Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Thoughts On The Aretha-Franklin Event

This past weekend was a good one for leftist celebrities. John McCain gave them a chance to talk about how bipartisan they are -- they will happily wish dead traitors well. Then Aretha Franklin's funeral became a fantastic opportunity to be seen, to virtue signal, to touch a little ass, to display a little ass, and to revel in the warmth of a big old herd hug. Unfortunately, one rotten man didn't get the message, and he delivered a eulogy based on morality and common sense rather than social justice. Tisk tisk. Anyways, I've had some thoughts.

● This "funeral" proves again that leftist celebrities are shameless publicity whores. It doesn't matter if there's a purpose to them being there or not. They will also politicize anything.

● This "funeral" also showed again that social justice really does disdain logic, genuine problem solving and morality. For all the talk about it being something moral, it really isn't. It's about power. What's more, I don't find it coincidental that black America is at an all-time low in terms of moral high ground now that they have bought into this social justice crap. Being kept down by the police gives you the moral high ground. Inventing an epidemic of "racist" cops "killing black men" loses it for you. Legal inequality give you the moral high ground. Whining about cultural appropriation and getting caught time and again lying about police misconduct loses it for you.

● I think it's more clear than ever from this "funeral" that the new left is about women and blacks and nothing else. The only things that mattered here were feminist issues and black issues. The only outrage the left generated was when feminist or black sacred cows got gored. Add to this other recent evidence, like the left mocking DOJ's lawsuit claiming Harvard has discriminated against Asians, and you'll see that the only thing that matters to the left is feminism and black-oppression theory. It's interesting that Louis Farrakhan was given a seat on the stage. Farrakhan is both anti-Jewish and anti-gay. It looks like the left is done with both groups.

● #MeToo was confirmed dead at the "funeral." In this nest of feminists, Clinton stared openly at Ariane Grande's ass throughout the funeral. Bishop Charles Ellis groped her breast. The left chuckled about Clinton and accepted a half-hearted apology from Ellis without ever even really demanding one.

● Now the biggie. Rev. Jasper William Jr. made a huge mistake at the funeral. He thought this was a time to discuss morality. Silly man. This was a time for social justice, not morality. Nevertheless, he mentioned that black America has lost its soul and he said that black lives won't matter until blacks stop killing each other. Oy vey. The outrage was fast, furious and hateful. He "negated" Black Live Matter. How dare he blame blacks for things that blacks do! Then he went further and said that single mothers couldn't raise sons... and the feminists did howl. The last couple days have involved everyone on the left being shocked and horrified and demanding an apology that he would say things in opposition to feminism and black oppression theory.

This is the new left for you in a nutshell They politicize everything. They hold nothing sacred except their dogma. They are powered by the anger of blacks and feminists, and exclude all others. They engage in extreme groupthink and don't want to hear any truth that conflicts with their narrative that they are helpless victims of everyone else. What an unpleasant group! Neither group is capable of helping themselves. Neither group is likable. Neither group fits with any other aspect of America. And if they keep pushing like this, they will soon be an electoral irrelevancy.



Anthony said...

1) The pastor who went after single mothers of boys (characterizing the boys as afterbirth abortions who could never be men) at the funeral of a single mother of four sons had to have expected the reaction he got.

I remember being paired with a black judge (and Air Force vet) at my Eagle Scout ceremony who spoke up in defense of single mothers (we had a wide ranging conversation) because he was raised by one. I got him to agree that when both parties are responsible, two parent families are ideal. If you sincerely want to have an honest discussion not being as jerk is a great way to do it. Conversely if you want to be the toast of the likeminded, being a jerk is a great move.

2) Black America is at an all time low in terms of the high ground because equality is now the rule of the land. Thank God. I'll take rights over moral high ground any day of the week.

As for complaints of police misconduct, as I've said before, one has to look at it case by case. Nowadays police departments fire their bad apples (though successful prosecution is because jurors tend to be forgiving). Bodycams are the friends of the innocent (usually the cops) and the enemy of the guilty.


The head of Dallas' oldest and largest police employee organization said Thursday that good officers want bad ones off the streets and that a former suburban officer convicted in the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager was held accountable.
Police initially said the vehicle carrying Edwards and the other teens backed up toward officers "in an aggressive manner," but later admitted that bodycam video showed it was moving forward as officers approached. Oliver's partner told jurors he didn't believe his life was ever in danger.

3) Back to the funeral of Franklin, I confess I skipped the entire thing but initially subsequent talk and coverage was dominated by how tacky the whole thing was (highlighted by the pastor grabbing Ariane's breast). That talk only dropped off after his half-hearted apology and the family going after the minister who went after them and their mother in inflammatory terms.

As I've pointed out before Me Too's biggest impact is the board room (corporations are reigning in the slack they used to cut stars). I'm not sure some local pastor nobody outside of his home city ever heard of is in a position to be fired. On the other hand, Luke Cage's star does work for a big corporation and does have reason to be worried.


Writing to his 34.7K followers, the 42-year-old shared a clip of the incident and said: ‘Now THIS is how you shoot your shot! Zero FCKS!!’ His fans were not impressed with the statement and slammed the star for his joke.

4) I agree oppression theory in modern America is idiotic, but as I've noted before its everywhere. Its pretty sad when the president of the country regularly whines about conspiracies and being a victim (Damn you Sessions, why did you allow the prosecution of two corrupt senators to continue? Why the focus on the law? What about Donald's needs?).

As I've noted many times before (Donald was Hillary's Hope) each group is the best friend of the other. Their failings drive the other's successes.

AndrewPrice said...


1. I'm sure he did. But he also made some very solid points. His point was basically, it doesn't matter what racist whites do as long as we do worse to ourselves.v Pretty simple. Pretty obvious. And if you want to help the black community, great advice because there are thousands of black on black murders versus a couple cop v. black male killings each year. The angry reaction to this is ridiculous.

2. I see the high ground issue as an issue because this whole group of leftist blacks is trying to claim moral high ground based on false claims of racist abuse and murder. Not only that, but when you look at the Civil Rights Movement, their demands were completely fair -- equality. Totally morally correct. The new group starts rattling off crap like eliminating prisons and raises in minimum wages, and then they try to impose this thought control where expressing thoughts they don't like is punishable by whatever they choose to impose. That's not acceptable in any world. So you have a group who are lying to invent high ground and then trying to use the high ground for pet peeves and to impose a form of secret police state. That doesn't sit well with people.

3. I don't see any evidence that the #metoo movement has gained anything, even in boardrooms. They only ever got a handful of people and almost all of them are back. They are even talking about how unfair this has been to Kevin Spacey, who apparently keeps right on molesting young boys. Lewis C K is back and a couple of #metooers started whining about that and found themselves blasted for trying to destroy him. In the end they retreated to, "I don't mean that he shouldn't be allowed back, but it was too soon." What's more, Lewis did zero to rehabilitate himself.

4. Oppression theory is not only stupid, it's super self-destructive no matter who uses it... Trump included.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm paying minor attention to the Kavanaugh hearing. I find it interesting that the best the left has been able to achieve is to whine about Kavanaugh "walking away" from a Parkland Shooting father. Of course, what really happened is this guy jumped into Kavanaugh's face and stuck out his hand. As Kavanaugh tries to figure out who he is, the security team escorts him away. Big whoop. Non-story.

Anyways, that's not my point.

I see these women in the "Hand maiden" costumes and it makes me thing two things. First, as I say in the article above, the left has morphed into a blacks and feminists only club. This is the feminist wing attacking. Notice the lack of any sort of diversity. There are no Asian issues, no environmentalists, no peaceniks, no Hispanics, no gays. It's just (white) women. They haven't even brought blacks with them, nor does their form of protest allow anyone but women to partake. It is truly an exclusive club.

Secondly, the choice of this particular costume tells us two things. First, they are nuts. The idea that we are on the verge of some anti-woman apocalypse is about as credible as anything Alex Jones whines about. Secondly, the choice of an elitist television show as their symbol tells us that these women are not typical women at all. They have chose a symbol that only a couple 100,000 people even know what it is. It has no general cultural application or reach and will not resonate with real women.

Tennessee Jed said...

well as I mentioned, I have seen what appears to be an uptick in obvious politicalization of everything. Identity politics is the name of the game as seen by the recent defeat of old white democrats. flash mob mentality rules. The new left wants to paint everything in terms of diversity vs white patriarchal society. Politicize everything

Tennessee Jed said...
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Anthony said...

1. Like I said before, I suspect the pastor was looking to become an icon of the like-minded rather than sway anyone. Mission accomplished! He is kind of like Colin K in that respect (a high profile troll who got exactly what he was looking for).

2. Spurious claims of the moral high ground are everywhere nowadays but the reaction to them seems to have more to do with which side a person is on than anything.

As for thought control, I hear a lot of complaining, but mostly (Trump is as per his usual, pushing boundaries) the government is staying out of it so I see little grounds for complaints about a police state (secret or otherwise).

Private entities are free to say (and to a lesser extent do) as they please. Colin K can sit during the anthem and wear socks with pigs, fans can protest and boycott, the NFL can not offer him a new contract, Nike can hire him, customers and business partners can protest and boycott Nike. Everybody involved is trying to alter the behavior of someone else, but they are all private entities so its all good. Freedom cuts many ways and is often messy.

Like I've said before, people have the ability to broadcast their thoughts to the world nowadays. It astounds me people treat the internet the way people used to treat personal diaries and then are surprised when their are consequences. 'I got in an argument with a Colombian and in the heat of the moment tweeted out how much I hate Colombians. I didn't meant it, but someone at my company saw it and my company fired me! Why can't I be free! WAAAAAH!'.

3. Louis CK has crept back into comedy clubs but that doesn't conflict with my theory about corporations. Louis CK popping up on cable or broadcast (or even Netflix) tv or in The Secret Life of Pets 2 or somesuch again would mess with the theory.

tryanmax said...

I had a funny convo yesterday about Handmaid costumes. If I was there, I'd love to troll them.

"Is there a comicon in town? What are you supposed to be?"

"Handmaids? That's on HBO, right?"

"Is that the one with the throne or the one with the robots?"

"Hmm, must some foreign dignitary visiting."

"Hey, which of the -stan countries are you girls from?"

AndrewPrice said...

Hi folks, sorry I haven't been around. My wife's car had a mental breakdown today (or became possessed) and needed to be taken to the shop.

Just saw that Burt Reynolds died. That makes me sad. RIP

Critch said...

Burt Reynolds was a man's man..you would never see him wearing a pussy hat and preening for the media..RIP, I figure he's up there with Dom, Jerry, and Art sharing stories and drinking...

I loved his movies, especially Hooper, Smokey and the Bandit, and Deliverance....but they were all good...

The Bolshevics on the left side of our political spectrum are so irrelevant right now...and so far to the left that I'm talking to local Dims who are trying to distance themselves from these whackos.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, Reynolds was one of those actors who spoke to you. He seemed genuine and he chose his roles well.

Yeah, the left seems to be determined to make themselves this strange little party with no mass appeal.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I just find it funny that they don't seem to realize how little the symbolism of it reaches the public. That's what happens when you live in a bubble.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Groupthink has little to do with government enforcement. Political correctness was never about using the government to control speech/thought, it was about using social pressures to control speech/thought. Sure, they tried to get legislation that would put their views into law, but that's not their goal. Their goal is to use social media to make the culture an impossible place for those they don't like to exist.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I think that's right. The new left wants to paint everything as either anti-woman or anti-black because that's who they cater to now.

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