Friday, September 11, 2020

America(ns) Speak

Last night was interesting. The NFL returned. Why does this matter? A crowd.

Since the BLM thing began, we have not been able to hear from the American public. Why not? Because there have been no crowds allowed. Yes, you have protestors on either side, but they're idiots. They don't represent anyone except a few thousand on the fringes of either side. You had a rally in Sturgis, but they had no moment to confront BLM.

As for the media, they've done their damnedest to keep the American public out of the debate. They talk to each other only, doctrinaire leftists. They talk to "opinion leaders" like actors, but they only pick the ones they like. When someone does speak against BLM, they treat them like a freak, a racist or a criminal... someone who somehow snuck through the rest of the human race and doesn't get it. Yahoo even shut down their comments to stop people counter-pointing their leftist articles. Full cultural censorship. In effect, the only free voice to discuss BLM has been Trump.

We've had hints. NBA ratings are in the toilet. Places like Netflix and Amazon abandoned their black movie sections. Congressional critters never joined the barricades or pushed legislation or even upped the rhetoric. But the public never got to speak.

So last night, the NFL held a game. In Kansas City. They allowed 17,000 actual Americans into the stadium. No other leagues have allowed this. The NFL opened with the Houston Black Texans cowering in the locker room as the National Anthem played. One of the Kansas City Native Americans disloyally took a knee. The NFL's soulless announcers babbled how we are all BLM now. Then the NFL announced a moment of silence for Black Lives Matter.

And the crowd booed.


The public has spoken. After months of harsh indoctrination and attempts at isolation... the public booed the new media sacred cow. And it isn't like this is an audience of racists. These are people who cheer black athletes, buy jerseys with their names on them and hang pictures of them on their walls. And they booed.

As an aside, they will announce a massive ratings success, but I learned something interesting. Neilson has changed the way they count viewers now, adding a massive estimate for people watching from (closed) sports bars and in groups. So the number they will announce cannot be compared to any prior number. So don't believe there is any increase. Also, this means we need to consider basketball ratings far far worse than the 30% drop estimated.



AndrewPrice said...

Wow. This just in... rating for the NFL are down 16%. That's serious, especially given the new faked ratings. Very bad news.

I guess people are just sick of sports? Yeah, right.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm seeing lots of articles popping up now trying to explain away the booing, which tells us that the left knows why this is important. Their arguments are laughable.

1. Some people didn't hear any booing.
2. Maybe they were booing the Texans being late on the field?
3. Maybe they were actually cheering "CHEEEEIFS!"
4. They were booing covid
5. I'm sure they won't boo again.

There is definite nervousness in this. For months now all they heard is how everyone agrees with BLM except Trump and some racists and this probably shocked them.

Interestingly, the most telling quote came from JJ Watt, who drank the Kool Aid. He said:

“The booing was unfortunate during that moment — I don’t fully understand that, there was no flag in that, there was nothing involved in that other than two teams coming together to show unity,” Watt said.

He doesn't understand it because he wrongly thought the booing was that people were disrespecting the flag (something he claims they weren't), not because they disapproved of the message. So if there's no flag, there should be no booing, right? But there was booing, so he's confused.

To enlighten him, people are booing the message. They see BLM as a fraud, based on lies and a racist views of group dynamics and acting like Nazis, and they despise it. The booing during a moment of silence tells us that, as do the falling ratings. This was the public speaking.

Unknown said...

This crowd reaction just show how much purifying fire the Marxists will need. Silly Valley, Gavin Newsome, and DiBlasio stand ready to help the revolution.

Tennessee Jed said...

My thoughts are I started losing interest in the NFL a while ago. As a life,omg Eagles fan, I got snookered back in when they played in the Super Bowl. I cannot find whether blue live matter or all lives matter would b allowed. Even if the league allowed it, thugs like the defensive back threatened Drew Brees. He should have been banned for life for that one. The NFL probably does not care if the fans boo as long as ratings are high. If that falls off, ticket sales, and merch sales take a big hit, they might care.

Personally, I am done with them. I watch SEC football instead. More interesting anymore

Tennessee Jed said...

Lifelong not life omg. If the professional there’s will not condemn violent rioting and assassinating police officers, I cannot watch them

tryanmax said...

The internet burst the media bubble but people in power mistakenly thought that if they just retooled the internet to be more like TV, they could put that genie back in the bottle. What we are experiencing is the second bursting.

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