Monday, July 16, 2018

Leftists At Play

The left is running amok. They really are.

Selective Outrage: French President Marcon congratulates Putin in glowing terms on an excellently run World Cup. Crickets from the left. Donald Trump congratulates Putin. The left erupts. How dare he?! Doesn't he know how evil Putin is?!

Body Cams Again: This weekend, Chicago police killed a black man. The race industry immediately screamed that he was unarmed and blah blah blah racist cops killing black men. A riot basically began. Then the Chicago PD released body cam footage. Surprise, surprise. The angelic African American gentlemen who did nothing wrong was indeed armed with a handgun and an extra magazine, and after the cops tried to restrain him, he ran into the street and tried to draw his gun on the cops before they shot him. Once again, body cams reveal that this idea of cops hunting innocent black men is a myth. Draw on a cop... you die. No sympathy.

Trump Whining: The news this weekend was full of images of British protesters whining about Trump. I have to tell you, I honestly couldn't care less what some British white trash think about Trump or us. I guess I am impressed that they sobered up enough to stage a protest -- must have been near a welfare office -- but I still don't care. The British government is not relevant to the world anymore and the British people are the bottom of the heap. They lead every bad statistic in Europe. As a people they voted to make themselves wards of the state. They act like white trash. Their elite have repudiated everything that ever made them relevant. Why should we care about them?

Hilariously, by the way, many of the signs I saw from their protests made no sense. It was clear that these idiots had no idea what actually bothered them about Trump... or just couldn't spell.

The Moral of Papa Johns: For those who have followed this, John Schnatter, the Founder of Papa John's has gotten himself into trouble and was ejected from his own company last week. It started last NFL season when Schnatter used the NFL kneeling issue as an excuse for pizza sales falling flat. That didn't sit well with a lot of people who didn't buy it and it hurt his reputation. So Schnatter decided to rehabilitate himself. He chose the issue of race. He decided to talk about how anti-racism he was. Big mistake. Where it went wrong was that he used the n-word in his attempt to be sympathetic, when he claimed, "Where I grew up in Indiana, they used to drag niggers behind pickup trucks." First, that's bullsh*t. Schnatter grew up in the 1970's, by which time that crap had ended -- if it ever happened outside of a few southern states. Secondly, big mistake using the n-word.

The backlash was immediate and furious. How dare he use that word?! It didn't matter to the left that he was trying to support their "everybone's racist and hunting black men" narrative, he used the forbidden word and he wasn't a certified leftist. Soon, every journalist had converted this into Schnatter making racist statements and using the n-word. Not one grasped the context of how he used or it or what he was trying to do. Within days, he was forced out. Even funnier... the company forced him out immediately, and yet a number of colleges and sports teams are severing their relationship with the company over this. Think about that. They are attacking a company that did exactly what they wanted -- fired one of their enemies for lack of collectivist thought. You can't trust them.

The moral is simple. The left is looking to destroy. It doesn't do context. It doesn't do proportionality. Unless you have a free pass from them because you are far left enough, any misstep will lead to them trying to destroy you.


tryanmax said...

My only response is this: Mason-Dixon Line according to Democrats

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, So which one is the regional party? LOL!

Rustbelt said...

What? I'm still on the outside looking in???? You're giving me a raw deal here, TM! I mean, come on, PA voted red last time! Do I not get credit?! Oh, geez...

To channel Christopher Walken in 'Wayne's World 2'..."Hey! Let me in! My girlfriend's in there!"

AndrewPrice said...

I find it interesting how insane the never-Trumpies are. They are competing with each other right now to describe the very act of meeting with Putin as "treason." Really? Does that mean we can lock up Obama and Hillary too since both met with him? Oh wait, those meetings were brilliant diplomacy that must have solved so much if just meeting with Putin is now considered treason.

The stupidity of these people is so intense.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, Sadly, PS seems determined to go blue/purple this time. Maybe if you sold Philly to New York?

Anthony said...

Meeting and seeking to improve relations with Russia is fine and good, taking the word of Putin over that of pretty much every American (including people appointed by Trump) who has investigated the hack is crazy. I can't see it doing much political damage to him though. His thing with Putin is not new.

Rustbelt said...

Andrew, we tried. We told New York to name their price. They told us they heard their car running and left the office. For all we know, their car is still running.

We also tried New Jersey. They wanted to barter with Trenton. We tried upping the ante by adding Bidenville instead of bartering. Of course, when they found out that was actually Scranton, the whole deal fell apart faster than the Orioles' season.

Sigh...well, to end positively, as of 7/17/18, it's been 15,757 days since the Flyers won the Stanley Cup. Hey, I suddenly feel better!

tryanmax said...

Anthony, you can't overlook the media's role in the statements Trump is making. They're doing both of two things with their questions: 1) begging Trump to throw Putin under the bus right in front of him, and 2) demanding Trump and Putin to confess to collusion.

In other words, they're not doing good journalism. They're asking blunt questions that they think their audiences want to hear but are easy to shrug off. They are not asking well-crafted questions that will, at a minimum, elicit revealing deflections and, at a maximum, catch a politician up.

In the process, the reporters are egging on a diplomatic disaster that, by pure luck, the drooling idiot Trump haplessly stumbles around managing to avoid all of the traps that would be obvious to a more skilled politician. Of course, in the process, Trump gets a lot of metaphoric mud on his shoes and tracks it around, which is just an unacceptable embarrassment.

tryanmax said...

Rustbelt, the lines are only in the heads of Democrats. They see "their" states as the Purified States of Wokeness, and all the rest are the Racist States of Flyoverland.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I don't see how that justifies the total freak out over Trump meeting with Putin.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, Like a 20something who has outgrown the house, maybe you should just cut them free?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, This feels like another invented "crisis". In fact, I've noticed a pattern:

1. Media asserts something evil about Trump.
2. Trump does something that results in him NOT admitting to the evil.
3. Media spends time attacking Trump for doing whatever he was doing despite the evil.

Trump didn't admit he's racist... sexist... a rapist... a foreign spy... etc. How dare he!!

What's even more bizarre to me on the Putin thing is that these are the same people who praised Clinton and Obama for being willing to look past all kinds of crimes Putin had been known to commit. But now Trump is evil for not walking up to Putin and punching him. That's messed up "logic."

Anthony said...


Taking the word of a dictator over the word of literally everyone (including Trump appointees) who has ever investigated the Russia hack was bizarre.

Its not a crisis IMHO. Trump didn't make any policy concessions (that we know of) and Russia is not an existential threat. Like its ally North Korea Russia does a lot of evil stuff (from terrorist attacks on down) but like NK it is run by a man whose primary interest is himself, so while both countries are fond of brinksmanship, neither desires a war of annihilation with the strongest country in the world.

That doesn't mean we don't need to be wary of them, but I don't think people should have nightmares of a nuclear holocaust.

Last and least Bush was the first president to initiate the tradition (followed by every president since) of trying to reset relations with Putin. It always attracts criticism and always fails because Putin gonna Putin no matter what gift you give him or what jokes you tell or how hard you bow and scrape. Thumbing his nose at the US plays well for Putin domestically.

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