren't touching this one. Heck, look at Biden's selection of Harris. That honestly seems meant to please guilt-ridden-liberal white women with a calculated loss of BLM support within acceptable parameters.
If change had happened, soulless corporations would be proudly exploiting the new normal. They haven't. In fact, outside of corporations that pander to blacks, businesses have been remarkably silent on this. Even Nike, whose target is angry blacks and vapid white women has been super careful to hide what it says to blacks from the white chicks, and their commercials are not nearly as uber-macho-angry-black as they have been in recent years. Gatorade too seems silent. The few companies I've seen that ventured into supporting BLM dropped it fast and are in damage control mode now using the same tactics you see when a company gets accused of massive consumer fraud... commercials talking about years of trust and being solidly in favor of the American dream. Even companies like Modello, a pretend Mexican beer company which used racist appeals to Hispanics as its chief marketing strategy, has suddenly decided that Irish people might be as worthy of being singled out as hero immigrants as Hispanics.

All this tells us that the racial tantrum did not take with the public.
Did you know that Yahoo shutdown their comments section because people were making a mockery of their liberal crap and they couldn't bear the overwhelming wave of disagreement (about 20-1 against)?  So they silenced the voice of the public.

I think the sports leagues are blinded by being buried in an echo chamber of nouveau-rich ghetto blacks and hardcore leftist sportswriters without any real access to the rest of the country. They will be horrified to discover that audiences have not changed. That audiences were never going to change. Struggling Americans will never agree to defund the police who protect them or excuse crimes and abusive misbehavior simply because of someone's skin color. Struggling Americans will never agree to create a sacred cow class in America. Struggling Americans will never accept the false labels of racist, sexist or any other sort of victimizer. This was never going to sell. And the booing suggests to me that there's a lot more pent-up counter-anger than the left realizes... anger that still lingers long after the BLM movement has evaporated into yet another talking point. That is very suggestive to me that the public is not accepting this tantrum. All that should have faded by now, but it clearly hasn't.

Finally, one more interesting bit of information. In a world starved for sports since February, HBO put out its annual football show "Hard Knocks." This show follows an NFL team through preseason until the regular season begins. It's gotten old so its ratings keep falling each year, but this year should have been different. This was the first taste of football for a population that craves NFL games on the order of 40 million viewers a week plus college games and has been starved of it. The audience should have been massive. Worst ratings ever. Under 273,000 viewers. That's a 66% drop from last year alone and an even more massive drop from the past. For "some reason" football starved fans aren't interested. I wonder what that could be? Could it be they don't want to hear spoiled thugs and wife-beaters lecture them about being racists?

BLM/NBA games are averaging television audiences around 1.5 million viewers. They used to get around 2.5 million.

So maybe sports are just down? Doubt it. The golf game between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady drew 5.8 million viewers.



drjim said...

Struggling Americans will never agree to defund the police who protect them or excuse crimes and abusive misbehavior simply because of someone's skin color.

If anything, it makes the "Racial Divide" even wider.

The backlash from this, when it happens, not if, will be of epic proportions.....

AndrewPrice said...

drjim, It does, yes. BUT, keep this in mind. There is a massive chasm between whites (and Asians and Indians) and "the black community." But the black community isn't the monolith the media likes to present. The media presents ghetto blacks and angry black intellectuals as "all blacks." It ignores those who don't fit into that.

Yet, even among blacks, polls show that over 50% actually want more police on the street. Why? Because they are the ones victimized by the thugs the media presents as representative.

So while the chasm between official (liberal white sponsored) "black" and white, that isn't really true with the majority of black people.

In terms of the backlash, I think this is one those silent backlashes that will result in blacks not being hired and the such without anyone saying openly they are doing it. I've already seen that, even (especially) among liberals. I think it will get worse now.

Terry said...

Hi, Andrew. Been having discussions with people at work about these worthless sports players and especially the teachers. I work for a heavy duty truck dealership, we have not been closed for a single day, we have had a couple of people test positive and one actually got sick with covid and was out for about a month. It's really starting to piss us off when NFL players making millions say that it's not safe for us to play, and teachers won't come back to teach because they didn't sign on to be marters.

The risk to both of these groups is so low as to be almost non existent. I think they are all making a huge miscalculation in this instance, especially the Teachers Unions who are proving they don't give a rats ass about children. I think the fact that tens of thousands of grocery store workers have not come down with covid tells the story of really how contagious it is.

AndrewPrice said...

Terry, I agree with you. Taking athletes first, they are really out of touch to argue that "it's not worth it" to play if they are only getting $x million instead of $y million. That's an argument that no one who works for a living can really sympathize with.

And seeing grocery store workers working away for an hourly wage despite the risk really highlights how out of touch these athletes are. These athletes will earn more in any one game than those workers make all year and more in a season than most people will make in a lifetime, and yet they are whining about not getting more. This is the same problem they have during their strikes when the public doesn't side with them and they can't understand why... because you're spoiled!

Now they are mixing racial politics in with covid too and that feels exploitive.

Teachers are handling it wrong too, in my opinion. If they had engaged in safety discussions and even asked for more money for safety, people would have been sympathetic. To whine and scream about not wanting to be surrounded by kids, as some are doing, is insulting and doesn't get that everyone who meets the public faces the same risk.

They did not cover themselves in glory (or competence) during the end of the school year when everything switched to remote learning. Parents got to see first hand how little some of these teachers did or cared. To whine now only adds to the picture of indifference and entitlement.

Tennessee Jed said...

The Floyd killing could have had an impact, but it was quickly hijacked and politicized. The initial video of Floyd was horrifying, but we now know, the man had committed a crime, was high as a kite, resisted arrest, and complained of being unable to breath long before. I get the feeling this all that time, a crowd of angry blacks was beginning to gather. Then we had the the steal a taser. Then we had Hollywood, musicians, corporations dropping to their knees to kiss ass and bow to BLM. Let’s not forget the rioters, Antifa turning the peaceful protests to something entirely different. BLM wanting to take their act to the suburbs. Assholes like Kevin Bacon saying “time for an old privileged white guy to shut up and listen. The Democrat congressional leadership culturally appropriating the Kinta cloth for a take a knee photo op. Black female mayors completely blowing it.the media and the NASCAR noose. All gobbled up except networks still giving celebs their 30 seconds to pretend they care.

I think the politicization may have been a huge gift to Republicans this fall. It gave them the opportunity to run on a restore law and Order and “refund the police”. As for sports? Good riddance. Their actions should have consequences although Americans love them so they may get the fans back IF they get off this appeasement kick

AndrewPrice said...

Fascinating article on sports ratings today. It actually confirms what I've said.

The article claims that sports ratings are through the roof right now. In particular, it notes that golf and hockey (two non-BLM sports) are up 60% compared to pre-pandemic levels. That's actually what one would expect.

Then it gets a little odd. In fact, as we get to basketball, THE BLM sport, and the article gets deceptive.

The article never talks about whether ratings are up or down like it does with the other sports. Instead, it talks about the trend in sports and tosses basketball into that mix without saying if the same is true with basketball. It's not.

Instead, the article says that 49 million people have watched basketball since its return 12 days ago. That's a number without context meant to sound impressive. It's also entirely misleading.

To get the 49 million, you need to believe that every viewer watched only 1 game over 12 days so that each viewer is a separate person. To put this in context, this type of math would allow the NFL to claim that 740 million Americans watch football each week. There are only 320 million Americans, and about 2/3 have never watched the NFL. So you see how false this is.

In reality, the 49 million breaks down into about 1.5 million per game with a likely cap of 2 million total viewers -- far less than the 2.5 million per game they used to get.

Further, the article casually mentions that these 12 days are "up" compare to a select 12 days in last year's season. The problem with this comparison is (1) how much "up"? (2) The 12 days they picked from last season were a bland period without playoff excitement -- the last 12 days have been the final playoff push, win or you're out and should be much higher, (3) there were far more games the last 12 days than the comparison period, (4) most of the games in the comparison period overlapped, limiting the number of games people could watch limiting the overall number of viewers, which isn't happening now. In other words, this comparison is deceptive.

Clearly, someone on the left has spotted this data problem, that basketball lost of large chunk of its audience, doesn't want this to become common knowledge.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I think all of this has helped the Republicans a lot.

Terry said...

My sport is Auto Racing, for the most part F-1, Indy Car and Endurance racing. They have all been very even handed about any of the racism stuff, F-1 is happening totally in Europe right now and the big thing is a new slogan "We Race as One". Thought I could get back into Nascar again after they first started, Bubba whats his name whined all over the place about something he didn't even see and I just forgot about them. He is a lousy driver and can't win races, so I guess the racism whining keeps them from firing him.

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