Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Update: Day 17 of You're Killing Us All By Not Panicking!

Oy. We've reached the Nazi phase of liberal angst.

Everywhere you look, liberals are getting their self-righteous anger on for anyone or anything they view as not sufficiently dogmatic... heresy. When a liberal declares a "new way" they insist that everyone else to take the plunge with them and they are not going to accept dissenting opinions. In fact, this is why liberals think in terms of "the new normal" and "the world has fundamentally changed" and "the right side of history" in the first place, because they see their ideas a fundamental truth, not as opinions or beliefs. This ultra-herdism in action and it's a deeply ingrained strand of liberalism.

This is why you're seeing so many shrill articles right now explaining why young people really are at risk... they aren't, you're afraid of nothing. Why hoarding toilet paper makes sense... it doesn't, you liberals are assholes. Why this isn't just the flu!!!... it is. No, it's not! Did you know that //somethingsomething expert guy somewhere said that even people who are cured end up with 30% diminished lung capacity?!!! What expert. I don't know, it doesn't matter. What testing did he do? STOP DENYING THE TRUTH, CORONAVIRUS DENIER!! Another "expert" even tried to generate panic by telling the AP that it can even, actually, really cause damage to testicles. No basis for this, of course... because it can't. STOP FIGHTING ME AND DRINK THE COOL AID LIKE DID, I DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE BELIEVING THIS!!! The weekend even saw a spate of pure demonization articles with intros like "Republicans are a dangerous health hazard." Yes, yes, and we were betrayed by Jews. Got it.

Right now, the sports media is self-righteously acting like they've made some huge sacrifice by demanding that games be shut down to stop the virus. That is, of course, a placebo, and those decisions were made without any input from the agitators in the sports media, but boy are they convinced they personally saved the world. So if you don't die from coronavirus thank a sports writer Several have picked up their torches and pitchforks and are screaming that the NFL is "irresponsible" and a whole host of other standard liberal words for not shutting down free agency now. But why? This is done by fax and telephone. Which one of those spreads the virus? DON'T CONFUSE ME WITH FACTS, YOU CORONAVIRUS DENIER!!!!

This really is how liberals always get around to witch burning.

Sadly, this is also how superstitions start, so get ready for that. I heard a tiger (observation error). It was coming for me (self-bias). I panicked and smartly decided to try something. I waved chicken bones over my head. The tiger did not eat me (there was no tiger). Ergo, waving chicken bones over my head wards off tigers. This is very much how liberals understand economics and science, and when coronavirus doesn't become what they fear, they will assume that their silly "why doesn't somebody do something" measures worked. Good luck telling them otherwise too.

Speaking of stupid, Cuomo is a real douchebag. He's trying desperately to scare everyone with these weird nonsensical announcements that he uses to then attack Trump. The one (of many) that really struck me was his claim that the coronavirus issue "could last 9 months." That's fear mongering and it's also unrealistic no matter how you look at this. This thing will be around forever, not nine months, and it will have a season, just like the flu. The rise in cases will not last more than a few more weeks, but the thing is not going away then or ever. So his nine month claim is irresponsible in all directions. In fact, in nine months look for the second season of this crap to begin.

Of course, he's now demanding that Trump make other states follow his ridiculous lead of shutting down bars because so many people are getting it in bars in Kentucky and bringing it to New York. This reminds me of the 1990s when liberals convinced themselves that Virginia was the cause of gun crime in New York. That was horsepoop then and this idea that other states not committing suicide like New York are preventing New York from curing anything is horsepoop now. Just like the idea of nationwide panic is crap. The fights in stores, the images of people hoarding and empty shelves are all (surprise) coming from big liberal cities. Gee, can't imagine why. What we need is liberal control.

This raises another thought. The states doing stupid things are all the big liberal states. First, it's no wonder that they want everyone else to jump into the pool of idiocy with them. Businesses and people are going to flee those states because of their overreaction to smarter states, and the only way to prevent that is to sink all boats. It's the same way liberals always whined that socialism would work, but only if we made everyone try it. Either way, this is going to cause a deep recession, but it's going to be centered in liberal states. Texas, by comparison, is a lot less likely to be hurt by this. That's going to have interesting political consequences. We'll have to see the fallout.

So how's everybody doing?


AndrewPrice said...

As a helpful tip, if you haven't thought about it... fill up your cars with gas an stay topped off. IF your governor decides to declare a state of emergency, there is no way to predict what kind of stupidity they may do and they could close gas stations or something that leads to the drying up of gas supplies. So stay topped off for now.

Also, I was at several gun stores this weekend (getting ready to loot!). There was no rush at all on guns, but there was very little ammo available. I am told that new supplies will be in next week.

LL said...

I know of four people who have COVID-19 and they're quite sick. They'll survive but they are self quarantining.

Northern Arizona doesn't have a case of the Chinese Plague so far and there is plenty of food and whatever you need in the stores except toilet paper. That is hoarded. Trucks arrive from wherever bringing stuff and replenishing.

My consulting business dropped to zero with all clients panicking. National clients such as Greece are in lockdown. Things are expected to move glacially but we will get contracts. And things move glacially there usually - but this is worse.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, This is one of those times when the momentum is grinding everything to a halt. The more people close things and the more they talk about closing things, the more people put things off, which encourages people to close. My wife visits a yoga studio where just enough people have stopped coming for the moment that it doesn't make sense for the owner to stay open, so she's closing.

Also, I think this is partly a consequence of lawyers too. Everyone is afraid to get sued and if you stay open, then some a-hole visits you, ends up sick somehow, claims if was your shop that gave it to them and sues. It's not hard to see the Denver Nuggets getting hit with 50-100 fake suits of people claiming they made them sick. And with everyone else closing, it's easy to scream that staying open was irresponsible. So down we go.

As an aside, I'm not saying that people aren't getting sick. But this is no reason for this panic. The numbers of sick people are tiny, they are barely even noticeable in terms of death, and the disease has a very specific demographic. So trying to shut everyone down is downright stupid.

ArgentGale said...

As far as I know I've successfully dodged the various Kung Flu strikes personally but there are a few known cases in the area. If I did get hit it's done a very good job imitating the allergies I've been dealing with since January anyway. Locally we do have toilet paper and bread hoarding and a pretty good number of people think the Kung Flu Freaking is a serious overreaction but I know that's not indicative of the general public. You're probably right about the fear of lawsuits driving the closures as well, Andrew, and same for the recession prediction. Shame that the fleeing businesses are probably going to bring the Blue Flu with them when they flee, though.

tryanmax said...

At this point, we've got a moral panic on our hands. The press is catastrophizing the virus such than any reaction is too little. Anyone who is not sufficiently anxious about the virus is part of the problem and will probably get people killed. The result is a signification spiral where everyone tries to show they are more worried about the virus than anyone else, setting the bar for concern ever higher. Panic is impossible and any admonition against panicking is denial of the problem. The pessimists, as is their wont, insist that they are the realists as they crunch numbers derived from their lower-intestine to prove the worst is yet to come (and, babe, won't it be fine).

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, The after effects have already been set into motion, but won't arrive until this whole thing blows over. I've got some idea already on how things will change.

I think the legal issue is huge. Everyone wants to cover their butts. Courage is not a business trait, expedience is. So if everyone demanded that everyone where clown suits, they would go with it.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, It's virtue signalling, something these idiots already have a talent for.

Ultimately, I don't think this ends until some spontaneous protest event makes it untenable for them to continue.

ArgentGale said...

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on things going forward, Andrew. I've seen some discussion on how telecommuting may get a permanent boost out of this and it makes sense at least. Beyond that I'm just ready for sanity to reassert itself, hopefully before it's too late. I can see there being some kind of protest event at some point as well, especially once it finally hits enough people that the response has been completely irrational, but I have no idea how long it's going to take for the idea that things have gone too far to spread to enough people or what kind of ridiculous action that's going to push them over the line is.

AndrewPrice said...


I'll write that article soon. I'm still gathering my thoughts. Right now, I would throw out the idea that certain businesses will be much better prepared in the future for pandemics. Grocery store pickup will expand greatly. I think Trump is helping himself get re-elected right now too.

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