Monday, September 17, 2018

More Random Observations

The sound of one brain cell shaking...

● The Kavanaugh attack is pretty despicable and it really reflects poorly on what's left of the #metoo movement. This is so obviously a smear, and to have the #metooers whining that it's unfair that she had to reveal her name, her lawyer saying it's not the accuser's job to back up her claim, and progressives whining that the allegation alone is enough to force him to withdraw really eviscerates any credibility they had left. I guess they never read Kafka. Or at least, they took the wrong lesson from it.

I love too how they all acted confused and outraged that 54 women who knew Kavanaugh throughout his life all wrote a letter saying he would never do such a thing, or how they tried to dismiss as irrelevant the woman's only witness saying this never happened. There's no credibility there.

● Monday Night Football has a "commercial free" halftime show. It starts with a commercial. Then halfway through it does a sort of music break which is really just a slick commercial/video for their product. On several occasions, the hosts talked about the sponsor. And finally, it ended halfway through the halftime, so the other half was almost entirely commercials. Sadly, I'm not surprised.

● The rabbits in our neighborhood have gotten uppity. We have one who suns his rather husky self in the backyard with impunity. The little bastard lies on his back sleeping!! Talk about living the good life. The only predator they have at the moment is cars and those try to miss them.

● Spent Sunday up in the mountains looking at the Aspens as they changed from green to yellow to gold to red. It was beautiful. I love going into the mountains, it reminds you how amazing this planet is.

● According to some study, machines will do more "tasks" than humans by 2025. Of course, that's bullship. That's one of those things that is simply impossible to measure. In fact, when you consider what cars and computers do today, I'd bet that machines already do billions more "tasks" than humans.

● Our youngest is upset. The school has told the eighth graders they need to stop "butt slap Friday." Yeah, you read that right. Apparently, they were sneaking up on each other and slapping each other hard on the butts... on Fridays. They saw nothing wrong with this. LOL! I love kids. Anyways, the school disagreed. The students claim they won't stop. I guess we'll see Friday who wins. Might need the national guard.

● It sounds like the Emmy's were a nasty little affair... stress the word little. The more political these dipsticks get, the less relevant they become. MTV apparently can't even attract a million kids anymore. 11.5 million viewers watched the Emmy's last year, the lowest ever. I'll bet they fall even farther this year. The Oscars and Grammys are at an all-time low as well. Keep going jerks, you're doing fine.


Tennessee Jed said...

Never been more pissed than about the sCOTUS situation. Ridiculous, obvious, and yet It is what the Dems wanted. What it says about our society that we could condone it is scary. I read the emmys were typical Hollywood hate fest. Can't say I am surprised. I really don't care except liberal control of media, academia, and entertainment is not good

Anthony said...

Democrats have done everything they can to delay and disrupt the hearings, so the fact they kept an unproveable bombshell of a shaky 35 year old allegation (the accuser told her therapist there were four aspiring rapists and didn't name Kavanaugh and can't recall who she was with or where it happened or how she got there or back) in their back pocket until right before the nomination vote is unsurprising and stinks to high heaven.

As for the Emmys, I confess I have never watched and never will. Don't care what they do or don't say. There are so many entertainment options out there I expect broadcast will continue to decline no matter what it does. Being less political might slow the decline a bit though.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, The Supreme Court thing doesn't piss me off because I'm emotionally spent when it comes to the Democrats. At this point, I simply see them as the vilest of human beings and this is the kind of crap I expect from them.

What they are doing here makes them the equivalent of rapists in my eyes.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, This thing is so obviously a smear that you would think it's even too much for them to raise... but they have no shame.

I don't care about the Emmys either.

AndrewPrice said...

I have learned this morning that while Butt Slap Friday is under threat, the administration apparently is unaware of Boob Punch Tuesday. Oh boy.

AndrewPrice said...

I just saw this and have to add it. Do you want to know what for a lost world professional sports has become? A group of football Hall of Famers is demanding that the Hall of Fame pay them a salary and give them health care or they won't show up to any more events.

The Hall is just a museum. It's meant to honor the best of the game. It's an honor to get in there. To demand a salary from these people is absolutely pathetic. Even worse, several of these people are multi-multi-millionaires. Several still get paid millions every year to work for the NFL Network. And they're bitching about not getting healthcare from some museum that honored them?

So fame, fortune, riches and honors that keep you famous all for playing a game are not enough for these greedy bastards. This is one of those moments that makes you hate athletes.

AndrewPrice said...

Also, just saw that the liar who is accusing Kavanaugh had her house foreclosed... and Kavanaugh's mother was the judge who let it happen. Hmm.

Anthony said...

According to the Daily Caller Kavanaugh's mother was the presiding judge but the home wasn't foreclosed because a settlement was reached.

A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation shows Judge Martha Kavanaugh was connected to a foreclosure action implicating the Blaseys, but her involvement was minimal and never resulted in seizure of the property at issue.

The case was adjudicated in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Public records show that Martha Kavanaugh did not rule on decisions related to possible seizure of the property. Rather, it appears the Blaseys reached a settlement with their bank before their property was lost.

Martha Kavanaugh granted uncontested motions brought by UMLIC to dismiss the case after the settlement was reached. This appears to be the extent of her involvement in the matter. Other judges handled the case in its earlier phases.

tryanmax said...

The possibility that Kavanaugh's accuser won't show up on Monday is being floated. I don't know what to expect in that regard. I suppose it all depends on the feedback the Democrats get on the option. If they think they can get away with not presenting her, they'd surely take it.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The first report I saw said it had been foreclosed, but it was an early report and probably untrustworthy.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The progs would happily paint that as "see, it's too hard for women to testify... we must treat everything they say anonymously as true." So I think they'd be happy either way.

I don't care if she does show up or not. This whole thing is a farce.

tryanmax said...

Also, I see the usual flawed calculus being presented—compare what Kavanaugh gains by lying against what Blasey Ford gains by lying—the implication being that Kavanaugh stands to gain a Supreme Court seat and Blasey Ford stands to gain nothing.

In the case of the latter, it simply isn't true that Blasey Ford stands to gain nothing. She's already an overnight sensation. If all goes well for her, she'll be a hero and receive instant invitation to all the best cocktail parties. Even if things go poorly, there is still the chance of a book deal and all that goes with it.

In the case of the former, Kavanaugh's potential gains are clear. But the logic above is rooted in nothing firmer than suspicion and the statement of the obvious. Of course anyone who cheats to win stands to win. Does this make all victors cheaters?

Moreover, there is insincerity to the logic. For me to accept that Democrats truly believe that all gains are ill-gotten, I would need to see a lot more of their houses being dismantled.

Lastly, let's not confuse the distinct characters of the political left and the political right. The right holds the individual highest, and thus individual achievement as well as individual accountability. The left holds the group highest. It likely matters less to Blasey Ford what she stands to gain personally that what here team can.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I'm seeing:

1. She's a woman, she wouldn't lie and it's harmful to make her (1) come out into the open where we can judge her credibility, (2) examine anything that might discredit her claim or character, (3) make her offer proof, or (4) allow a defense.

2. She's a victim and therefore has no motive.

3. His motive to lie is his career.

4. There is no defense to what she is alleging. Character witnesses are irrelevant. Even direct witnesses denying her claim are irrelevant.

5. She has character witnesses, which is enough.

6. The allegation is enough, whether true or false, to give us worries and therefore he must resign.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, it's an updated version of what used to be done to Republicans by alleging either a mistress or hitting on women in the office. However, so many Democrats have been let slide for provable instances of those very things, the Dems have had to escalate to sexual assault and rape. It's only a matter of time before Democrats desensitize the electorate even to that.

AndrewPrice said...

Emmy viewership dropped to lowest level ever 10.2 million. That's an 11% drop from last year's low. Gee, they must be doing something right, right?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, It is. And I think what they are doing now is putting the finishing touches on desensitizing people to sexual assault.

They've also desensitized people to racism already.

AndrewPrice said...

Great article taking apart the allegation against Kavanaugh.


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