Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Head Scratcher

So I'm really scratching my head about this terrorism thing. Not the terrorists... I understand them... but the left. What a messed up little group they are. Here are my thoughts and questions:

● As I mentioned in the comments earlier, I find it amazing that all these celebrities care now that one of their own has been victimized, when they saw prior attacks as mere political opportunities to lecture average Americans about tolerance.

● Have you noticed how little coverage there is right now of this terrorist event? All the leftist sites stopped talking about it and went back to their insipid obsession: Melina won't hold Trump's hand! He's going to get impeached people!! Yahoo's front page barely mentions it.

The MSM has shifted the discussion from the attack to attacking people they don't like who comment on the attack: "How dare fringe right winger X say ____!" Apparently, it's a bigger crime to the MSM to speak ill of people who kill children than it is to kill children. One bit of @fakeoutrage they've covered extensively is banished loser Milo Yan-(sp) accusing Grande of being pro-Islam and anti-American. Who exactly does Milo speak for? They've also spent a ton of time covering how sad and depressed poor Ariana is after this thing... while ignoring the families who lost someone. The New York Times is talking about how Ariana Grande, who sells her body for fame, is a feminist.

● If Ariana really cared, shouldn't she give the proceeds of the concert to the victims? Funny how that hasn't come up. I guess terrorism is horrible, but shouldn't stand in the way of profit. Maybe the government will take care of them.

● I have to tell you that I think the government(s) better get a handle on this. Looking at history, when people of one race/religion target people of another race/religion and the government doesn't seem to be able to stop it, a desire builds for revenge until it pops. At some point, one of these assholes is going to blow something up and some person or persons are going to go through Muslim neighborhoods slaughtering hundreds of Muslims.

Even worse would be if some educated dude had enough. See, the thing you don't realize is that our criminal justice system works because criminals are retards. They are too stupid to come up with anything grand or to pull it off. But kill the daughter of a scientist and you may find some Arab city smouldering in a nuclear glow or corpses piling up from a poison water supply. Not good... but that's how people stop things the government tells them can't be stopped.



EPorvaznik said...

Not a damn thing was done differently by the entertainment community after the Eagles of Death Metal attack at the end of '15. Pathetically, this (faux) outrage shall pass as well.

Rich Ward needs to finally complete the too-long-gestating Here Come the Infidels album from Stuck Mojo, and then hit the road with Ted Nugent.

Anthony said...

As of the time of this posting the attack is once again at the top of pages (the suspect was known to security services and authorities suspect he was not acting alone) on sites liberal and conservative not named Yahoo (which continues to highlight the failed hand hold).

As usually seems to be the case the terrorist was the kid of refugees. Born and raised in the UK, social reject, seems to have come radicalized over the past few years. Sounds like his father (who returned to Libya a few years ago during the recent civil war) is someone authorities are probably taking a hard look at.

I've seen more coverage of the victims (especially the eight year old who was killed) than Ariana Grande (who doesn't seem to be saying much). I don't think her not saying much means anything. She's been a pop star her whole life, the appropriate response to a terror attack isn't something she has had drilled into her. I wouldn't go saying she doesn't care because she hasn't said enough or the right things or whatever.

Media coverage has been weird, but before we knew the extent of the damage people on all sides were taking political shots, so I guess that is just the world we live in now.

The last terror attack which (briefly) triggered a rally round the flag effect was 9/11. Subsequent terror attacks just offered partisans new tools to attack their enemies with.

ambisinistral said...

As for your last point -- Wretchard's 4th Conjecture.


tryanmax said...

The coverage on Manchester has decidedly shifted since last night. Now that the press has some details on the bomber, that's the lead story for the next few hours.

Last night, the coverage I saw was tilting toward an "attack on women and girls" narrative. Exhibit A was the obviously tragic death of 8 year old Saffie-Rose. Exhibit B was Ariana Grande's writhing and gyrating feminism. *eyeroll*

Framing the attack as 'misogynist' is a deliberate attempt to downplay that this was Islamic terror. We saw something similar with the Pulse Nightclub shooting where it was characterized as a homophobic attack by a religious fundamentalist.

I raise this because I think this is no small part of why/how governments are not getting a handle on this. There are a cadre of people in the press and government who get to call most of the shots, and they are perfectly happy to catalog terrorist events under false headers as an excuse to ignore them.

tryanmax said...

OT, but I know of interest to some folks here:

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, You anti-science dirty racist. You KNOW that humans came from Africa. To believe otherwise is heresy.

//liberalism off

Anyways, thanks for the link. Fascinating article! I've long felt (and I think mentioned) that I don't accept the Africa theory for many reason. The biggest reason is that everything in our world follows the mathematical golden spiral. This includes things like disease spread patterns and animal habitation. If you look at where humans are, the center of humanity is in India and it spreads out from there perfectly according to the golden spiral all the way until the Americas are populated last.

The Africa theory is based on finding the oldest fossils in Africa, but not finding anything that old in India. The thing is, India's climate would destroy fossils and its topography make finding them impossible -- hence, fossils are found in desert regions mainly. So the theory has a bias in it to me and the spiral is more likely to be accurate.

I also think that looking at human traits, it's easy to see how India-man could have bred into Caucasians, Asians and Africans as small, genetically similar groups headed in those directions. I don't see how any of those three groups could have evolved into the others however. You would essentially be saying blacks went to India, turned into Indians and then kept going and became whites and Asians. That seems unnecessarily complicated to me. So again, I suspect our common ancestors came from India.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The coverage changed today because they got details on the killer, which means they do the standard breathless reporting about every detail of his life as they pretend they are trying to understand him.

Before that happened, the coverage was basically gone or dealt only with Ariana and how she's holding up.

AndrewPrice said...

ambisinistril, The link didn't work.

AndrewPrice said...

EP, They are nothing if not consistent.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think you put your finger on it. I think this is about several things: (1) their impotence and inability to attack the terrorists, so they find new targets, (2) their contempt for the simpletons they feel they need to contain, (3) their love of celebrity, and (4) their loss of perspective with all the fake outrage they generate. Real tragedy no longer connects with them.

EPorvaznik said...

>>I suspect our common ancestors came from India.>>

C'mon, man, give the Bulgarians something.

AndrewPrice said...


"I suspect our common ancestors came from India... with a quick stop in Bulgaria to take a leak." ;-)

EPorvaznik said...

They're always overshadowed, even by the Greeks sharing in these discoveries, so on behalf of those of Eastern/Central European descent, much obliged. ;-)

tryanmax said...

Here's ambisinistral's link: LINK (worked for me)

tryanmax said...

Andrew, I never thought of the fossil bias thing, but there is no sound reason to suppose that humans would have abandoned the place they originated and every reason to think they'd still be there. In which case, they'd have had eons to trample the evidence.

India makes sense for a lot of reasons, the more I think about it. For one, 1/3 of impoverished people live there. It's a general rule that there will be more poor people where it is easy to be poor, which basically means less need for shelter. India provides a hospitable environment for humans (if you overlook the other humans).

EPorvaznik said...

Entertainers, notably the impotent kum-ba-ya'ers, you've been challenged: https://acculturated.com/celebrities-can-actually-terrorism/

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, apparently going to foreign countries, falling in love with their cuisine so much you open a restaurant with those recipes is now "colonialism"

Critch said...

Yep, where's all the "We stand with Manchester" or 'We stand with the UK" memes on FB? You have to read English newspapers to find out what's going on.....

tryanmax said...

Saw this in my feed:

Media script for Islamic terrorist attack in the West
Timeline >> Media response

Hours 1-2 >> "Nobody must jump to any conclusions about who is responsible or if it is even a terrorist attack."

Hours 3-2 >> "Perpetrators could be right-wing extremists."

Hours 3-6 >> "Attackers probably disaffected, marginalized youths," "Discrimination, poverty, unemployment lead to radicalization," "Nothing to do with Islam."

Hours 7-24 >> "No obvious motive for attack," "Lone wolf," "No connections to terrorist groups," "Probably mental health problems." [Find photo of a Muslim victim. If none is available, a photo of a Muslim looking shocked will suffice.]

Day 2 AM >> "Muslims fear backlash after attack."

Day 2 PM "Right-wing racists exploit attack with violence against Muslims." [Interview veiled woman who claims to have received nasty stares, cite Twitter and Facebook as examples of violence.]

Day 3 AM >> "This was an attack against Islam; Muslims are the real victims," "Attacker/s are extremists who hijacked the religion of peace."

Day 3 PM >> "Attacker had long-term psychiatric problems."

Day 4 >> Make up a story about a Muslim hero who saved lives during the attack.

Day 5 >> "United response to attack proves success of diversity and multiculturalism. It is the right-wing racists we must destroy."

h/t: edgar1981.blogspot.co.uk

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That is spot on.

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