Friday, March 13, 2020

Coronavirus Update: Day 7 of We’re All Going to Die!

It’s time for Coronavirus Update: Day 7 of We’re All Going to Die! So I'm reading the "news" sites and it's sickening. The fear mongering is kicking into high gear. Check out this list of articles/headlines, and tell me the theme. These all come from the Daily Mail, but other sites are equally breathless in their desire to terrorize you:

“IT’S GOING TO GET WORSE!!” Gee, that’s not incendiary and meaningless.

“Shutdown of US on the table.” Again, incendiary and meaningless.

“Brazilian President who shook Donald Trump’s hand has coronavirus!” Take your pick, either Trump is an evil spreader of this plague or we should be worried that now Trump might get sick. Either way... PANIC!!! Baaaa, our leaders are getting sick, baaaa!

“Canadian PM becomes first world leader to go into 14 day coronavirus ISOLATION as his wife tests positive!” It’s coming for all of us if we can’t even keep our leaders safe! Baaaaah. By the way, she has a “mild flu” with a “low fever.” Oh, the children... won't somebody think about the children?!

Oh my God, oh my God, Tom Hanks has coronavirus! Not a famous person! Is there no God? (He’s doing fine, by the way, as is his wife.)

Medicines taken by “thousands” to combat heart disease and diabetes could “raise the risk of DEADLY coronavirus symptoms, scientists claim.” This is total speculation without any testing, nor has it proven to be true in real life, but it brilliantly opens a whole new avenue of panic! Bravo. BTW, as with all false pitches, it's good to seem like you're underplaying the risk. That makes people feel like they discovered the real risk without your help, which invests them more strongly in the belief. These pills are taken by tens of millions, not thousands.

Coronavirus fear spreads across Europe as “millions of schoolchildren stay home”, Spain shuts down four town, and Euro Disney closes. They do understand that these are way over the top precautions, right? This isn’t because millions are sick or protesting. They aren’t going to use fire to sterilize those towns. And Disney closed for legal reasons. Oh, never mind, MILLIONS IN PANIC!!! Join the herd! Baaaaaa!!!

Six million American school children sent home! All of them sick no doubt, and they had to walk up hill both ways to get home.

Ohio has 5 cases, but could secretly have 100,000!!! (And surprisingly, no one noticed... how bad is it really? Never mind, just accept that its everywhere, even if it can’t be seen... it’s under your bed! Your friends might secretly have it!)

Celebrity wears clothes, here are pictures.

“Congress warned 150 million will be infected.” Congress gets warned about alien invasions too. Credibility... it’s a word that means nothing to reporters.

“Highways are deserted... millions of people mob stores”. Apparently, they didn’t use the highways to get to the stores though. Also, none of that is even close to true in Colorado, where it’s business as usual (except for the missing toilet paper). And reading the comments, this isn’t true anywhere else in the country either.

“American airports in chaos”
“American airports empty” (//scratches head)

Italian doctor in charge of ENTIRE WORLD RESPONSE TO CORONAVIRUS DIES!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! If a sickly 67 year old in Italy who meets with sick people can’t keep himself safe, what chance do we have? The next thing you know, the Canadian PM’s wife is going to get it!!!!

“How to talk to children about Coronavirus”. Get hand puppets. Then have the puppets read them these totally not meant to scare you headlines! The boogy man will get you!!!

“Late night hosts to shutdown shows over coronavirus fears”. You know it’s bad when it stops the late night hosts. Those guys are troopers! Of course, the fact they can broadcast from a studio without really any risk makes this a rather pathetic ploy, doesn’t it?

You get the picture. This is a perfect example of a tabloid trying to shock and terrify you with wildly overblown headlines that make mountains out of barely molehills, cherrypick the ravings of the fruitiest fruitcakes, flat out lying about facts and spinning spinning spinning. It’s indefensible.

As a final aside, liberals have returned to the internet in full speed. They are full of antiRepublican hate. They hate the fact that Republicans aren’t terrified and they, as always, turn that into “Republicans don’t care about people!” No, we’re just not retards who fall for every Chicken little moment, and we’re not willing to destroy the world in the name of doing something for the sake of doing something to placate an irrational fear.


AndrewPrice said...

BTW, for those watching the stock market, Apple is dead center in its range today. The range high is about 290. The low is about 210. It's trading at 259 right now. I'm waiting until it gets closer to 220 before I jump back in.

AndrewPrice said...

Our scared liberal cousins are now getting both angry and selfrightous. First, they got angry that we weren’t terrified like they were. They did not appreciate people pointing out that their fears were unfounded, illogical and without any basis in fact... mocking their hoarding of copious amounts of toilet paper. They didn’t like us not accepting the word of experts. Who are we to call into doubt the word of top men... top men.

Hence anger. You’re making fun of me!

Anger leads to demonization, so they lash out at their enemies. It must be Trump-loving, black people hating Republicans who are mocking me!!

Now, their anger is turning to selfrighteousness as they start to look for the unpure who are not following the rules of this Brave New World and are calling them out for lack of “being responsible.” Smugly congratulates self on literally saving the world.

At this rate, they’ll be ready to burn witches by Monday.

ArgentGale said...

It really isn't getting better, is it? I am meeting more people who find the reactions absurd and blame the media for overhyping the Kung Flu but it looks like a lot of the big decision makers in business and politics have chosen to run with the stupid and small businesses are already suffering like you observed. Fun times,huh?

tryanmax said...

The way I see it, there isn't anything that's been cancelled that can't be thunderous applause. The press is already blaming Trump for not stopping them from confusing the public and generating a panic. When organizations start calling things on again, I reckon they'll tut-tut at Trump for blowing this all out of proportion.

Tennessee Jed said...

I believe the pandering and fear mongering is intense to be sure. Democrats attacking Trump, and trying to fundraiser Re being incredible assholes.That said, as a 70+ on two autoimmune suppressants and with respiratory disease, I can not afford to take too much chance with this one so I am personally ok with “social distancing” for a bit

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, It's always easier to run with the herd once they get started, especially once they get self-righteous. So no, it's not going to get better.

Basically, we need to go through the liberal stages of grief:

1. Why doesn't somebody do something?

2. Demand stupid "solution" that fixes nothing and causes more problems.

3. Get angry at opposition

4. Messianic moment... my solution will save the world! Become self-righteous. Adopt solution. Let the glory of perfection flow over you. You saved the world!

5. Force adoption on others, destroy those who stand in the way.

6. Watch in shock as things "mysteriously" get worse.

7. Blame others for conspiring against solution

8. Realize that solution didn't work.

9. Say, "nobody could have seen this coming." Blame others for letting things get this bad.

10. Why doesn't somebody do something... repeat cycle in new direction.

We're between 4 and 5 right now.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The smarter organizations are taking two weeks off to decide what to do next. By that point, I think the Italians will be rioting in the streets to open things up again and the fever will break and the world will move on... suitably embarrassed.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, This is one you don't want to mess with if you are vulnerable. So absolutely be safe! Anyone over 50 or in ill health needs to be careful.

But again, there is a huge difference between people who need it taking care and shutting down the world throwing everything into chaos with some crazy idea that hundreds of millions will die. That helps no one and instead hurts millions and interferes with the people who really need it.

Did you see that in Italy, they are actually suggesting not taking care of the elderly in hospitals... the very people who need the care. That's despicable.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, They are now talking about Trump's "shift" to what they wanted him to do all along... which is what they were criticizing him for doing before they changed their minds.

Apparently, he did the wrong thing, and not fast enough or strong enough and it was wrong when he did the other thing they suggested because they would have done it differently, like in a different color or with more love. Either way, he's racist and stoopid and evil and none of this would have happened it Trump wasn't president. Millions of people would still be alive. This virus wouldn't have started in America. Science would have better testing procedures and everyone would have gotten tested once because we all know you can't get it after you're tested. Why isn't everyone closed yet? Why are businesses still open? They are so racist!

Liberal Environmentalist said...

Testing should be solar.

Feminist said...

Has it been gender tested or was it designed for straight white men to test straight white men? This is an outrage! Being tested is like being raped! We need money, education, raise awareness of gender neutral testing!

X Chromosomes Matter!!

AndrewPrice said...

Here's some useful information to assess risk. This is "of the people who got the virus and were in this group" this is the percentage who died. So, for example, of people with diabetes who got the disease, 7.3% died:


Heart disease: 10.5%

Diabetes: 7.3%

Chronic respiratory disease: 6.3%

High blood pressure: 6%

Cancer: 5.6%

None: 0.9%


0-9 years: N/A

10-19 years: 0.2%

20-29 years: 0.2%

30-39 years: 0.2%

40-49 years: 0.4%

50-59 years: 1.3%

60-69 years: 3.6%

70-79 years: 8%

Over 80 years: 14.8%

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