Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

It's liberals being idiots tonight...

Liberals Are Stupid: Morgan Freeman admitted that he was “sexist” because he checked out his producing partner’s short skirt the first time they met. Uh, no. First of all Morgan, you’re a leftist. So of course you’re sexist. Lefists are everything they claim everyone else is. They just think their racism and sexism and ageism and whateverism is harmless and cute.

Secondly, checking out a member of the oppose sex is not sexist, idiot. It’s called being human. Sexist would be if you judged her competence or discriminated against her because she’s a woman. Do you really not know what sexism? Loser.

Hypocrite, They Name Is Liberal: Gisele Bundchen wore a t-shirt the other day to help fight deforestation. Yay! Go planet! Good grief. First of all, how does it help deforestation for a woman with more than enough clothes to be given another free t-shirt? Secondly, doesn’t this woman live in a massive mansion with Tom Brady? Yes, she does. And doesn’t she go on exotic vacations all over the planet at private resorts? Yes, she does. Resorts that cut town buttloads of trees? Yes, they do. Gisele Bundchen fighting deforestation is a joke... she is the CAUSE of deforestation!

Liberals Are Prejudiced: Jimmy Fallon is one of thousands of liberals to race full speed ahead to politicize the Orlando shooting away from themes they don't like and toward themes that make them comfortable. In his case, he wants this killing to be about straights hating gays. He said in his monologue, "What if my kids are gay? What do I tell them?" Sadly for Jimmy, that was before it turned out that the shooter was gay. What I would tell your kids, Jimmy, is this:
"See kids, I'm a liberal, which means I want things to be true whether they are or aren't. I want to believe this shooter was acting in the name of conservative, straight, white, Christian males because I have built those people into the enemy in my mind and it would shatter my entire worldview and all my beliefs if they weren't really evil people like I want to believe. Long story short, don't trust a word that comes out of my mouth because I'm hopelessly biased."
Not On A Bet: Finally, as an aside, someone just bought the Playboy Mansion for $100 million. Honestly, I wouldn’t take that place if it was free. There just aren’t enough black lights on this planet to make sure that place is clean.


Anthony said...

10 Morgan Freeman's comment that he was sexist was in response to a guy that accused him of being sexist and misogynist when Freeman talked about checking out his producer when he first saw her.

Freeman's flip response was he was sexist (because he was attracted to her) but not misogynist (because he was fine with her being his boss and thought woman made better bosses than men).

Yeah, it was an improper use of the term, but just kind of a nothing comment.

2. Jimmy Fallon's speech was bizarre because it stated that Americans were using guns and bombs to hash out political differences. The attack was an Islamic terrorist doing what Islamic terrorists do rather than an expression of how nasty American politics (which are pretty damn nasty right now) have become.

His call for peaceful resolution of differences was fine, though his call for people to stop ridiculing each other for differences contradicted his claim about freedom of belief being an important American political tradition.

Contrary to your claim, Fallon didn't claim the killer was straight, he just said the people were killed because they were gay. The killer is hardly the first guy to try to kill something in himself by killing other people.

3. I don't think Gisele Bundchen wearing a shirt is ever a good thing. Don't care what the shirt says.

EPorvaznik said...

My only advice at this divisive stage is to ask the non-adults – i.e., anyone who either refers to themselves as a hippie, supported/supports Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for President, and/or uses the term “adulting” before leaving work to make a fort in their basement – to move to Canada, Mexico, Cuba, or the Euro-socialist nation of their choice, and kindly take Donald Trump with them.

Sure, there are a few family members and friends I’d miss, but I’d learn to live with them via social media, at least as long as the new country they’re leeching off of allows them internet access.

Kit said...

Compared to what Colbert and Bee (and Reid and the NY Daily News and Clinton and Trump and 90% of Twitter and...) did, Fallon was probably the best response to the attack.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I would be shocked if Fallon believed that liberal gays were behind the killing of gay people.

AndrewPrice said...

Eric, As the song goes in The Warriors: "nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide." We are surrounded, my friend, and they aren't going anywhere.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, These things bring out a lot of stupidity.

Kit said...

My quick thoughts (I'll say more on my Friday's Thoughts):

This was a terrorist attack. A lone wolf terrorist attack but one nonetheless. He pledged allegiance to Al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, which is what ISIS has instructed lone wolves to do when they carry out terror attacks: (1) pledge allegiance to ISIS and (2) kill people in the "crusader nations."

ISIS has since declared him a martyr.

Issues of Mr. Mateen's repressed homosexuality only tell us (1) why he might have been susceptible to ISIS' propoganda, they offered a way to get out of this life and cleanse himself of his "sins", and (2) why he picked the target he did.

But he was a terrorist and, with both San Bernadino and the Texas art gallery shooting in the past 13 months (and that is only counting attacks within the US), we can look forward to more.

But America's left are stubbornly blind to what happened. They insisted on going after the NRA. Even the BBC, which never wastes an opportunity to go after America for our "gun obsession," understood this was an Radical Islamist terrorist attack. America's left did not.

Kit said...

OT Election news:

Trump is consistently polling under 40 (Romney stayed above 40 during the race).
Republican voters are becoming less and less enthusiastic, which bodes poorly for turnout in November.
GOP getting panicked about losing not only the White House and the Senate but House of Representatives as well.
There is a debate about whether or not Rubio should run for a 2nd term as Florida's senator: He has the better chance at winning but if he loses he's probably out for 2020.

This is what happens when a large portion of (the GOP's) primary voters treat elections like a reality TV-show.

tryanmax said...

Freeman doesn't seem to know what he's talking about. Misogynist is to sexist as lager is to beer. So while he certainly can be a sexist without being a misogynist, his explanation as to why he believes that is the case is a non sequitur at best.

tryanmax said...

Who wants to vote republican when you turn on left-leaning news and they bash republicans, then you switch over to right-leaning news and they bash republicans?

ArgentGale said...

Nice summary of things. The shooting has definitely brought out a lot of fringe and paranoid stuff on social media... I've had way too little sleep to be dealing with the mess there. Eric, I wish they would go through with that suggestion... It would make for much fewer headaches on my part, a fair bit of which are coming from things like Kit's election update.

- Daniel

Anthony said...

Just read on Townhall that Disney had recently warned the FBI that Omar Mateen was planning a terror attack.


New reports are emerging that Disney warned the FBI about Omar Mateen several months ago. Mateen visited the parks with his wife, who told the media that he was considering attacking Disney Springs.

Mateen also visited the Disney Springs (formerly known as "Downtown Disney") area during Gay Days, a weeklong LGBT festival in Orlando.

Insane. There are thousands of people who visit Disney each day--and Mateen must have been doing something very out of the ordinary to stand out and set off alarm bells and warrant the FBI being notified. That's horrifying.

EPorvaznik said...

Added bonus for them, Daniel, is that the lazy bastards who seemingly have all the time in the world to Occupy Wall Street/Seattle/Wherever, get bussed by the DNC to agitate GOP rallies, and/or sit on their asses while living off the welfare state, don't have to do anything in the countries I mentioned (well, maybe Mexico, if they can establish residence). Instead of substantially or incrementally transforming the USA, they can be lazy all they want. It's win-win for everyone.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, I think it's idiotic to deny the ISIS connection, as Obama seems to want to do.

Kit said...

And he's doing so in a way that is dividing the country.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think this is another case of the chattering classes making a big noise, but completely missing what the public is thinking. Said differently, I don't think National Review or Politico or the WashPo matter in this election.

Agreed on Freeman. He's using a feminist definition of "sexist" -- you did something that singled her out as a woman and that made me cry, so you are sexist.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, Wouldn't it be great if everyone who said they would leave the country would be forced to leave?! Talk about dumping your garbage! :)

Yeah, this shooting has brought out the usual morons and they are busy flinging the same old pooh at each other regardless of the facts

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Speaking of Disney, that's sad news about that kid and the alligator.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, Obama is all about dividing the nation.

Anthony said...

Yeah, what happened to the kid is a nightmare.

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