Thursday, March 26, 2020

Day 437 of the Great Zombie-less Apocalypse

Hola, everyone. Just some quick thoughts today.

● Our attention seeking governor has ordered a "hide under your bed" order as of 6 am this morning. As far as I can tell, he wants to make sure that the restaurant industry is good and dead. There really was no other reason to do that as there was very little social contact going on out there. He's a turd, but people are stupid, so I guess it's a perfect marriage.

● We'd heard at the beginning of this silliness that vitamin C was good for staving off the deathvirus. So we've been taking C. After all, it's good for you even without a deathvirus stalking you. Now the word has gotten out through the news that New York City is treating people with Vitamin C... and the locusts have descended on the vitamin C aisle. If you can get some, I recommend taking some. They are doing 1,000 mg 4 times a day for people who have it, but I suspect 1,000 mg a day is enough to protect you.

● Our eldest is unbelievable happy. She's an introvert and this is her ideal world -- a world where you aren't expected to go anywhere or meet anyone. That said, many of her fellow introvert friends are starting to get stir crazy. Our youngest, who is a massive extrovert, is ready to eat through the walls to get outside. I've been teaching her to drive to take her mind off of things, but Governor Shithead's cower at home order has put an end to that.

● The Democrats are really regretting the choice of Biden right now. Look for a huge push to replace Biden with Cuomo. Cuomo knows how to look busy in a crisis. Joe... Joe's an idiot. Surprise.

● I hope you are all well.

How's it going?


Critch said...

I seriously can't see Cuomo getting any votes in the South and West, or event he Midwest for that matter...knives are out for Biden.

LL said...

Northern Arizona is doing fine. There is food in the stores, toilet paper on the shelves (usually), and people aren't panicked. There hasn't been much demand on ammo, largely because people here are well supplied under normal times.

The disease can be very bad if you're elderly and have risk factors. For others, it's the flu.

Creepy, corrupt, senile, old, Slow Joe Biden is fading mentally and by the time that the debates roll around, he'll be cut up like bloody sushi. The DNC continually changes the rules, so they may draft Cuomo, screwing Bernie and Joe. I wouldn't be surprised.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I doubt he does well outside of New York too, but at this point, he's the only Democrat who is getting noticed. Slow Joe was last seen on the side of a dozen hoarded milk gallons.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, The one thing we are missing is handwipes and bleech. Everything else is back in stores. People are being careful. The world adjusted. So signing this order was pointless and stupid.

You're right about the disease. For people with risk factors, it is very dangerous. For everyone else, it's not. And shutting down the whole world is a typical liberal solution -- shut everything down rather than tailor a solution.

Biden really seems lost, doesn't he? The other day he was railing against a coronavirus cure. I wouldn't be surprised if Cuomo ends up the nominee somehow.

ArgentGale said...

1. I've heard how Polis is getting his overreach on and again you have my sympathies, both for him getting elected and the state GOP that keeps jackasses like him in office.

2. I hadn't heard that, though I'll keep an eye out for shortages of supplements and orange juice when I make my grocery rounds tomorrow (assuming my car gets fixed in a timely manner). Not surprising, though, and adding some orange juice to my diet when I had a really bad cold a few years ago did help.

3. I guess I'm somewhere between your daughter and the other introverts, I'm really annoyed that I can't hit my usual sushi lunch buffet or eat at my favorite downtown spot and sit there a while talking to my waitress and manager friends. Still, I'm getting takeout from them twice a week and increasing my tip amounts so hopefully me and the other regulars will have a place to come back to. Good luck with the youngest.

4. I never understood why the DNC picked him in the first place. I wouldn't be surprised if he really did have dementia at this point and while I can understand them seeing Sanders as being too far left to be electable they still had much better options than Biden. I've heard chatter about looking to who he picks as VP if they go through with it but wouldn't it have been a lot less trouble just to push someone else in the first place? The Democrats really are putting their idiocy out on display these days and I hope it bites them hard.

5. Exhausted from work and annoyed by the local authorities flipping out but otherwise holding up fine and offering some encouragement to others who find the whole thing completely ridiculous, and it definitely feels odd to be the one encouraging others for once. Some of the break room chatter that I heard does seem to back up yours and others' thought that the Kung Flu's been around since at least November with some people recalling worse than usual but plenty manageable episodes of bronchitis and similar things.

I'm seeing some optimism returning in some online haunts as well, in no small part because of how the private sector and public are adapting and coming together: people bringing food to truckers, car manufacturers making new ventilators, alcohol companies making sanitizer from the heads and tails of their drinks, and even a strip club owner who adapted his business into a food delivery one with the dancers delivering the food (with the bouncers as their drivers) called, appropriately enough, Boober Eats. Sounds like you were plenty right about America always finding a way, Andrew. =)

Stacy said...

PA's governor is issuing the cower under the bed order county by county and so far ours is not included, but being that we are right beside Allegheny Co. which is, I suspect our time is coming. Latest count is 24 cases in our county. People are behaving pretty well considering toilet paper and cleaning products are still a rare commodity. A lot of the stores are only allowing senior citizens in during the first hour of the day and some are setting aside hard to get items for them, families with small children, and healthcare workers. Local Facebook groups are filled with posts about the creative ways people are helping each other. The end of this will come and I hope that by the time it does, we have all learned some big lessons and have become better people.

Critch said...

Hillary is going to swoop in and save the day.

AndrewPrice said...

More guidance...

Pay attention to the income limits for the stimulus money. They're actually low if you live in a big city and on the coasts. BUT... you can manipulate your income.

The income they will use is your 2019 income if you have already filed your taxes. Otherwise, they will use your 2018 taxes. You can delay your 2019 taxes until July, if need be. The checks will come in May.

If this applies to you, look into it!

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, There are a lot of great people out there helping out. Once again, so many people show just how great they can be at times of crisis. That part of this really brings me joy.

As an aside, ironically, cower under the beds doesn't seem to have affected anything. People are still at the parks. Takeout is still available. You can still see your doctor or your grocer. Not sure yet what exactly changed.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, Vitamin C is probably the one vitamin they are sure actually helps you -- there is debate about all the others. (Although, Riboflavin has done wonders for one of my kids in stopping migraines and colds.)

Biden is a flat out moron and now he's going senile. Great combo! The problem is that they've been so crazy of late that they haven't managed to develop a good farm team, so this is what they are left with.

America always finds a way, Daniel... always. We're just that kind of people. We're creative, energetic, self-starters with a strong sense of moral duty. That makes America incredible as a society. The only thing that holds us down is out leaders and at times like this, people step around them.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, Let's hope not. LOL! Then their ticket would be called Dumb and Dumberer.

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