Monday, July 9, 2018

My Thoughts On Brett Kavanaugh

So Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Kennedy. I think it's one of the better picks in decades. Here are my thoughts.

● In terms of qualifications, you aren't going to beat Kavanaugh. He's got more than a decade experience on the federal appellate court for D.C., where he is described as "influential". The DC Circuit is a great court, a very important court, which handles most important federal questions. Moreover, being considered influential is the best thing you can say about a judge. He's been a law professor at Yale, which suggests an orderly and creative mind capable of debate. He worked for Ken Starr. He worked for Bush in the White House, which shows political knowledge. You can't build a better resume.

● He's young and should serve for decades. Excellent.

● I still wish Trump would have put a conservative woman on the court, but that's a minor point and doesn't detract from his excellence.

● Philosophically, Kavanaugh is considered solidly conservative and has 12 years of a record to prove it. He's supposed to be in the mold of Clarence Thomas, my favorite Justice. He's a textualist, which is what a judge is supposed to be (though few are). He's also described as not living in a conservative bubble and having liberal friends. That's good as it keeps him grounded. He's also a strong believer in separation of powers, which is the key to small government. All good.

● The left is whining that he's a Nazi, which they would say no matter what. The fringe right is calling him a "moderate," which I think they would say no matter what. So that's good when he alienates the idiot factions on both sides.

● I'm impressed that he debunked the idea that Vince Foster was murdered and he wanted to reduce the discussion of sex in the Ken Starr report. This shows him to be both rational, not doctrinaire, and having an ear for politics. Those are all great things in a Supreme Court justice.

● Watch for liberals to howl about the faces his wife made during the announcement because, you know, that's what really matters.

● Once again, Trump proves to be excellent at delivering strong conservative talent that won't offend or scare average people (except liberals who would be scared no matter who got picked). Trump really can be an amazingly good President at times.



tryanmax said...

Saw a funny reaction tot he Kavanaugh pick. The Women's March (which is apparently an organization, now) put out a press release condemning the pick where they forgot to fill in Kavanaugh's name in the first paragraph, instead running it with just "XX" in its place, and in the second paragraph, misspelling it with a "C."

Also, seen some photos circulating of piles of discarded #StopKethledge and #StopHardiman signs. Glad to know the opposition to the pick is serious and thoughtful.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi folks. I understand there was a problem posting comments. It seems to work now though. Sorry for any inconvenience.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's hilarious!

The left is anything but genuine in their attacks. Trump literally could have picked Obama and they would have slammed him along the exact same lines. Fortunately, nothing they do matters.

As for the Starbucks March, yeah, the left always formalizes things now so that small groups of activists can pretend to speak for vast numbers of something (women, blacks, Hispanics, orcs, etc.).

Tennessee Jed said...

Great post Andrew. I could not agree more. Although the minions of liberals are pouring over his e-mails from Bush admin. As I write this comment, I expect they will have to resort to a lying me too er to mention his giving her a can of Coke with what appeared to be a strange pubic hair on the can

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Jed! I would not be at all surprised if they pulled another Anita Hill or two plus who knows what else. I expect a lot of dirty tricks to try to stop him or to at least de-legitimize him. Schumer has already said that he will do anything he needs to to stop Kavanaugh, and the left has a strong track record of lying and false accusations.

Anthony said...

Honestly I never heard of the guy before last weekend but he seems like a superb pick.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Everything I've seen suggests he'll be a fantastic judge.

Of course, talk radio is playing their "I'm more pure than thee!" game. And the left is playing their, "all opponents are evil racist Nazis." He seems to be playing well though.

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