Thursday, December 12, 2019


What if we had an impeachment and nobody cared?

So the Democrats came out with articles of impeachment. This should be a BIG thing. This should be a headline dominating thing. This should an interrupt your football game for a special announcement kind of thing. And yet, I could barely find any mention of it on Yahoo. There was one small article buried in the rotation. Ditto on the other news sources I checked. Gee, it's like nobody cares?!

Then things got even funnier. Pelosi and Trump announced a revised version of NAFTA... and that became the big news. An event happened that could in theory destroy a presidency, an event the left has been salivating for since election night, and yet a revision to a treaty on trade was the big news. Not even that, the really big news was that Simon Cowel had lawyered up to defend himself against charges of creating a hostile work environment and some truly stupid whining in the wokesphere about a Peloton exercise bike commercial.


As an aside, the Democrats are taking flack because their top four candidates are all honkeys. This week, they visited Mexico Nevada to talk to the nation's largest Hispanic union and got a lot of unhappy comments about them all being white.

In related news, the Progressive left is savaging Buttguy right now because he's not leftist enough for them. They want Elizabeth Fauxcahontas. Meanwhile, in senile town, Biden has apparently told his staff he only wants to serve one term. That's going to hurt him with voters and give Buttguy the chance too slide in there. Yuck. Innuendo.

There are two movies that actually interest me this year. I want to see Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell and I want to see 1917. I've seen the trailer for the remake of Revenge of the Jedi The Rise of Skywalker and I've discovered I just can't care about that. Disney Presents Star Wars is dead to me.

What about you?


Anthony said...

1. A president being impeached for a crime he was open about and the public and his party rallying around him even as the public makes his party pay a steep price? Sounds very, very, very familiar.

2. Another familiar pattern is past Trump idiocy being overcome in the news by subsequent idiocy. The president telling a bunch of Jewish businessmen they are evil and greedy and hate him but will support him because they want to protect their money is exhibit A for how Trump manages to gain no ground or even lose ground despite a roaring economy and few combat deaths.

Like with government spending, expanding presidential power and golf Trump is an evolution of Obama (who similarly could have avoided some of his troubles by extemporizing a little less).

3. I've seen no sign (i.e. polls) the overwhelming majority of minorities or women were enthused about any of the minority and/or female Democratic presidential candidates so I doubt they care much about their absence.

On a related note, Buttigieg seems like a gay version of Kamala Harris (he is clear about his identity, less clear about why exactly he is running). I don't see him going far.

4. Star Wars should have stopped at Return of the Jedi. All the subsequent movies have been garbage (since Clone Wars I've waited for them to hit cable/streaming) though the Mandalorian tv series is fun.

I'm not particularly wild about any upcoming movie. Just read a really brilliant horror novella named I'll Bring You The Birds From the Sky by Brian Hodge. Without going into spoilers I'll say its very much in the vein of HP Lovecraft (very character focused, gore and even action are minimal).

tryanmax said...

The Democrats--Pelosi especially--really seem like they're just going through the motions on this impeachment thing. It's like zombie congress. Very weird. (Unless you look at Adam Schiff, who looks very much like a zombie.)

I'm kinda stumped as to what Dems' next angle is. I get the sense that they never gamed it out this far. I think they thought impeachment furor was only going to rise. Now it's doubtful whether it'll even pass the House. At least if article are voted down, it'll be by the magic of bipartisanship. LOL

Over the last couple weeks, I watched the Star Wars movies in Machete Order (Google it if you don't know.) The whole story holds together a lot better than dissatisfied fanboys would lead you to think. I actually felt my qualms slipping away as I watched it, even into the sequels. The prequels and the sequels are not as haphazard as they first appear. (I'm not talking about mistakes in fight choreography.)

One example: Kylo Ren has been criticized for being written as irrationally angry. However, Snoke tells Ren that he likes to keep a rabid cur around. In the moment, it seems like he's referring to General Hux--who does like to yell a lot--but Hux always follows orders and is a pretty sound tactician. Rather, Snoke is obliquely explaining why Ren is such a petulant hothead. He picked him for that reason.

All that said, there's one more movie that could screw the whole thing up.

My dad is a total gearhead and absolutely recommends Ford vs. Ferrari

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