Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thought For The Day

Liberals like to claim that we are all alike. You hear it in songs ("People are the same wherever we go"), you hear it as a smear whenever there is a war ("they're just like us!"), and you hear it as self-righteous verbal-bation all the time in the immigration debate. Everyone is fundamentally the same. Got it.

Yet, we're told to celebrate diversity. But how can there be anything more than superficial diversity if we are all fundamentally the same? And if diversity is only superficial, what is the point in protecting it? That's like protecting the difference between Cubs fans and Pacers fans. It is a chosen veneer only that can hardly be considered worthy of legal protection. Heck, what is there even to learn from something so superficial?

On the other hand, if there is more than superficial differences between cultures and peoples of color and peoples of gender, then shouldn't we be allowed to examine those differences and act accordingly rather than pretending they don't exist? For example, if black culture endorses something stupid that keeps their kids from getting the education they need, shouldn't we be allowed to point that out and fix it rather than needing to pretend that there is no difference between whites and black while we celebrate the difference?

Honestly, only a liberal can hold all these contradictory thoughts at the same time because they don't think.

And let me toss this out there... if we really do "celebrate diversity," then why are we told that blacks, gays and women are all monolithic collectives with lock-step views? Last I looked, Africa was made up of hundreds of different cultures, just as women come from thousands of cultures and religions. How can they all be the same? Is there no diversity? Apparently, not.

And the left dares to complain about our culture being made bland and uniform by corporate America?! Ha!

One more thing, since we're told all the time that men can never know the pain of being women and whites will never understand the suffering of blacks, why bother celebrating any of this crap? If someone cannot learn X, then there's no point in trying to teach them X. Or perhaps, if you can't explain X, then you just suck as a teacher. Or maybe you can't explain X because X isn't really real, is it?

Bonus Round: Evolution is real and causes species to develop special traits whenever they are isolated from each other. People evolved in relative isolation everywhere. Yet, we are told that people identical. Good luck figuring that one out.


AndrewPrice said...

So this Hollywood thing is increasingly turning into a gay predator story as the chickies struggle to name more than a couple Hollywood predators despite claims it's widespread... if you call tens guys widespread.

Anyways, today's additions are:

Richard Dreyfuss (denies)
Steven Segal
FIFA President Sepp Blatter (denies)
George Takai (gay) (denies)
Music/TV Mogul Benny Medina (gay)

And of course, more Kevin Spacey victims. Apparently, Spacey attempted to molest every male actor in Hollywood and London and failed.

AndrewPrice said...

Ok. I have to mention this because it's so pathetic.

With all the Hollywood stuff going on, someone started a post at Redit asking people to post things celebrities have done that they think show that the celebrity is nice. The list is less than inspiring (LINK).

Examples: Eva Longoria remembered the name of an intern and asked her/him/it how things were going.

Steve Buscemi gives out Halloween candy.

Gloria Estefan wrote to a fan.

Rapper Common gave a thank you speech to the extras.

Antonio Bandares once spoke to a fan.

Talk about a low bar. Now, there were some better things (e.g. Vigo Mortenson bought someone a horse and Keanu Reeves takes pay cuts to make sure there are enough staff), but to see these things as special and worth calling out is ridiculous. These are the things the rest of us do every day of our lives unless we're assholes.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, all thoughts I've mused myself about the diversity conundrum. All I can say is that the consensus seems to be drifting away from "we're all the same" and toward "diversity now!" which is terrible. I spoke with my wife at length about this over the weekend, how when we were children, we were raised on a mantra of "difference is only skin deep." This diversity stuff feels like an attack on the very foundations of belief.

tryanmax said...

I'm now at about 85% on the sex allegations I believe and dropping. We’ve reached the "approached" phase of accusations. Sorry, I still believe men are allowed to flirt.

Also, I think we should all be very nervous that partisans on all sides have twisted the word "denial" into a synonym for "confession." That's pretty much the definition of a witch hunt.

They're gonna kill a good thing by going too far. Everyone involved in the landslide of Hollywood accusations, I mean. Smart people in media understand this, so I can't just assume it's unintentional.

tryanmax said...

George Takei has officially taken the Russian bot defense.

BevfromNYC said...

Poor George Takei...Maybe it's Mr. Chekhov!

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