Monday, August 28, 2017

Interesting Contradictions

Howdy folks! Just some thoughts on the media as I’m still dealing with this annoying leg issue.

According to Newsweek, support for Trump’s impeachment grew this month to “its highest level yet at 40%.” I find that interesting as I’ve been told dozens of times already that support for impeachment was far beyond 50% or even 60%.

Do you think the MSM is lying to us?

During the Charlottesville “outrage” which the GOP won’t stop clobbering themselves with, I saw that Trump’s popularity fell to “its lowest point yet”... just below W. Bush’s popularity. Again, this is interesting as I’ve heard for months how no one has ever been less popular.

Yahoo proclaimed last week that no matter what Trump does, Obamacare isn’t failing and won’t fail. That’s interesting since they spent the month prior screaming how Obamacare would fail unless Trump fixed it.

Maybe Yahoo should stick to exposing fat transgender chicks shaming each other over parent shaming. Seriously, things have gotten so bad that according to Yahoo, “even Wonder Woman gets body shamed.” Uh, yeah, by the “body positive” chicks.

Trump has handled Hurricane Harvey rather well, yet the MSM has simultaneously claimed that he hasn’t done enough and that he’s doing so much because he’s “grandstanding.” They are also describing every photo of something partially submerged in water as “Katrina like.” Katrina-like? Really? I guess I missed the part where the poor neighborhoods in Texas ignored evacuation orders and then began raping and murdering each other for fun as the state’s Democratic Governor pointed fingers at everyone else while failing to request Federal aid. But then, I haven’t been paying that much attention.

The NAACP is going to boycott the NFL (yawn... sorry) over the Colin (yaaaawn) Kaepernick situation. Good luck with that. I’m sure all ten of you will make quite a dent in the NFL’s ratings.

Finally, I watched the Mayweather v. McGregor fight. It was definitely entertaining. My professional opinion is that McGregor can’t box and Mayweather is too old to box. As spectacles go, however, it was fun and they did an amazing job building this into an event – I never would have ordered anything pay-per-view otherwise.

Ultimately, I think they got exactly the ending they wanted. McGregor can claim that he can box (he lasted 10 rounds) and that he would have won if he had been allowed to continue. Mayweather can claim that he beat McGregor and it would have gotten worse if allowed to continue. Box continues to claim its status as superior to MMA, but MMA can claim to be nearly on the level now with boxing. Everyone wins. Don’t be surprised if one day we learn this fight was fixed. For now though, it was just a lot of fun.


tryanmax said...

On GOP clobbering itself, I never truly appreciated how terrible they are at PR (and that's really saying something) until they took up arms against their own president who just happens to be an expert at promotions. The latest rake the RNC has stepped on is to reassiciate themselves with white supremacy by voting for a resolution against it. The predictable responses ranges from "they had to vote on it?" to "not soon enough" to "I don't believe it." Smooth move, ExLax!

Anthony said...

Big talker, terrible manager, breaks lots of (often impossible) promises, digs himself lots of holes with his tongue, but fans point to loyal, aggrieved following as a defense. Such a familiar song.

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