Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Mask Are Ending

I’ll start tackling the issue of race, culture and politics soon. There is a lot to discuss. For example, the Democratic plan of demographic domination is dead. The Democratic attempt to hook Asians is doomed too. Oh, and all that anti-Asian racist hate? It’s all coming from blacks. In the meantime, let me share two thoughts today.

First, as I thought, masks simply will not take with the American public – and probably not throughout the western world. Mask are uncomfortable... our culture does not tolerate discomfort. Masks pose danger... we don't tolerate danger. People don’t like them. We are a culture that builds trust through nonverbal gestures. Masks hide key signal givers of trust. People won't allow them.

I've seen clear proof now they won’t take. First, Colorado declared them voluntary a few weeks back and almost everywhere dropped the requirement. A few places still require them and some recommend them, but most everywhere no longer cares. Secondly, we went to Wyoming last week (Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole). There wasn’t a mask in sight. Nowhere. And nobody missed them. Everyone treated life as if COVID had never been at all. Life was back to normal.

That’s the future.

Secondly, it blows my mind how easily liberals flip their fundamental beliefs. When Trump and conservatives suggested that COVID might have been made by the Chinese, the left ridiculed it. Then they got all angry about it. Now that Biden has suggested that it might be the Chinese after all, they have absorbed this as a proven fact (when it isn’t) and they are ridiculing anyone who doesn’t believe.

It’s sick. It’s really sick. The need to hate and demonize anyone you disagree with is truly mentally sick. And then being so incapable to self-evaluation as to realize that just hours ago you held the opposite view is delusional.

Liberalism is a hate-filled mental illness.


ArgentGale said...

Glad to see another post, Andrew. It's always nice to have your take on things. On the Asian part of your first observation my first thought was that it took serious balls for the left/Democrats to try that angle with Asians even aside from your observation about where the crimes are coming from. First, their policies screw them hard when it comes to college admissions in particular, and second these cultures they're trying to court with the same victimhood narrative they use for blacks and Hispanics just don't go for it. They teach and respect hard work and discipline and have no use for the victim mindset. They're proud of this discipline and probably find the idea that it's all "whiteness" to be laughable. Of course, the right/GOP needs to get in gear too and as always I'm less than optimistic that they won't make the Dems look better by comparison.

On masks, as soon as Corporate America began their policy of "you can drop the mask if you've been fully vaccinated but we can't ask if you are because HIPPA so we're going to trust you *wink, wink*" they pretty much disappeared overnight. Seems like the presence and availability of the vaccine was enough to reassure the public no matter the fearmongering about variations and how we need 70% of people minimum taking it. From the looks of things it seems like only Oregon is going ahead with things like indefinite mask mandates and vaccine passports, and sadly they'll probably get away with it at least there.

And yeah funny how the possibility of a lab leak in Wuhan went from right-wing conspiracy theory to 100% true fact in a little over a year, huh? It's almost like they don't care that people can see these sort of things, but why would they? It's not like they suffer any consequences for it. And on that note, what do you make of the FOIA request and Fauci's e-mails pretty much verifying so many criticisms of him? Think it was an attempt to prove how awesome he is that backfired or were they getting ready to throw him under the bus now that they're seeing that the Winnie moral panic is just about played out?

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, These are indeed crazy times. In fact, I'm working on an article describing the age we are in... and it's not flattering.

The mask thing is just so messed up. I think more than anything it highlights how stupid everyone is, from the "elites" to the crazies on all sides.

I guess in the end, we are lucky that Chinese scientists suck. I have to think that a good American weapons specialist would have made something much more dangerous.

ArgentGale said...

Looking forward to it, and agreed on the insanity and the last part. That's one thing about working for the party in totalitarian societies, the need to BS something to please the bosses usually means a lot of flash and smoke but very little burn when it comes to their work, at least with the biological virus part. The mind virus that followed, though... I'm still boggling over how far and how fast everyone went down the rabbit hole and wonder what it's going to take to get out of Wonderland. Or should that be Blunderland with the way everything's gone since then?

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