Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Democracts Don’t Find Canada Stimulating

I love Canada. . . mostly. It seems very pretty and I have truly liked the Canadians I have met. I’m a big user of Canadian oil and timber. I’m grateful that Canadian soldiers have fought alongside Americans in every conflict that I can think of, and have always distinguished themselves. I wouldn’t wish Canadian healthcare on anyone, and I really did not like “The Red And Green Show,” but that’s ok -- into every relationship a little rain must fall, eh?

Unfortunately, that rain is about to turn into a downpour, and it ain’t water falling from the sky. The democrats, in their union-sopping protectionist ways, have chosen to start a trade war with our dear friends the Canadians.

All over the country, federal, state, and municipal authorities are now scouring their worksites looking to make sure that Canadian products are not being used by their contractors and are demanding that contractors certify that they are using only American made products. It’s “Buy American” time, stimulus style. This a great way to treat a friend.

In response, a group of cities in Ontario have banned U.S. companies from competing for billions of dollars worth of municipal contracts. Hmm. . . no one could have seen that coming -- at least no one with a “D” behind their name.

I understand that Canadian authorities also may have seized the crews of various American television productions taking place in Vancouver, and may have sent teams of suicide pipe-fitters south of the border with instructions to fix our infrastructure or die trying. No doubt this is what Janet Napolitano was talking about when she accused Canada of allowing terrorists to cross their border.

So far, Obama has remained silent on this issue, to avoid inciting awareness.

In all seriousness, protectionism is a fool’s game. The historical evidence and theoretical evidence is so overwhelmingly one-sided that you really do have to be an idiot to believe that protectionism is a good thing. I hope that somebody in D.C. wakes up before this goes too far.


Trish said...

As a Canadian, does this mean I can't love you guys anymore...only kidding!

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens now.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Trish, you found us! Great!

No, we can still get along, at least until they cut the internet connection between us and Canada! :-(

I hope they stop this garbage before it goes much further. There is no reason to cause problems between two countries that work so well together.

Trish said...

Well at least you will have one Canadian perspective posting here :)

Congrats on Commentarama, may it last for as long as you want!

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Trish, we're happy to have you, eh!

Trish said...

Just remember, just because Canadians are oh so polite (ha ha), doesn't mean we can't get you...LOL LOL!

Looking forward to reading some great posts and responding back of course :) !

AndrewPrice said...

Trish, you sneaky Canadians have infiltrated our country so completely that I shudder to think what would happen if you all turned on us.

Everywhere I look there are Canadians. Even some of our news people are Canadians. Heck, for all I know, our President is really Canadian. No, strike that, I'm pretty sure he's from Kenya. :-)

Captain Soapbox said...

Oh so now I know who will show me sympathy when I get a sudden poutine or Aero bar craving!It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while I could just kill for either. I used to spend quite a bit of time traveling to Canada. Nice country, except for Quebec drivers, they scare me, and that's no easy trick.

As for the article, does it really surprise us all that much? I mean this administration seems to be going out of its way to unclench their fists to people who don't like any of us very much, while at the same time backhanding some of America's closest allies. Plus anyone who stayed awake in Freshman economics knows that trade wars (especially with one of your biggest trade partners)is very, very dumb as a general rule.

Trish said...

Captain Soapbox, I would be more than happy to help out with the occassional addition (junk food wise that is...LOL!). I love the mint Aero bars the best.

Trish said...

Andrew just think how many Canadians ended up working on 24. We are just everywhere :).

AndrewPrice said...


A quick story. In college, we had a bunch of hockey players living across the hall. They were all Canadians.

One day they travelled across the border, where the beer is better, and bought a trailer full of beer, to bring back with them. They got caught at the border. Turns out that's bootlegging.

In the end, they just confiscated the beer, but they were really close to getting into real trouble.

We, of course, thought it was hilarious!

Captain Soapbox said...

Thanks Trish! Not such a fan of the mint Aero bars, but the regular sort are something I miss about my trips into Canada, most definitely.

Andrew, that is a funny, funny story. We used to go on runs into Canada a lot when I was in college too, and more than once sweated a border inspection. Not for anything illegal, but sometimes when you get asked if you have "anything to declare" the strangest things will come out of your mouth, at least while at that age. Especially after having a few beers with some charming Canadian ladies.

Trish said...

Well Captain, just let me know when you need a care package :) and I will get it in the mail for you.

Captain Soapbox said...

Thanks for the kind offer Trish! I may take you up on that sometime, although for the moment I'm in heavy training for later on this year (when I'll be going on an "overseas adventure") so chocolate is strictly verboten for the time being. Which really annoys me, believe me. LOL

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