Sunday, September 23, 2018

What You Need To Know About Kavanaugh

Here's what you need to know about Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, "Dr." Christine Blasey Ford.

Dr. Christine accused Brett Kavanaugh of trying to rape her in 1982 at a party she attended when they were in high school. She first raised the allegation in 2012 while in couples therapy trying to save her failing marriage. At the time, she accused four men of participating and apparently named someone other than Kavanaugh. After thirty years of silence and then this story, she now knows it was Kavanaugh and one friend. The other two must have been a false memory... just like the name she originally accused.

Of course, memory is very unreliable and therapy often raises false memories of things that never happened. Hence, an allegation that didn't exist for 30 years should be basically dismissed... unless the allegation can be used to destroy a Republican.

Her attorney claims she has no obligation to support her allegations, which is utter bullsh*t. Guilt by allegation is Kafkaesque and there is no legal system in the world that doesn't require the accused to pass some initial burden of persuasion. Even the Nazis required that.

In any event, she has pointed to four witnesses. However, all four have denied any knowledge of said party and none witnessed the supposed event. The Kavanaugh friend she accuses of helping rape her denied that it ever happened. One friend who wasn't named tried to claim that "everybody knew" about the party, but then backed off and said she knew nothing.

Despite the entire MSM and Democratic agents desperately investigating their little hearts out to find support for her, none have been able to add any bit of support. Nada.

On the other hand, Kavanaugh apparently kept calendars at the time of things he did and places he went. There is no mention of this party. He also has 46 years of documented behavior that entirely conflicts with these claims.

The obvious answer: this is a false memory... or a lie.

Nevertheless, the MSM and the Democrats have been in character assassination mode. They have run articles telling us that Kavanaugh's prep school was full of evil drunk males... you know, rapists. Kavanaugh once told a joke, 'What happens in prep school stays in prep school'... clearly admitting he's hiding rapes. DO YOU REMEMBER HOW BAD REPUBLICANS WERE TO ANITA HILL?!! 54 women came out in support of Kavanaugh, but they're all attractive so they're lying sluts. In fact, did you know that Kavanaugh only hires attractive women? A professor at Yale advised women who applied to clerk for him to dress "in a certain way" (//wink wink) and her husband once told one them, "You know he only hires women with a certain look." (//wink wink wink) Both the professor and her husband flatly deny this, but they're liars. Rumor has it Yale is now even investigating the husband for "grooming" young women for Kavanaugh. In other words, he's sexually used those 54 women. (//wink wink)


Then there's article after article trying to bolster the usual sexual assault crap:
1. Women don't lie. False. Apparently, the women who accused Bill Clinton lied, as did the woman accusing Democrat Keith Ellison right now... among armies of others.

2. Women don't report because of fear. Fear of what? A high schooler from a different school? Isn't it funny that women who accuse famous Republicans never seem to report like real victims do?

3. There's nothing unusual about women making false allegations first so long as they eventually remember the truth. Women might even tell wild ass false stories before they zero in on the right ones. False. Memory is inherently faulty to begin with. Evidence that the memory keeps changing should be discrediting.

4. To question her story makes her a victim a second time. False. To let her make an allegation without being subject to cross-examination is star chamber justice. By the way, Hillary Clinton once gave me a handjob against my will in an opium den... or maybe it was the White House? It was horrible. Four people saw it, including Bernie Sanders, but they won't remember it. To question me on this will only victimize me again. So, somebody go tell her that she needs to withdraw from public life. It's only fair to me.

5. She has nothing to gain. False. She's stated that she wants to stop him. To be the person to destroy a political opponent is a powerful motive. There is also fame, glorious victimhood with its lifetime speaking engagements, and the same thing rapists get out of committing rape -- the feeling of power they get from destroying someone else.

6. She didn't even want to come forward. Yeah, bullsh*t. She called a Democrat with the intent of this destroying Kavanaugh, which only a retard would think would not require her testifying. When she didn't get the traction she wanted, she hired a famous feminist attorney to get this out. Then she did an interview with a national newspaper. You can't get more "I want this public" than that! Her claim of "reluctantly" agreeing to come forward on a national stage is for PR purposes only.

7. She's getting death threats! So? So is Kavanaugh. That's part of modern political life. That doesn't make her allegations true.

8. All her friends say she can't be lying. Ironically, this comes from the same people who acted confused why it mattered that 54 women would support Kavanaugh. His supporters meant nothing, they told us. But her friends and family saying they support her is apparently proof that she couldn't be lying.
Finally, almost all of the Democrats have publicly said they believe her, even though she supposedly hasn't spoken to any of them or told her story. So what are they basing this on other than wishful thinking and bias?

This is a smear of the most despicable kind.


AndrewPrice said...

BTW, The hearing is Thursday, though I suspect she will try to get out of it because (1) the calendar evidence kind of destroys her, and (2) the Democratic goal is just to delay and smear. So her withdrawing "out of fright from threats" or something similar achieves their goal without exposing her to being cross-examined and looking like an ass.

AndrewPrice said...

The Huffpo/Twitter response to the calendars is the lame, "What kind of a loser keeps something like that?"

First of all, there are many possible reasons. I've got all kinds of old cry lying around that I just never got rid of.

Secondly, your disdain does not undo the evidence, Huffers. Your girl is a liar.

AndrewPrice said...

As predicted, we now have a second liar who claims Kavanaugh exposed himself at Yale. This was easy to see coming.

AndrewPrice said...

Just jumped the shark... again.

Stormy Daniel's liar, uh, lawyer, claims he represents someone with evidence that Kavanaugh would drug women so that groups of other men could rape them.

Really? Huh?

Anthony said...

I think negotiating with Ford and delaying the confirmation vote again was a huge mistake. Republican senators just should have stuck with 'Tell your story to us Monday'. Instead they are negotiating dates, order of appearance, who can be there and all sorts of crazy stuff and now another woman with a recovered memory has popped up. This doesn't look like it will end soon or well for Kavanaugh.

ArgentGale said...

Good summary of what happened. This really is a new low on their part and no one with any sense should buy this. Unfortunately it looks like it's spooked enough people to make his confirmation dicey. The whole thing is especially appalling when you consider the Ellison case and how his accuser actually released medical and 911 records backing up her claims yet only 5% of Minnesota Democrats believe her. Some champions of women, huh?

tryanmax said...

Anthony, agreed that the Senate should never have allowed this woman to hijack their proceedings. But that's what you get when everyone sent to Washington cares mainly about appearances.

IDK how this will end for Kavanaugh, but if the Dems are willing to go full Stormy, it may end better than you think.

In other news, apparently other witnesses have independently corroborated that Brett Kavanaugh was in fact 18 years old in 1983, that he was seen around the Yale campus throughout 80s, and that he is indeed in possession of a penis. All the pieces fit together! There's no denying it! Kavanaugh is guilty, guilty, guilty!!!

AndrewPrice said...

I don't know how it's going to end either. The Republicans made a mistake letting her dictate terms. I would love to see them hire a female prosecutor to do the questioning of both... but they won't. The optics will be bad.

The left will find her the most perfect little delicate flower imaginable no matter what and will find him to be a masher... help help a man!!!

The other allegations are real wild cards. I hope Stormy's dipshit lawyer gets a lot of process because that will make a total circus out of this and is beyond the realm of possible.

I know one thing... I am disgusted with liberals. They are rotten people.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, The left has no pretense of right and wrong anymore, just power and enemies.

ArgentGale said...

Well said, Andrew. I don't know what's more disgusting, the Democrats pulling this sh!t or the fact that the Republicans look like they're going to let them get away with it from their usual incompetence. It's just depressing to watch.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, It isn't even the Republicans that trouble me. What troubles me is the liberals. This woman's story is at best a false memory and more likely fabricated. But they don't care. For them destroying people is just part of life now. They are hateful, hypocritical and stupid, and their drone believe whatever nonsense they are told uncritically. Society cannot function long with a group like that roaming around in it.

ArgentGale said...

No it can't and it definitely speaks volumes about how low they've sunk. Thing is where do we go from here as far as getting these psychopaths under control and I don't have any idea how to do that. It's going to be even harder if they take Kavanaugh's scalp and win back one or both houses of Congress in the process.

Tennessee Jed said...

Great job Andrew!!! I have never been more angry. It seems a shame Di Fi can’t be punished (e.g expulsion) for gross obstruction of process. What pisses me off the most is shat Kavenaugh talked about. This kind of character assasination in play here will give anybody pause about going in to public service.

I spent many years coaching little league baseball. I began to think @what if some kud or his parents get pissed at me. They could accuse me of something I did not do, might not be able to prove my innocence, and my name and reputation would be ruined for life

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Jed. This is a disgusting display by the left and I hope it become DiFi's legacy. What a sick thing to do.

You're absolutely right. The left has created a world where 30, 40, 50 years down the line anyone seeking attention or opposed to you politically or personally can ruin you with an unsupported fake claim they never made in the past.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, You would think they can't sink any lower, but they never fail to disappoint in that regard. They have no shame, no morals.

If they let Kavanaugh go down, then I think they will lose both houses because they will have alienated their own supporters.

ArgentGale said...

As it's become abundantly clear, Andrew, and that's what I was getting at if the Republicans let Kavanaugh go down. Sorry, I tend to be a bit pressed for quality commenting time when I'm on break or lunch at work. If there's any optimism to be had about the confirmation it looks like the second accuser's story is already getting poked full of holes and if even Mitch McConnell is taking to the floor visibly angry about this smear campaign that's a potentially good sign for the GOP. A few more reports indicated that they actually did offer a woman to do the questioning but of course Ford's not having any of that. This farce seriously needs to end with Kavanaugh confirmed and the Dems burned.

Rustbelt said...

Off topic...

OK, Andrew. Friendly wager: I say the fan of the team who comes up short tonight has to type- (tomorrow morning, preferably the latest thread)- the following:

"[Nickname of the other guy's team] is the best team in the NFL! [Nickname of the other guy's team] is going to win the Super Bowl this year!"

There are conditions:
-the loser may delay if they are uncomfortable with the cramped conditions their computer is in
-the loser may demand that the winner justify why are good and deserving while their own intentions for stalling are unquestionable
-the loser is entitled to monetary compensation without cross-examination by lawyers so their broken heart can be healed

Also, I sent you an email last night and a follow-up this evening. Did they get through?

Anthony said...

Christine Ford's lawyer is objecting to (male) senators' plans to have a female lawyer question her Thursday and the porn lawyer is promising to produce more woman claiming to be victims.

tryanmax said...

A few thoughts that I've been stewing over:

1) I'm a bit of a false-confessions junkie, so I keep thinking that if an innocent person can be persuaded to believe that they committed a heinous act in a matter of hours, what can an attorney do with a willing participant over six days?

2) Feinstein's office released an incredibly crappy photocopy of the Ford letter to Grassley's office, which the latter made public. I work with document imaging regularly and imaging in general every day. It is a head-scratcher for me how, in 2018, one can generate such an abysmal reproduction without turning to severely out-of-date technology. Given that Grassley's office also publicized a scan of the accompanying letter that was of moderately high quality, I can only assume Feinstein's office is responsible for the deterioration of the Ford letter. My suspicion is that the released copy was intentionally degraded in hopes of fomenting conspiracy theories among sleuths looking for the next Killian documents.

3) I'm a little confused. The latest accusation is that Kavanaugh and some friends maybe suggested that a girl they knew got around in their yearbook bios. But feminism says that's not a bad thing. On the other hand, Kavanaugh is being mocked for being a virgin in high school. But feminism says that guys having lots of sex is also a bad thing. In any case, if being a white, upper-class, prep-schooler-cum-frat-bro isn't enough to convince you that Kavanaugh is a rape fiend, his prolonged virginity should remove all doubt. Somehow.

4) Among the more ridiculous claims I've encountered in the past 48 hours: (a) Republicans taught Democrats how to Bork a nominee, i.e. history begins in 2016; (b) Admitting that one has a fragmented recollection of an event makes one a credible witness, but someone claiming no recollection is a liar and a betrayer; (c) Having no witnesses actually corroborates an account if the person asserts that there were no witnesses, even after she said that there were.

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