Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2016 Political Quiz

Since we are in a slight lull before we go full-bore election-cray-cray, now may be the time to take a quiz on where you fall in the political spectrum. Are you a hard-core conservative, a Paul-style libertarian, raging liberal, or somewhere in-between?

Each question contains an option to answer "Yes", "No", and "Other stances" which leads to more nuances answers. Please note that some categories have additional questions, so don't miss them! The quiz takes about 10 minutes, so give it a try. When you finish, post your final result in the comments.

2016 Political Quiz starts here...

Note: I predict that most us will fall in around the same category, but for different reasons and on different issues.


Rustbelt said...

Before I take the quiz, I would like to predict that one year from now, we will look back on this dry, quiet, restful spell as a great and relaxing time (once 2016 has gone fully bats*** insane,over the election, that is).

Kit said...

Apparently, I'm 97% with the GOP. Shocker.

Unknown said...

Gee....That's real surprising... 98% Libertarian who supports Rubio's positions. I'd be real curious to see if ANY commenters on this site fall within the Democrat positions and pro-Hillary!!

Critch said...

I side with the GOP, the Constitutional Party 96% of the time on both...hmmm, I guess I'm a Libertarian Republican..I actually side with the Dims about 30% of the time.

tryanmax said...

I'm the most wishy-washy so far. I'm only 89% aligned with the Constitution Party and just 86% with the Republicans.

I apparently agree with the Democrats as often as with the Socialists, which is somehow 43%. But this is just a quiz on party stances. It doesn't take tactics into account.

Kit said...

Robert Hedd,

I'm 98% with Rubio.

BevfromNYC said...

Robert Hedd - Seriously, are you going to actually align yourself with Rubio?? Didn't you read the earth-shattering expose in the NY Times about how he and his wife have collectively gotten 17 traffic tickets over the last 20 years??? I mean, this....is...HUGE! Oh, wait...

Critch said...

Let's face it, if Rubio gets to be POTUS he and his wife won't have to drive anymore, forever..a lot like Hillary.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm coming up 93% Constitution Party, 89% Republican, 89% Libertarian and I am described as a "moderate Right-Wing Libertarian."

Then I've got Rubio 88%, Bush 80%, Paul and Walker 78%.

And get this, I side with Bernie Sanders (57%) twice as much as I do Hillary (28%)! I take a perverse sort of pride in that! :D

Kit said...

I'm 52% with Hillary and 8% with Sanders. Huh.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, Did you answer "NO" or "NO F*CKING WAY!" on the "Can you tolerate a President without a penis" question? I think that made the different. ;-)

AndrewPrice said...

just kidding...

Don't shoot me, Bev! :D

BevfromNYC said...

Okay, don't be scared, but
87% Republican
77% Libertarian
76% Constitutional Party
52% Democrat
39% Green Party
37% Socialist

This proves what I have been saying for years...I am a Right-Leaning Centrist. BUT RICK SANTORUM, ARE THEY CRAZY????
82% Rick Santorum?????? What the ffffffff??? Need....brain bleach....NOW!

Other %
80% Marco Rubio
74% Jeb Bush
67% Rand Paul
53% Hillary Clinton
52% Carly Fiorina
23% Bernie Sanders

Anthony said...

The poll tells me I am a centrist. Unlike Bev the Rick Santorum fan my favorite presidential candidate is Marco Rubio (though Santorum is a close second).

89% Libertarian
88% Republican
79% Constitution Party

88% Marco Rubio
85% Rick Santorum
81% Rand Paul

BevfromNYC said...

Oh, Andrew, I have already turned you over to the SJW's. The fact that you used the phrase "without a penis" over "with a ve-jay-jay" just wreaks of micro-aggressive, patriarchal, male privilege! >8-P

AndrewPrice said...

Wow, Bev. I'm sorry. Rick Santorum huh? Yikes. He wasn't even on my list. Apparently, I agree with socialists, communists and Clintonistas more than I agree with Ricky.

Have you considered therapy?

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, LOL! Ok, I'll use that in the future! ;-)

Koshcat said...

I came out Moderate right wing
92% Republican
85% Libertarian
81% constitutional

there must be a flaw because it said I was tied with Santorum and Rubio 88%. I know Santorum thinks social issues are far more important than I do. I also match with Walker and Paul 82%; Cruz at 80%.

Hillary 27%, which seems high, and Sanders 4%.

Rustbelt said...

Okay, I came out 99% Republican. Surprise, surprise...

Also... Constitution Party 91%
Libertarians 74%
Democrats 13%

The test also says that I am strongly right-wing (another shocker). And, like Anthony, I got Marco Rubio as my favorite for the presidency.

The map also says that I am not popular in my home state of PA. Hell, it looks like I'm a pariah. Good grief. You say "Big Labor sucks!" just once around here, and suddenly everyone's carrying pitchforks, torches, and boiling oil.

BevfromNYC said...

Koshcat - I feel your pain with PA. I am only about 21% in line with NY. I guess I deserve Santorum...but Santorum??? AAAAAARRGGGGHHHH!!!

Rustbelt said...

Bev, no one deserves Santorum... unless we sic him on the Democrats in an unmarked box at one of their rallies via extra special delivery!

(dwiddles fingers evilly)

BevfromNYC said...

Oops, obviously, my comment was directed at you, Rustbelt. Sorry, I am not able to concentrate since the Santorum revelation. I am rethinking my life choices....😟

AndrewPrice said...

I am rethinking my life choices.

I can see where something like that will shake you up! :(

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, Consider it a sign of intelligence to have different views than other people around you! Or it means you're crazy. Either is good. :D

Knucklehead said...

94% republican
91% libertarian
89% constitution
13% green
10% democrat

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