Thursday, April 26, 2018

An Article

Well, really some thoughts. There isn't enough substantive news right now to really dig into anything. But there is a lot to talk about!

● So the Democrats failed to take the seat in Arizona. I'm not sure it suggests anything except that the Democrats are not riding a wave at this point. In fact, I think we're looking at a very inconclusive election coming up. Both sides have done things to hurt themselves and I don't think there is an real momentum either way.

● "Commentator X makes a bold prediction about the NFL draft!" No he didn't. First of all, his prediction has been conventional wisdom for weeks. Everyone else is saying it too. That's the opposite of bold. Secondly, there's no such thing as a bold prediction because there's no harm to getting it wrong. Commentator X won't lose his job. No mob is going to burn down his house. The government won't kill him. There is nothing bold about spouting an opinion that has no consequence to getting it wrong.

● Still not sure how they can violate the attorney-client privilege with Trump's lawyer. The claim seems to be that he paid Stormy Daniel's demand. The problem is, that's not illegal. Nor am I sure how this involved Sean Hannity. The whole thing reeks to me. As of right now, this reeks of abuse.

● This is an amazing time to be alive if you're into seeing the incredible sights this planet has to offer and if you're interested in scientific discoveries. Almost every day they are discovering something new, from the importance of gut bacteria for regulating every aspect of us (apparently including mental health) to how quasars allow galaxies to form. Yet, here are some things that seem kind of basic which we don't know: how the moon was formed, where oil comes from, and how all this water came to Earth. I also saw that Darwin is the guy who decided we all came from Africa. That still makes no sense to me. I'm pretty sure it's India. And interestingly, they've begun to find bones that have dramatically changed the Africa story, because these bones aren't supposed to exist under the Africa story. Unfortunately, I'm seeing confirmation bias in the analysis of this however, as every new discovery has these scientists saying "Well, that just moves back the date we left Africa" rather than asking, "is the story perhaps wrong." I think in a hundred years, we will discover that life began in Southeast Asia... probably in a Thailand whorehouse.

● Bill Cosby has been convicted. You know, this is the first time I truly feel betrayed by a celebrity. He always struck me as a decent human being. I don't get it.

● So Will and Kate haven't named their child yet, which I find bizarre. Anyways, I have some suggestions: Lord Bubbles... JaRon... Frodo... Knifey... #royalfamily... or Dwayne The Peasant Killer. This is harder than it looks. Suggestions?


Critch said...

I think they should just name the little guy, "Prince". This whole Kanye west thing is interesting, I love how the Left goes after any person of color or any gay person who has a different opinion than the herd mentality at the moment. I have to tell you that a lot of the people I know still think Cosby was the target of a deliberate hit because he spoke out against the current black culture. A kid in Florida was questioned by school security for going to the gun range with his dad...get a good lawyer young man and make them pay for being so stupid. The mob against Kanye is being led by Stephen Colbert, one of the most untalented, vapid personalities on the idiot box. I'm curious why anyone would find it weird that Trump, a rich New Yorker, would have the same lawyer as Hannity, a rich New Yorker. Who are his other clients...I'm sure there's more than one rich Democrat on that list. The case against our Governor seems to be in trouble,,,the PI hired by the woman's husband is now refusing to testify under oath...her lawyer won't tell who dropped off $100.000.00 in cash to pay her lawyer. She has still never produced a picture. Even the St. Louis Post-Disgrace is getting tired of it.

Anthony said...

1) The Democrats failing to flip an area Trump won by 20 points is encouraging even though most seats are more competitive than that. The Republicans not nominating a guy into jailbait probably helped them hold the seat.

2) Cosby was the public figure I respect most for some time but clearly he didn't practice what he preached. Now he is rolling out curses, whines and conspiracy theories same as the other thugs he once took to task. Here is a six year old post of mine.

the public figure I most find myself in agreement with is Bill Cosby, who rather than whine about non-existent conspiracies and enemies holding us down, calls for black people to take responsibility for their own lives and communities.

Of course, the message that individuals are primarily responsible for their own lives (if you make stupid choices in your day to day life, you are screwed no matter who you vote for) doesn't really benefit either party, so the fact that the salesmen of parties don't push it doesn't surprise me.

Critch said...

The "comedians" at the WHCD sound like they picked them up from the Potty-Mouth Comedy Troupe...I don't know why any POTUS or their staff would attend this silliness...

BevfromNYC said...

Re: Royal Baby #3. I was hoping for Princey MacPrinceface, but it's Louis.

AndrewPrice said...

Hey folks! There will be an article tomorrow. We went to Zion National Park on the other side of Utah this weekend (13 hour drive) and just gt back. Utah is amazingly beautiful.

Rustbelt said...

I know it's late in the thread, but happy Hitler Death Day, everyone!
On this day, 73 years ago, real-life villain, antichrist, and mass-murderer Adolf Hitler- after a six-year war he ignited that left millions dead and much of the world in ruins- took the coward's way out and killed himself in his bunker with the Red Army only a few hundred yards down the road.
Not since Maximilien Robespierre and Louis de Saint-Just got a shave from France's 'national razor' on July 28, 1794 had a hell-spawned maniac who terrorized whole nations received a fittingly pitiful end.

So, on this day, let us all remember out favorite despot whose reign ended in humiliating fashion and drink something cheap to their collapse, failure, and fall from grace.

tryanmax said...

I'm just glad that Hitler offed himself. It probably wasn't recognized at the time that his name would displace Satan as the avatar of evil. Can you imagine how insufferable the country whose troops managed to off him would be today if he hadn't beat them to it? In all likelihood, it would've been the Russians. We'd all be communists, for sure!

tryanmax said...

Oh, and Democrats are losing ground with Millennials. They've dropped 9 points in that demographic while Republicans have only gained 1%, but this wasn't supposed to happen!

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