Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peace In Our Minds. . .

You don’t have to be stupid to be a member of the Norgie Prize Patrol, but it helps. And you don’t have to be naive to handle Obama’s foreign policy, but that helps too. So what happens when you mix liberal and stupid with liberal and naive? You get nuclear war. Let’s quiz the Prize Patrol. . .

For those of you who missed it, the Norgie Prize Patrol has been under fire ever since giving Obama a surprise Norgie. Many critics asked what Obama had done to possibly warrant receiving such an award. Other suggested it was too soon. To you, committee chairman Thorbjorn Jagland responds: “We simply disagree. He got the prize for what he has done. Who has done more for [peace] than Barack Obama?”

So what has he done you ask? Well, Jagland is nothing if not prepared to answer that question. First, he singled out Obama’s efforts to heal the divide between the West and Muslim world. Of course, he didn’t seem to know that only 19% of Americans think that our relations with the Muslim world will improve. And he apparently didn’t read the Palestinian memo that said: "All hopes placed in the new US administration and President Obama have evaporated." That’s not good right? Maybe he also missed the fact that Israel is planning to bomb Iran before Christmas?

Hmm. I’m gonna have to call bull on that one Jagoff. What else you got?

Obama also eliminated the Bush-era proposal for an anti-missile shield in Europe: “[This] has contributed to -- I wouldn’t say a safer world -- but a world with less tension.”

Uh, wow.

So the European view is that being unable to defend yourself from a missile attack by a group of nutjobs who want to turn your cities into slag reduces the tension in Europe? You people must love being robbed. Do your sports teams play to lose? Do you all stuffer from Stockholm Syndrome? Do Norwegians pass out blackmail material about themselves on the street -- “ya, this ist me und mein sexy Schnauzer. . . I love beingk blackmailed.” You, my dear Jagoff, are sick. . . seek help.

But even putting your national masochism aside, let me point out that you also are a stupid, stupid man. Obama gave the Russians exactly what they wanted by showing weakness, by submitting to Putin, and by eliminating the missile shield. He crawled, he begged, and I’m pretty sure he cried. . . “can’t we all just get along?” And what did this get him? A proverbial beat down.

This week the Russians announced that they will not allow sanctions against Iran: "There is no need to frighten the Iranians," Putin told reporters in Beijing. So much for Obama’s master plan.

And do you want to hear what this did to your “tensions” Jagoff?

Russian Presidential Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev declared Monday that Russia reserves the right to use pre-emptive nuclear strikes on both a “large, regional and even local” scale to safeguard Russia from aggression. But lest you think Patrushev was only talking about smoking Poland or Georgia, he specifically singled out Obama’s United States and NATO as foes who still pose threats to Russia. He noted for example, that
“activity on receiving new members into NATO is not ceasing. The military activity of the bloc is stepping up. U.S. strategic forces are conducting intensive training on using strategic nuclear weapons.”
How about them tense apples!

Interestingly, this interview was given at the same time that Hillary Clinton was in Russia prostrating herself at the foot of the Russian bear. Said our naive Secretary of State,
"We have people in our government and you have people in your government who are still living in the past. They do not believe that the United States and Russia can cooperate to this extent. They do not trust each other. And we have to prove them wrong. That is our goal. Our goal is to be as cooperative as we can."
I wonder who in Obama’s cabinet is living in the past? Biden? Rahm? I’m pretty sure I know who it is in Russia. . . some guy called Putin. Apparently, Hillary wanted to meet with this “Putin”, but he blew her off. Oops, sorry, they couldn’t get together. Said a red-faced Hillary:
"I would have enjoyed meeting with Prime Minister Putin and we certainly had intended to do so but our schedules didn't allow us, so I am looking forward to seeing him on a future date."
Yeah, sure Hillary. I’m sure it isn’t a lack respect. I’m sure it’s just that Putin’s schedule is so busy that he just couldn’t make time to meet with the U.S. Secretary of State to discuss nuclear weapons. . . after all, he’s got a lot of socks to sort out before they ease a few tensions on Georgia.

So back to the Norgie. Tell me again Jagoff what Obama did to warrant getting this award? Oh, that’s all you got. Maybe Ms. Aagot Valle, a lefter-wing Norwegian politician who joined the Norgie Committee this year, has something to add?

Aagot Valle, noted idiot.

What do you say about the suggestion that Obama hasn’t earned this award yet madam? “Don't you think that comments like that patronize Obama?” No, actually, I think they patronize you, sweetie. Didn’t you think there would be criticism of your stupid vote?

“Where do these people come from?” The critics? You didn’t expect any criticism for this? What kind of liberal bubble do you live in? Oh, that’s right, Norway -- I’ll bet you read the New York Times too, don’t you? “Of course I expected disagreement and debate.” Clearly not, based on your surprised (and very liberal-bubblish) reaction.

“Of course, all arguments have to be considered seriously. I'm not afraid of a debate on the Peace Prize decision. That's fine.” Great, so lay it on me. Prove this vast army of critics wrong. What say you about this argument that Obama is undeserving? “I take note of it. My response is only the judgment of the committee, which was unanimous.”

That’s it? Well that’s stupid. Just because everyone else made the same mistake doesn’t mean it’s not a mistake. Are you sure you're not afraid of debate?

“What I want now is that we seriously raise a discussion regarding nuclear disarmament.” Sorry toots, no can do. See, when you act like the world’s biggest dumbass, people don’t look beyond your dipsh*tocity and then engage in the debate you hoped they’d have. They talk about how stupid you are. . . and trust me, you got a lot of people talking.


Writer X said...

The naivete of the Obama administration is really unbelievable (yet believable). Putin couldn't meet with Hilary? And why should he? He got what he wanted. The naivete and stupidity of Pres. Obama and his sidekick, Hilary, is really showing up in bright lights this week. This "if I just play nice and everyone will like me" strategy is bombing big-time.

Well said, Andrew. And thanks for the laughs.

AndrewPrice said...

You're welcome X, if we can't laugh at the Norwegians, who can we laugh at?

And you're right, there is a dangerous naiveté showing up in this idea that if we just let the bull walk all over us, then he'll give us everything we want. Never happened before in the history of man, won't happen this time either.

MegaTroll said...

Hilarious! I love the image of Putin too. This really shows the flaws in liberal thinking. They don't want to be made safe, they just want to be less tense about their weakness. They think weakness bring respect.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Mega. I liked that image too.

It would be an interesting world if liberals understood that you can't get respect by making yourself weak. But I suspect that they can't get this because they tend to believe that everyone thinks like they do and they can't imagine anyone would want to hurt them.

Tennessee Jed said...

A fine piece of humorous writing. On the other hand, I never thought this administration was particularly naive, they are merely on 24/7 spin control. Putin would never disrespect Hillary, Andrew, you know that (lol).

As far as those fabulous Norwegians, they simply caught a bad case of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Without having truly studied the long history of the Nobel, they strike me as having become much like the so-called traditional media.

The New York Times was always liberal, but once upon a time tried to still have some journalistic integrity. At a time when guys like Matt Drudge get it so much faster, they became more openly strident and political in an effort to stay relevant (andsolvent.) The Nobel is the same way, they have become openly biased in their selection and don't seem to really care. I think they need to stick to 20K cross country ski/archery racing.

AndrewPrice said...

Thank Jed. I think you're right about the loss of integrity. The NYT, the Nobel. . . they've all given up any pretense of looking at the world fairly and have moved completely into left-wing advocacy. And that's there's no reason to respect either institution.

Anonymous said...

Cool article. Its funny and scary all at the same time.

StanH said...

I like dipsh#tocity, very descriptive of the mealy mouthed leftist the NPP committee. Any more the award is liken to, …to steal a phrase from a Monty Python skit, “twit of the year award.” Good and funny read Andrew.

AndrewPrice said...

Anon, thanks. I guess this means the cold war isn't as over as we thought. But then, I think we already knew that.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Stan, glad you enjoyed it. That did seem to be the appropriate word for it.

Reaganite Republican said...

Putin's bluffing, re Iranian nukes- he doesn't want a nuclear ME any more than we do.

But, he's wisely working the Boy Wonder like a poker player. He knows the Israelis will bomb Iran back to the Stone Age... he's just milking all sides for all he can get before he leaves Tehran to fend for themselves-

And he'll be wringing Obama for plenty more concessions along the way... these KGB guys know a mark when they see one.

God Help Us until 2012...

AndrewPrice said...

You're probably right. I can't see Putin wanting Iran to hand off an atomic bomb to people like the Chechens. The question is what else he's going to milk from Obama before they decided to pull the plug on Iran.

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