Monday, February 20, 2017

Presidents Day Chat

Okay, it's Presidents Day, the day we remember what exactly? Oh, yeah, to remember all of those men (for now, anyway) who have been elected by the States to be the Chief Executive executing our laws enacted by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court in this country in the good times and the bad times and every day inbetween.

George Washington said that he intended to return to his farm in Virginia rather than establish himself as a lord in a new dominion, King George III declared that "If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world". Though Washington did not immediatedly return to his farm, he did after grudgingly being our 1st President and establishing the tradition of no more than 2 terms/8 years in office.

Interesting that we do not give much credit to our 2nd President John Adams who executed the first peaceful transfer of power in Western history that did not include the death, dismemberment, or exile of the outgoing ruler. He established this tradition that has been followed through 43 successive administrations even through Civil War.

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LL said...

Why is the photo of President Trump blanked out? (above)

Anthony said...

Interesting piece comparing Trump to Lyndon Johnson.

As president, he cut a grandiose figure. He was a braggart and a frequent liar. He was suspicious of other countries, frequently saying, “Foreigners are not like the folks I am used to.” He had a reckless disregard for limits. He belittled and browbeat others to intimidate them and give him what he wanted. Historian Robert Dallek said that he “viewed criticism of his policies as personal attacks” and opponents of his policies “as disloyal to him and the country.” He would bully and insult reporters, saying of one that he “always knew when he was around, because he could smell him.” He told whoppers about voter fraud in his elections. But he did get things done, dominating the political scene for good and for ill.

No, we’re not talking about Donald Trump. During a visit to the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, I was struck by just how many parallels there are between Lyndon Johnson and Trump. Liberals knew all about Johnson’s faults in the 1960s. But it was a different, more respectful media era, and his faults were underreported. The media were also willing to overlook them until Vietnam became a fiasco, because reporters liked his domestic-policy priorities in civil rights and his new government spending.

BevfromNYC said...

LL - Not a political statement. It's the only one I could find that had even that square available. But with all of the calls for assassination, impeachment, and obsessing over the 25th Amendment, maybe there is a bit of an irony.

BevfromNYC said...

Anthony, that's interesting. And the comparison on the '60's press & today's press treatment is fair. Also, the press, being mostly men, was more protective of 'manly behavior' too. Kennedy would never be elected by today's politcal standard of "morality".

Anthony said...

Milo has been disinvited from CPAC after a video of him advocating for pedophilia surfaced.

In the homosexual world, particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men — the sort of ‘coming of age’ relationship — those relationships in which those older men help those young boys discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable, sort of rock, where they can’t speak to their parents.

tryanmax said...

Well, you'd just about have to be Milo to come out saying you'd been on the victim's side of a pedophilic relationship and be disinvited from a speaking engagement as a result. How is it that conservatives are like magnets to the worst possible optics?

tryanmax said...

I also noticed that YouTuber Kevin Logan has his face plastered on some of the reports on Milo. I don't know his involvement in the story, but I interact w/ him on Twitter occasionally. He's a progressive, SJW turd, to put it politely.

Anthony said...

Trump's new Natsec advisor is a guy named H.R. McMaster. Seems well qualified. Also, best name ever!

Kit said...

I'm in favor of a James Buchanan Day, April 23. To commemorate the worst president we've elected (so far). A man who drove the country into civil War through a weird, knee-jerk favoritism towards the South.

Kit said...

I've heard nothing but good things about McMaster.

BevfromNYC said...

I want a William Henry Harrison Day. The best President we've had. Served 3/4/1841 - 4/4/1841. No time to screw up or do something stupid except for a ridiculously long inaugural speech in the middle winter.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think Milo is a true turd.

That said, I can't quite see what he said that is generating this response. Indeed, I have yet to find an article that really put a point on it. Instead, it's all be "statements condoning" without details.

The one actual quote I've found has him saying (sloppily) (1) we're not talking about sex with kids under 13, (2) some teens probably could give consent, (3) the left's one-size-fits-all social engineering is stupid, (4) but don't get me wrong, I oppose it.

This is being spun as an endorsement of child sex somehow.

So a couple thoughts...

1. This is stuff the left has been saying for years, but they don't mind changing positions to hang you.

2. This is the way to kill off an otherwise untouchable-because-he's-gay figure.

3. The conservative political establishment continues to lap up Democratic spin.

4. I don't care.

Kit said...


He defended and praised relations between adults and 13 year old boys. The optics are not on Milo's side, here.

AndrewPrice said...

I think each should have a holiday and how the holiday goes should depend on the character of the president. Cleveland Day... get fat. Teddy Roosevelt Day... day trip to Cuba. Carter Day... wear your underwear over your head. Monroe Day... carry a big stick and whack people. Lincoln Day... Pig Rassle. Nixon Day... Dick Tricks! JFK Day... More Dick Tricks. FDR Day... wheelchair races. Clinton Day... Cigars and hookers for everyone. Obama Day... Smell your own farts. Bush W Day... say Nuclar. And so on.

Anthony said...


Here are the problematic bits. Puberty and maturity are not the same thing in most people's eyes.

In a video interview with the Drunken Peasants Podcast in January, Yiannopoulos said "some of those relationships between younger boys and older men, the sort of coming of age relationships" may be deemed appropriate. He also said the current age of consent for sex, which is 18 in many states, is also appropriate.

But some of his other statements drew criticism. He described, in particular "the relationships in which those older men have helped those young boys to discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love . . . and sort of a rock where they can’t speak to their parents.”

Yiannopoulos also said; “You’re misunderstanding what pedophilia means, pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody who is 13 years old — who is sexually mature. Pedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty.”

Anthony said...

The greatest asset Trump has is the Democrats.

The office of a Missouri congressman says he intends to file a federal lawsuit over the removal of a constituent's painting from its display on Capitol Hill.

The painting, which shows a pig in a police uniform, divided members of Congress for its depiction of Ferguson, Missouri, where weeks of protests occurred after the police shooting of an unarmed black man.

The painting, one of 400-plus winning entries in the Congressional Arts Competition, hung in a tunnel leading to the Capitol for more than seven months.

Some conservative media outlets called for its removal and Republican lawmakers took it down and returned it to Democratic Rep. William Lacy Clay's office. Clay put it back up, saying its removal violated a constituent's First Amendment right to freedom of expression.

AndrewPrice said...


Here is the problem with that quote. It cuts off right at a critical point. Here's the whole quote from that point:

'Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13 years old who is sexually mature. Pedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty. Pedophilia is an attraction to people who don’t have functioning sex organs yet, who have not gone through puberty, who are too young to understand about the bodies. That is not what we are talking about.

‘You don’t understand what pedophilia is if you think I’m defending it, because I’m certainly not.'

Likewise, in the earlier discussion he says (1) the age of consent is basically set appropriately, but (2) there are relationships (doesn't say sexual) where older men teach younger boys who they are.

I think the danger of underage sex is great within that statement, but he isn't really "advocating it." And combined with his instant and strong denials, I suspect that no one on the left would dare say Obama had advocated underage sex if Obama said it, nor the right if GW Bush had said it.

Either way, I don't care. He's a turd who fights in the gutter and he eventually the gutter will get you.

tryanmax said...

Lemme share a couple of tweets that I think sum it up well:

If I said "I slept with an adult when I was a young teenager but it was my fault" you would understand I'm a victim speaking from trauma >

> If you call Milo a pedophile for saying the same thing (or a pedophile enabler) you need to think about why that is.


She also shared the following:

The thrust of it is that child survivors of abuse, especially males, routinely suppress that information and, when they come out with it, try to justify it and reframe the abuse as something they willingly engaged in.

Throwing Milo to the wolves on this is about the most stereotypically conservative move the right can make.

It's also a tremendous waste. In his statements, Milo has laid out the reality of homosexual "grooming" that gay rights activists deny. The right would rather be rid of the bur under their saddle than grab hold of the vindication Milo would otherwise represent.

Anthony said...


I'm the father of a 15 year old (going on 16) and a 12 year old, both of whom have a lot of friends. In my opinion mature (sexually or otherwise) and 13 should never be used with a straight face in the same sentence :) .

Yes, there are kids who rival or even exceed some adults in terms of physical development, but that doesn't make them mature in an emotional sense, that just makes them attractive targets for people with profound problems, people who are either attracted to kids or seeking people they can easily manage.

On a related note, Obama and Bush were both guys I had a lot of issues with, but both were partially reactions to the craziness of the Clinton years, guys who were unquestionably committed to their wives. I don't think their bases (who chose them in part because of their mundane personal lives) would have reacted well if it were otherwise.

I agree with Tryanmax's point that survivors of childhood sex abuse are more likely to become perpetrators, but that shouldn't be a get out of jail free card.

Also, I doubt its politically feasible to frame Milo's statements as an indictment of gays. I'm not saying whether or not gays tend to be into kids (I don't know many and those I do know I don't know all that well and I don't pay much attention to the culture) but embracing a guy as a movement figure and then claiming his bad behavior is normal for his group doesn't work.

It would be like say, embracing a black male politician, learning that he a big believer in infidelity and then talking about how it isn't a flaw of the man in particular, but black culture. It doesn't work, it just like condescending, convenient excuse making.

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