Monday, April 23, 2018

Folks, I Got Nothing

We've hit a low point in politics again... nothing worth discussing is happening. Sure, the Trump wars continue, but I don't care about that. It's too early to discuss the election with any confidence. I guess its time to wing it!

(1) Bush Sr. is in the White House. I don't like Bush much. This was a man who betrayed the Reagan revolution in the name of elitism and I will never forgive that. Still, I wish him well. He seems like a decent person, something I can't say about the majority of Presidents since him.

(2) Don't worry about the rest of the world. After weeks of telling us how the new Russian battle tank would wipe the floor with the American tank, the "experts" are now describing the Russian tank as flawed and inferior. Yeah, no crap. The Russian air force is a generation behind. Their navy is a joke. Their troops are demoralized and misled. Russia is only a threat because it has nuclear weapons. China is the same. Their new stealth fighter lacks all the support needed to make those valuable. Their navy just bought an aircraft carrier which the Chinese are decades away from operating efficiently. They're no threat either. Their economy is no threat either. It's stalling out at 75% of the American economy and will start to sink soon due to wage inflation and demographic problems. North Korea? North Korea is like a retarded kid threatening a passing school bus with his fist. And even if they weren't, North Korea seems to have caved in to Trump.

(3) The NBA playoffs have been fun.

(4) The NHL playoffs have been funner. Hockey is so vibrant, so exciting. I'm really enjoying it.

(5) The NFL draft is Thursday night. The draft is a fascinating spectacle. In it, you get to see these young men achieve their lifelong dreams right in front of the whole world. I love the proud parents. Even more interestingly though, the NFL has managed to sell the idea that these young men will singlehandedly change the fortunes of every franchise. Every draft pick is a hit. Each one is a savior. Each one is that final pick. The statistics tell a very different story, but it's fun to believe for that one night. I'm dying to see who Denver takes. :)

(6) 1800 Tequila uses the slogan: "Keep refining." So the booze isn't finished?

(7) More killings in the news. Some dipsh*t with a gun at a Waffle House and some dipsh*t with a white van in Toronto. Sad world.

(8) I haven't followed the Trump lawyer thing, but it's not making much sense to me. You can only violate the attorney-client privilege if you have proof that the lawyer is engaged in the crime with the client or is giving advice on how to pull off the crime. What could Trump's lawyer possibly have done which would justify breaking the attorney-client privilege for Trump AND for Sean Hannity? There's something very wrong here.



Critch said...

I bet that van in Toronto had an automatic transmission...gotta ban them too...Here in Missouri we find out that someone dropped $100,000.00 off for the Governor's accuser,,,the woman has still not produced a photo and we're hearing that her lawyer does not want her cell phone records, or her husband's subpoenaed...(that's such a funny word)..however, a number of our dipstick GOPers are all for impeaching him...) Strange times...

AndrewPrice said...

If you'll let me think like a liberal for a moment... we should ban white vans. Other colors are fine.

On the GOPers, I've always felt that if I had to go to war, I'd want to fight with a bunch of liberals. Why? Because when they decide someone is the enemy, they want that side destroyed by any and all means possible.

GOPers, on the other hand, are too busy worrying if their side is pure enough.

Anthony said...

1) Bush being hospitalized so soon after the death of his beloved wife is a shame. Hope for the sake of his family he pulls through.

2) All Russia has is primary products and WMDs. I think China is this decade's Japan (a rising power but one that won't rise nearly as high as some fear) but along those lines I take them more seriously than I do Russia.

3) I don't watch sports. With politics being so crazy, who needs sports for entertainment? The DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks and Russia is the most idiotic political move in weeks, which is really saying something.

4) The Waffle House guy is another example of the US ignoring abundant warning signs.

5) Since Trump never had sex with the porn star and never paid her any money, I'm sure he's got nothing to worry about. Cohen (who paid her 135K out of his own pocket and allegedly violated some banking and campaign finance laws) seems to have a lot to worry about. *Shrugs* But I'm not a lawyer.

6) The Pompeo thing is interesting. The Democrats are opposing him not because there is anything wrong with him, but because it is what smart politicians do in these divided times but Democratic Senator Coons (who allowed him to get out of committee a little early) is 4 years away from reelection, so his giving ground may not be political suicide it would otherwise be.

Ben L. Kemer said...

Anthony, I used to be in Delaware , so I can't speak for it now, but Chris Coons would have been safe even if this happened 6 months before his chance at re-election. It wouldn't have been a big deal.

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