Thursday, April 29, 2021

No Support For The Woke

I'm going to break down the left soon. In the meantime, let me give you a hint of something I have seen. Despite what you've heard from the media, the truth is that the wokers have tiny little support and it's fading fast. Observe.

Before we start, let me point out something I've mentioned many times: if you want to know the truth, look for the truth in data that isn't meant to touch the issue directly. What I mean is that looking at things like polls is useless. Pollsters lie to push their agenda. People lie to pollsters for a number of reasons too. Polls are also crawling with errors, and depending on how you ask it, you can almost dictate the results. It's much more accurate to look at numbers that no one sees as telling the story you are trying to understand. For example, look at TV ratings. TV ratings are a very accurate assessment of what people really think because it shows what truly interests people and how dedicated they are. Rating numbers also can't (normally) be faked. People can't "vote" multiple time either.

So where is this headed?

Do you remember the University of Missouri, which gave in to angry black students and their lies? The media was impressed and called it a victory and presented a number of students who said it was a glorious new start which would lead to Utopia.  But over the next three years, the number of applicants crashed, causing the budget to collapse, and whole departments ended up being axed because students stopped going there.  The media never went back to cover this, but it showed what the students really thought.

It's the same thing here. The media tells you that everyone has gone woke. It's all over the news. Advertisers include woke crap in all their ads (within interesting (read: telling) limits). Actors pound their chests with fake woke apologies -- I've been so so bad, purify me and give me fame! The Democrats kneel to the woke. Right-wing talk radio screams that the end is near. And so on. Should we believe this though?

Honestly, the unnoticed numbers say something very different:

(1) The NBA went deeply woke and lost half its ratings, which have not come back. Meaning: going BLM/woke cost an already generally pro-black organization half its meager audience. The leftist media desperately blamed COVID, but the college basketball tournament, which did not go woke, grew in ratings.

(2) MLB did the same and also lost half its ratings.

(3) The NFL allowed a fake version of wokery and lost 10%, but gained it back when they stopped.

(4) Yahoo, the wokest nest of wokeheads, put up a Black Lives Matter link/page on their homepage. They also put up a Covid one. They proudly proclaimed that this was to help change the world. A couple months later, it was gone. It's been replaced by sports betting. The Covid link is still there though. Meaning: no one was using it and the wokes decided to drop it.
(5) Every black celebrity you can think of participated in a show called "Soul of the Nation."  This was a show by black people telling the rest of us what to believe.  It was pure wokery.  Its ratings on the first night were 1.8 million.  If every one of them was black, that's only 6% of blacks.  What does that tell you?  It's now been virtually abandoned by the network.

(6) Yahoo sports has been pimping women's sports hard. They've been screaming about unfair pay, unfair NCAA practices, unfair US Soccer and FIFA practices. They've been screaming, "Why won't advertisers back women's sports?" (an extremely telling admission) and "Why won't investors back women's sports?!" (also very telling). Well, the NCAA college men's and women's tournaments came and went. The men scored around 12 million viewers a game. The women scored around 900,000. That's more than a 10-1 disparity, and that tells you what you need to know about the woke push for women's sports to be seen as "equal" to men's sports. It's also why Yahoo is so frustrated, because no one is buying their hand-wringing.  Women's sports get 8% of the support of men's sports.

(7) Netflix and Amazon put up special "black" links to push you to watch "black" movies. Those are long gone too. Apparently, no one cared. Remember, these guys make their money getting you to hit those links. If something isn't working, they drop it.

(8) A bunch of companies I can name who have no reason to be political sent out pro-metoo or pro-BLM letters to account holders. They clearly read the room wrong, because within weeks they were desperately cutting prices (get 2 free now instead of 1 when you buy 2) and sending out a bevy of marketing attempts they had never needed to do before. Clearly, they lost business.

(9) The View fired Sharon Osborn for standing up for free speech in the face of race-baiting hate. They just returned to television this week after time off to calm things down... and they fell from one of the top day time shows to the. very. bottom. of. the. ratings.  Their audience of liberal white women didn't like being sh*t on.

(10) The Oscars lost almost half their viewers going woke. In fact, they were so woke that we should probably call them the Black Oscars and put an asterisk next to each winner because this was pure minority appeasement... and no one watched. Keep in mind, their audience is people who are prone to herd thinking, people who worship celebrities, people whose heroes preach wokery. And half of them stopped watching.

(11) The wokes pushed hard through their media empire (Oprah, CBS, etc) to support the psychotic "Princess" Megan in her attempt to smear the royals. Headline after headline said that the public was with them and the royal family's days are numbered. Well, the popularity of all the royals went up (most in the 70-80% range) except Harry and Megan. They both fell... and kept falling. Both are now the least popular royals by a mile and their negatives far outpace their positives. What does this tell us? That the public saw right through the woke deification attempt and rejected it.

I can go on, but there's no point. Even in the black community, support for adding more police is above 50%. The year of the woman has never come. Any organization which goes woke, goes metoo, goes BLM gets slaughtered and loses half its support or worse.  The public does not support these people.

Don't believe what you are hearing. These people have lost. I estimate their support at around 25% with 75% opposed. Only the media, celebrities and soulless corporate America support them. Even leftists are starting to push back. The French are attacking the wokes as an American disease. Liberals like Obama and Bill Maher and James Carville are calling them destructive and saying the Democrats need to unhook from those people. The end is coming for these little Nazis, only it won't be with a bang, it will be with all their links being removed.



tryanmax said...

Just getting to this. Had a bit of a family emergency today. Thinking of the Year of the Woman that never seems to arrive, I have a running joke where I call every female super-hero movie the “first ever.” Because that is how they are ALL marketed.

I’ve been telling folks every chance I get that the increasingly crazy woke stuff are the actions of a desperate ideology trying to get whatever it can before it blinks out. Few like to hear it—either because they need a boogie man or (worse) they like woke—but that’s what I see. You don’t start blazing through your wildly unpopular bucket list unless you think you don’t have long left.

Plus, there are some great things happening in education. Parents and teachers are standing up to critical race theory and catching headlines along the way. Public school wokenistas have publicly and nationally beclowned themselves on zoom. And generally people have lost whatever fear/respect they had for teachers unions. I think administrators have the summer to change their tunes if they don’t want to be forced out of their jobs.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Agreed all around. This reeks of a last desperate gasp for several of these woke groups. The only real questions at this point are (1) will they leave any permanent damage and (2) what does the Democratic party look like after Biden dies... they've been trending very woke beneath him. Will they continue or will someone save them?

Agreed on schools. The leftist administrations have really opened a Pandora's box by pissing off parents, who are very active and very involved. Those parents are forming into groups and are starting to take down the bad guys.

ArgentGale said...

Good observations and they make sense. The woke really do burn down everything they touch; it's just that it takes some things longer to burn down than others. At least Basecamp seems to see where "corporate social responsibility" (crap that was being pushed in business schools even 15 or so years ago) is taking companies and is adjusting course accordingly. Had to wade through some annoying woke wangsting about things like employees quitting over this change to dig that letter back up but I suspect nothing of value will be lost with those resignations. I can't claim this is an original comparison of mine but the left, especially the woke, really are coming across like a wounded feral animal. It doesn't have much time left and it knows it so it's just determined to tear down everything on its way out. Let's hope whatever damage is done isn't permanent and that their crap finally gets banished to the far fringes soon.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, Corporate America is not loyal, not moral, and not conservative. If it became fashionable to round up Jews again, I assure you that Delta and Mountain Dew would run ads encouraging it. They go with what they think is the path of least resistance and happily sell out their "values", their employees and the American public for profit.

tryanmax said...

Knock on wood, I don't have the greatest confidence that it won't become fashionable again.

ArgentGale said...

Indeed, Andrew, and nothing makes that clearer than their relationship with China. They wring their hands and virtue signal about America all day long while ignoring conveniently ignoring how much of their stuff comes from Chinese sweatshops, if not full-on Uyghur slave labor, and they see the Chinese population numbers alone and think it's the market they've been waiting for not realizing that outside the CCP elites practically nobody there can afford their stuff. And I'm with you on that tryanmax, anti-Semitism has been ramping up for a while now and it's worrying.

Jon said...

Andrew, Agent, and Tryanmax, thank you for the thoughtful comments. I’m not one who comments. I’m going to comment now.
Maybe this is a bit tin-foil, but I think the pandemic was a deliberate attempt by China and was facilitated through Biden, his son, and others to destroy our culture and institutions. All of this was part of a coordinated attempt to steal the election. I think this occurred at the grass-roots level.
I think momentum was one of the tactics, and subterfuge a regular tool.
I work for JP Morgan Chase in Wilmington as a data scientist, and I am ashamed. I am weekly trained in Diversity & Inclusion and have no escape. I have no recourse and have to pretend to agree with everything they say.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, Hypocrisy is the name of their game. Pick any issue and you will find them saying different things depending on who is doing it and who it effects. The reason is that they don't actually care about the issues themselves, only the power that can be gained from using the issue. See my newest article.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, Jon, I've got some interesting theories on why investment banks are buying up homes across the country. I'd love to hear your thoughts when we get to that!


AndrewPrice said...

Hi Jon, Diversity training is despicable. It's basically the Soviet/Nazi version of re-education camps, only without the actual camps. And corporate America is totally complicit in this. I'm glad the Republicans are at least starting to see this.

On the pandemic, I think what really happened was that this was spread by rich liberals. I don't know where it came from, but "the powers that be" freaked out that the public might realize that they were the ones spreading it as they traveled to parties all over the world and they worried the public might rise up. (They did spread it, which is why it spread so fast and heavily through Hollywood, the media and the rich and famous, but took forever to hit the poor and middle classes).

So our elites lied and placed the blame on China (who may actually be guilty) and they tried to distract people with talk of poor people suffering the worst, evil right-wing crazies not wearing masks, flooded the world with conspiracy theories, etc. Anything that would keep people from looking at the actual evidence. Even now, the media has lied through its teeth to make this a red state v. blue state thing to keep people from looking.

That said, I think the Democrats and the media also exploited it like crazy to attack Trump. And you are correct that China is the ally of our elites/Democrats.

ArgentGale said...

Thanks, Jon. All that practice commenting here and elsewhere must be paying off now, heh. Yeah, these days I'm half-expecting to run into Captain Barbossa somewhere and hearing him say "You best start believin' in conspiracy theories. You're in one." Between all the GIGO and dogs that aren't barking when it comes to Winnie the Flu, how the first impulse when it hit was the biggest power grab since the Patriot Act, and just how brazen the left's been with things like the "fortify the election" Time article, floating crap like the Great Reset, and generally not even bothering to hide their Orwellian impulses it's hard not to feel like you've fallen down the rabbit hole. Still, we're always glad to have a new face around here!

Andrew, indeed. They're not even trying to hide it anymore. Not sure how many parts of this are arrogance and how many parts of it are stupidity but it's a dangerous brew. The corporate angle is especially insidious since that always brings out so many muh principles conservatives and libertarians who defend this crap on the basis of "it's a private company, they can do what they want, don't like it start your own" and just how tricky it is to make an argument for free markets when corporate abuses are ripe ground for socialist true believers to peddle their crap. Hope you don't mind me linking to your first round of thoughts on this, Mr. Todd of Mischief since it is a good starting point.

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