Thursday, February 20, 2020

"Y-Chromo!" "Facist!" "Billionaire!"

So I'm reading reviews of the Democratic debate, as I could not bare to watch this foolfest, and I think it's hilarious. These people really are nuts. Some observations...

First, the anti-penis crowd has not taken to Amy Klobuchar. They want Elizabeth Warren and, by Gaia, they're going to have her. The articles today are full of sneering lines about all those "right-wing" journalists who "wrote her campaign off too early!" Take that penis, boys!

What they loved about Warren is that she attacked attacked attacked. She smeared Bloomberg like she was lathering him up with mud. She attacked macho macho man Mayor Peter. She "proved that Klobuchar is no bigger than a postage stamp." Ouch, feel the Bern. They seemed to forget that politics isn't about bitchslapping secondary competitors, it's about winning the like, comfort and respect of voters... and Warren just doesn't have that. She comes across as a crusty, angry school teacher. Slapping Mickey Mouse around doesn't add to your popularity.

As for Mickey Mouse, these same women hypocritically hated Mayor Pete because he "attacked" a woman... Amy Klobuchar. That "came across as mansplaining" wahhh or is it "manspreading"? Maybe it was just "manwinning" or could it be "gaysplaining"? Either way, they want a candidate who will throw out pissy bitchslaps... but he better not be male.

The resounding loser seems to be Bloomberg and I don't doubt that. The complaints are that he faded into the background and had no personality. I don't doubt that either. Bloomberg will never light the world on fire. But his bigger sin seems to be being a billionaire. That, naturally, means he's out-of-touch. Add in allegations of racism and sexism and the gurl army does not like Mike. As an aside, I mentioned the other day that Bloomberg keeps stepping into one problem after another. They've now released videos from his time as mayor where he smears the teachers unions and the ACLU as being as crazy as the NRA... what a monster, he's worse than Hitler! And he's released a video in which Obama appears to endorse him, which had brought out howls of rage from the left that he and Obama really hated each other and that this video is simply a lie. And let's not forget that he's a J-E-W, which isn't so popular with the party of Occupy Wall Street. Either way, they universally sneered at him and "those with a financial interest in his campaign who declared him the winner." See where that's headed?

No one is talking about the Bern or Mayor Pete, which makes me think they did well. Bernie seems to be building momentum right now in the polling, but I suspect that's just eating Warren's fleeing supporters. We'll see how high it gets.

Biden's black support in North Carolina has fall from 90% to 52% in the past week. Expect a terrible finish for him now and he may bail out after Carolina rather than Super Tuesday.

Reading the criticism of the Democratic candidates, it seems that (1) being a prosecutor is now considered poison (Harris, Klobuchar are both called "problematic"), (2) their ideal woman is someone the public will never accept - a nasty, nasty manhater, (3) being gay is no longer a double-plus good, and (4) there is a pretty open civil war going on between calm-leftists and rage-filled leftists. I'll be curious how this last one resolves itself. It's not clear yet. The calm ones have the vote now, but the rage-filled ones seem to be the future.

Finally, interestingly, Trump is receiving a massive number of votes in the primary so far. This has smart Democrats freaked out and dumb ones "demosplaining" that this is just because Trump is trying to generate turnout... unlike the Democrats. Uh huh. Anyways, he got 150% the turnout in Iowa that Obama got in 2012. He got four times what Bush got in 2004. In New Hampshire, he doubled both Bush's and Obama's totals. It sounds like Republicans are energized. The Democrats, on the other hand, are not. Iowa, for example, saw only 170,000 votes, about the same as 2016 but only 2/3 as much as 2008.


tryanmax said...

I think the last point is the best (funniest). This election would be a snoozer if it weren't for the increasingly clever explanations Democrats come up with for failing at everything they've tried these past three years. Just generating turnout has got to be the most aggressive downplaying I've ever seen.

Of course, no matter how clearly the Democrats lose in November, it won't be their fault. The blame will fall on interference from Russkraine and Bernberg for spoiling it. Climate change and covid19, probably, too.

Critch said...

The Communist Quiz Show by Monty Python made more sense.

Tennessee Jed said...

Trying to see if blogger will let me comment

Tennessee Jed said...

Well I’ll be damned. Hey Andrew, great article! What a hoot this turning into

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Jed, Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Good to hear from you again! :)

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, They are nuts, pure and simple.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I didn't make that up either. They are arguing with a straight face that the only reason Trump had high turnout is that he tried to have high turnout. How bizarre an argument is that???

tryanmax said...

Andrew, I would not be terribly surprised if the Dems eventually turn to saying that winning isn’t what’s important.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's their main argument about impeachment! It doesn't matter if we won or not, what matters is that we made this statement #impeachedforever!

Anthony said...

1) Didn't watch the debate but it sounds like Bloomberg did horrendously, the Dems are still dividing their support many ways and thus the current leader Sanders is still in the catbird seat.

While much is made of the fact Sanders is a socialist, honestly in modern America spending limits and the Constitution have ceased to concern most people. I think the big weight around Sander's neck is his (recentish) enthusiasm for gun control. People don't care about spending or corruption, but they do care about their personal rights/property.

2) I'm not picking up all this bias you detect. Most women support a male candidate and most minorities support a white candidate.

Identity driving support is just a consoling lie the talk radio wing told itself when Obama won twice (and reparations were always right around the corner).

I'll offer the theory that in modern America charisma and ideology are the two big drivers of candidate success (in 2016 the dour Ted Cruz was the second most popular candidate after the vocal Trump).

3) Power in modern times has been a poisoned chalice because (for various reasons) there is always a gap between promises and reality. Which is why we have seen a pattern of wave elections.
Its worth noting that in the era of the wave the president wins two terms even as his party is washed out of various offices.

Still, its not a hard and fast rule and Trump is going to engage in a lot of antics between now and election day (pardoning corrupt buddies and suchlike) so anything is possible.

4) Those turnout numbers are interesting. Trump seeing a higher turnout/more absolute support in 2020 than 2016 would go against a long pattern (remember Trump won in 2016 with fewer votes than Romney lost with in 2012), but once again anything is possible.

AndrewPrice said...

Some interesting updates...

1. Bernie has been told by the FBI that Russia is trying to help him get elected. Gee, surprise. This is a man who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, and did so when average Americans couldn't even visit the country. Give me a C... an O... an M... M... I... E... What's that spell? BERNIE!!

2. Bloomberg has had a ton of twitter supporters banned because it turns out they are all run by a company he hired. Ha ha. Bloomberg has paid companies to run his internet presence including creating memes and passing them around. Essentially, he's trying to do what they accused Russia of doing.

3. Bernie is refusing to release his medical record surrounding his heart attack, something Bernie claimed was a racist warcrime when Trump did it.

4. Another example of the crazy, hateful mindset on the left as a couple tried to run two 14 year old boys on bikes off the road and then assaulted them because they had a Trump flag. Liberals... Nazis at heart.


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