Tuesday, December 5, 2017


From the news...

● Megahn Markle (rhymes with Sparkle) revealed that she struggled with insecurities because she was told that she was too husky and too bf ugly to be a model/actress. I am so, so sad. Yep, I'm sad because this is horse crap. This is the new inoculation for women who got famous for their looks. It's like the flu shot. Apparently, we are supposed to feel bad for all they suffered and now we don't judge them too harshly for their lives of privilege (for those playing along at home: too fat/ugly cures privileged Barbie... bullied cures asshole... sexual abuse cures major f*uck up).

Here is my response to Miss Marple and all the other models who make this claim:
(1) Bullshit.
(2) Everyone is told this growing up... often by people like you. This doesn't make you special.
(3) You picked a business that judges you on looks and weight, so you were asking for it. They don't say these things to garbage men or lawyers. This is self-inflicted.
(4) If you want people to stop judging women by looks, then stop trying to get jobs based on your looks and stop making your pretend lack of looks into something that defines you. I kid you not, airhead, in the 1970s, there were ugly actresses and they were amazing! I'd trade a thousand of you for one of them these days.
● Why do I keep seeing stories about Rodrigo Alves? He's a freak who is trying to make himself look like Ken/Barbie through massive amounts of surgery. Seriously, stop writing these articles. Let him die in obscurity.

● You know what is so telling about teaser headlines? They almost always link to an "article" in which the only bit of interesting information is the one word withheld from the headline. "Doing this can make your d**k fall right off!" If people writing these "articles" were any good, the article itself would be interest beyond the missing word, but they never are.

● Russia has been barred from the 2017 Olympics. Sounds like it's going to be 1984 all over again... let's go to McDonald's! Seriously though, this is an overdue punishment for Russia, but it doesn't go very far in terms of cleaning up sports. From the little I've seen, dozens of sports are awash in performance enhancing drugs and cheating (biking, swimming) and abuse (women's soccer). Add in the politicization of the NFL and NBA (and the crime wave that is the rosters of both sports), the nuclear bomb the feds dropped in college basketball (say hello to my little indictment), and the insanity that is the NCAA's football coaching hop ("I had to destroy the program to save it so I could get another job!"), and this isn't a great time for sports.

● John Conyers is going to resign. Not because he's a serial molester mind you -- Democrats don't resign for misconduct -- but because he's old (88 years young!) and he wants to pass his seat to his son just in case he gets forced out. What a way to go out... nepotism. They sure don't make "icons" like they used to.



Anthony said...

Trump is going to take concrete steps to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem (a process which will take at least a few years). Congress and the evangelical community have long favored this move (which would be a first by any country) but presidents have been reluctant to do it outside the context of the Peace process because it would upset Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular.

The Peace process has been moribund for years and Trump Muslim relations can't get appreciably worse so I think this move will do minimal damage abroad (Muslim terrorists might murder Americans and Israelis under that banner but murder is what terrorists do) and domestically it is good politics.

tryanmax said...

TIME's person of the year is "The Silence Breakers." I think it's a cop-out any time TIME names something other than an individual. Heck, I'll even grant leeway to name a small group of people (not to exceed the average membership of a boy band) as persons of the year provided they did whatever they did as a group. Pretty sure the magazine doesn't want to name the next Hitler, seeing as they named the last Hitler.

They speak a great deal about how the person of the year is the most influential for good or ill, but anymore they hand it out as an accolade. We all know it. If they really took the for good or ill stance, they'd name Weinstein.

Tennessee Jed said...

Have not followed the Markle story. My favorite Monarch was E2, I suppose because she was a dead ringer for my mother. She always struck me as oozing class (in a good way.) next generations ... not so much although Andrew seems ok despite his father. If Markle is peddling that line, I agree mucho lamer

Olympic is guilty of power 5 college football. Big money, particularly tv money, has long destroyed the fantasy and innocence of amateurism.

Congers passing it to his son does not surprise. Congress is a cesspool of power and influence paddling. I do think the left so believes the dangerous Trump must go by any means, they are willing to sacrifice any of their own if they can get him

Anthony said...

Franken is going to make an announcement about his political future tomorrow. This is playing out a lot like the Clinton years.

Tennessee Jed said...

Time's person of the Year has lost a lot of it's mojo. 50 years ago, it was still a relatively respected weekly national general interest news magazine. I dumped it when they became so blatant with their political bias in all areas, not just politics.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I don't think their choice makes sense even without politics. First, it's a cop out not to pick one. Secondly, they just seem to be naming people who are in the news, not people who made any real impact.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The Democrats have turned on him. I think they got a lot of blowback for supporting harassers.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I agree completely.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, The nepotism of our political class never surprises me.

Agreed on money ruining sports.

Anthony said...

So Franken has resigned and it's come out that Conyer's son was recently arrested for domestic violence after his then girlfriend called 911. It should be noted he wasn't charged due to a lack of evidence.

AndrewPrice said...

Toss Harold Ford onto the pile. I love how everyone going down right now for harassment is a liberal. Ha ha.

AndrewPrice said...

Robert Mueller's investigation is imploding. First, you have an anti-Trump agent openly talking with his anti-Trump mistress about the case. She was part of the team at some point too. Now you have an attorney who previously represented the Clinton Foundation.

None of this may be legally wrong, but for these people to be involved in clearing Clinton and damning Trump reeeeeeks of political bias.

Anthony said...

Representative Trent Franks (R-Arizona) is expected to resign. Not clear why but rumors of sexual misconduct have swirled around him for years.

Critch said...

Harold Ford, Jr got fired from Morgan Stanley for his behavior to women...well, that apple didn't fall far from the tree..his pappy loved women, or tried to. Years ago Junior came to our airbase in Memphis. He saw my name tag and mistook me for one of the rich Democratic members of my family...I thought I was going to have to call the cops to get him off me...he finally left me alone when he realized I didn't live in Memphis or have any money.

BevfromNYC said...

Hey, all! Sorry I have been MIA lately. A trial assignment has me crazy busy thru the end of the year. So, I see more resignation in Congress today! Looks like the swamp is being cleared at an alarming rate. Anyone keeping score in the Resign-apaloosa?

Anthony said...

The independent counsel was never going to present enough about Russia to get the Republican controlled Congress to impeach Trump.

Along those lines both fringes are focused on different things. Liberal media is filled with Russia stuff Trump et al lied about or fails to remember. Conservative media is filled with evidence about the biases of the investigators.

The most important variable for the general public is Trump and Putin have toned down their public displays of affection. As long as that remains the case Trump is unlikely to be damaged by any revelations.

Anthony said...


I'm not saying he will be the next to fall but this Texas who used 84K in taxpayer money to settle a harassment suit will fall at some point.


The House Committee on Ethics voted Thursday to investigate Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) over allegations that he sexually harassed a former staffer and then used $84,000 in taxpayer money to settle her claim.

The decision follows a report by Politico last week that identified Farenthold as the legislator behind the payout, which came from a little-known congressional fund that can be used to settle lawsuits filed against lawmakers.

The Ethics Committee will investigate the claims, which were filed by Farenthold’s former communications director, Lauren Greene, in December 2014. In the lawsuit, Greene said her boss sexually harassed her and created a hostile work environment. She also levied accusations of gender discrimination against him.

Another Farenthold aide told Greene that the congressman said he had “sexual fantasies” and “wet dreams” about Greene, she said, and when Greene complained, she was fired.

Greene’s case was settled and the lawsuit dropped, Politico reported.

The Ethics Committee said it would investigate the claim and other allegations that Farenthold made “inappropriate statements to other members of his official staff.” However, it noted that “establishing an investigative subcommittee does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred.”

tryanmax said...

Bev, the House Press Gallery maintains a Casualty List. pressgallery.house.gov/member-data/casualty-list

Kit said...

Anyone hear about the Daniel Shaver trial?

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