Tuesday, July 3, 2018


We're heading to Zion this week to get away from the world. I hope you all have a wonderful 4th o July. God Bless America! :)

As an aside, here are more thoughts.

● The MSM really doesn't get it. Because they are leftists, they think nothing of glorifying leftist stupidity. Right now, they are treating this "democratic socialist" (read "socialist") who won the Democratic primary (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) in New York as the shooting star of some new wave. That's stupid of them. Pointing to a socialist as a rising star is the sort of thing that scares people beyond the conservative base in the public at large.

What's more, they think this woman means some sort of surge in voting by young people and Hispanics. But she won a primary in which only 17% of Democrats voted. There's zero evidence of any sort of surge. All this does is excite people on the left who will soon be disappointed while scaring people on the right and center-right to vote. Not to mention, the way they present her as a slayer of corrupt old, fate, honky Democrats just makes the Democratic Party seem corrupt and turns off the very people she's supposedly inspiring. Stupid.

● The MSM really doesn't get it (Act II) They are highlighting this sudden push by leftist activists to shutdown ICE. While I'm sure that sounds great in illegal and moron circles, that will scare the hell out of the public, who want the borders controlled. That's a bit like saying you're going to abolish the police. The percentage of people this wouldn't scare are something like 15%. Bad call to highlight this.

● The Supreme Court recently issued a decision called Janus v. AFSCME. In this case, the Supremes said that unions could not force non-union types to pay union dues. Unions had argued these dues were required to cover the cost of collective bargaining, from which these people would benefit. They specifically stated they would not go to political lobbying. Well, the court disagreed and stopped the unions. Now the same unions who claimed these funds did not go to leftist political groups are whining that they have had to drop their lobbying donations by as much as 30% -- tens of millions of dollars no longer going to leftist advocacy groups. How funny is that?


Anthony said...

1) That woman is clearly nuts but fringers with short political track records winning office against conventional expectation has become par for the course.

2) I'm sure that call plays well in some places. Like with the ATF, the hostile party winning office will in all likelihood result in the agency having less to do rather than being abolished.

3) Sounds reasonable.

4) As I said from the jump, while Putin seems to have helped his #1 Fan Trump, there is no evidence of collusion (I think if the two were colluding Trump would be less effusive about Putin in public).

The fact everyone but Trump seems to acknowledge Russian meddling doesn't fill me with confidence about his upcoming meeting with Putin. Happily that is a low-stakes meeting.


Anthony said...

Happy Independence Day!

AndrewPrice said...

Happy Fourth everyone! We're off on our road trip in the morning.

BTW, we saw "The Incredibles 2" today. Fantastic film. One of the best I've seen in a long time. For those worried about the politics, there's about 30 seconds of feminism in it, and it amounts to nothing ultimately. If anything, I would say this is a solidly conservative, anti-government, pro-self-reliance, pro-traditional values film. Interestingly, the mom is the wrong one too for most of the film and she gets tricked by the villain too. So this really isn't a feminist triumph by any means. And there's zero #metoo crap in the film.


tryanmax said...

Hey, it’s been go-go-go all day but happy 4th to all!

Critch said...

The unions kill me. How do they segregate money from thousands of members in such a way that it is not used for political purposes? Money is fungible, it's like beans, oil, or corn,,,,a bushel of corn is a bushel of corn...they will say, well, all the money we got from the members who don't want to their money to go to political advertising is in this account and all the other in a another account...but then they just use the non-member's money to run things an dthe other for propaganda...to my untrained legal mind at least, that seems to be commingling of funds which was a big no-no from the FDIC, SEC, FBI etc when I was a commodity broker..mixing monies could get you in jail.

Rustbelt said...

"We're heading to Zion this weekend..."
Zion? Really?
Look, Andrew, I'd enjoy being able to bend spoons with my mind as much as the next guy...but an entire week in a cave with arrogant, sweaty, stinking people listening to pretentious know-it-alls spouting out meaningless faux non-wisdom? Sounds more like a Seattle-area brew-ha-ha populated by millennial Starbucks employees paying homage to Elizabeth Warren while stoned up on naturally overpriced weed.

Well, other than that, have a great time! See you next week.

Anthony said...

North Korea is playing the same games they always have. They cold shouldered Pompeo and expressed shock and horror that the US expects them to unilaterally denuclearize. I am trying to contain my shock.


Trump met with Kim last month in an unprecedented summit in Singapore, and has hailed the talks as a great success on the path to peace in the Korean Peninsula. Pompeo’s trip aimed to secure the details of Kim’s promise of denuclearization.

But the North Korean statement said the unilateral demands on “CVID” -- complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization -- were “very concerning” and that it has led to a “dangerous phase that might rattle our willingness for denuclearization that had been firm.

Critch said...

Whether Missouri will be a Right to Work State or not is on our ballot in the coming election...I have a feeling it will pass this time...to be honest, I'm not sure I'm 100% for it passing, however, if it does, I doubt it will hurt Missouri.

AndrewPrice said...

I say this in all annoyance, as a Coloradan... you need to see Utah before you die. Zion... Capital Reef... Escalante... OMG. I have never in my life seen anywhere more amazing, more incredible, more divine on Earth than those places.

Trust me on this. Go.

Anthony said...

Democrats are really melting down over the SC pick. They are calling for all sorts of crazy stuff. One would think the world is coming to an end. Of course, delusional hysteria is par for the course nowadays. Still, the new justice will be a big deal.

Most businesses have decided its best to accommodate gays so I don't think the government changing the minimum standard of treatment will impact them much unless they insist on getting wedding cakes made at Christian bakeries.

The abortion thing will be interesting. If Roe vs Wade gets stuck down and the issue gets thrown to the states, some states will immediately abolish it (or near enough). The logical thing for women to do would be to cross state lines, but some will resort to self-help. Right now the fiction is that women are victims just as much as the babies because most women are getting their abortions done in clinics and its more politically palatable to target doctors than women. If women start deliberately inducing miscarriages themselves then a choice will have to be made.

tryanmax said...

I love the scenic west. It's on the list.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I-70 is amazing just by itself. This time though, we took 70 west (and 15 south) to Zion, and then took a series of back roads to Moab. This was out the back of Zion and then something like 9 and/or 12 up to Bryce and then 28 up to 70. That took us through the heart of Capital Reef and Escalante (we also went through Bryce). Neither is set up like a park like Zion, but both were amazing. It's absolutely worth the drive. I can't even put into words how amazing the whole drive was (with only a few dull parts).

Those plus Zion are must-see places with Zion being the top. I've really never seen anything as impressive as these.

(BTW, the Grand Canyon is only like 2 hours from Zion, so that's there too.)

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The funniest thing is seeing them whine about abortion right now. The female comedians have lost their minds. One of them (Wolf something) is out there saying "God bless abortion" and screaming about the issue.

So the Democrats are the part of "We LOVE abortion!", abolish the borders, abolish the cops, and socialism is good! What a total breakdown of judgment. The old school Democrats at least knew to pretend they didn't want these things.

Anonymous said...

Andrew,welcome back. I'm glad you had a good time. You didn't get directions from any blind old hippies while you were in Oregon. did you? :)

tryanmax said...

When the littlest one is older, we'll take a Grand Canyon trip. Sounds like a route is coming together.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, If you need any information about it, let me know. I'm happy to help. One bit of advice, book a hotel as far out as you can. The closer you get to Zion or places like that, the more likely they are to be sold out weeks or even months in advance.

Also, get a yearly park pass the year you plan to do it -- or find a savvy senior citizen who has a pass already. The parks are running $35 a visit now per car. Hitting five parks adds up fast.

AndrewPrice said...

GypsyTyger, We did and he gave us moral enlightenment... and then tried to rob us, so we dropped him over a cliff. "I can hear the whales from heeeeeeeeeeere!"

Anonymous said...

Andrew; good move ;)

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks, GT! LOL!

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