Thursday, January 30, 2020

Viruses, Dead Celebrities, Democrats

Random thoughts.... random thoughts... random thoughts.

● The left is desperate to get Trump no matter what, so they are pulling all their usual nonsense tactics out of their collective rear ends. The Atlantic is claiming that the GOP won't call witnesses because they are seeking to protect "white power." Just like The Atlantic avoids inconvenient articles to hide the fact its staff is into pedophilia. Ironically, my BS claim actually has a better chance of being right than The Atlantic's BS claim.

● So apparently the Coronavirus can be gotten from a toilet seat. For real. It can pass from contaminated surfaces.

● I saw an article at Yahoo last night basically suggesting that the left should blame Trump for the virus, or as they put it "make Trump the face of the virus." I guess they missed that this came from China and that everyone already knows that. Personally, I blame The Atlantic. In any event, think about how low that makes the Democrats that they would try to exploit something this potentially terrible to wrongly attack a political opponent. They truly have no shame, not even an ounce.

● I'm finding Kobe Bryant's death interesting in several ways.

First, there seem to be two type of celebrity deaths. On the one hand, you have people like David Bowie or Prince. When either of them died, the public was shocked. Everyone talked about it... everyone. It was everywhere, with people sharing why they had been important to them, and everybody was sad. Only then did the media seem to realize the importance of the story to the public and try to race to the front of the grieving bandwagon. Of course, they did it wrong. They obnoxiously stuck microphones in the faces of pointless celebrities and asked them how this has affected them: "'I was shocked. Darren Bowee meant the world to me,' responded Dumbass Waster, the 18 year old actor/oxygen thief."

Kobe's death has caused the other type of celebrity death: the exploitation. The moment his death hit the news, the celebrity world started shedding fake tears and trying to outbid each other on grief. The late night guys cried on their shows. Every actor virtue signaled how sad they were while very aggressively name-dropping how they "knew" him. See, I'm important! Then, within hours, the great corporate exploitation machine turned its jaded eye to this precious little morsel and started proclaiming tributes and promotions all in his name. Even the NFL, which has squat to do with Kobe, will now honor him at halftime of the Superbowl because that's great PR he meant so much to us. Nike announced they would stop selling (poorly selling) Kobe gear "out of respect for him"... until they can reissue it and make a real splash. I wonder if using the word "respect" caused anyone at Nike to burst into flames?

Anyways, there's another reason its interesting.

I don't know much about Kobe the man except that he wasn't really a pitchman, which makes me think the public didn't take to him (see e.g., Tom Brady, Steph Curry, George Clooney... media loves, public despises). One thing I do know is that this Jesus-like family man had "an affair" with a woman while he was still playing. Only, the woman claimed it was actually rape and Kobe did buy her silence. What really happened? Who knows. Not the point. The point is that the left tried to make it a thoughtcrime to mention this. It went so far that a female reporter for the Washington Post even got suspended for mentioning it in a tweet and is getting death threats. I find it interesting that in the supposed age of the #metoo movement, the people who claim fealty to the movement would try to crush this admitted fact which lies at the very heart of what their movement is supposedly about. What does that tell us about the #metoo movement? It tells us it's a fraud when even the people in it can ignore its principles whenever they want.



Anthony said...

1. Saying whatever it takes to get the result you want is hardly a phenomena restricted to the left.

2. Along those lines using whatever disease the public is currently terrified by to try to damage the president is common in recent decades (maybe before that I haven't studied the history of such phenomena). Trump was enthusiastic about using fear of Ebola to attack Obama.

3) I always saw there as being three types of celeb deaths.

A) Out of left field (people dying in vehicle crashes or maybe committing suicide).

B) Those had long been sick (think Patrick Swayze) or severely injured (like Christopher Reeve).

C) Those who had been tempting the reaper for years (think people with longtime drug issues like Prince).

4) I'm not much of a sports fan, but I wasn't able to find anything which supports your claim that Kobe's shoes weren't hot commodities prior to his death. Quite the opposite. It sounds like he was high in the second tier of basketball shoe sellers (with Jordan being in the top tier by himself).

Kobe Bryant (Nike) | $16 million
Mamba Day was last weekend and is celebrated annually on August 24, the date that combines Bryant’s two jersey numbers, 8 and 24. Nike continued the trend this summer three years after his retirement with a series of limited-edition sneaker releases. Bryant remains wildly popular in China, where his shoes are a hot commodity.

5. Provided the deceased wasn't a serial killer, death causing people to look at the deceased through rose colored glasses (at least for a hot minute) is a pretty common phenomena. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with politics.

That being said, The Post suspending the reporter for tweeting about Kobe's rape settlement was stupid. They quickly rescinded the suspension once people started to complain, but I suspect at least one editor will lose their job over it.

6. It sounds like Trump's impeachment is drawing to a close. I'm sure there will be another one down the line if the Dems take the Senate and Trump wins reelection.

tryanmax said...

● The left is beyond saying anything to try and get Trump. The bottom of the barrel is gone and they’re at risk of hitting bedrock. I’ve been following as they distort Alan Dershowitz’s argument that it’s not a crime when a politician’s personal interests align with public interests. Maybe I missed a day of civics class, but I thought that was the idea behind electing leaders.
● You shouldn’t be licking toilet seats, anyway.
● Wait, so all the scolding from Democrats against dehumanization was bullship? What’s this world coming to?
● I honestly had no reaction to Kobe’s death other than it sucks to die in a helicopter crash at 42 no matter who you are.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The left has really lost any sense of right and wrong. These days, they not only know they are lying but their supporters know they are lying and yet they accept their own lies as true. It's beyond insane.

Yup, the Democrats don't actually care about dehumanizing. They just care when it's done to the "wrong" person.

I know some basketball fans who were more affected by Kobe's death than others, but generally I don't see much emotion about it in the public. The celebrity world though has gone crazy trying to make sure they get fame out of it. Companies too.

One of them, Genesis, a car company, did something particularly cynical. They made a big deal of telling people that their super bowl ad had a helicopter in it and they had now digitally removed the helicopter to be sensitive. Of course, rather than just do it, they shouted this all over the planet with press releases patting themselves on the back and trying to get people to see the ad.

AndrewPrice said...

I've taken to watching basketball in the evenings and Friday night made me sick. It disgusted me on so many levels. The NBA decided to do a massive tribute to Kobe, after having done tributes all week before every game. It became an orgy of celebrities trying to virtue signal and earn PR with fake tributes. Some of these people probably never even met Kobe and yet they were trying to outbid each other for grief and profoundness. We heard idiot tributes like how Kobe taught us all the meaning of love (by what? rape... marrying a 17 year old?) We heard how he "brought the black and Hispanic communities together." When did that happen? He taught us about family and life, somehow, and insert platitude and insert platitude and insert platitude.

It got so stupid that one of the announcers who talked about nothing else the entire game told a story of how he wore a Kobe jersey in a cab in China when the Olympics were there and the driver smiled and said "NBA." Wow. Kobe truly was magical.

Probably the most sickly moment came when the announcers told us that so many of "us" were "still in pain regarding the death of Kobe Bryant... still stunned." I had no idea that "people have no idea what to do next" and that "we just need to try to get on with our lives." Yup. Oh, and you should probably get therapy if your life is disrupted by the death of a celebrity you never met one week after their deaths. Seriously.

Of course, as predicted, the whole event was wildly commercial. Do you know how the NBA honored his death? By having every coach or manager (guys in suits) wearing Kobe sneakers by Nike... available at the NBA store. Gee, really? At the stadium, they sold Kobe shirts (soon to be available online once an appropriate number of hours has passed). This will come as no surprise, but while Nike virtue signaled by announcing they would not sell Kobe gear on it's own website, it is selling it through all the normal channels (prices hiked, of course). Various actors currently promoting movies were asked to comment on camera while sitting before their movie posters on how they were dealing with the grief. Usher sang "Amazing Grace", which I guarantee you will be available for download once they "realize" there is demand for it. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth repeated their musical tribute to Paul Walker from 2015 for Kobe. Watch for the download on that too. Rolling Stone has the coverage. Today, Bud Light had a tribute concert for Kobe attached to the Super Bowl. It was highlighted by Guns N Roses -- make sure you download "Knocking on Heaven's Door." Tomorrow, the NFL, which has no connection to Kobe, will have multiple tributes to him.

This is what happens when "the machine" finds something it can exploit. Do you want to know why people are so cynical? This is why: shameless celebrities and bloodsucker corporations exploiting the death of a human being to profit from his fame.

It's disgusting. I honestly hope Kobe rests in peace. I hope his exploiters do not.

Anthony said...

In an impressive display of incompetence the Dems have completely botched the Iowa caucus, meaning no one will trust the results. They might as well call off the primary now and just concede to Trump.


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