Friday, January 3, 2020

The Left Has Become Tiring

Trump kills a few Iranian mass murders and the left howls. It's become tiring.

Step One: Psychotically hateful celebrities try to out bid each other in demonstrations of their disloyalty. People who whine about our country oppressing women because of an income gap and about us not giving terrorists their full rights, suddenly heap praise and Hallelujah's on a regime that oppresses women, murders political prisoners, supports terrorists that kill women and children all over the world, and which has sworn to destroy an entire country of people because they are Jewish. Attention whores like Lane Myer, little boy Legend, that metoo chick, and Ron "Opie" Howard spout off regardless of the what kind of monsters they end up supporting. These people would have formed human chains around concentration camps to keep US troops from interfering with Hitler's work if FDR had been a Republican. Honestly, if someone wants to savagely beat these people, I won't convict you.

Step Two: Without any shame about giving aid and comfort to the enemy, Democratic politicians automatically denounce -- uh, what was it we did again? Oh yeah, that. Total outrage.

Step Three: The media scaremongers. THIS COULD TRIGGER WORLD WAR III!! Iran might respond with terrorism? (They're already doing that, dumbass.) What about the poor Iranians in America? (What about them?) Foreigners won't respect us anymore! (I thought they were already laughing at us?) Rise of racism? Sexism? (Nope. We're already those things.) This could cause climate change. (Aren't we told that's inevitable already?) This will cause a spike in oil prices! (Aren't we supposed to be using less oil anyways?) Trump once sent a tweet criticizing Obama for threatening Iran! (Said the human embodiment of hypocrisy) Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Iranians are hiding under your bed and they're going to kill you and it's all George Bush's Donald Trump's fault!

Step Four: Trot out all the leftist cliches they don't really believe. War is never the answer, except when we do it.

Step Five: Start spewing conspiracy theories. Did you know that McDonalds is in negotiations to put a restaurant in Tehran and the Iranians were resisting, so the CEO of McDonald's called Trump and suddenly... well, you figure it out. Did you know Iran spelled backward is the Masonic word for "illegitimate leader who wants to rule the world." Dude, there is no Iran.



AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I saw you comment something similar a moment ago! Great minds, right?

AndrewPrice said...

Of Topic: I just saw that Britain's Muslim population hit 3 million this year. Britain has a population of 68 million. So Muslims are 4% of the population. Remember that the next time talk radio tells you Britain is overrun.

Anthony said...

*Shrugs* Trump ostentatiously kills an enemy general and the opposition acted like Trump did when Obama was president. Is anyone honestly surprised or even bothered?

Its worth remembering that before Trump defined himself by opposing Obama across the board and embracing his foreign enemies, Obama defined himself by opposition to the then broadly supported, broadly popular Iraq War. The pendulum swings a little further out each time.

Given the pattern if modern American pols don't view a foreign enemy of a domestic enemy as a friend they haven't met they will soon.

Focusing more on Iran, I think military wise they are in the same ballpark is Iraq so I don't worry about WW3. I do worry about terrorist strikes, assassinations and a short invasion followed by a long, bloody occupation but its a little early yet to tell how things will play out.

AndrewPrice said...

The onslaught of disingenuous outrage and outright disloyalty continues:

There's going to be a draft!

"High Pentagon Officials" had no idea this was coming

"High Officials" privately think Trump did this to boost his re-election

Pelosi has secret Pentagon document proving something something

This is a "war crime!"

Yawn. There are about a dozen retard celebrities who are calling this racist or sexist or fascist or whatever other -ist is currently on their tiny little bullsh*t minds. The Democratic candidates are now whipping themselves into a frenzy to be the most disloyal as well.

Critch said...

Ricky Gervais sure gave Hollywood and the Left Holy Hell last night for being clueless.

tryanmax said...

There is a veritable risk of whiplash if one tries to keep up with the news on Iran. First, president hothead killed Gen. Salami in a fit of pique. But then we hear the strike was months in the making.

tryanmax said...

Also, there is a satire on the Babylon Bee about Democrats calling for flags at half staff for Soleimani that has apparently been shared a bazillion times and lefties have renewed their calls to ban humor because of it.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That is flippin' hilarious! I love how the article says celebrities bought flags for the first time just so they hang them at half staff!

AndrewPrice said...

Rickey Gervaise destroyed the Hollywood left. What I've seen was sharp and right on point.

Anthony said...

Trump says the US will start blowing up Iranian cultural sites if provoked, then the Secretary of State denies it, then Trump reaffirms it, then the Secretary of Defense states the US military will not blow up Iranian cultural sites.

Sounds like the administration might want to have a meeting or something.

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper strongly suggested on Monday that the U.S. military would not violate the laws of armed conflict by striking Iranian cultural sites, a move threatened by President Donald Trump.
Asked whether he was willing to target cultural sites, Esper told Pentagon reporters: “We will follow the laws of armed conflict.”

Pressed on whether he would then not target such sites, because that would be a war crime, Esper said: “That’s the laws of armed conflict.” He did not elaborate.

tryanmax said...

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony, This isn't hard.

First, Trump isn't going to share any military strategy with the press. He has many times echoed the sentiments of LBJ and Nixon regarding the press's role in armed conflict. Because the press is so keen on finding leaks, the best way to keep them in the dark is not to tell them nothing, but to tell them everything.

More to the point, however, Secretary Esper actually clarified greatly when he announced, "We will follow the Laws Of Armed Conflict." (I add capitals because I believe Esper meant capitals.) If our intrepid journalists could be arsed to do their jobs, they might have Googled that phrase as I did.

The Law Of Armed Conflict, also called the Law Of War, is a series of broad-based rules drawn from international law such as the Geneva Conventions, Hauge Conventions, the Chemical Weapons Convention, as well as rules arising from US law including the UCMJ and the Code of Conduct.

A topic discussed at length in LOAC/LOW is proportionality. It means destroying no more than the mission requires, but allows for incidental damage to non-military targets. From a paper prepared by Peterson AFB Legal Office:

If legitimate military targets occupy positions near protected places such as churches or hospitals, but are not placed in or on them, you can still attack the legitimate target even if the attack causes unavoidable incidental damage to the otherwise protected facilities.

If incidental damage to churches and hospitals is acceptable, it follows that incidental damage to cultural sites is likewise acceptable.

Next, consider the phrasing. What are "cultural sites" as opposed to "sites…important to Iran & the Iranian culture"? This is an important distinction. According to the DoD LOW Manual, citing 1954 Hague, cultural property means "property of great importance to the cultural heritage of every people." [emphasis mine]

So, it would seem that the drooling moron Trump who can barely spell his own surname has inadvertently stumbled through the precise legal distinction between a cultural site for the purposes of war crimes and a cultural site for the purposes of merely being Iranian.

No discussion here would be complete without also observing that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. A defining feature of terrorism is wanton violation of internationally recognized laws of war. Listed among the war crimes defined by FM 27-10 is "Improper use of privileged buildings for military purposes." It is not hard to imagine Iran using churches, hospitals, and heritage sites as bases for combat operations in a conflict.

Additionally, Trump appears to be making the case that the use of roadside bombs constitutes a war crime while suggesting Iran is culpable in their usage. The use of weapons calculated to cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering is prohibited under Hague. While the concept is essentially undefined, the Int'l Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations site this rule regularly when discussing IEDs. Yet, again, Trump refers to "their cultural sites" when arguing that violators of the rules of engagement ought not be protected by it, inadvertently threading that needle a second time.

I do agree, Anthony, it is unfortunate that the press doesn't do the job they are supposedly there to do, namely investigating and researching what our officials alluding to when they speak so they can deliver that information to the public with full context and clarity. One is forced to decide whether the press is filled with lazy and obtuse reporters, or whether they deliberately obfuscate in order to craft a particular narrative.

Anthony said...


An eloquent defense. Unfortunately but predictably Trump has walked back his threat and conceded he was unaware of the law when he made the threat.

Trump also noted that he was “okay with” with following the international law prohibiting the destruction of cultural sites, but he also expressed skepticism about the rule and questioned why Iran is “allowed to blow up everything that we have and there’s nothing that stops them.”


More importantly Iran has just openly attacked out military bases. At the least we are going to hit them back very hard, at the most we could invade (like I said I think occupation would be harder than invasion).

tryanmax said...

Anthony... You do know that Trump doesn't write the headlines, don't you? Despite Fox calling his remarks a "dial back" all I hear from the president's mouth is affirmation of his previous statements.

When Trump responds to the cultural sites question, he frames it "as I said yesterday" then reiterates his previous remarks. He declares that "if Iran does anything that they shouldn't be doing, they're gonna be suffering the consequences, and very strongly." One should probably infer that Trump is reserving the right to do whatever he thinks is necessary should Iran violate conventions of war.

Never does Trump indicate any unawareness of the law, nor does the article suggest it. That's your contribution. I showed yesterday what the Hague Convention says. The question as posed to Trump does not reflect the language of the Convention. So when Trump issues the caveat "If that’s what the law is..." it negates anything that follows.

In light of other statements, "I like to obey the law" suggests Trump takes a strict reading. Trump mentioned 52 Iranian sites, UNESCO only lists 22 World Heritage sites in Iran. And I repeat, Iranian culture is not necessarily world culture. Between airports, traffic-bearing bridges, railway stations, seaports and active lighthouses, Iran is home to well over 52 legitimate military targets, some of which, I assume, are important to Iran & the Iranian culture.

All of this misses the larger point, however, which is that Trump is making it clear to Iran they cannot count on ancient artifacts to protect them if they should behave aggressively. To say 52 Iranian sites are targeted is to say nothing else given that Iran is littered with history.


Things are unfolding faster than I care to keep up, but Trump's morning remarks presented an open hand to Iran. I guess he did mention Russia and China today, so Trump just can't seem to stop being cozy with dictators. (France, Germany, and the UK, too.)


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