Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Another One Bites the Dust

Kamala Harris is dropping out. Both of her supporters are quite upset about this. So apparently, being the only black woman in the race was not enough to get Harris through to the presidency... or even to the first primary. I know what the media would be saying if this had been a Republican Primary, so I'll say it for them here: clearly, the Democrats are racists and sexists. They are gender-racists. Yup. Always picking the old white dude over women of color. For shame!

I think what I will miss most about Harris... uh... that she was Willie Brown's girlfriend. Other than that, I've honestly got nothing. I'm not sure what she stood for, except regretting throwing young black, male drug dealers and killers into jail. Beyond that, it all gets murky. I think she was in favor considering various issues though.

If there is a lesson here (other than Democrats being racist genderists), it's that you need to be screaming like a lunatic to get noticed by Democratic voters these days and be gay, white and male to get noticed by the media. Beyond that, it seems that you have no chance.

So congrats, Democrats. Better to chose an old white guy or a fake Indian than an inauthentic black woman.


LL said...

The donkeys seem to favor, old white men, despite their rhetoric to the contrary.

AndrewPrice said...

It certainly seems that way, doesn't it?

Anthony said...

Harris could have beat out Biden (currently leading the field despite not generating much in the way of enthusiasm) in the race for the hearts of the relatively moderate middle of the Democrat party, but instead she got in a twenty five way fight for the hard left.

Harris doomed herself (among everyone, blacks, whites, what have you) when she embraced reparations. That is crazy talk though the fringe loved her for it.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I got the sense that Harris's problem was that she didn't have a plan. She never seemed to be able to make up her mind if she was a moderate or a crazy and she came across as weak on everything.

Anthony said...

I agree completely Andrew.

tryanmax said...

The Democrats really should consider devising a game they can actually win. They're the ones who, if they hadn't set it up, certainly they fostered the idea that you can only prove your goodness by supporting the candidate with the most oppression points. Meanwhile, yeah, the GOP takes constant flack for not being non-white enough. But failing to select a candidate of color can't possibly hurt them with their own ranks. What a stupid play the Democrats have made.

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