Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Democratic Debacle

These are not good days to be a Democrat.

Obviously, they lost the impeachment drama. Not only will Trump not be impeached, but they kind of came across as a**holes. Adam Schiff went too far, throwing mud recklessly, turning off all the moderate Republicans. They whined about the Senate not calling witnesses, which was meant to make the Senate look bad but only raised questions about why the Democrats didn't do that in the House. I guarantee you that none of this will play well with the impeachment-frenzied left, who will accept nothing short of victory. Pelosi's tearing up Trump's speech at the State of the Union, while meant as a protest, looked more like a rude, desperate act of frustration than anything.

Then we have Iowa. I was going to talk about the Iowa results today -- kind of a winners and losers thing -- but there were no results. Now we have some, and the result looks like everyone is a loser:
● The Democrats look incompetent to the public. Seriously, who can't count?

● The Democratic Party looks like it's rigging the game against the left. This was made worse by (1) prior attempts to rig the game and (2) their constant harping on voter fraud, which has left their idiot followers conspiracy minded and prone to seeing voter fraud. This could be the trigger that sends the Bernie people away.

● Hillary Clinton's name came up as her campaign people designed the app that failed. She truly is the gift that keeps on giving. She's like a plague ship moving through Democratic ranks.

● Biden seems to have been blown out. As the only "electable" moderate, he should have won easily. Indeed, the narrative is that moderates were picking Biden because they saw him as the best hope for moderates. But then fellow moderate Buttguy blew him (uh) away. This is the kind of loss that can allow Democrats to make a move to a different moderate as Buttguy has shown he can win. That's bad for Biden. Of course, it doesn't help that he French kissed his granddaughter for the media.

● Bernie looks like a loser because he should have won with Buttguy and Biden "slitting" the moderate vote, leaving the left to him. Not to mention, caucuses are his homefield advantage -- primaries are where he gets killed. Yet, he came in behind Buttguy and the vote that should have gone to him got split with the others... or doesn't exist. That's a danger sign and, I suspect, will strengthen the calls of voter fraud. Angry Bernie is about to become spittin'-mad Bernie.

● Warren is a loser because she keeps looking like a distant third no matter what the race. She's not the choice of progressives or moderates or women. So how does she win? Candidates like that can fade fast.

● Klobuchar is probably the only winner because she drew 12% when the people who voted for her should have been swayed by a better candidate who needed the votes more. She lives to lose another day.
And laughably, we don't know if any of this is true because we don't have all the results yet.

What else could go wrong? Well, the week is young.


tryanmax said...

This is kind of a sidebar, but I'm increasingly of the opinion that Biden was only thrown into the race to support the pretense for impeachment. If Trump hadn't been looking hard at Ukraine, Joe would still be happily out to pasture. The downstream effect is that the DNC is pushing a candidate they never planned (or wanted) to push and who knows who their first choice really was.

Critch said...

I still can't understand the notion that Buttigieg and Biden are moderates...they're just not as far to the Left as the other Bolsheviks. Iowa was a fiasco for them. They looked like a bunch of idiots and I'm seeing even hardened liberals being dismayed by the whole thing. If Bernie is somehow beaten I suspect that his followers will burn Milwaukee to the ground this summer...just like the Yippies in 1968. Bloomberg sure isn't making any headway even with millions to spend. Trump wasn't removed, but Mitt Romney sure made a lot of political enemies...someone may knock him out in the primary. Warren is kaput...Kirk Douglas died today, a class act of human being and a fine, fine actor.

Anthony said...

I think given the way votes were handled a narrow loss won't hurt Sanders. Sanders is a huge idiot but him winning the nomination would probably make for a lot of entertaining fights between his supporters and Trump's. That being said if the populist/big government Sanders fails to get the nomination a big chunk of his followers will rally behind the populist/big government Trump same as they did in 2016.

Iowa dealt a possibly lethal blow to Biden. His shot was being a relative moderate and thus electable but so is Buttigieg, who has now beaten Biden in one state.

I thing Buttigieg's chances against Sanders are low but they are better than Warren's.

Bloomberg might benefit from all the Iowa craziness by not being a part of it.

Romney clearly is ready to retire. Sure Trump is guilty but that's not the point.

Too bad about Kirk Douglas but it's cool he lived what seems to have been a happy life for 103 years. RIP.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm really enjoying the coverage of the impeachment. First, most journ-o-lists seem despondent. The table pounding outrage is gone and they've entered the "deal" phase of grieving... you can sense the loss of energy. What I'm seeing right now are lots of articles trying to come up with some pie-in-the-sky hail-Mary way to restructure the country to make it impossible for Trump-like Republicans to exist. Magic doesn't work. Normally, acceptance is next on the grief tree, but I suspect they will go back to rage instead.

I love, love, love the anguish of the celebrities.

The anger seems to be slowly building against Pelosi too. I don't have any proof on this yet, but the tone strikes me as having changed. There is a "hard stare" at her actions at the moment. I will not be surprised if she is now sacrificed at the alter of failure.

Romney got some shout-outs from the left, but hasn't really gotten anything for his treachery. Quislings rarely do. Personally, I think he's made a huge mistake here. He voted to convict for personal reasons, that was clear, but his little emotional outburst will cause him to become isolated and will become his legacy... and it won't be a good one. Indeed, relying on the approval of your enemies for your legacy never works.

Biden seems to be losing his mind, by the way. His campaign people are blaming the local volunteers and are spitting mad. None of this looks good.

AndrewPrice said...

RIP Kirk Douglas. He struck me as the last of the larger-than-life stars of Hollywood's golden era.

tryanmax said...

The attempts to recast Trump's acquittal as some sort of Democrat moral victory are just as hapless as anything the party has done of late. I've seen some crowing about how Trump is the first president to not receive a bipartisan acquittal. They fail to realize that a partisan investigation leading to a partisan impeachment followed by a partisan Senate trial only underscores the entirely partisan nature of the entire affair.

Besides, asterisks don't mean a damn considering Bill Clinton remained a Democrat rock star for years and only became an embarrassment because of #metoo. Look for stock in asterisks to fall further upon realization of the phrase "first president to be reelected after being impeached."

tryanmax said...

Anthony, I might point out that the type of big government Trump favors is not the same type of big government that Bernie proposes.

A stark reality: you can't have a small government over a vast territory. The honest path to small government requires a return to a purer federalism, which seems unlikely. (#Repeal17A) The other options--I've concluded--are lies or worse.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I see attempts to call this a moral victory, but they strike me as halfhearted. I laughed so hard when I saw the hashtag: #aquittedforever

That was funny!

Anthony said...

That Prayer Breakfast was hilarious. Clearly Trump has as much reverence for the Prayer Breakfast as he does the National Anthem. No one who isn't a follower of Trump should attend any event he helms. It is pointless and asking for abuse.

Also awesome is the Dem's ongoing inability to count votes in Iowa. Both Buttigieg and Sanders have declared themselves the winner.

Several women of color have left Warren's campaign and complained they were not respected. If course her campaign is not long for this world but this type of rift might show up in Sander's campaign as well.

Anthony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ArgentGale said...

The phrase "couldn't organize a screw in a brothel" seems generous when it comes to how bad the Democrats messed up both the impeachment and Iowa. The GOP campaign ads are just writing themselves, especially when it comes to the big programs the Democrats have been proposing. Also, a messed up voting app from a company named Shadow, Inc, involving another company named Acronym, run by a guy named Mook who used to work for Hillary Clinton? Even an elementary school student doing a creative writing assignment would reject that naming scheme as being too obvious.

I admit to being surprised that Biden lost as badly as he did. Looks like you were right about the momentum shifting Pete's way, Andrew (not going to fight my phone right now). Any predictions for New Hampshire yet? It is Bernie's backyard and he won there in 16 so he is a favorite going in there at least. I'm also guessing Warren is about to ramp up the Pete is a racist and Bernie is a misogynist narratives but it doesn't look like they're going to do her much good.

Lastly, tryanmax, that's an interesting observation about a path to smaller government. I'd like to hear more of them as well as your observations as to why the usual proposals can't work. And yeah that particular hashtag is DOA and it's frustrating to see several bright people embracing it rather than figuring out ways to adapt to the situation at hand. Then again failure to adapt is part of why the American elephant is always at risk of becoming an endangered species isn't it?

AndrewPrice said...

Robert Conrad died. Sad I loved both Wild Wild West and Black Sheep Squadron. RIP

Orson Bean died too. I only know him from The Twilight Zone. RIP

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Daniel, I'll write something about what I think will happen. Right now, it's kind of looking like Biden is finished.

ArgentGale said...

Looking forward to it, Andrew, and that's the most certain conclusion most people will draw from this.


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