Monday, January 20, 2020


It's crazy on the left.

● I love Yahoo (with "love" used ironically). They are so deceptive. They now have a headline about how Trump has pushed Robert De Niro to "finally" get political in his SAG speech last night. Uh, De Niro has been foaming at the mouth since the Bush years. Of course, maybe Yahoo just caught on. After all, I doubt they keep up with the news.

● John Cusack says we have 10 years to save the world from capitalism. Ok, let's start by taking away John's money and property and assigning his lame ass a job in a factory making parts for the weapons we'll use to pry all the things capitalism provides away from the masses. Then we'll starve Africa, murder a hundred million Chinese, enslave the children of Vietnam and turn the East Coast into a slave labor gulag. This could be fun!!

● The New York Times has endorsed two Democrats, both losers. First, they endorsed Fauxcahontas as the progressive. What's funny about this is that she's not a genuine progressive... so say the progressives. She's a corporate hack hiding as a progressive. For moderates, they have surprisingly endorsed Amy Klobuchar, known for abusing her staff and little else. This is a slap in the face to Biden and a slap somewhere else to Buttboy. Actually, this is right on trend with liberal women deciding it is time to take over the Democratic party. It will be interesting to see if this works. Right now, the old people in the Democratic party are holding up Biden and Bernie, but the young people all want feminist white women.

● Along those same lines, there are increasing numbers of articles fretting that black enthusiasm is crashing. The articles seem to come up with all kinds of different possible reasons, but I think the obvious primary reason is that they are being pushed aside by the mean girls and they don't like that.

● Also along those lines, AOC has decided not to pay her dues to the Democrats because she thinks they've tried to keep people "like her" out. I love how they all think other progressives victimize them.

● Micheal Bloomberg has admitted to having white privilege. The funny thing is that according to the ads he's running out here, that means he was fired in mid-life. Some privilege. Either way, John Cusack should take that away.

● Finally, here's a total shocker. They studied the car accident rates in states that legalized marijuana and found a 6% increase in the number of car accidents. Imagine that. What could possibly have caused that? At the same time, another study was released which found that stoners who started young are far worse drivers even when sober. You mean I'm not imagining it when I meet stoners and I find them to be permanently damaged retards even when sober?


ArgentGale said...

q. That is some serious blindness on their parts considering he went on a similar rant right after Trump was inaugurated, though it could certainly be pure laziness as much as anything.

2. Because Marxism and its assorted bastard spawn is so much better for people of all walks of life, right Oscar Meyer? Shame the pro-free market crowd always does so poorly at defending it against the left, though, since we could certainly use a freer one.

3. If Warren does end up getting the nomination it'll be from this group turning out more, getting the DNC on board with the shenanigans necessary to sabotage Biden, Sanders, and Buttigieg, or some combination of both. That said, Andrew, I'd still say Sanders has a good bit of youth support since they believe socialism will improve their lot. Whether or not this is enough to outvote the SJW wing, especially in light of the DNC's dirty dealings last time, remains to be seen though.

4. That goes along with similar observations you made from your wife's family, doesn't it? If your observations about there being mutual disdain and distrust between the (mostly white) feminist and black factions is true then that's probably it. I admit I haven't studied up on it extensively myself though so in the end I'm just spitballing here.

5. You have to love how nuts like her always have to be fighting The Man without the slightest realization that they are, in fact, The Man. I'm hoping Republican congressional candidates are collecting as much idiocy from her and her Squad as they can to remind voters at home what exactly a Democrat majority means...provided they're also smart enough to come up with a good agenda of their own, of course, which is never certain.

4. Confirmed. Virtue signal received, Bloomberg.

5. Nothing to add there except that I'm not surprised at all and I'll be amused by the reactions of the pot obsessed wing of the libertarians if this actually ends up growing the government in order for police to deal with stoned drivers. Speaking of which, I take it the pot situation in Colorado is still more or less a wash, Andrew?

And for one last note, at least one of the things I e-mailed you about earlier today turned out well. The Virginia 2A rally was original Tea Party all the way, right down to leaving the venue cleaner than they found it. Maybe this is the start of a much-needed renewal for the VA GOP?

Anthony said...

1. Deceptiveness seems to be the order of the day. Trump is telling his wealthy buddies one story and the public another. I predicted that particular lie back when Iran was on the front burner. One lie I didn't predict was soldiers were in fact injured by the missile strikes, a fact the White House initially lied to the public about in order to tamp down pressure for retaliation.

CNN has released audio of a private fundraiser during which President Donald Trump said he ordered the killing of Iranian Quds Force leader Qasem Soleimani because “he said bad things” about the United States, and went on to provide a detailed account of the strike that included descriptions of military capabilities.

2. Rich fringe types are unsurprising. What is interesting is if a price is being paid. I'd say evidence points to no. It's not hard to find examples of outrage about a famous person's political idiocy ('A sobbing random person burned the incorrect celeb's sneakers on Youtube and got 2 million likes!) but nobody has experienced a Dixie Chicks like decline in recent years.

3. The NYT diluting its endorsement by splitting it strikes me as strange. I get they really want a woman to win but Klobuchar doesn't have a chance. Be interesting to see how much of a boost the endorsements provide.

4. I haven't seen the articles about black enthusiasm you have. All polls have Biden the favored candidate of blacks and most polls indicate Biden is still riding high despite various missteps.

Of course it's quite possible Biden could lose the nomination and Sanders/Warren could fail to generate the same level of enthusiasm from blacks or for that matter rural whites.

5. The fringe tends to be unhappy with the leadership unless it is the leadership at which point it's all good. AoC and the rest are about as enthusiastic about Dems as talk radio/Trump was about Republicans and presidential golfing prior to Trump.

6. Bloomberg hasn't done anything interesting but I guess his timing is right or something. He is faring better than that Starbucks guy did. I don't expect him to win but the charismatic outsider I predicted hasn't surfaced and someone has to win the Dem nomination.

7. The weed thing makes sense. I'm mildly surprised legalization has increased usage that much. It was not exactly omnipresent but it was common enough that choice rather than unavailability seemed to be what kept people from smoking.

AndrewPrice said...


Yahoo is about clickbait and pushing leftwing talking points. Everything about them is mildly to wildly deceptive and they never let facts get in the way of a good narrative.

Sanders has youth support, but I think he has even less support than last time. The one thing keeping him competitive is Biden's weakness. If Biden's support gets more firm or he is replaced by Buttguy, then I think Bernie falls apart... and his people blame Warren.

The Democrats are at a tipping point on women and I think you'll see it increasingly that only white women will matter as candidates. In fact, this is probably the last election where Biden could be relevant.

AndrewPrice said...

You know, Anthony, one day Trump will be gone. You might want to start planning for that. Ease yourself into it.

AndrewPrice said...

I don't know if anybody saw this, but Hillary stepped in it this weekend. She gave an interview in which:

1. She admits to taking money from Harvey Weinstein and defends herself by saying she had no way to know (which me has said is not an excuse) and by claiming that the other Democrats took money from him too. Yup. You're all rotten.

2. Then she smeared Bernie, basically calling him a fraud. She said he was a "career politician" and that his socialism was "baloney." Then she said that "nobody likes him." That's a pretty personal smear.

In the end, the effect will be limited with the public, but probably makes the Dems even happier to see the end of her.

AndrewPrice said...

Warren has now given me a reason to vote against her. She promises that if elected, she will have a cabinet that is at least 50% women.

As a man, in this age of identity politics, I can't accept that. As a man, I want a cabinet that is at least 50% men.

tryanmax said...

● In the online news world, history begins with the reporter's first day on the job. For many newsroom staffers, that was yesterday.

● John is bravely condemning the 1% of the 1%. In other words, he's begging "Just let me have mine!"

● Two endorsements? In the primary? Way to take a stand, NYTimes!

● It's one thing to ignore the black vote. It's quite another to sing the praises of diversity and then ignore the black vote.

● A sound, coming from the left: "OM-NOM-NOM-NOM-NOM..."

● It's good to be a leftist. You can confess your white privilege and keep it, too.

● I'm for taking the cancel-culture approach to marijuana. Make it leagal but impossible to use.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, I'm stealing your Warren cabinet joke.

AndrewPrice said...

Steal away. :)

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's a very true statement: It's good to be a leftist. You can confess your white privilege and keep it, too. So true!

Did you see that Hillary keeps blowing up all over the place? Now she's been sued by Tulsi Gabbard for calling her a Russian spy. She's also acting coy about smearing Bernie... and Obama. This is the most interesting she's been in, well, ever.

Critch said...

I hope Ms. Gabbard is very careful. $50 million is a lot of money even for Hillary..

tryanmax said...

Hillary seems stuck on "basket of deplorables" mode. She only pops up to lay a smear on someone.


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