Saturday, June 26, 2021

Racist... Is the New, uh, Black

Everything is racist! Well, not really, but it is oh so fashionable to claim things are racist. It's the newest form of low-IQ liberals and African-Americans trying to show their smarts and mistaking cynical verbal semantics for truth. Or maybe they're just so psychologically damaged by their failures and inadequacies that they need to invent plots against them to make them feel important and explain away their incompetence? //shrugs shoulders Probably both.

Anyhoo, this week saw us treated to some wonderful examples of WTF-thinking by a group of utter utter morons on the issue of race. In fact, I hate to even call it "thinking," because it bares scant resemblance to actual human brain activity, but it is technically thinking. What seems to be going on is that fools and dipsh*ts have struck upon the idea that anything that can be connected to blacks must be racist. Hence:
● A group of idiots (let's call them black/liberals or BLIBs for short) really are combing the world of astronomy looking for ways that those bigoted stargazers have tried to insult black people. Take for example the term "black hole". This can't possibly be descriptive for a phenomenon where all light gets sucked into a heavy gravitational object creating a black hole in space. No. This must be an attempt to insult blacks... somehow. Maybe it's the bigoted astronomer version of a yo-mama-so-fat joke? Who knows, but it has "black" in it and that's racist. So these BLIBs want the term changed and they want every other racist term changed too. And don't worry, they're find more no matter how creative they need to get. Might I suggest naming the planets after white Greeks is racist. They should pick African names like LaSaturn and Fat Albert.

● A college BLIB is banning offensive terms like "picnic." This particular bit of idiocy comes from an urban legend that the term derives from Southern racists "picking a n*gger" and hanging them. Ha ha ha. Stupid. It actually derives from a German word from the 1700s. Hilariously, they are also banning the word "trigger" (as in "people with other opinions trigger me") because of trigger's association with guns. I guess the snowflakes will need to find a less violent way now to say they are being emotionally aroused. May I suggest "masturbate" (as in "anything I don't like masturbates me")?

● According to some BLIBs, car accidents are racist because blacks are more likely to die in them. Now, to be fair, I do know that whenever I have a car accident, I always steer at the nearest black person, but that's just me. But so, yeah, probably racist. Couldn't be that blacks drive too fast and too aggressively (in conformance with the dictates of machismo ghetto culture)... nope. Couldn't be they drive shitty, unsafe cars... nope. Nope, must be racism. I'll bet the very laws of physics are racist.

● Blacks are also 3 times more likely than other races to head to the ER after a car accident. That's the result of racism too, though the BLIBs hadn't yet worked out how that's racist at the time I read the article. They just know it's racist in their sickly little hearts because it makes blacks different.

As an aside, this kind of puts to lie the idea that blacks don't trust racist doctors, which is the reason given for blacks not getting vaccinated. Strange. I wonder how racism stops them from getting vaccinated if it's not racist doctors?
Then there's my personal favorite:
● In a book sponsored by Bill Gates's foundation about ending racism is math, Bill's BLIPs actually claim that teaching that math has right answers is "reinforcing white supremacy." Seriously. Weeeeell, let me tell you what promotes white supremacy, Bill. Teaching young black kids how not to do math is a guarantee that those black kids end up stupid and unqualified to enter high paying professions. In fact, your little book should probably be called "The KKK-Gates Method For Keeping Blacks Out of STEM."

I wonder when they'll figure out that teaching critical race theory is teaching black kids that (1) they shouldn't bother with education or effort and (2) their futures rely on white largess? Great values... if you're training future slaves.
Finally, there's this from the world of irony:
● Apparently, blacks are whining that Chauvin only got 22.5 years, which in modern judicial slang probably means 6 years is my guess. The thing is, the reason he only got that, and the reason he will get out in much less than 22.5 years is that the same people who are whining about his light sentence are the very people who have been working for decades to make sure that all sentences are light so young black boys don't spend their lives in jail just for killing each other. Sucks to see vicious people get off easy, doesn't it?

● Then there's basketball's Jalen Rose, who is upset that a white basketball player was selected for the American Olympic team. He's calling the selection "tokenism." Probably true. But for a black person to whine about the token selection of someone of another race is the height of hypocrisy. Vast swaths of black "success" are tokenism. Did you really think that every movie and every television show has a black person in it for creative reasons? Did you really think there just happens to be one perfectly qualified black person available for every committee that gets formed? Ha... hahahahaha. That's cute, Jalen.

Now let me ask you something, Jalen. The same way you look at Kevin Love and disrespect him and realize that he's not there because he earned it... does that help your view of whites as basketball players? No? Really? Then do you think demanding token black representation has helped anyone's view of blacks? Or is there perhaps a lesson here? Maybe respect is only built by earning what you get? And maybe if you want people to respect you... you need to earn it?


AndrewPrice said...

I'm having a hard time finding out how Minnesota works, but for sure he only serves 2/3 of his sentence -- the rest is guaranteed parole unless he causes problems. So 22.5 automatically becomes 14.8.

Some states count time funny, some don't. In some places they give a day for day credit for being good, so that would cut what is left by as much as 50%, but I can't say that for sure yet. He has also served more than a year already. So I'm guess between 6-8 years.

Floyd gets out in... oh.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, apparently crowds of verdict protesters... deniers(?) were chanting "BLM" and "bullsh*t" at the short verdict. They called it racist.

I thought this was interesting as I too sometimes chant "BLM" and "bullsh*t" together. Small world.

ArgentGale said...

The only thought I have is that there's not enough facepalm memes on the Internet for all of this... Sad to see a group so mired in victimhood since it doesn't have to be like this. Like I said in another thread though they don't want to hear it from a privileged honkey like me (or from anyone else for that matter), so what can you do?

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, I am of two minds on this.

First, it saddens me that the people who don't buy this crap are being dragged down by those who do. It also saddens me generally to see such waste of human lives.

On the other hand, I don't generally feel sad for people who spend their lives wallowing in self-pity for the consequences of their own failures and misconduct. If somebody wants to wallow in self-pity and invent enemies to explain their failures -- be it imagined racism, secret plots, Satan, Jews, whatever -- I don't care if they hurt themselves or not.

And in that when you consider that this whole thing is premised on some nasty ideas and the solutions they want are essentially spite-bases, I have nothing but contempt for that. The Nazis used the exact same kind of psychology to rally the German public. It was evil then and it's evil now.

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