Friday, January 10, 2020

Dumbsh*ts Of The Week

So many fools. But here are some that really stuck out this week.

● California Rep. Jackie Speier blames Trump for the Ukrainian plane going down. She blames "sabre rattling" by Trump. Apparently, sabre rattling causes mechanical failure. Not sure how. But frankly, I think the real blame lies with Speier for chicken rattling. Or would that be chicken shaking? Chicken choking? Either way, bad on you, dumbsh*t.

● Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who continues the long tradition of showing that Canada is, in fact, a joke, believes the Iranians shot down the airliner. He blames Iran for that... not Trump (must have missed a memo). What's more, he wants answers! And what's he going to do if he doesn't get them? Weep? Send a harshly written letter? Oh Canada... stay off the world stage, little one.

● Jillian Michaels has shocked and horrified the dumbsh*ts. She came out and said that being morbidly obese is not something to celebrate. The "body positive movement(a misnomer)" rolled to their keyboards and tapped out angry, weepy protests. How dare you, madame! Being fat is a lifestyle choice! Michaels didn't back down though, again causing weepy gnashing of teeth... around a burger. Of course, she's right. Being fat leads to diabetes and other problems such as heart attacks, joint destruction and early death. Diabetes leads to blindness, impotence, loss of limbs and a whole host of other problems. Sorry "body positive" people, but political correctness cannot overcome nature.

● Meghan and Harry have decided not to be royals. They're going to move to Canada. No biggie, right? Except these dumbsh*t snowflakes have apparently done this because they're upset that they didn't get everything they wanted when they were pandered to by Buckingham Palace -- they basically got everything they wanted, but somehow that wasn't enough. Even more obnoxiously, they expect to keep drawing money from the British taxpayer (while claiming to become financially independent), they plan to keep a mansion build for them by British taxpayers, and they want British taxpayers to pay for their security. I hope the Queen flips them the Royal bird. If you sh*t on your family and storm out, don't expect to keep getting an allowance.

Other nominees?


ArgentGale said...

1. I'd extend that to the whole Democrat majority with garbage like the non-binding limitation of Trump's War Powers that they passed. They really don't do extreme partisanship lightly, do they? We'll see if Trump's political combativeness sees him through this side of things better than W's passivity did from a PR standpoint.

2. I'm willing to give Trudeau credit for actually recognizing the situation clearly but agree that any response he does is going to be impotent at best assuming he doesn't walk it all back and blame Trump instead within the next week or so.

3. LOL! Were they expecting anything less from the woman whose attitude towards training on The Biggest Loser was hard enough to where people who didn't follow the show heard of her because of it? Glad she reminded them who they were dealing with and considering that being a tough trainer, especially in the area of weight loss, is her thing I imagine that, if anything, she'll see better business because of this.

Going off on a bit of a tangent here, but crap like that is one of the biggest things that drives me nuts about the left and their approaches to problems. Not everyone manages their weight the same and body types like Jillian and the male trainers from the show aren't possible for everyone but the whole fat pride thing is entirely the wrong way to frame the issue. Yet that's how a lot of the issues they get involved in go, stake out an extreme position and act like the only options are their extreme or a destructive opposite extreme without allowing for the nuanced solutions that both work better and please more people on the whole. And they wonder why Trump, Boris Johnson, and other hard reactions to their garbage are a thing.

4. Funnily enough I just saw a Daily Caller headline in the sidebar here that even Prince Charles is getting fed up with their crap and is fully prepared to cut them off and let them suffer the consequences if they go through with this. And when your female-related bad decisions are too much for Prince Charles...

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, Two thoughts on fat pride.

First, I fully understand how hard it can be to lose weight. There are biological issues that compound the problem. Society does just about everything it can to make you want to eat too and eat poorly. And humans struggle with things like this even under ideal conditions. I've fought my weight for years, so I am very sympathetic.

BUT... there is a huge difference between asking people not to be cruel or to be considerate and trying to force people to glorify in it. But that is what the "body positive movement" is about (just like transsexual and advertisers who push nonsense stereotypes). It's about making it a thought crime to hold the views that society holds and shoving a new set of views down people's throats under threat. The left does this because they want to break society so they can remake it. If they can get enough people screaming that everyone else must obey them, then they remake the public into sheep.

The Palace will do it quietly, because it doesn't help them to look vindictive, but I suspect they will strip Harry and Meghan of all the goodies they thought they were going to get to keep.

AndrewPrice said...

By the way, the Iranians admit shooting down the airliner... and they blame Trump for making them do it. Imagine that.

Anthony said...

1. Blaming Trump for the Iranians being crappy shots and/or having crappy tech (I suspect both are true) and thus killing a planeload of people is risible.

2. Not much of a response from Canada, but it seems to have worked. Hard to argue with success.

3. I am in the 'not my business' school of thought. There are a wide range of health impacting things people indulge in or don't (think rich food, cigars, wine, exercise, dieting). I tend to stay out of other people's choices unless I have a personal stake.

Many people disagree with the libertarian approach. There is an abundance of salvation activism on the left and the right. *Shrugs* Part of freedom is the freedom to pressure people to conform, but in such situations, but pushback from the people one wants to conform is part of freedom too.

4. The royal family is a very expensive reality tv show. I don't understand the fascination myself. If England cared about sensible decisions or saving money they would have abolished the institution a long time ago, but like many Americans they remain transfixed by it.

5. I am glad Trump and Iran stepped back from war for the moment, though I think Iran's missiles didn't kill any American troops for the same reason Saddam's missiles inflicted minimal casualties (read: 'Our defenses and their tech inferiority').

But if we need to cling to the falsehood that it was an intentional miss in order to avert a foolish invasion (IMHO it would be relatively easy to win, but occupation is always a long, bloody affair) fine and good.

6. Speaking of useful falsehoods, I'm fascinated by the ever evolving explanation for killing Salami. Once it was all the American blood his proxies had shed over the years (true) and the staging of the recent bloodless, embarrassing but provocative invasion of our Embassy in Iraq. That didn't seem to move the needle of public opinion much so predictably new reasons have emerged.

Trump has suddenly remembered there were four American embassies Salami was about to blow up. Maybe today the number will climb higher or Trump will remember Salami was about to blow up a thousand American churches.

I don't think the recent Iran nonsense has much in the way of political impact. Its just this week's political thing. Next week there will be another thing. Of course, Iran might become a bigger, more serious thing down the line.

Rustbelt said...

To sum up...

"That was a lot of stupid in a very brief period, there."
-Kevin Murphy, (from riff of "Zombie, a.k.a. I Eat Your Skin")

Hey, with all this idiocy, you go with the words of the masters.

Anthony said...

1. In the recent predictions thread I had predicted the CIA was going to rise to the top of Trump's enemies list due to declining to back his conspiracy theories but the DoD might have just made me wrong.

The head of the CIA isn't willing to lie for Trump but isn't willing to contradict him. By way of contrast the DoD is getting attacked by the 'Trump is infallible ' crowd and praised by his enemies for calling Trump's obvious fabrication Salami was about to blow up four embassies a lie.

2. Iranians are really, really pissed about Iran shooting down that plane. I'm not sure the massive protests will bring down the government but it would be nice.

It's smart that Trump tweeted out support for Iranian protesters inbetween his routine insults of Muslims.

Democrats not named Biden being too dumb to side with the protesters illustrate why the plodding Biden is the most dangerous Dem.

3. Sounds like the impeachment trial will start soon. As was the case in the House the ending is a forgone conclusion but some of the testimony might prove entertaining (I trust the people who watch such things to post the juicy bits).

tryanmax said...

Just a random funny for everyone. Capt. Picard announced that his new show Picard starring him as himself will "take on" Trump. In other words, his legacy will last for 400 years.

AndrewPrice said...

It sounds like Trump derangement syndrome becomes a virus and keeps infecting generations of liberals. Who knew?

In all seriousness, way to alienate half the audience, Captain. I don't even start with shows that talk about how they're fighting Trump. Done with it.

Critch said...

I would have applauded Obama if he ahd killed that Iranian general....what the Hell was he doing in Iraq anyway? The Iranian military panicked and shot down an airliner that had just taken off because they thought it was an American bomber...which the dummies would never see anyway...Many of the Canadians and Ukrainians killed on the airliner were Iranian ex-pats with dual citizenship....and no it wasn't Trump's fault they shot down an airliner...they're stupid...a preview of what would happen to them if they picked a fight with us..our military also took out a few other high ranking Taliban/Hezbollah/Iranian nuts about the same time.

If I were a royal I would prohibit anyone from marrying an American woman...they have generally been trouble for the monarchy; Lady Churchill, Wallis Simpson, and now this twit. I'm sure there are others.

The Dims haven't got a single person who can beat Trump. BTW, has anyone seen the Project Veritas tapes from Bernie's campaign,,interesting, sounds like a Sunday afternoon meeting between Stalin, Beria, and Khrushchev..

Critch said...

I sent my congress critters a letter the other night and suggested that any guns that are confiscated by the Feds and can't be returned to their rightful owners need to be smuggled into Iran and Hong Kong with ammo....nothing like an armed insurrection to get your attention.


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