Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What 2020 will bring...

As we near the end of 2019, I say "Thank God!" 2019 has been brutal. Several deaths. Surgeries. Medical issues galore. A suicide threat. Five root canals! A failed set of braces. Destroyed appliances. Car issues that ran into the $10k range. Kids imploding spectacularly. A lost job. And so on. It even extended to our friends. It hasn't even quit yet. Just yesterday, we had a failed dental implant... these things don't fail, and a friend with an ulcer. So good riddance to 2019. If Karma is a thing, 2020 owes me big. It's going to need to make me an immortal billionaire just to even things out. I hope your year went better and I hope your 2020 is fantastic! Speaking of 2020...

It's time for predictions!

1. Buttguy wins the Democratic nomination.
2. Trump wins re-election in a squeaker. Dems keep the House, but don't win the Senate.

3. England finally gets its Brexit deal and the world does not end. England does not sink into the ocean. In fact, little changes, apart from the thousands of "see how bad it really is" articles that will highlight silly things like needing a passport stamp as if they are the end of the world. Look for Spain to start the breakup into three countries.

4. Stock market takes a serious dive in February, but recovers by November and ends the year right where it is now.

5. LSU wins the national championship by 40 points. The Saints get to the Superbowl and lose to the Patriots, who have been written off by their loyal fans, but will swear they had faith the whole time.

6. Hollywood realizes that they haven't made a genuine story in years and they all commit collective suicide. Wait, that's wishful thinking. In reality, they keep turning out superhero stories and raping old properties while spewing lies about being in it for the art. It's time for Mork and Mindy, Golden Girls, and Mr. Ed reboots. The public is screaming for those, especially with a genderfluid Mork, four gay old men as the Golden Girls, and a tranny Mr. Ed who wants to be a cow.

7. The world seems pretty stable, so I don't see any new wars or revolutions.

8. Greta Thunberg wears out her welcome when leftist celebrities get tired of being told they are expected to follow her advice as well. Accepting that other people need to be more responsible is more fun than having to be responsible yourself. She's then mysteriously run over by a German train... in Sweden.

9. The demographics people finally catch up with the truth and our whole view of the future changes as Hispanic growth peter's out, Asian growth soars, and mixed race kids are projected to become largest minority group in 50 years. I'll have to write an article on this. The genetics of it are going to be fascinating.

10. Finally, some truths come out: Buttguy is not actually gay... Warren is not American Indian... Harris is not black... Biden is not senile (Hillary is)... Cory Booker is a real person... Beto O'Rorke is now a stripper in Texas... Pelosi and Trump are Russian moles... Micheal Bloomberg secretly drinks soda from a 42oz cup (athletic supporter) at home... Andrew Yang hides in wine caves hoping to circumcise unsuspecting billionaires. It's all true.

What did I miss?


Anthony said...

1. I think barring the unlikely late entrance of a charismatic contender, Biden wins the Dem nomination.

2. Trump will probably win reelection. That is the way these things normally go. With the Democrats defending three times the Senate seats as the Republicans, it is unlikely the Republicans will lose the Senate. So the judiciary will continue to turn more conservative (Trump's picks on that front have been good).

The House will probably get more Democratic. So we can look forward to at least two more years just like the last two. Perhaps another impeachment or three.

3. Despite political rancor Trump will continue to work with the Democrats to grow the government. Both share a love of big government and are willing to fund most of each other's pet projects.

4. Trump add the CIA to his ever expanding enemies list. They have been quiet and consequently off the radar but they have not substantiated any of his many conspiracy theories (most of which absolve Russia of any wrongdoing, funny that).

5. England has been Brexiting for years now, so end of the process shouldn't be too painful for England proper. Might fuel Northern Irish separatism but unless that separatism turns violent, not a big deal.

6. I think Hollywood is fine. Its impressive that with streaming services, dirt cheap high quality tvs and devices capable of playing video in everyone's pockets that theaters have held up as well as they have.

Watched Frozen 2 on Christmas Eve with my daughters. I think the original is a masterpiece, but the sequel didn't impress me (among other problems it lacked a villain). However my daughters loved it and judging by its impressive box office a lot of girls feels the same way. Its great for a Disney movie to make kids and adults happy but satisfying kids is the most important thing.

I am not throwing stones at the tastes of my daughters. I get something can be enjoyable but not good. I loved Rambo Final Blood which everyone hated and denounced as badly paced, racist, sexist, gory and predictable. I thought it was a lot of fun, a traditional vigilante flick with an impressive amount of mutilation (the opposite of the sort of bloodless CG stuff one saw in Hobbes and Shaw).

7. Like I've said before I think demographic fears/hopes were always overblown. There are a lot of divisions within groups most outsiders don't appreciate. Class and ethnicity matter at least as much in Mexico as they do here, so just looking at Mexico and saying 'Man, they are a big unified, amorphous group' is crazy, let alone grouping them with all the other (equally divided) countries in Latin America. And of course people assimilate over generations. Its not uncommon for an immigrant to have a shaky command of English, but most of their kids are fluent.

AndrewPrice said...

Ok, I guess I should add that we're going to war with Iran.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The Demographic fantasy of the left is fueled by two things: (1) in some recent years, there were more minority kids than white kids, and (2) if you take the growth of the Hispanic population as a straight line, then you get then as a majority.

But life never moves in straight lines and problems have arisen. Mexico has fewer kids. Last year saw a massive decrease in immigration. Hispanic kids slowly become indistinguishable from whites. And there are some genetic things I'm going to talk about soon. Somebody really sold the left a bill of goods on this plan.

Of course, Bernie still thinks it can happen. He's promising a coalition of Blacks, Hispanics and young people will sweep Trump out of office. Not quite.

Critch said...

I suspect that Iranian general and his entourage wish someone would rethink that remark, "There's nothing you can do about it."

AndrewPrice said...

Leftists are pretending to lose their minds today about the Iran thing causing WWIII. It's funny how leftists always oppose the US and always oppose violence... unless it's their own.

Critch said...

I can't fathom the mentality of Leftists anymore. They are basically defending a country that regularly kills people for speaking their minds, practicing their religion, being homosexual, and a hundred other things.

Anonymous said...

Anthony: I loved Last Blood. I saw it with my son and son in law. We went on a Sunday afternoon and the theater was nearly empty so we made all the noise we wanted to. We cheered and clapped and just enjoyed the hell out of ourselves. I think it was great of Stallone to give us a final sendoff for this great character. And speakink of movies, every one of you should get up right now and go see Richard Jewell. Clint delivers a yuge (heh) middle finger to federal law enforcement and the press. A great story and well told.


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