Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More Random Items!

Tonight we do another random issues article as there is no single major issue worth writing about. Where is our World War II? Where is our Flu Pandemic? Where is our Teapot Dome Scandal? These are trying times for bloggers my friends... trying times.

Debatable Democrats: Didn’t watch, don’t care. Seriously, could there be a less appealing group of suckophyants trying to become our leaders? I think not. A dried up old crone with a penchant for fraud and buggary. An aging Trotskyite who smells of maple syrup. A former Republican ginger from Virginge-a. The wishy-washiest former Republican Independent Democratic mayor/governor of a small Northeastern sh*thole.

What’s worse, they all hold the same views on every single issue. It’s like a batch of clones that spoiled in the oven.

By the way, the Democrats listed their top security concerns and it made me chuckle. Sanders said Climate Change because he’s a moron. Stopping climate change, just like making socialism work, is like stopping the waves with a sword. Personally, I would have gone to the root problem: not enough love in our hearts.

O’Malley picked climate change and ISIL. At least he realizes that the band of insane murders who want to destroy everything on the planet is a problem. Good for him... doubt he has any idea what to do about it though. Chafee referred to the chaos in the entire Middle East, likely because he doesn’t want to point fingers at the army of murders, rapists and terrorists actually causing the chaos. The smartest of the pack, James Webb picked China and cybersecurity which confused the audience who expected he would answer “George Bush”. Still, this is oddly insightful for a Democrat.

Then Hillary talked about the spread of nuclear weapons, which hasn’t been “the” issue since her hubby was launching missiles at interns. Did this woman sleep through the last 20 years? Why does she keep raising issues from the 1980s and 1990s?

All in all, this tells us that the Democrats wouldn’t know a security threat if it bit them in the ass... which is what most of security threats do.

Syrianna: Syria just keeps getting uglier for Obama and the left is turning on him fast. On the one hand, the left is furious that Obama is being such a meanie war monger! They wonder why he hasn’t solved this with magic oratory and they are holding it against him that everyone hasn’t dropped to their knees, cried at his words, and become fast blood brothers. Why won’t he solve this problem? Seriously. On the other hand, they’re upset that he hasn’t blasted the living crap out of Assad and laid waste to his entire regime and killed all his people to end this sucker. No, I’m not kidding. Now they’re upset that he’s letting Russia kill people... the meanie.

At the same time, Putin is playing Obama for a fool. He’s doing whatever the hell he wants and making Obama look impotent. Welcome to reality.

By the way, the talk radio crowd isn’t satisfied with this chaos and is now seeing nonexistent secret Chinese aircraft carriers stalking Syria. Seriously.

Nobody for Speaker!!: The talk radio crowd has turned against Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. It was rather obvious this would happen. They have never liked Ryan and really came to hate him after he refused to destroy the country over the budget to prove the size of his testicles. Grunt grunt!

Pre-Traitor!: It turns out that Ben Carson only became a Republican a year ago. The horror... the horror. So according to the fringe, he can’t be the GOP nominee anymore. Of course, most of them only became Republicans themselves a year or two ago... if they even bothered... so they don’t have room to talk. And their hero, The Donald, was once a Democrat and then a Republican and then left the GOP to become an independent.

An Update-io: No sooner had I posted my impressive interview with Salma Hayek than Jennifer Lawrence was asked about how she felt about being paid less than her male costars in recent films. She said she was upset... at herself! She said that the reason she got less was that she settled for less during negotiations because she wanted to be seen as likable. She didn’t blame it on sexism (the person who negotiated the pay was actually a woman, btw), or on culture or whatever. She said, the problem was that she didn’t hold out for her own worth because she didn’t want to cause problems. Bingo.

In no small irony, the reporter chick who did the interview then tried to say in her article that this showed that sexism was alive and well, which is the opposite of what Lawrence said. Lawrence really just put to shame all the other actresses whining from their mansions about how unfairly they are treated. Lawrence even noted that complaining about this is not something to which the public can relate. Are you listening Salma et al? Probably not.


ScottDS said...

That's my Jennifer! (Well, she's not really mine, I mean... shut up!)

Ya know, the first thing I thought was that one could possibly read sexism in her argument: that a man who wouldn't settle for less in a negotiation would be seen as powerful, but that a woman who wouldn't settle would be seen as a bitch, hence her wish to not rock the boat.

I think this is the part where you correct me now, Andrew. :-)

As for the rest, sounds like a regular Wednesday.

Anthony said...

I skipped the debate too (had to take my daughters to choir) but based on the summaries I've read sounds like Bernie Sanders isn't playing to win, he just wants to drag Clinton further to the left. I'd say he has succeeded spectacularly given that Clinton has come out against the recent free trade agreement. *Shrugs* But so have many Republicans so nowadays autarky is cool again.

Predictably but amusingly, Big Hollywood attacked Jennifer Laurence for stating that she hasn't made more money because she hasn't negotiated hard enough.


Jennifer Lawrence is 25 years old, one of the few remaining genuine movie stars left in America, rich beyond human comprehension, talented beyond belief, a genetic lottery winner, an Oscar winner, and now, thanks to the influence of rape-hoaxer Lena Dunham, Lawrence is just another spoiled, left-wing, crybaby, Hollywood a$$hole.

Despite Ben Carson being only a recent Republican, I think he is safe unless he wins power. What the fringe hates is career politicians who are unwilling to promise them everything they want instantly. Carson like Trump is perfect for the fringe.

The fact he is black is an added bonus. The past week has been filled with allegations from the fringe that the left attacks Carson not because they hate conservatives, but because they hate conservative blacks (rolls eyes). As I've noted before, both sides will often attack minorities on the other side using racially charged language, but both are fine with anyone who says the right things.

Syria isn't a huge deal politically IMHO because Americans don't get too worked up about much that happens abroad unless Americans are dying in numbers. Still, it contributes to the record of incompetence the Democrats have amassed and means that voters will be inclined to give Republicans a shot.

It would be strange if the talk radio crowd didn't hate Paul Ryan. He has had power. The only people the talk radio crowd loves are those who have no power but talk as if having power means all your wishes magically come true provided your heart is pure.

AndrewPrice said...

All right, Scott, you're on... :)

While you've put your finger on something knuckle-dragging feminists would whine, it is a ridiculous idea if you think about it. First, it's not even true. Her decision to take less is based on personality, not gender. Her genitalia did not tell her "you must be liked!" Her desire to be part of the herd did. And in that, men are no different than women. Trust me, the percentage of "ruthless" women is exactly the same as "ruthless" men. And the idea that we look down on "ruthless bastard" males any less than "bitchy" females is a myth made up by whine women who don't like the consequences of being ruthless bastards.

Secondly, are we to attribute all differences to some kind of ism? How do we explain the difference between what Cooper and Renner got? Heightism? Anti-italianism? Or is it just different personalities. This idea makes the idea of genuine discrimination ludicrous because it isn't even outside people causing it... it's the person themselves. That's like me deciding not to work hard and then whining that it's discrimination that I don't get paid as much as others who do simply because I can spot people of a different race/gender who get more than I do. You can't accuse others of discrimination for your own choices.

Moreover, if this really is sexism, then the term becomes meaningless because it simply means "any time men and women make different choices." The only way to correct that would be to force all women to make the same decisions that our self-appointed fixers think that "men" make (even though men made different choices amongst themselves). Do you really want to force all women to act according to a single code?

Calling this sexism is silly.

ScottDS said...

Anthony -

I've said this to Andrew before but, re: BH, with the litmus test that some conservatives seem to have, you know what? They don't deserve pop culture. Period.

Taking someone like Lawrence and demoting her from goddess to spoiled brat in one shot? That reeks of some kind of psychosis IMHO. Is there no middle ground?

Old news, but I see nothing's changed at all. (And that's not to say they're always wrong either.)

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The funny thing about Clinton is that I don't believe for a minute that she's actually moving to the left. I think she's saying what she thinks need to be said and will just keep doing whatever it was she really believes... if anything.

On Breitbart, it doesn't surprise me in the least. That has become a festering sh*thole of pure mixed and idiocy. They reflexively hate everything and everyone in the worst possible way. You could offer a puppy and they would write about how you're a commie and probably a gay Mexican too. Moreover, NONE of them are smart enough to understand Lawrence's point. They are thinkers in the sense of just repeating the things the mob is already yelling at it's latest target.

As an aside, this is funny, there was an item announced the other day that the Bureau of Prisons is no longer buying pork because the prisoners don't like it and it's become too expensive. (You can still buy bacon.) This brought out HOWLS about Obama finally proving he's a Muslim. Never mind he has nothing to do with purchasing... or that they could still get bacon.

On Carson, I agree. He's perfect for the fringe once they finally get tired of fellating Trump. As for his registration, he could have been in the Gay Commie party in the past so long as he feeds their hate now.

Agreed on Paul. He has power and he hasn't made a continuous string of suicide charges, so he's unpure. Or in their strangely homoerotic parlance, he doesn't have big enough balls to please them.

The thing about Syria is that while Americans don't care, I think it shows that the left is looking for things to turn against Obama on. They really have given his Middle Eastern adventures a pass in the past, but this time they are getting upset.

AndrewPrice said...

Scott, BH is like an asylum where the guards locked the doors and ran off.

ScottDS said...

In other news, Lamar Odom, who I guess is or was a basketball player, has been found unconscious in a brothel. I feel bad but when I read that, my first thought was, "Man, that's how I want to go!"

And one week from today, Marty and Doc arrive! (Seriously, in the second film, they go to October 21st, 2015. And I love how everyone's celebrating it, from the studio to the fans to Pepsi who will be releasing a "Pepsi Perfect" bottle like the one in the film.)

BevfromNYC said...

As an aside, this is funny, there was an item announced the other day that the Bureau of Prisons is no longer buying pork because the prisoners don't like it and it's become too expensive.

I think that if you are in prison, you shouldn't complain about the accommodations or the meal plan like it's some 5 star hotel. If you don't like the food in prison, don't commit crimes that get you there. All prisons should be self-sustaining as in they should grow and/or raise their own food. Period.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Food is used in prison as a means of control. If you give them good food and they get used to it, then it becomes something you can take away when they misbehave. That's actually a very vital component of discipline.

That said, the issue is really cost. If prisoners aren't eating the pork because they don't like it, then it becomes a waste to buy it, store it and cook it. The money could be better used on cheaper foods that will get eaten. And in fact, they noted that the main driver was that pork had become too expensive compared to other meats, with distaste being the secondary issue.

I just think it's amazing that this brought hundreds of seething comments about this being proof that Obama is a Muslim when (1) they didn't actually ban pork at all, and (2) Obama had nothing to do with it and probably didn't even know it had happened. That shows a level of obsessive hatred that treads pretty far into insanity.

AndrewPrice said...

Scott, It sounds like he took some fake drugs which gave him heart failure. As for dying in a brothel, it's better than being eaten by pandas I guess, but Odom's life has been a tragedy... he married a Kardashian.

Critch said...

so some guy drinks and whatevers himself almost to death in a brothel and people actually act like it's a tragedy..really? It's bad behavior....really bad behavior, it's where people like that end up. The Dims did their usual last night, let's attack gun owners, etc...morons..hey if you pull Bernie's finger he'll tell you everything he knows about economics..

BevfromNYC said...

The only male to come out whole and/or alive who has been married to a Kardashian is Kris Humphries. He is that basketball player that Kim married for 6 weeks before she left him for Kanye. He must know that he dodged a huge bullet.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, It is a tragedy... that there weren't more Kardashians doing the drugs with him. Think of this as a lost opportunity.

And NEVER pull Bernie's finger.

BevfromNYC said...

"...it's better than being eaten by pandas..."

Do pandas really eat people? I can't imagine they could ever actually get up enough gumption to kill anything since they wont' or can't breed on their own. I know they are cute and all, but they are a species that has lost the will to procreate...

//end pointless commentary ;-)

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, They eat only bamboo is my understanding. And I'm not aware of them being violent either. As far as I know, all they do is sleep, eat, poop and avoid sex.

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew - Of course the pork issue is about cost savings. You are right that if they end up throwing it away because the prisoners won't eat it, then it is a huge waste. However, the prison system could save a whole lot of money and teach a valuable skills at the same time with self-sustained farms.

//end of another pointless commentary ;-)

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I know that some prisons grow food, but I think that's mainly in southern states. Most prisons actually have classes and job for inmates who qualify (good behavior and getting out at some point).

Kit said...

Andrew, re pandas,

As a result, it has been a nearly impossible feat to reboot their species.

Maybe someone should cut off their access to porn.

Koshcat said...

As for Syria, everyone is confused because Obama has no leadership. He's just winging it there. Most people barely care if it doesn't involve them. This isn't an uniquely American attribute but just human nature. I suspect most Chinese and Brazilians don't really care either.

ISIL also gets too much press. Instead of showing their mutilation videos, they should show dancing midgets or something.

I only saw small snippets of the debate last night and Bernie sounded the least insane and boring. God, how I hate Clinton. I hated her when she ran in 2008 praying that she wouldn't win the nomination and I hate her even more today. She is truly repulsive.

I don't know if the Panda problem is due to too much or too little bear porn. The US should cooperate with the Chinese and run a $200 billion randomized study. You know what would really solve the Panda problem? If we found out they were really tasty.

BevfromNYC said...

What complicates this Panda situation is that Pandas are not even bears...they're rodents. This may be one of the contributing factors as to why they are not responding to the bear porn. But all of that science-y hypothetical stuff aside, Koshcat, I agree that what is needed is a cooperative randomized study that costs hundreds of millions of dollars and years to conclude.

Anonymous said...

A few random thoughts. I don't know anything about pandas but they are cute.
As far as prison food goes I have a friend who was once a prison guard. I once asked him how in the hell the little handful of guards control the prison inmates who have every advantage over them.
The inmates live there full time. They're always there. The guards just work in 8 hour shifts and have days off. The inmates can have a problem with a guard and when he goes home they have 16 hours to scheme and plan.
Prison inmates are already in prison. They have very little to lose.
The inmates badly outnumber the guards. So how do they do it?
"To control the group," my friend said,"you control them as individuals." Food is a big part of that. If there's a rules infraction you can take away the guy's commissary privileges so he can't have snacks. Or you knock them down from the "A" menu to something less desireable. So food is important in prison.

AndrewPrice said...

GypsyTyger, I've heard the same thing from the guards I've met as a lawyer and I've seen it over and over on the prison shows. All the things people want to strip away -- television, weights, good food -- really are means of control and the wardens all say they couldn't control their populations with the power to take privileges away or without a LOT more guards.

Pandas are cute. But boy do they seem lazy!

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, We could just give them government jobs?

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, I agree with that. I don't think people in other countries care any more than we do about Syria. People just like saying nasty (hypocritical) things about us.

Actually, that's a great point about the pandas. If we want to flood the world with pandas, get people to start eating them. If McDonalds served a panda burger, you can be sure that a thousand panda ranchers would be breeding them into the tens of millions.

Anonymous said...

And reference the Salma Hayek "interview." At the end of it you asked for thoughts. Strangely enough my first thought was "I wish I was a billionaire."
My second thought was "Damn, I'd like to see her in the Slave Leia costume."And that leads me to where I tie the whole thing together - hot women, strong women, and breasts. It seems that recently some wuss was shopping at Target and he cam across a Slave Leia action figure. Well our "man" was aghast at the fact that his two little girls,future women, mind you, had walked past such a thing in the store. The Horror! The subjegation of Womyn! This represents all that is wrong with societie's view of women. And on and on, yadda yadda blah blah etc. Well in a sweet twist it turns out Carrie Fisher heard about it. Princess Leia herself got on facebook and tore the guy a new one. So there.
Strength, beauty,hotness, intelligence and Slave Leia costumes are not neccesarily mutually exclusive.

Critch said...

Bernie (Free Sh-t) vs. Hillary (Bullsh_t)..that's it in a nutshell....btw, the libs at MSNBC think that Hillary was aiming a lot of her jibes at Biden, not Bernie.

AndrewPrice said...

GypsyTyger, These people want the world to become a sexless, joyless ball of mud. We should neuter them and feed them to the pandas.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, That is the most perfect breakdown of those two candidates! Bravo! :)

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