Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trump v. Hillary

I’m back from the dead with a new robotic heart... smash humans!! Anyways, here’s an article for you, puny humans! This article is about an article at Politico, which lists the five problems Trump is causing Hillary. It’s an interesting read. It’s actually a strong psychological takedown of Hillary. Here are the points the article makes and my thoughts thereupon.

1. He’s going there on Bill Clinton.

The article first notes that Hillary has been shocked by Trump’s reaction to her husband. Around New Year, Hillary decided to send in Bill to counter Trump and was shocked when Trump counter-attacked by digging up all of Bill’s old sex scandals.

This made me laugh. For one thing, what in the world made Hillary think that Trump wouldn’t go there? Trump has no boundaries, so expecting a boundary is stupid. What’s more, Trump’s playbook has been to go down the list of talk radio grievances and talking points. Clinton’s sex scandals remains a regular part of that agenda. So what could make Hillary think that Trump would somehow omit those?

The real problem is that Hillary didn’t think that Trump’s rapes and affairs would harm her with women voters. It never dawned on her that claiming the status of “champion of silenced rape victims” would appear hypocritical when her own husband was a rapist who silenced and smeared his victims.

2. He’s beating the same media that’s beating her up.

Hillary views herself as the victim of a media conspiracy and she’s been struggling to free herself from the email scandal in particular. Nothing she has done has worked, and she sees much of this nastiness as being personally directed at her. Indeed, she has licked a lot of media ass, and yet the coverage remains hostile and she doesn’t understand why.

Then along comes Trump. Trump abuses the media and mocks them and he seems to suffer no negative consequences from this. At the same time, Trump is apparently good at schmoozing these same reporters he attacks and they seem to have fallen for him. This upsets Hillary.

The article doesn’t put the final point on this, but essentially, the article’s point is that Hillary is jealous. That’s pathetic. Show me a Republican who has ever been treated fairly or even civilly by the media. They didn’t whine about it, nor did they take it personally because that’s part of the territory. Hillary’s real problem is that she’s so utterly unlikable as a human being that a leftist sycophantic media can’t even swallow their personal distaste for her to stop attacking their ally. This issue alone calls into question whether or not she should even be a candidate. It also suggests that she’s blind to how to deal with others.

3. He’s fun.

The article tries to get away with saying that Hillary’s not as “fun” as Trump while denying the necessary conclusion that accompanies this: that Hillary can’t connect with the public. In fact, the article goes out of its way to say the opposite, like where it says that while Hillary’s support is “deeper and (probably) more durable” than Trump’s, the bigger size and greater energy of Trump’s crowd “speaks to her vulnerabilities” without identifying her vulnerabilities.

The obvious conclusion here is that Trump’s support is much more passionate and he connects with the public better. Said conversely, Hillary struggles to connect even with the portion of the public who want to connect with her. So what you have between Point Two and this point is that Hillary rubs her allies so wrong that they want to undermine her and she is so incapable of connecting with the public that she can’t even excite her fans. And that means that she has an electability problem.

4. He’s dumbing everything down.

This is a good one. Hillary apparently runs a brilliant, intellectual campaign in which “her passion is policy.” Trump is an idiot who doesn’t know policy. But idiot Trump is somehow changing the expectations and making people prefer bombast to wonky brilliance and dignity.

Wrong. The idea that voters want substance died a long time ago, and her own husband was part of that. Bill offered saxophone play, interviews asking if he wore boxers or briefs, and a Hollywood-created campaign that was purely about fluff and image. Hell, he even hired someone to make his jeans look worn. There was no substance. And the fact that Hillary doesn’t understand this suggests that she simply doesn’t understand the public or what they want.

What’s more, the things she’s offered as substance are all well-settled opinions on the left by the time she offers them. That means she’s not some brilliant intellectual, she’s a bandwagoner.

5. He’s a huge distraction.

Finally, according to the article, Hillary doesn’t want to respond to Trump because the best way to deal with Trump is to ignore him... as you always do with trolls. Unfortunately, she’s “paranoid” and she “browbeats her staff when they don’t rush to defend her from attacks.” So every time Trump says anything, the Clinton machine jumps into action and fights back, thereby helping Trump and making him more and more relevant.

The key point here is that Hillary is apparently so insecure that she freaks out when her own people don’t defend her. This reeks of a bunker mentality and it suggests that Hillary doesn’t have the thick skin she needs to succeed in politics.

You know, this article actually offered a devastating assessment of Hillary the candidate, even if the article never quite realized what it was saying. It tells us that she’s paranoid, so thin-skinned she can’t let any insult go unchallenged, undisciplined, takes everything personally, can’t relate to staff, allies or even her fans, and has no clue what they public really wants. Is it any wonder she’s perhaps the worst front-runner ever?


LL said...

As time moves on and more comes out, the likelihood that the FBI will refer her case for indictment increases. FBI will leak it. DOJ will be put in a tight spot and it may not be Hillary vs Trump.

The only one that the Dems will have is Bernie, who isn't any more Democrat than Trump is a Republican.

Anthony said...

Regarding the media, Hillary's problem is she is a closed book that only tells the public what her campaign thinks they want to hear.

I guarantee articles about Hillary Clinton's scandals generate more clicks than interviews with Hillary Clinton or discussions of her policy pronouncements. Leaked e-mails and suchlike are the only things that offer real insight into her character.

By way of contrast, Trump is more open/freewheeling. What he says is much more likely to be reflective of his current thinking.

Also, Trump's past is completely in line with what one expects of a rich guy/reality tv host/Democrat (up until he decided Obama's birth certificate was fake) so there is little hay to be made by digging.

I doubt the liberal media is turning both barrels on Trump at the moment. As I've said before, he is probably Hillary supporters' dream candidate, the person most likely to say something that would galvanize women's support for Hillary (Hillary certainly won't).

BevfromNYC said...

OT: David Bowie passed away this morning after an 18 month bout with cancer. Very sad. He was magnificent.

Anyway, the thing I like about Trump is that he will say what he wants at th moment like no other candidate I have ever seen. He cannot be bought, sold, or otherwise intimidated with some secret from his past. All of his misdeeds have been fully vetted. The Dems have tried to make his multiple bankruptcies and issue, but they are no great revelation.

With Trump on her, Hillary will not be able to pass off the newest email revelations or especially Bill's rapaciousness as some "VRWC" or "old news". The young voters are the next new breed of Puritans who find "rape" in ever action like their 17th C. counterparts found "witches". So when Juanita Broderick and others start coming forward to tell their Bill stories and how Hillary intimiated theminto silence, it's going to interesting.

On another note: Michael Bloomberg is making noise about running as a 3rd Party candidate. This might be really good for the Republicans this time if that happens. Bloomberg is a real anti-NRA/ban guns advocate which will pull votes from the Dem nominee.

BevfromNYC said...

Btw Andrew, So glad your "thing" went well and you're feeling well enough to post!

AndrewPrice said...

LL, That is absolutely a possibility, especially as every "leak" by the FBI seems to be about the case getting bigger in terms of more and more classified emails.

I'd love to see them run Bernie!

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I think that despite protestations of puritanism, the American public has always kind of liked sex scandals. We, like the peons who viewed Shakespeare's plays, like it when famous people have entertaining problems. In other words, Trump's scandals make us comfortable.

Hillary's scandals just reinforce the idea that this woman is a black box we cannot trust. Add in that she seems to have either no personality at all, or the personality of a pissed off school marm, and you have a personality that the public will not embrace.

Even worse, I think she doesn't get this. She genuinely seems to think that the criticism is all a conspiracy to keep her down. She doesn't seem to understand that she's just not a likable person.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I was shocked to hear that. Sad. I was a big fan of Bowie's.

Thanks! Glad to be back. Unfortunately, I can only use one arm for the next couple weeks to keep from ripping this thing out of my heart. It already moved once. :( Trying not to move your left arm or shoulder is not an easy thing!

On the plus side, I now cannot die! :D

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I am enjoying the Trump show. I just wish that Trump wasn't a crony-socialist who shoots randomly from the hip. I do wonder if he will bring a longer term change to the GOP and they will stop being so respectful of the media.

Great analogy: The young voters are the next new breed of Puritans who find "rape" in ever action like their 17th C. counterparts found "witches".

I think this is only a tiny group of the young, but the mentality certainly will not help Hillary. I think most of the young see her as "old news" and dismiss her out of hand. The rest see her as harboring a rapist. And maybe a handful see her positively, though I don't know why or for what. She's not someone who inspires them, and she can't really change that at this point because anything she does will come across as acting.

Kit said...

You right-wing misogynists just blindly hate the inevitable:


Kit said...

Andrew is right, Trump is a crony through-and-through.

Kit said...

Also, I do not know why more people are not hitting Trump on his record of flip-flopping. You like that he talks tough? What about the fact that he talks tough only on whatever idea is in his brain right now.

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew - What "inspires" the young voters for Hillary is the same kind of thing that "inspired" young voters to go all in for Barack. They are inspired by firsts. "First black president" transmogrifies seamlessly into "first woman president" (as it did the other way around in 2008). Yes, they can claim that they are so much better than their parents because they voted for "a woman" they are cooler/more hip and because they are the future and fogies are the past. Or as you are predicting really....they just won't vote.

EPorvaznik said...

Glad the surgery was a success -- I now bow to our new bigger-than-an-ant, super-hearted overlord!!!

Now to read the column ...

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, Trump is all for show. He's about entertainment. When it comes to policy, he's a nightmare and I think the vast majority of the public gets that. He still doesn't worry me.

BevfromNYC said...

Kit - Actually many of the candidates have tried, but are drowned out by the reported $40million+ worth of free campaign financing/publicity that Trump has generated from going after Clintons with both barrels. While Trump is shooting his mouth off, he isn't having to spend a dime.

And so far, none of the candidates have been talking specific policies that I have noticed. Once the primaries start and the field is whittled down to a few, then the time for specific policy debates will begin.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Normally, I would agree, but there really is a "beyond the sell-by date" with Hillary. She is seen by all the young people I know as old, dull, and past her time and they want her gone. That's why the young leftists have drifted to Sanders and why the young females and young "wanna-vote-for-a-first" types have largely ignored her. I really don't think she can win either group over.

I think most won't vote unless the Republican is repugnant to them.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Eric! I will note that I do have a strong urge to work with my Skynet toaster to take over the US defense network, but I'm sure nothing will come of that. ;-)

EPorvaznik said...

Coulda sworn you were speaking of President Obama in that last paragraph … till the part about being “relatable,” something he knows all too well – “Hey, one more March Madness bracket to fill out on ESPN in a couple of months!” Not that I care, but how will the Worldwide Leader in Spin and False Narratives fill that space in future years?!?!?

Combining Hills and Donny, so pathetic stomaching Cris Collinsworth as he drooled all over their respective upcoming appearances on The Tonight Show this week. Such a wonderful pimp was he whilst calling the Seahawks-Vikings game.

BevfromNYC said...

"...I do have a strong urge to work with my Skynet toaster to take over the US defense network."

Phew! Urges to take out about the Military Industrial Complex is cool! I thought for sure that you would come out having a "strong urge" to raise taxes and screaming incoherently about the Illuminati and "the evil 1%". ;-D

Koshcat said...

Regarding Trump scandals, they are only a scandal if you preach the opposite. So a social conservative republican from Idaho who picks up men in airport bathrooms? Sandal. A rich man from Manhattan who like to date and screw hot young women gets divorced so he can go on to the next hot young thing? Scoundrel but not scandal.

Hillary doesn't dare go after Trump regarding flip flopping. She's the flippiest flop that ever flopped a flip. Besides he would tout it as a positive. Able to change his mind for the good of the company or in this case the country.

I can't stand him but give Trump credit. He's kind of Churchhill-ian without all the, you know, statesmanship or political experience.

Anthony said...


I think what was most important for young people was the fact that during his brief tenure, Obama was one of the most liberal senators. If he just served up Hillary Clintonesque mush nobody would have been excited by him.

I suspect a liberal white professor wouldn't have done half as well. Those guys have a well earned rep for being intelligent but weak/indecisive (a rep Obama has lived down to).

Lucky for him, the fact he is a black guy tied Obama to a bunch of stereotypes that run counter to those associated with liberal professors (strong, impulsive, dumb).

Opponents attacked Obama with (among other things) both of those stereotypes and as a result negated their own arguments.

AndrewPrice said...

Eric, It's funny how similar Hillary and Obama are. Neither seems the slightest bit competent. If anything, I would say that Hillary is stronger ideologically and has more energy... but less ability to relate to the her supporters.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Don't worry, if they tried to stick a liberal heart in me, it would have popped right back out!

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, That's something I think a lot of people don't understand. Some scandals are only "scandals" because you get caught in the hypocrisy. Without that, they are just roguish behavior, and the public often admires that to a degree.

Critch said...

I consider Hillary to be a clear and present danger to the Republic. Trump probably is also. However, I hope she gets beat, and beat bad in 2016...I sorta feel like a Roman trying to decide who I want to get to Rome first, Visigoths or Vandals....

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I think what Obama sold was one idea: "I'm not (1) like the other Democrats who are weak on crime and terror, and (2) like the leftist blacks who are obsessed with race. I think people saw him as the guy to break the cycle of the left being so hostile to the rest of America. I think that's all he offered and he let everyone fill in the blanks by themselves.

And I do actually think that's largely been true. The problem he's had is that he's incompetent and indifferent and generally lazy. He expects others to do his job for him and the times he's gotten involved he's been too pissy and hostile to make anything he's tried work out.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, LOL! Well said! Very well said!

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