Friday, December 20, 2019

That's Debatable

So I saw parts of the Democratic debate. Don't ask me how or why. Basically, I was looking for white noise while I did something else. Huh, white noise. Is that racist now that they're all honkeys? Perhaps. I guess I should feel ashamed. I'll add that to my to do list. In the meantime, here is what I saw:

1. Bernie Sanders is old, but he assured us with his bent pointerfinger that he was white too (seriously), as he dodged questions like how he would pay for anything he proposed or what he really means to do with most of it. He's looking more and more like a crank. He made the most attacks of anyone in the debate (24 apparently). He kind of attacked everyone. Get off the commune's lawn you damn kids!!

2. Buttguy took a lot of fire. Elizabeth Warren warned us that he's the devil!! and he cavorts with Billionaires! He once worked for a consulting firm which recommended job cuts too. Then she chewed the cork off a domestic beer, insisted that her children went to sh*tty public schools instead of an elite private school, denied she made millions as a lawyer, promised to meet with some Injuns to apologize for lying about her Indian heritage -- the one she used to get into an elite law school and then become a high priced lawyer.... which never happened. She is SO not rich, or elite or privileged and not a wine drinker. Did you know Buttguy lets billionaires pet him for cash in a wine cave? Billionaires shouldn't exists. She would wish them into the cornfield. Oh, and she didn't mean she would ban all private insurance when she promised to ban all private insurance. Buttguy likes Billionaires.

3. Joe Biden only wants one term because two is too hard to remember. He looked sleepy and spoke least of the big candidates. But by gosh, he's got a letter from a doctor who swears that he's healthier than some people!

4. Andrew Yang wants women to run the world, except he should still be president. Then he would ban circumcision and pay college athletes and put on a tiger costume and growl for us all. Grrr, baby. No word if he would have a circumcision test for his cabinet, but he seems like the type.

5. There was a chick on stage. I'm pretty sure she was just there for decoration. She answered to Amy. She thought Buttguy was cute, but he lost a race in 2010 so he's automatically disqualified. She also said that Buttguy is so inexperienced that if he was a woman he wouldn't have made it that far! Not sure if she's saying that men are better or if she wants affirmative action for homosexual female mayors in Democratic debates. Probably both.

6. Sanders, Warren and Biden are all old and all white. But age doesn't matter, as you can be a retard at any age. Actually, they said that age is just a number... yes, a number which tells us what state your body and mind are most likely in.

7. The only nonwhite on stage was Yang, but he doesn't count as a nonwhite because he's Asian. So there are lots of articles about how the debate lacked diversity. Yang bizarrely said that he liked Harris, who is black, which I guess counts as virtue signalling in the awkward Asian community... or flirting -- Yang reminds me of the Asian guy who cries in Fargo. "I'm so lonely!" He then condescendingly said that he was sure Corey Booker would qualify for the next debate if he studies and keeps his grades up. But then he suggested the reason none of the nonwhites made it was some sort of strange conspiracy by (Democratic) donors. Actually, racist Democrats makes sense. By the way, Yang is selling $1,000 shirts with a rapper as a fundraiser. I think the guy's name is SirCmSiziO.

8. Did you know that Buttguy likes white billionaires?

9. There was some dude on stage too. Not sure who he was. He answered to "Tom" and he's a billionaire. He wants to pet Buttguy in his wine cave.

By this point, Warren is under full attack by her former progressive allies, as is Buttguy. Several of the dudes have been accused of sexual harassment, as is Bloomberg. Amy is accused of being a total monster to her staff. Warren has been caught repeatedly lying to try to prove she's not an elitist. She even tried swigging a hops brewed drink straight from the bottle on camera. She looked like a nun fellating a horse, it was that awkward. Biden is..., well, Biden and he rides the shortest of short buses. That leaves Buttguy as the most normal, but he's got billionaires in his wine cave. This really is a party of freaks and morons. They make Trump seem like George Washington.


P.S. I'm laughing at how impeachment is falling apart. Yesterday, the Democrats were screaming that the Republicans are evil because they don't want to do their own investigation. How can we impeach if we don't know what really happened, they were whining?! “Are they going to literally vote against getting information we all know is quite relevant?” said Democratic Rep. Pete Welch. So let me get this straight. You didn't do your job despite years of hearings and now you expect the Republicans to do it for you? Are you f***ing nuts?

Ironically, today Pelosi decided to try to hold impeachment hostage by refusing to turn over the Articles of Impeachment. That was like the moment Cleavon Little put the gun to his own head in Blazing Saddles, only this time the town folk weren't stupid.


Anthony said...

1. Impeachment is going as well as could be expected. Like I've said before if the past is any guide it will slightly benefit Trump (the rally round the flag effect) but will cripple his party.

Like Clinton Trump is pretty open about what he was impeached for and the public is pretty fine with it, but like Clinton its easy to drag down other party members by tying them to the president's whimsical idiocies. Wave goes in, wave goes out.

2. Didn't watch the Dem debates but judging by headlines nothing earthshattering happened. I'm halfway expecting multiple Dems to be on the ballot in November.

Anonymous said...

"She looked like a nun fellating a horse, it was that awkward." Line of the year. Keep it up.

Critch said...

The Dims, and Lefties in general, make my head hurt..they really do....BTW, when I saw the story about how the Cadets and Midshipmen were flashing white power signs, the only thing popped in my head was it looked an awful like the old "Eat Me" sign we used in the 60s to irritate people. I think one of the biggest promoters of this silliness was Juan Williams...what an idiot...

The Democrat candidates are so lackluster, dull, unpolished,,,you get it....

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