Thursday, February 8, 2018

News Bites...

Some items from the news...

● Parody Alert. A group of models will be posing nude in Sports Illustrated to... uh... somethingsomething the #metoo list.

//scratches head

So to fight harassment, these chickies will be posing nude.


I don't even know what to say about this. Is this a joke?

● FakeRacism. Also in the news, do you recall Leslie Jones of Ghostbuster's fame? She's the one who made this big deal of quitting Twitter when she was racially attacked online. The thing is, it all struck me as fake. In fact, it struck me as something created to make Jones a victim so they could sell the film as being victimized by racists.

Well, it worked. Jones gained victim status and went from basically a super-ugly, super-mannish, unfunny nobody to hosting award shows.

And then she promptly accused fashion designers of racism for not offering her free designer dresses.

And then she bombed as a host for the BET awards and, surprise surprise, she alleged some unexplained racism by the Ritz Carlton. The Ritz even publicly asked her to explain what the problem was so they could fix it and she refused to say.

Now she's in the news again accusing an Atlanta seafood restaurant of racism.

● FakeSupport. So Twitter has started deleting fake accounts... more than a million in the first round. See, it turns out that there are companies who create fake accounts and then sell their accounts to celebrities who want to seem more important. As I went down the list of people identified in the first round, it was interesting to see how many of the vilest little leftists made the list. John Leguizamo who has been a vile Trump attacker is on the list. Clay Aiken who ran for office as a gay anti-Republican candidate was on the list. Lebron James, Barrack Obama (42% fake), Sarah Silverman, Mark Cuban, and environmental hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio are on the list. Each is a nasty anti-Trump. The right lost followers too -- Sean Hannity, for example, lost 300,000 followers -- but it's funny that these people who claim to be leading people to resist Trump need to fill their accounts with fake followers.

● FakeProtest. Jim Carrey wants you to delete your Facebook account over Russian interference with the election. Personally, I think Carrey should delete all of his social media accounts. Or he should do as the feminists and pose nude in Good Housekeeping. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. LOL

●BTW, Bev posted this link in the comments yesterday: LINK and it's a fantastic takedown of modern feminism. Well worth watching!


Critch said...

So the Philly Eagles are talking about not going to the White House? How rude....just proves what I've always known about that town.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, It just shows how intolerant the left is. Oh, you disagree with me? Then die before I show you the least courtesy.

The video Bev linked to covers this well: "How does it have a penis, just like someone else I hate?!" Uh... what?

BevfromNYC said...

The NFL players do this at their own peril. They get paid by playing football, but they also get paid much in...endorsement. And if they are hellbent of marginalizing and showing open disdain for the fans, that means fans will staying away in droves. Viewership is already way down and translates into lost revenue for the station/advertisers all down the line.

And what happens when sports fans turn to...SOCCER???

Anthony said...

Leslie Jones has followed the standard trajectory of less talented SNL stars. One big failed movie then obscurity broken only by crazy talk.

Speaking of celebs with no discernible talent Omarosa (for a year among Trump's highest paid staffers though what she did is anyone's guess) has stated Trump is unstable and his being president is a problem. The textbook definition of biting the hand that feeds you.

Continuing the theme of WH staffers, Rob Porter has resigned after allegations (and a photo) of domestic abuse resurfaced. The WH was aware of the allegations but it had chosen to give him the benefit of the doubt.

On a lighter note a woman is claiming an airline made her flush her support hamster down the toilet by not allowing her to board with it. When will this support crap end?

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