Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wrong Narratives

Just a couple thoughts tonight on the games the liberal MSM is playing.

Projecting: When you take your own feelings and use those as a basis to explain the motivations of other, that is called projection. The best example is how psychologists with mommy issues will assume that all their patients are suffering from mommy issues. Liberals have been doing this for years, projecting their own racism, sexism, hate, spite and bad faith onto conservatives. Now the media has transformed this issue into a real world thing. They are doing this thusly:
Step One: Liberals accuse Trump cabinet choice of being divisive.
Step Two: Liberals riot against cabinet choice.
Step Three: The Media uses fact of riot as evidence of divisiveness.
Logic calls this a tautology. Psychologists call it projection. The left doesn't see anything wrong with it.

Do NOTHING!: The left is attacking Trump for doing nothing... as if they want him to be active. The problem with this is that almost every day brings some new policy change that either undoes the last eight years of Obama in one pen stroke or makes a substantive change to US policy. You see how stupid that reasoning is.

Anyways, to support it, they are trying to whine that so far Trump hasn't had an Obamacare or whatever-else-Obama-actually-did-in-office-I'm-sure-there-had-to-be-something. They forget that Obamacare didn't happen until two years into Obama's administration. Dodd-Frank didn't happen for another year. And nothing much happened after that. So this is totally a false test.

Further, think about the assumption here. A President isn't active unless he passes some big-ass LEGACY bill with his name on it? Really? That says a lot about how they think. Style over substance. The reality is that what Trump has done has been incredibly active so far and he's done it without even needing signature legislation.

Trump Opens Death Camps for Jews!!: The MSM is trying to swing Jews back to the Democrats. To do this, they've run with some interesting twists. First, they wrote suspicion/smear articles in which they noted that Trump might now like Jews. As proof, they pointed out that his own daughter had converted and he might not like that. No evidence was offered. They jumped all over the Holocaust statement because it didn't use the specific words they wanted. They ignored his friends and business partners who are Jews. They ignored his support of Israel. Now they are linking his election to 11 Jewish centers getting bomb threats. What? According to the ADL, all Jewish centers get bomb threats every day, so why is this new? Not to mention, there was no mention of Trump, nor have Trump's supporters ever been linked to antisemitism. Talk about inventing a smear out of whole cloth!

Trump Opens Death Camps for Trannies!!: Oh oh. Trump called the transgender bathroom issue a state's rights issue and he reversed Obama's brave bathroom executive order which came somewhere near the very end of Obama's term in office (why does that sentence sound dirty?). The end result will be that... well, nothing changes. Yep. Nothing's going to change. Yet, he is being roundly denounced as if he were a child rapist. Maybe they should stage a million Trannie march... oops, there aren't that many. How about a 200,000 Trannie March! They can wear reversible Dick Head/Pussy Hats.

Crazy Train: The MSM is pulling out all the stops again. Now they are digging up "historians" to say he will be impeached or might start a civil war, shrinks to claim he has "cabin fever" and other mental disorders, and a never-ending parade of experts to tell us how everything he's doing suggests buggery.

Among the Apes: There are suddenly a ton of articles written by idiots that start with "I'm a (silicon valley/college/union) liberal and I decided to go meet some actual Trump supports and find out what the hell they are thinking." These articles read a lot like mental masturbation as the authors invariably struggle to prove their own superiority over the natives. It's becoming an epidemic and it's stupid. Frankly, I think we should fire back and send scientists to live among the liberals and analyze their world. That could be pretty funny. "After breaking up Oreo cookie, subject spent ten minutes worrying about effect of segregation of black and white parts. Eventually used the N-word and tossed both parts in the gluten-free garbage can."

Irony: Am I the only one who thinks it's ironic that the left is upset that Trump might be weak on the Russia issue when they spent the whole Cold War essentially acting as a Soviet fifth column?



Koshcat said...

I would like you to use the term buggery more often.

Anthony said...

It's a bit of a stretch to claim Trump's supporters have never been linked to anti-Semitism. He is 'daddy' to the alt right.

That being said, there are two sides in American politics and racists in general and antisemites in particular can be found on both sides (a vocal minority).

Obama stabbing Israel in the back as his administration wound down was a petty, cowardly move which pandered to some of the Democrats' worst supporters and which will help the Republicans make inroads.

I don't see how recent attacks can be blamed on Trump.

As for the tranny issue, I see little practical effect but it is politically significant. Both sides are of the opinion if an issue is important, don't leave it to the states.

Patriot said...

Andrew.......Exactly as you say. I would like to know what Jeff Sessions is doing myself. He's been in the swamp for a few weeks now and we haven't heard a peep from the media on how he's destroying the Justice Dept. I think/hope he's been busy finding out how utterly corrupt many of the senior ranks are and is reporting back to Trump with his recommendations.

Also, I'm beginning to like KellyAnne Conway even more. She doesn't give an inch to the idiot media and gives back in spades. Next they'll be going after her looks and finding some picture of her without makeup to splash around. Junior high mean girls stuff.

Good job here. You nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Leftists have no sincere beliefs except for the belief in their own superiority. They simply throw everything at their target to see what sticks. When a specific thing sticks they focus on that as their attack point.If nothing sticks they pick something and repeat it over and over until it becomes accepted as common knowledge. The Left is always in attack mode.

tryanmax said...

RE: Transgender bathrooms - I've seen claims that Trump is flip-flopping on this issue, based on this quote:

"You leave it the way it is. There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go. They use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. There has been so little trouble. And the problem with what happened in North Carolina is the strife and...the economic punishment that they're taking."

They're saying that Trump was pro-trans when he said that, but he's anti-trans by repealing Obama's EO. They're ignoring the common thread which is states' rights.

Backthrow said...

It gets worse (and funnier):

A Trump Dimension?

(Warning: a little bit of NSFW language sprinkled through the video)

tryanmax said...

Anthony, the difficult thing about discussing the alt-right is that it's been defined through tautology as well. As you say, a bigoted element can be found in any group. Opponents of the alt-right have focused on this element to make their judgement of the alt-right such that, if anyone tries to show or demonstrate that the alt-right is not primarily racist, they are dismissed as a racist for being part of the alt-right. When that doesn't work, such as when non-white-het-cis individuals claim to be part of the alt-right, they are dismissed as no true Scotsmen or having internalized racism. I find this tendency to be remarkably disingenuous coming from Tea-Party types, as the same tactic was previously used on them.

tryanmax said...

Backthrow, I saw that yesterday! It explains so much. Trump isn't merely playing 3-D chess, 4-D chess, or even ∞-D chess. He's playing Trump-D chess.

Koshcat said...

Pretty funny Backthrow. What is dumb about the whole alternative reality theory is that any reality from the one you live in is an alternative reality but all of them are the true reality. You also only exist as who you are in this reality. The other reality where Larry David is president there may be a person similar to you but not exactly.

Talk about losing their grip on reality. The funniest part of the video is that this was on the MSNBC website as legit news. In a normal reality universe, this should have come from The Onion.

Anthony said...


Richard Spencer coined the term alt right and is widely acknowledged as the creator and leader of the movement. Coupled with the statements and tactics of many members, I don't really see how the racism of the alt right can be argued.

From where I stand, the composition of its adherents is irrelevant. You can find whites (liberals) willing to say that 'Whites are a scourge upon the Earth' but the notion isn't less false or racist than if a non-white expressed it.

tryanmax said...

Actually, it was Paul Gottfreid who is credited with coining the term "alternative right." Spencer claims to have coined "alt-right" which is as stupid as it is unlikely. Spencer seems to be mostly regarded as a movement leader by motivated opponents of the right in toto. I'm fine to disagree on whether a particular ideology is worth examining. I just feel it is better to try to discuss the alt-right—or any movement—on its own terms first. Most ideologies tend to be very honest about their own beliefs, and very dishonest about others'.

tryanmax said...

Let me add that one other difficulty of discussing the alt-right is the common impulse to regard an interest in probing it with sympathy for it, and that with just most onerous aspects.

Critch said...

The Dims just elected Perez as head of the DNC,,,who immediately appointed Ellison as his deputy....the Democrats are packing their party with idiots...I hope they keep it up...

Anthony said...

Huh. I thought Ellison was going to get it.

AndrewPrice said...

Bill Paxton died. He played some of my favorite characters. RIP

Anthony said...

Paxton was an actor who was fun to watch. RIP

Anthony said...

Sounds like the transgendered are going to make a big negative impact on women's sports. What a mess. I've got no issue with their existence (I'm a live and let live kind of guy) but the transgendered create a lot of thorny issues.

17-year-old Mack Beggs wanted to become a champion, just not like this. He took the Texas 6A Girls wrestling title Saturday morning, beating Chelsea Sanchez in the final. Beggs’ stepmom Sandy Gonzales was there. She heard the many cheers, and a few boos.

For example, he took a regional championship last weekend after two competitors, including his opponent in the final, forfeited. Beggs got salty, attributing this to bigotry by the adults.

Critch said...

Bill Paxton was good in everything he did,,I especially liked him in a little known vampire flick, Near Dark.

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