Saturday, September 26, 2020

And More Observations

Some more recent observations.

● BLM keeps getting uglier. The Kentucky AG is black... a black Republican actually. When he refused to indict each of the cops in Kentucky, a torrent of race hate was unleashed by the BLM thuggery. This included black elected officials attacking him with the old "you ain't black enough" line you see all the time when black people aren't ghetto leftists. They turned on Charles Barkley and Shaq too for pointing out that the dead woman's boyfriend shot at the cops to start the whole thing. Hilariously, some of the dipshit trolls attacking them accused them of not letting others have their own opinions. Talk about ironic performance art! Anyways, in the riots that followed, they shot a black cop to add to the list of young black men killed in the BLM zones. They've also taken to harassing old couples in restaurants now -- caught several times doing that. And of course, they keep trying to destroy far-left Portland and Seattle. Ha ha.

All of this has led to a collapse in the public support of BLM to 39%. I say "public" because that includes a number of people who don't actually support them but don't want to be seen as racists by the pollsters. Either way, their support is well below the far-left percentage in the country, i.e. 43%. The fact they won't stop is costing them the election.

● The Dems are about to make another huge mistake with Trump's justice. They're going to smear her religion (Catholicism), which will undo all the attempts they've made to sheer off a portion of religious people to their party.

● The Emmy Awards hit a record low of 6.1 million viewers. That's not quite 2% of the population. At this point, that's not much more than the number of people in the industry. I guess nobody wants to watch a bunch of smug leftist hypocrites pat themselves on the back. This is another clear sign that celebrities turn people off these days.

● Did you know that half the Emmy awards went to minorities? Wow! Amazing! I'm so sure they earned them too... yup... couldn't have anything to do with political correctness. Enjoy those "well-earned" awards! We're all very proud of you.

● This is kind of funny. Quibi is asking for help -- hoping to sell itself actually. Quibi is a streaming service that is crashing and burning. They claim the problem was that they were hit by Coronavirus, but that actually helped all the other streaming services. What's killed them, though they won't admit it, is that they signed up every leftist agitator they could find -- all B-list but famous for being anti-Trump -- and that's their programming. As a result, they are running 80% behind what they anticipated in terms of viewership. Ha ha.

Finally, I'm seeing something interesting. In the midst of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg orgasm, there is a voice of dissent going out... an interesting one. While RGB was a feminist icon, (//snicker snicker, talk about a low bar), she was only a "white feminist" icon. Yup. According to brown women, "white feminism" is a thing, and a delusionally bad thing. The left really does hate each other.



tryanmax said...

In addition to attacking Amy Coney Barrett's religion, they are trying to smear her as a child trafficker for having adopted two Haitian children. Hunh, I thought child trafficking was a right-wing conspiracy theory. I don't know that coming out against adoption will hurt Dems, but it certainly won't win them any converts, as most people view adoption favorably. At best, this might motivate a few black voters to show up, as they are the most skeptical of interracial adoption.

The RBG thing is funny. Did you know that she did pushups? If you didn't, boy, you are going to be reminded. Girl Power! Oh, and she apparently had a trademark on going by her initials (that she shares with AOC?). It's disrespectful to RBG to refer to ACB. Also, Rose Garden was decorated to look like it did on the day of Ginsburg's nomination, which is apparently a humongous insult. There are no depth to which Trump won't sink?

My dream is for Amy Coney Barrett, when she takes her place on the bench, to show up in a red robe, just to troll the feminists.

AndrewPrice said...

I didn't bother watching last night, but I suspect Trump won. There are three reasons for this:

1. The media hasn't declared Biden the winner. They've declared everyone a loser, which usually means the Republican won. No Republican has ever won a debate according to the media.

2. The polls say Biden won 48-43. Take out the bias and you get a slight Trump win.

3. The Democrats seem angry at Biden and want to tell him what to do: "Don't debate him again!" "Next time, put these rules in place!" That suggests they think he lost.

AndrewPrice said...

tryamax, That would be hilarious! A red robe! LOL!

Interestingly, I'm not seeing the media scoring a lot of points against her at the moment. Not sure why. Usually, they're in full-on end of the world mode.

tryanmax said...

Here’s how I score the debate:
Going in, consensus was that all Biden had to do to win is not collapse on stage.
Coming out, consensus is that it was total chaos with no clear winner.
That goalpost move only hurts Biden, and most of his media surrogates went along with it.

Put differently, the bar for a Biden win was set so low, Trump didn’t stand a chance of winning, so he played it to a draw.

Rustbelt said...

Hey, Andrew! I sent you some emails earlier this week. Did they come through?

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