Thursday, September 15, 2016

What's It Like To Be Liberal?

I've been thinking about how hard it must be to be a liberal when watching a film. After all, liberals are emotional creatures who decide right and wrong according to how they feel about the people involved at that point rather than the principles involved. I imagine this inner dialog going on around me in the theater...

Oh my God, that gun owner is going to kill the misunderstood alleged criminal who ate those hate-filled nuns! Don't you dare! Every life is sacred!

Oh no, the police have come! Off the pigs!

Wait, the one officer is Africa-American. Liking him makes me special! Please, Mr. Officer, stop the gun owner from killing the misunderstood alleged criminal. I'm so amazing.

Wait, that negro said something conservative! He must be a racist! Kill him, alleged criminal!

What's that? The conservative racist black cop's mom died of cancer? Hmm. Now I feel so sorry for him, don't shoot him!

What? Her cancer was treated in a facility for rich people? She should have died! Kill him, alleged criminal!

Oh, she got in as a charity case? Well, of course, she's black. She must have been on welfare, trapped by white conservatives no doubt who no doubt want to judge her based on the color of her skin! And isn't it wrong to mention welfare and black people together? That's racist! The director should be fired! Hate crime hate crime!

I wonder if this popcorn is gluten free?

Wait! Who do I want to die now? Shoot. I'm lost. This film was too confusing. It's all because of Donald Trump!
Yeah, it's tough when your value system is more flexible than a gender-non-specific gymnast born without a spine. So what do you think it's like being a liberal? Is ignorance bliss? Is smugness the heroin of the masses? Does stupid hurt? The floor is yours.


tryanmax said...

Ever notice how all the terms for non-binary gender are just synonyms for tranny?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I find all their terms to be ridiculous at this point. I also find it hilarious how the terms change almost every day as any member of the class can find themselves offended with the choice.

Though obviously, the underlying problem is that they are looking for magic words. The left has done that for a long time now: if only we can find the right name to call ourselves, then everyone will accept us! What they don't get is that it's the underlying people and their behavior which the public finds odious, not the name given to them.

EPorvaznik said...

Being embedded in and surrounded by LaLaLand's leftard echo chamber for most of my 20 years in SoCal, I've become accustomed to their eye-rolling pretzel logic and ignorance. However, after hearing a very good friend's complete obliviousness to NYC being super-liberal, as well as Mayor Diblahblahz's sinking it further back towards 1970s-style decrepitude ("All my friends there are conservative."), I've now given up on understanding them. Oh, well. At least we both enjoyed the NoHo Laemmle's Throwback Thursday screening of Star Trek II.

"He tasks me ..."

TJ said...

LOL! Love this, Andrew, it’s hilarious!

What do I think it’s like being a liberal? If that’s how they think, and I believe you’re pretty much on the mark on that, it sounds exhausting. Way too much drama for me.

AndrewPrice said...

Eric, I've found that liberals are awful at spotting other liberals unless they claim openly to be liberals. As a general rule, they seem to follow this guideline:

1. Woman and minorities = liberals
2. White males = conservatives
3. Uneducated = conservatives
4. College grads = liberals
5. People who work for corporations = conservatives
6. Soldiers = conservatives
7. religious people = conservatives
8. journalists = unbiased unless they work for FOX
9. white women who complain about crime = conservatives
10. country singers = conservatives
11. Walmart shoppers, McDonalds customers = conservatives
12. rich people = conservatives

The most ironic thing, something I see all the time in watching the sports media, is that liberals assume that journalists who are old, white, fat, smokers or males are conservatives even as they regularly write anti-gun, pro-environmental, pro-union, pro-"minority" (read black, because they are the only minorities that count in sports), and anti-conservative diatribes. It's weird. You will literally see liberals smearing these liberal writers for being conservatives even as they've never shared a single conservative thought in their lives.

I see something similar with union guys. Unions are liberals, but their fat, white, male members (read: all of them) are seen by liberals as conservatives.

Liberals have issues.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks TJ! I thought it was funny. :)

It does seem exhausting. I prefer to simply judge an action based on a consistent moral code rather than needing to figure out which person I like better.

Being a liberal must be hard... especially when the groupthink happens and you need to change your mind completely on an issue in an instant: "Oh hey, as of now forward, I have always thought X was a good thing. I should burn those papers where I called it despicable in the past because I never believed that."

Ouch, my brain! LOL!

BevfromNYC said...

>>I wonder if this popcorn is gluten free?<<

Okay, come on...gluten free? Are you kidding me? That's just the tip of the iceberg on that one. Please revise to read as follows:
"I wonder if this popcorn is gluten-free, non-GMO, fair-trade, women/minority owned farm-grown popcorn?"

Down with patriarchal thought-crimes!!!!

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, LOL! My apologies. I'm clearly not fully into the whole mindset of liberals. Even getting in this far is creepy quite frankly. It's a strange, confused world of intense anger and smugness and obliviousness.

ScottDS said...

When it comes to the terminology, you know things have gotten off the rails when even I, a perfectly tolerant millennial, gets called out!

Thankfully, most (normal) people are in the middle ground, not as super-sensitive or easily-offended as the SJW snowflakes... but not assholes like Milo, et al.

I've said it before but I look to my left and simply roll my eyes... I look to my right and think, "Nope!" :-)

Anthony said...

Andrew said:

especially when the groupthink happens and you need to change your mind completely on an issue in an instant: "Oh hey, as of now forward, I have always thought X was a good thing. I should burn those papers where I called it despicable in the past because I never believed that."
That sounds like a day in the life of a Trump supporter or for that matter, Trump.

Going back to the topic, there seems to be a bunch of liberal angst about a weird movie about an assassin who has his gender switched by a mad scientist.

It stars Michelle Rodriguez and has a bunch of big names involved.

Doesn't sound like my cup of tea (to put it mildly) but it fun to read people agonizing over the movie that I strongly suspect no one will watch.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez is defending her role as a hitman who undergoes forcible gender reassignment surgery, saying she took the role “to express frustration” over Hollywood’s lack of diversity.
After its premiere Wednesday at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the film’s plot, according to a Reuters report, “drew criticism from some in the transgender community, who said the medical procedure should not be used as a sensationalistic plot device. It was also called transphobic and exploitative by Twitter users.”

(Re)Assignment, which Hill co-wrote with Denis Hamill, is framed through the institutionalised musings of Sigourney Weaver's Dr Rachel Jane, a back-alley megalomaniac who performs cut-rate gender reassignment surgery on the "unfortunates" who cannot afford a more reputable, less unlicensed surgeon. Her true passion, though, is the more speculative work she performs on unsuspecting subjects, the kind she can pay henchmen to snatch off the street and who won't be missed later. When hitman Frank Kitchen kills her beloved brother, the good doctor sees an opportunity to combine her vocation with her desire for revenge: She kidnaps Frank, knocks him unconscious, and when he awakes, he's been, at least physically, transformed into a woman, one who bears a strong resemblance to Michelle Rodriguez.

tryanmax said...

Scott, just to give you a perspective I'm sure you'll understand, the special snowflake SJWs aren't a new thing, they just lacked a name. And they've generally resided on the illiberal left, which is why I've always looked that way and said, "Nope!"

tryanmax said...

Let me add, the far right religious types tend to make me "nope" too, but their influence has long been overstated. Exhibit A: the status quo.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, That sounds more like a gimmick than a real reason for movie. That said, Rodriguez, who is a lesbian, has always struck me as a butch lesbian who recoils at the idea of taking sexy roles even as she seeks them out. So her taking this role kind of fits.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's true. They are also remarkably good at disavowing their own prior misdeeds and labeling them as something else. If you look at the ideological thought patterns though, witch burners, slave owners, colonial builders and missionaries, the eugenics movement, Nazis, Commies, liberation theology, "red" terrorist groups, the PC speech police, and now the SJW are all the same people, just living in different times. And at each step, the next group of leftists would disavow the last and try to spin them off as something unrelated to them.

AndrewPrice said...

Scott, I suspect that you are being selective in your facts. When you look right, you focus on the hateful people because that is who the media highlights, but when you look left you seem to focus only on the morons and dismiss them as random people. You seem to miss the angry ones, the terrorists (you know that environmental terrorists dominate the FBI's most wanted list, right?), the race haters, the antisemites, etc. and the fact that exist in the same numbers and in equal proportions to the ones the media points out on the right.

Did you know that the neo-nazis advocate socialism for whites? The anit-Israeli left advocates the destruction of Israel? There was even a class being offered at UC Berkley until national outage ended it about how to destroy Israel? There are people who advocate killing cops, killing whites, killing religious people. There people who advocate racial separation and apartheid. There are people who call interracial marriage and adoption genocide. Many of them have been feted by this White House. There are people who are fighting to ban religion. There are people who advocate imprisonment of people who deny global warming. There are people who advocate post-birth abortion. There are people who want laws forcing racial and gender quotas in boardrooms and legislatures. There are people who want to reclaim California and Texas for Mexico and through out the whites. There are people who advocate eliminating age of consent.

Again, these people exist in equal numbers and proportions on the left to those who scare you on the right. And they spew just as much as those on the right, the media just ignores them.

tryanmax said...

Aaaaand here's the media taking every word Donald says literally again: Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton’s Bodyguards Should Disarm to ‘See What Happens to Her’

Jersey McJones said...
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AndrewPrice said...

Thanks for proving my point about liberals being morons, Jersey. Sorry to hear you're that stupid though. I thought you were faking, but I guess not.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, It's an easy game to play. Our language is strewn with hyperbole and idioms and the such that sound violent, but aren't. So the media just decides how literal they want to take the comments and they can thereby make it sound menacing all the way to dismissing genuine threats. It's a great way to control the image of your targets.

tryanmax said...

According to RCP, it's a less than 1point race. States up for grabs include: CO, IA, WI, MI, VA, NC, as well as the typical swing states.

Also, a Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll shows Trump with a 16.5 percentage-point increase in backing from African-American voters.

Koshcat said...

I kind of wish I could see the comments from Jersey but it's your blog.

Fascistic group-think is prevalent on both sides. However, you rightly point out that the media shows the right to be dangerous thugs while showing the left as softer and kinder. One thing that media doesn't get is the "right wing fascists" are actually liberal in their positions.

Life looks easy for a liberal but actually quite hard because they aren't encouraged to think for ze-self. They have to wait to be told what position they are allowed to hold. If two positions are contradictory, they aren't.

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, There's nothing interesting. It's just basic insults with swearing. There's nothing even close to witty or worth responding to.

It drives me nuts that the media keeps pushing that bit of stability -- right wing fascists. How in the world can a socialist be right wing? Don't get it.

And you are right, the people who do the group think on the right really are pushing liberal idea, they just don't realize it.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, It's been an ugly run for Hillary as all the battleground states start to shift toward Trump. I think Trump's new campaign manager has done a great job keeping him out of the way of Hillary's implosion.

ArgentGale said...

The main article summed it up pretty well... All the double standards and especially the hair-trigger outrage part. You're right, things are a lot easier and you see with more clarity when you use consistent, well-thought out standards of character than various identity factors when measuring people. I'm really hoping this insane anger burns itself out soon... I'm not worried about the public getting swept up in it and more and more people seem to be pushing back against SJW/Delicate Whinerism. I just sometimes worry that they're going to do something that's going to make the Dallas shootings look tame by comparison.

On some of the other topics, that movie sounds pretty lame, though don't ask me why her personal life seems to keep crossing my desk, but I think Michelle Rodriguez is bi rather than pure lesbian - the E! Channel sidebar here reports when she's dating men as well as women. The whole tough and butch but deep down sensitive tough girl role has been a cliche for her for several years, though, and it doesn't look like she's going to break from that any time soon. In any case I'm sure (Re)Assignment is going to bomb terribly. It sounds like some kind of arthouse movie dressed up as action with some controversy for marketing and I don't think it's going to appeal to anyone beyond those wrapped up in identity politics and a scattering of the curious.

And on Trump it does seem like he's taking this seriously and just might pull it off thanks to Hillary collapsing on all levels... I never thought I'd see it. I hope you're right about him leaving the heavy lifting to Ryan, Laffer, Giuliani, and such and basically just taking credit and assigning blame as things go right or wrong. In any case, interesting times indeed...

- Daniel

Jersey McJones said...
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tryanmax said...

Koshcat, if you really want to see Jersey's comments, just check the notify me box and all the comments will be emailed to you. But as Andrew said, they are just lowball insults and swearing. Good for a laugh though.

Jersey, if you're reading, go to Twitter where you belong!

AndrewPrice said...

Tryanmax and Koshcat, Jersey is stupid even for a liberal. Most liberals at least can manage to spew a few mindless bumperstick thoughts, but this moron can't even do that. But as tryanmax says, he's good a laugh now and then.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, It's hard to say what is going to happen to these people. They have started to turn on each other, but they lack the power to actually put each other in camps this time. So I think they're just going to spend their lives as bitter, pathetic whiners sniping at society. A few will likely turn to terrorism in one form or another (I think we are already seeing that with the cop shootings), but they aren't exactly a very capable groups.

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