Thursday, January 16, 2020

Loving The Irony

The left is an angry, hateful place. A land of whiners and dipsh*ttery beyond belief. They are really in their elements right now too, tearing each other apart, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Get your popcorn ready!

● The big news comes from the debate. In the middle of the debate, Elizabeth Warren accused peniser Bernie Sanders of leaving the toilet seat up, an unforgivable crime among womanhood. There was shock and horror. Could peniser Bernie really have told Elizabeth Warren that he believed a woman could not win in this election cycle? All the gender-neutered boys on the left gasped and dropped their purses. Bernie denied this crime, but Warren had said it, so it was true whether it was or wasn't and all the young women gnashed their teeth and howled, "Believe women!"

This has turned into a nightmare on the left and Politico went out and interviewed a bunch of stupid, indecisive young women in Iowa to hear their views. OMG was it pathetic their views were interesting. To a one, they whined spoke about how this made their choice so much harder because they can't deal with conflict between their favorite candidates. Now they're all confused and upset. They want to support Bernie, but a woman has accused him of an incredible crime. The horror. What to do? Why would Bernie say such a thing? And why would he deny it when a woman had said it? And why would he let her turn this into a feud by accusing him of it?

● Thinking out loud, does "believe women" include transsexual women? I'm thinking no, actually.

● When Bernie denied this, the fake word "mansplaining" got trotted out. No doubt Bernie was manspreading too when he said it, because you can't have too much nonsense when idiots start feministspewing. So apparently, denying it when a woman lies about you on national television is now somehow an unacceptable masculine trait. Interesting. This brought on a round of talk about "structural sexism" and crap like that. Honestly, though, the reason these womyn are failures is not that they can't manspread or mansplain, it's because they lack manchievements that make people want to promote them and instead spend their time girlyspewing phrases like "structural sexism." Losers.

● Michael Moore then foolishly stepped into this debate, calling it exactly like it was. He lamented the fact that Elizabeth Warren broke whatever truce they had and "stabbed Bernie in the back." Objectively, this is entirely correct. She chose to attack him in a national debate, watched by almost no one, over something she claims he said in private two years ago. That's a sneak attack. That's strategic timing. That's a provocation. So Moore is correct. But oh the howls! You have to read these attacks to believe them: Idiots on Parade. This twitter thread (should be called a "twitter sh*tter") is PACKED with angry, angry women squealing all the #metoo jargon at Moore, accusing him of blaming the woman and being sexist and "structural sexism." It's glorious in its nonsense and hate. It's like watching mental patients fight it out over whose invisible alien is the real threat. Nice job ladies... and male ladies.

● But poor Michael Moore isn't the only one who has run afoul of his leftist allies. The odious Stephen King stepped in it this week too. He was talking about voting for the Oscars and he noted that he would not vote for "diversity." When it comes to art, he only votes for quality. Ouch. This brought on a torrent of hate. Leftists of all races and genderz gnashed their teeth, dug out their dictionaries (huh, does that rally start with dic?)... dug out their "word books" and competed to find the most powerful insulting words to describe King. Live by the retard, die by the retard Stephen.

So Michael Moore and Stephen King, two nasty leftists, are being smeared and torn apart by their supporters, followers and fellow travelers. Good. In fact, I have to say I'm enjoying the irony. Even better, Bernie and Fauxcahontas have sparked a civil war among the progressive hoards and they are ripping each other to shreds online. I'm enjoying that too.



AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, the Bernie supporters have made it clear they will not support other candidates, which has the rest of the prog-squad freaked out. I think they mean it too.

Anthony said...

1. Isn't Sanders the one surging right now?

2. There is always someone outraged on Twitter but most of the time it doesn't reflect the real world. As you pointed out two years ago.

● Twitter is not a news source. Twitter does not speak with a single voice. Citing people from Twitter is as journalistic as citing what your mother and her friends told you. Citing people on Twitter is not journalism, it is sifting through a cynical pile of sh*t to bolster your opinion.

3. Bernie Bros supported Trump before (populism and socialism have the same level of enthusiasm for big government) so it would not shock me if they did it again if Bernie doesn't get the nomination.

4. Moore has been in decline for many years now so it's impossible to evaluate whether him outraging Twitter drags down his career. however Stephen King is massively popular so if he experiences a sudden reversal of fortunes we will know that angry tweets are a thing to be feared.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase a wise man; Verily I say unto thee, he who lives by Leftist approval shall die by Leftist approval. ;)


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