Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Some Random Catch-Up Thoughts

Here are some things that have struck me of late, but which I haven't had time to discuss.

That's Pathetic: Some black dude in a promo for a show about race says, "racism has been the biggest problem of my adult life." To that, I say that you're an idiot and a fool if that is true. What kind of fool lets other people control their lives? And how do they do it anyways? If your boss is racist, change jobs. If your town is racist, go somewhere not-racist like Colorado (actually, no, don't come here) or some white-excluded utopia like Baltimore or Detroit. Do racists control who you date? Who you marry? How hard you try in school? What jobs you can apply for? Where you can live? How you spend your money? What you choose for entertainment? How you raise your kids? What kind of house you can buy? No.

The March For Idiocy: A group of political types just did a March for Science. What a joke. They had no specific cause they could point too except the leftist claim that conservatives are anti-science. They had no agenda and no demands except, uh, um, keep sciencing and give us money and stuff. They also seemed to overlook the fact that it's the left that is really antiscience. The left believes in magic ("invent a car that runs on good wishes!"), dogma in social sciences ("don't you say men and women are different!"), the banning of things that could be "misused" like cars, guns, and genetically modified foods, the left is protectionist ("this could kill jobs!"), the left likes to move money from genuine worries like cancer to politicized worries like AIDS, etc. Even when it comes to defending "scientific" procedures like abortion, it won't let you do them if you do them for the wrong reasons ("we need to ban sex selection and gay conversion therapy!"). Don't tell me this was about science.

Pussy Hat Brigade: So, uh, where is this movement of women we heard so much about?

Trump is finished!: After enduring the left's full anti-Trump onslaught now, the left was ready to declare that Trump is finished. Then an ABC poll showed that only 2% of his supporters regret the decision. Huh. Rather than seeing that they remain in the same bubble, the left doubled-down on their current strategy of spewing elitist nonsense.

Whoops: Then another poll came out which found that only 28% of the public thinks the Democrats get their concerns and 67% believe they are out of touch. Gee, I can't imagine why. In a completely unrelated aside, crazy Nancy Pelosi will be facing a challenger from her left because the Democrats now see her as too normal.

You mean he lied???!!: Gee, it turns out Obama lied about the Iran deal. Who could have see this coming? When Obama said he gave up almost nothing for the deal. One minor part, for example, was "businessmen awaiting trial for sanctions-related offenses." He forgot to mention that this included amnesty for 21 men who are considered threats to national security, including a man Obama's own Justice Department was trying to stop as part of their efforts to "stop the global spread of nuclear and missile technology." Yep. An arms dealer who deals in nuclear parts and missiles. Basically, this derailed Obama's entire counter-proliferation initiative... and lied about it.

No Duh!: The Democrats are beside themselves that Obama is getting paid large ($400k a pop) to speak to banks. How can that be? Uh, because he's always been on their payroll. Did you idiots really not pay attention to the past eight years? Bernie's rich too, folks.

You Can't know that: I saw an ad today that said, and I quote, "60% of women are using the wrong size pad." Uh, ok. My first thought was that this does not speak well of women. But then I realized, they can't possibly know this. There is no way to know this in fact. It is impossible. Think about it. You can know how many women there are and you can know what size pads get sold, but you can't know who is wearing what or even what sizes are needed in what numbers. This is a bullship claim.

Smokin' In the Boys Room: There is something so fitting about "the beautiful people... the rich kids of Instagram" (Hadids, Kardashians, Baldwins, etc.) gathered in the bathroom at the MET Gala to smoke. Very fitting indeed.


AndrewPrice said...

Just to follow up on the collapse of journalism, Yahoo had articles today about the woman who farted on a dance show and a girl who responded to a troll when the troll called her fat.

The Daily Mail had an article on Eddie Renemede being kept out of a party at the MET, on what Rihannah served at her party, and what Obama's daughter was wearing when she went for a walk.

I feel so enriched.

tryanmax said...

Pussy Hat Brigade: They're all at home, binge-watching The Handmaid's Tale and acting scared like teenagers at a slasher flick.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, So true.

Can we compare them with the Tea Party now? I seem to recall the Tea Party actually doing something at this point.

BevfromNYC said...

What? Uh, there's no smoking allowed in any public building in NYC, so I wonder if all of those MET Ball goers are going to be fined or is this just one more example of DeBlasio's "Tale of Two Cities"?

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew - As to the March for Science/March for The Earth or whatever, I had an interesting tweet-ersation with one young woman that kind of went like this...

Someone else: OK what am I not getting about the March for Science? Because to me it seems utterly devoid of a point or any narrative cohesion

Girl at March: It's okay. No one needs you to get. Those who marched or who supported the march in some way got it and that's all that matters.

ME: I am glad that Martin Luther King et al. didn't see it that way..
Girl at March: In no way is equal rights for the same as a "march for science". Also MLK understood many would never change. He wanted the LAW to change.

ME: Actually, the point is the Civil Right marches had a clear objective...change the LAW. Weekly undefined rant/protests gets no one anywhere.

GaM: Didn't you just argue both sides of the point? The science march wasn't a "weekly rant", but again, it's okay if folks don't get it.

it devolved from there to basically - "People like you" would never understand anyway.

And yes, by this time the Tea Party had clear objectives because we started out with clear objectives - Demanding Fiscal responsibility from our governments...that they work for us, we do not work for them. Hold our elected officials accountable or vote them out. It devolved into the social policy mess later on.

ArgentGale said...

Ha, sounds like the left's downward spiral is picking up speed... I heard about the March for Science and thought the whole thing was dumb myself. Between this and the hats they really are doing some serious Religious Right based fearmongering, aren't they? Never mind that Trump hasn't done any real pandering to them... I suspect that that particular brand of scares is aimed more at Congress and Pence, actually, but it doesn't look like the public is buying regardless.

That commercial sounds weird, too... Who would volunteer that kind of information in the first place? People don't like to be uncomfortable down there anyway so I'm sure women figure out the right size quickly. Between the smoking and Lord of the Flies in the Bahamas the Rich Kids of Instagram aren't having a good time lately, are they? Can't say I feel sorry for them though.

- Daniel

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